360 Please (ing) mum (3)

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360 Please (ing) mum (3)
360 Please (ing) mum
It was on the Monday when Sheila met Milly at the butchers, they walked home to Milly`s together though Milly seemed strangely reluctant to talk about work and especially Sid and Saturday, though she did say they had chatted about Mark!
Over coffee, Sheila explained that “her and Sid did not have secrets, that she would never have tutored either of the boys had Sid not approved, and she knew ‘her Sid’ had screwed Milly so not to be worried on that score!” Milly near choked on her coffee, then seeing her mates face and smiling realising she was not upset, she grinned, and said ”well, we both needed to, and she wished that it had been a softer location as the floor was cold and bloody hard “ they both laughed uproariously, and Sheila commented she would send him round sometime soon to try again but in your own bed!” Milly saying, “Oh yes please, I`ve been so bloody lonely since the accident, you would not believe!”
Sheila said she “understood” and “was available herself if she wanted some action”, and that “now there was two randy boys who were passed basic training now, at least one she knew fancied his aunt Milly and needed the practise and your own son had given you the glad eye on many occasions, so she was not without choice…Milly said she was going to have to get ready for work, but she would think over the idea, and would “come see her friend again the next morning when the boys had gone to school,” she would “come for coffee!” the she asked what was on the lesson plan for today,? To be told that “as they had grasped the basics, they would be covering Kinks all this week!” She laughed and added “was there any particular she would like the lads to specialise in?”
Milly reddened a bit, but her friend steadied her and putting her arms round her told her whatever she enjoyed her secret would be safe with her and Sid! Sheila kissing her friend as she did, to ‘reassure her!’.
Haltingly Milly said that “David and herself had had a couple of games that she missed terribly, one of which was bondage and domination,” that brought a smile to Sheila`s face, as Milly continued, hardly making eye contact and blushing, “the other was pee games, though it`s not to everyone`s taste!” Sheila saying with a straight face, “that was one she had never tried, but she would think of something. Then after sharing a toe-curling kiss, she went off home wondering at the hidden depths her long -term friend had kept hidden all this time.
At home, Life wandered on, the boys both being out on a field trip were very late home, the coach having broken down, luckily the school phoned round or it would have been a worry they were so overdue, so that days “training” was missed. next morning Sid, was doing a double shift, as his opposite number was off for a funeral, canlı bahis şirketleri so he was first to go at 5.30. later Mark called for Ian as usual, fetching with him a parcel for Sheila, and saying it was from his mum and that she hoped she would be along for coffee at ten, but it depended on the gas-man and that she had ‘been busy overnight!’ he didn’t enlighten her further, as just then, Ian bounced into the room just then and as lads do, hastily kissing his mum goodbye, they went on their way, with hardly a backward glance, chattering about the forthcoming services recruiting visit!
Peace returned, so she made herself a brew, then sat for a moment to recover her wits, it was always chaos till the lads had left. She opened the parcel, to find a set of cuffs and anklets and a note, in Milly`s neat hand saying that These were David`s, they were a present I have my own and I want you to have them for teaching Mark so well…it was followed by a line of kisses then the single letter M.
Touched, and wondering how her friend knew how well Mark was trained, with a smile she began the washing up, Milly would be round soon, and she would demand an explanation.
Sharp at 10 the door went, it being Milly, a bag of work clothes in hand. She said “she had sent on the parcel, not fetched it herself as she was waiting for the meter reader to call, and she wasn’t sure she could get here but she needn`t have worried as he came early…”
Swiftly Sheila just hauled her to her body and kissed her hard and deep, it was the kiss of a would-be lover, not just as a friend.
Laughing they wandered into the Kitchen, Sheila making coffee and asking how Milly knew about Marks abilities… Blushing slightly her friend said that” she had taken her advice and during her shift had come to the conclusion you were right, life is too short, that if he had been tight lipped about his friends mum ‘training him’ he could be trusted not to blab!” her friend stopped pouring coffee and open mouthed stood waiting the next sentence. “Well when I got in and as usual, he had coffee waiting, for me, I just kissed him a lot more passionately than usual and he just took me in his arms and together we slid to the ground, in fact it was on our lounge floor he had my tired and dusty body, and I can say without doubt he was brilliant!” she paused looked dreamy
“He may not have a big dick, but he used it superbly, and I was oh so in need of it by then, I must have mentally worked myself up to it at work!” she paused again nodding at the half-poured coffee, which stirred her friend into action once more, then she went on, “lets put it this way it was my bed he woke in this morning and I still hadn`t showered, or slept… a lot…!”
Grinning now, Sheila passed her, the coffee, and they sat at the kitchen table, both canlı kaçak iddaa smiling and nodding at the memory of sleeping with Milly`s son, Sheila saying that her own boy was bigger, but more aggressive in his love making, then both of them laughing as Milly said “well you`d better send him to me too for some comparisons then , I could do with an aggressive lover, but not till this weekend, I am off then, and I want to wear this one out first!”
They Kissed, kissed again, and then, as if by some mental link both silently stood, and, hand in hand they climbed the stairs to Sheila`s bedroom, knowing they had an hour or two to make fantastic love before the shift began once more.

Sheila lay, tired as her lover dressed, blue knicker, blue deep-line bra, socks a mans shirt, then dungarees, and a matching jacket. She bundled her regular clothes in her bag and asked that Ian be asked to take them home with him, then kissing once more, and off she went.
Sheila lay where she was for a while contemplating, what she should teach today, then making up her mind, she rose and made a large jug of orange juice.
School finished, the boys walked home together, they had not felt talking inside the group was taboo but had both had agreed they would never breath a word to anyone else. Mark telling his friend that he had had an overnight with his mother, just vanilla but overnight just the same. Ian explaining that he had always fancied his friends Mother, which Mark said it was good as he had had Sheila and it would be only fair!
They got home, Sheila pouring juice for the lads in big glasses, told them to drink up, and stopped Ian from going to pee, saying that they needed to all go up to the bathroom. They did just that, stripping off in Her bedroom, then naked following her to the bathroom.

She sat on the toilet, leant back and opened her legs, both lads sitting opposite on the cool bath edge, “Now my lucky lads, you asked about women peeing, well first look closely and I shall point out my pee pipe.” They looked and she pointed out the location of this most necessary outlet, “Now let me tell you about a kink, that a friend of mine has, she loves to either have someone else`s pee on her body or in her mouth or occasionally up inside her both back and front!” Ian`s jaw dropped, “You mean up her bum?”
“Yes dear, some folk love taking a stiff prick up the back passage, I am one, perhaps I should have covered that first, but I didn’t realise the option had not struck you before…”

She rose, waked across the room and stepped into the bathtub, turned and faced the two wide eyed lads, squatted down and with their eyes riveted to her slot, she began to pee, it was a short demonstration, she cutting off her flow mid-stream to save some!
Still squatting she took one prick into either canlı kaçak bahis hand then said let go boys, piss on me, but save some and we shall try some of the other ways, ok? They nodded, then Ian first, he began to hose her down with hot pee, it hit her breasts first, then she moved the aim upward to her neck, her face then her open mouth. She squeezed his dick her sign to cease his flow, with difficulty he did just as asked. Mark now began his flow, again the same route, pee running from either side of her jaw, then fixing her eyes on the boy she swallowed.
His eyes never left her face, she signalled him to cease his flow and he did just that. She let her grip on either boy loosen, then asked if they had enjoyed that, she stood turned and holding on to the taps she knelt, Now one of you and I mind not which, can have me and fill me till your water is all gone, then the other shall take his place and do it again, don’t worry if I scream or groan, just do it.
The boys did paper scissors rock and Mark won, and choosing first, he clambered in to the tub knelt and slopped himself inside what was fast becoming one of his favourite locations. Straining a little, he began to stream, she never having felt this before, found his warm stream exciting, she started to balloon, stretching, filling, he soon finished his run, withdrew, and was rapidly replaced by Ian
The gush between the two suitors, had not nearly finished emptying her, so when her son began relieving his bladder she first began to moan then groan, and as the pressure increased, she began to cry out as her body became full, then overfull, then agony, she began to cum, cursing she realised that it was the pain that was fetching her to orgasm, , she called him to “keep it in, oh god Ian, keep it in please!” Mark brought his own tool to her mouth, she took it in and began sucking, sucking hard, anything to take her mind from the ballooning pain in her belly, slowly oh so slowly reducing as their pee drained past Ian`s tool.
Mark came, she swallowed, Ian finally retracted himself then presented itself at her face to replace his now slackening friend, she obliged, he came she swallowed yet again savouring the taste.
After a few moments they showered together, the boys enjoying soaping and massaging the soft skin of this extraordinary woman.
They towelled themselves dry, then at her instruction they went down to cook tea, naked. Bacon egg and chips bread and butter and tea, had them sitting at the table, she reached for the calendar, and with a pencil explained to the boys that Marks mother Milly had talked to her, she had asked her to have the loan of Ian, over the next weekend Mark coming here to me, Sid too will take turns with her and until you get girlfriends, we are going to be a group, Milly, and I will be available for any of you, though in her case you must use condoms, and remember she could still become pregnant. She will also sleep with me occasionally, but that’s our prerogative” she laughed, and the boys grinned when she said “will that be ok lads… their grins said it all!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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