A Fantasy that goes too far? Part 8

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A Fantasy that goes too far? Part 8
In another bold move, Dave reached down and held the back of my wife’s head and then roughly inserted three of his fingers DEEP into my wife’s open mouth. Her eyes flew open as he pushed in and out, pressing down on her tongue and deep into her throat. My wife was desperately fighting her natural gag-reflexes as her eyes were wide open and she was panting out of her mouth. Drool now began to run out of her mouth and dribble down onto her naked, heaving chest.

“That’s it, slut” Dave praised my wife, “Let’s see that drool. I want you really wet when before I throat-fuck you!”

As unpleasant as this must have been for my wife, she was doing her best to accommodate Dave’s thrusting fingers. As her eyes filled with tears and her make-up began to run, she never broke eye-contact with her new Dom. I hate to admit it but the sights and sounds of my wife gaging on Dave’s fingers was really turning me on. My cock throbbed to the visual and I felt as though I could cum with very little effort.

Dave suddenly withdrew his slick fingers form my wife’s mouth and wiped her drool all over the sides of his now-hard cock. He then quickly replaced his fingers with his cock, holding her head and thrusting into my wife’s still open mouth. Her slick drool completely coated his cock from the tip to base as Dave face fucked my obedient wife. Her eyes, makes-up running down her cheeks, maintained their intent stare up into Dave’s.
The visual of her kneeling just a foot or so in front of me, her arms bound behind her back, chest jutting out, her make-up running down her face like a cheap whore, her slurping sounds as she frantically sucked Dave’s thick cock as he thrusted in and out and displaced the drool in her mouth…. It was all too much for me. I tried to be quiet, canlı bahis siteleri so as to not draw attention to myself, but my own spasming cock let loose and throbbed out several shots of my white, sticky cum all over my stomach and thighs. I was panting and very embarrassed by my lack of control… or was my reaction totally justified due to the very hot sexual scene being played out inches in front of me?
Dave noticed and gave me a wink and a smile. He then pulled out of my wife’s mouth, pulled her to her feet, reached around and untied the leather strap that bound her arms behind her back.

“Place your hands” Dave ordered, “Back on the arms of the chair.”

As my wife turned to face me, she bent at the waist, placed her hands on top of my bound forearms – placing her face inches from mine, and made eye contact with me for the first time in a while. She actually smiled at me as she arched her back in preparation for whatever it was that Dave wanted to do to her… to her body… to my wife’s body.

“Kiss your husband” Dave ordered from behind her.

My wife obediently, yet passionately, leaned in and her tender lips covered mine in a very passionate expression of love, sex and appreciation. As our mouths opened and our tongues touched, I felt her face being pushed into mine as Dave’s cock was apparently pushing into my wife from behind. I opened my eyes to see my wife’s eyes still closed…her mouth slowly drifting away from mine. I tried to kiss her again yet she was in another world… a world of passion and complete sexual abandonment. She was taking a thick, hard cock from behind and her loving husband was right in front of her… watching every erotic detail.

“Did you notice?” Dave asked, as his powerful voice broke the erotic silence, “your hubby’s reaction? Look tipobet down.”

My wife’s eyes slowly opened, and she looked down, toward my crotch to see my obvious approval of the act being played out before me. My cock was semi-soft and my lap was covered in white, stick cum.

“You came?” my wife asked. “Already?” she continued. “Well, at least I know that you’re really okay with this.” She added with a smile and then closed her eyes again.

The sight of my wife’s swaying breasts as her body moved to Dave rocking into her, from behind, was incredible. Her own orgasm also built quickly, and she came hard, whimpering like the slut that she was, at that moment.

“Yep” My wife said, nodding down at my cock, once she calmed down from her first orgasm of the evening, “looks like you’re ready for more too.”

Dave pulled my wife around and guided her face to his cock, still wet with my wife’s own cum. As he thrusted her mouth back onto his cock, I looked down and sure enough… I was hard again. My erect cock was pointing straight up as my own cum still hung from the tip.

The sound of my wife greedily sucking Dave right in front of me redirected my focus. Dave pulled out of her mouth, guided her to her feet and then lifted my wife’s body by literally scooping her up, under her thighs. He then lowered her wanton pussy to the top of his VERY erect cock.

“Guide me up into you” Dave directed.

My wife reached around her hips, took Dave’s length into her little hand and began rubbing his tip against her wet opening. Once Dave felt that his target had been identified, he lowered her down on his length and my wife let out a long, slow moan of utter satisfaction as his pole pushed up inside of her, spreading her vaginal walls to their limits.

“Oh My FUCKING God” yelled my wife. tipobet güvenilir mi “YOU are HUGE!”

This scene, playing out right in front of me was so very hot! From my view, slightly below and directly in front of my wife’s ass, I could see Dave’s cock disappearing way up into my wife and then slowly reappearing as he lifted her up and off again. I also noticed that her tight little anal ring seemed to be quivering each time he lowered her onto his length. I could only wonder if Dave would be fucking her ass too!
I was rock-hard myself as my wife’s second orgasm of the evening rocked through her little body. She screamed this time… loud enough to potentially alert the neighbors in the adjoining rooms. Dave then lay her on the bed, on her back and stepped back to admire my wife’s body. He then turned to me.

“How you doin’, Sport?” He asked me. Then he nodded toward my erect cock, still dripping my cum from my earlier act of indiscretion, and added, “Hand in there…. Then maybe you can finish off in her too.”

He then turned all of his attention toward my panting wife.

“Lift your legs” Dave said.

My wife made a half-hearted effort to role her knees up about half way.

“No” Dave added, “Pull your knees up ALL the way… show me EVERYTHING!”

In what must have been very humiliating for my wife, yet incredibly exciting for Dave and I, my wife rolled her knees all the way up to her chest, holding them there by locking her arms.

“Is this what you want?” asked my wife of Dave.

“No” replied Dave. He then stepped closer and in one quick move, went into a plank-type position over my wife’s body and plunged his hard cock all the way into my wife’s soaking pussy… Literally pushing the air out of her lungs!
Dave fucked my wife through her next two orgasms in this position. He eventually withdrew from her and her well used pussy was still gaping open. Dave looked over at me and smiled.

“You didn’t cum yet?” my wife asked through her attempts to catch her breath.

“No” Dave replied, “I’m not finished fucking you yet!”

To Be Continued…

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