A gay summer Holiday – Part 20

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A gay summer Holiday – Part 20

Chapter 20
What goes around, comes around.

Chris and Jelmer’s relatives all enjoyed the original homemade Christmas ornament and wedding announcement. That is to say, all but one. Chris’s mom had burned the box from Chris in their fireplace without even opening it. Christopher got told by his father that she took it very badly. He told Chris not to expect her at his wedding. His brother’s and sister, however, took it much more lightly. Chris even had gotten a phone call from his sister. She wanted to congratulate him and thank him for the beautiful card. The Christmas ornament took pride of place underneath her Christmas tree. Chris also congratulated her with the birth off his niece. It went quiet on the other side of the phone line. She had informed all the relatives in November but did not call Chris to tell the news he had become an uncle.

“Chris… I am so sorry! Mom… Mom had forbidden me to… Chris, I am so sorry I did not call you. Please forgive me.”, she said. Christopher asked how she and the little one were doing. They chatted a bit about his little niece and he invited his sister and her husband to the wedding. She broke down crying. Christopher learned that he had left her right after the girl was born. He apologized to his sister and tried to cheer her up a bit by saying she had to look to the future now.

He spoke to a lot of people on the phone, in the days after that. His oldest brother also had some news. He too was left by his girlfriend and was going to move back to their parent’s house. Chris also personally invited him to the wedding, and his oldest brother promised to be there for sure. No more jokes about Chris being gay, no more belittling remarks, no more looking down on Christopher. Chris was the man. He had it made. And that change in attitude did Chris well.

Christopher split his time that winter season. Between re-building and decorating the inside of their new home and teaching some courses for the islander’s Youth’s fund. He gave DIY classes to the youths. Chris taught them basic skills so they could help out doing DIY chores around the house. Painting, replacing windows, simple electrical work, cleaning drains. The stuff they would other ways not have learned at school on the mainland.

And since every coin has two sides the youth’s also helped Chris when it got time to paint and decorate his home. Under the guidance of a few professional painters, the students got to experience all the tasks the painters normally do. This work experience worked contagiously. Because all around the island, rooms got repainted, holiday lets got updated, and bathrooms re-tiled.

Chris also taught some music classes with Wessel and attended the many new sports clubs on the island. They even had set up an athletics group and a water polo team. And Chris attended some adult classes himself. He got into cooking and learned the traditional islander way of baking. With some of the youth’s he also attended a car mechanic course. Together they worked on re-building Jelmers old army Jeep. They had stripped it down to the last bolt. And put it back together under the guidance of the local garage owner. The business owners on the island rolled with the whole idea of the islander’s Youth’s fund. And Chris was happy that most off the youths attended the clubs and courses diligently.

The funds were managed by Jelmer. And even the less fortunate were able to fully make use of the new community resources. Everyone helped everyone else. Spreading knowledge and good cheer. And that was the whole reason Chris wanted to be part of this community. He got a huge smile on his face when he was told by some of the youth’s that they had never been so busy. Sylvia, the mayor of the island, jumped on that remark and started to teach time-management classes.

Jelmer’s and Chris’s 4-wheel drive pickup truck got mostly used by Jelmer. He used it to get to his fire station. Chris used it as well, but he much more enjoyed it when Jelmer drove him around. Over the winter months, Chris and Jelmer took a 3-day course in off-road driving on the mainland. Getting the most out of the truck’s abilities. On the island, they both took part in a rally around the island. Driving on the sand was totally different then the off-road course they attended. When they looked at the other 4-wheel drive cars they got the idea to pimp up their car a bit.

Not to turn it into a show car. But to add more functionality too it. Chris bought them a winch, a bull guard and something to reinforce the bottom of the car with. Bigger all-terrain tires, and even a snow plow kit. And Jelmer got a huge brush fire pump with a water tank. That could turn the 4×4 into a self-contained fire truck to help put out dune fires when needed. Because of that Chris and Jelmer got permission to install emergency blinkers on it as well. They carefully hid them in the grill and bumper of the car. Because this was their normal ‘town-car’ as well.

The interior of their new home got along well. And around Jelmers birthday in February, the guys started to move in new furniture and installing the kitchen. They choose the cabinets carefully. They wanted a farmhouse style kitchen but with a modern twist. The house had mostly hardwood floors or tiles. It got sort of a bachelor pad look. But with a lot of homely feminine touches as well. The eclectic match of the old and new, the rustic and modern worked out better then planned.

And once the move-in day had arrived the house turned into a proper home. Something they both were extremely proud of. The last thing Chris did was re-potting the house plants he had saved from Pake and Beppe. The plants had overwintered in the greenhouse and Christopher made sure they got well taken care off. The addition of the necessary greenery finished off the home.

Pake and Beppe, the former owners of the house were invited back to the island for a few days. They stayed in their old room. It was noticeable that the two were amazed and very happy with the things the guys had done to the place. Pake even had gotten a tour of the underground bunker.

Pake discussed his first sexual experiences with Jelmer and Christopher. And showed them the spot where he first laid eyes on Beppe in the bunker. “I was about 22 when I was told about this place.”, said Pake. “We were not as progressive as you guys are nowadays.”. Jelmer and Chris listened with interest. “When I came down here with a few friends we found some other guys and girls touching and stroking each other. They were all still very much clothed.”, told Pake. “Even that was quite a lot of ‘action’ in those days. Our parents would have killed us… or would have made us marry the girls just for talking to them back then.”.

Jelmer and Chris smiled and understood how much the times had changed over the decades. “When I first saw Beppe she was standing there all shy like in the corner. I went over and we talked a little. We hit it off right away. We went outside and walked for hours thru the dunes. No bicycle paths or roads back there. Not even holiday beach homes. All pure nature. We held hands. Something like that was totally not done. But I guess it was love at first sight. Beppe wanted kaçak iddaa to kiss and snuggle. So we went back to the bunker. In one of the rooms, we found a chair and she sat on my lap facing me. We held tight and I let my hands wander through her hair. She touched my chest and face.”, told Pake with a dirty grin on his face. The guys wanted to know what happened next. But Pake did not answer. He was in a dream world all of his own.

“The touching of her beautiful face was enough for me to satisfy my needs!”, he said happily. “Let’s go upstairs guys! Thanks for showing me this. It’s been a fun memory for an old guy like me!”, he smiled.

They went back upstairs and Beppe met them on the driveway. “Where have you guys been?”, she said worriedly. Pake told her and he touched her face softly. Cradling her cheek in his hand. And Beppe got instantly flustered. “Not here Pake!”, she said worried looking at Pake and the guys. “Beppe. Don’t worry about it. This is your home as much as it is ours. If you want to get freaky then just go for it… You only live once, and it does not bother us… In fact, we want you to have a great time here.”, said Jelmer reassuringly.

When Chris got up to pee late that night he heard Pake and Beppe were engaging in some heavy petting of their own. Christopher got a big smile on his face. “That old, and still very much in love…”, he thought.

On Jelmer’s birthday, they held the house warming party in islander style. It was dead of winter. Half a meter of snow had fallen and Chris used their truck to plow their driveway, the road to town and beyond. He helped to plow out some elderly folk he knew about. And once the word had gotten out he got calls from half the island to help them out too. Late in the afternoon, he finished up plowing out Wopke’s folks on the east of the island. And on the way back west he got a few thumbs up from the island’s official plow-truck drivers for helping out here as well.

The guests had started to arrive when he got home. He made sure they could park on the swimming pools parking lot. He cleared it of the snow as well. Around 100 people had been invited to celebrate Jelmer’s birthday and their house warming party. The day’s before, Chris had enclosed the glass-covered veranda near the new swimming pool with a plastic wall. Turning the porch into a winter garden. Some additional heaters had turned it into a nice place to sit as well.

Chris parked their truck in the garage workshop. Once inside he got greeted by all the folks that were already there. The catering was left to Sipke and his parents. Jesse and Pieter helped with the arriving guests. Wessel and some of his band members provided the music and his staff helped with serving the drinks. Jelmer and Chris had it easy that afternoon and evening.

Everyone was fed and watered. And the party went on until late. Around 2 in the morning Christopher grabbed his violin and started to play a happy tune. It held the middle between an Irish Jig, an islander folk song, and some upbeat modern pop song. It was fun to listen to. And slowly the 80 or so people went quiet to listen to Chris play. They had not heard him play the violin before. Apart from his father. It was his violin and he had made Chris take lessons when he was younger.

Christopher morphed one song into another. And when that one was done he changed the tune again. He played Wessels ‘Goodbye… it’s closing time’ song. That was a bit of a blues but Chris had turned it into a very happy and upbeat song. He placed the violin on his knee as he sang the words and played the song. After he was done he told the guest that it’s time for them to make their way home. The guys thanked each and everyone for their attendance and wished them a safe trip home. Before 3 am the house was empty. Pake and Beppe had already gone to bed. And Chris’s father also retired to his room. Only Wessel, Jesse, Pieter, Wopke and a few other close friends remained a while longer. They helped to clean up a bit.

But the house looked lived in now… “That’s the whole reason for a house warming party. Right?”, asked Jelmer. They sat on the couches drinking one last glass of something before the friends also left for home. It had been a great party. “A good rehearsal for our wedding party…”, winked Christopher to Jelmer. Jelmer got a shock… “Right! that’s true… We have a lot to get done before then…”, he said worriedly. “Let’s first start with a good nights rest. Let me set out some things for breakfast tomorrow, just in case our guests wake up before us…”, said Christopher being the ever pragmatical one.

The guys went to bed and they stroked each other lovingly. Christopher tenderly rolled Jelmer on his side and spooned his naked ass. His hard penis pressing softly against Jel’s butt hole. Jelmer pushed himself back on it. Letting Chris inside. Chris tenderly kissed Jelmers neck and used his hands to touch his body. It sent shivers through his Jelly Belly. Chris took Jelmers manhood in his hand and helped him to release a hot load. “Jelmer, I love you…”, he whispered nibbling on his earlobe. He stuck his cock deeper in Jelmer’s butt and came, softly moaning. The guys hugged and kissed each other good night. “I love you too, honey… Sleep well.”, said Jelmer already half asleep.

A few day’s later Christopher drove Pake and Beppe personally back to the mainland in his truck. They had fun on the ferry singing old songs. And Chris used his time on board with them to get to know them even better. Pake thanked Chris for the great time he and his wife had in their old home. Christopher got a whole new set of grandparents out of it. And he was pleased that they liked what he had done with their old place. He set them off at their new home and was back in time for his shift on the ferries for another weekend.

In March Christopher and Jelmer went to city hall to register there proposed marriage in May. They had gotten their best men and the necessary witnesses had been taken care off. Silvia, the island’s mayor, wanted to marry them. But Jelmer asked for someone else to do it. Apparently, he still held a bit of a grudge against her. Chris let it slide. The wedding official and Sylvia talked in length to the guys about what kind of wedding they wanted to have. Chris was very adamant that he wanted a very casual wedding. And Jelmer, after having heard Chris say it, agreed full heartedly. Out of that meeting, Silvia was the only one who wasn’t really happy. But she was too professional to let them notice it. It would be the first gay marriage on the island. And she would have loved to officiate over it.

The official documentation was written up. And the guys set a date in mid-May. The exact same day as Jelmer first suggested that he was in love with Christopher. The wedding venue, the reception venue and the other stuff that needed to be taken care off was done quite quickly. Chris took his design for the wedding invitations to the printers. They send out 300 invitations. Even Chris’s mom got one. Jelmer questioned his wisdom in that decision. “She is still my mom. Even if she does not approve of my decision to marry you. She should still be here if she wants to.”, said Chris. “It is easier to casino firmalari forgive and forget, then it is to remember why you hold a grudge against someone…”.

Jelmer praised his man for his forgiveness. And loved him for his perseverance. As March went along more and more preparations were made. The garden and greenhouse were given their final touches. The wedding itself was planned meticulously by Frieda and Dianna. Christopher’s best man Jesse, and Jelmer’s best man Wopke set out to arrange a bachelor party the island had not seen before.

Christopher’s birthday party, end of April, was reserved for their closest friends. The 12 of them used the famous Dutch Queensday celebrations to paint the town red… well… paint the town Orange. The royal family ‘van Oranje’ got celebrated a day after Chris’s birthday. But it was always a good excuse to extend his birthday party one more day.

A week later the best men had planned their bachelor parties for the guys. They started jointly and ate a feast meal at the North Sea Hotel together. Then the two groups split up. One group went to West and one to East. They both did more or less the same thing. Dress-up, have a few games, drink more than a few beers, and made out with a few strippers. Chris was surprised by Jonas as a gay stripper. And things quickly got out of hand. That is to say. Chris’s hands got quickly filled with Jonas’s cock and balls. The guys in his group egged him on and Chris got butt fucked hard by Jonas.

Jelmer had the same kind of experience. He had to choose between door number 1 or 2. Behind door number 1 Tommy stood in a full leather outfit. And behind door number 2 a female stripper was waiting for her party to start. Jelmer chose door number 1. And before the end of the evening, he got laid as well. The rest of the guys, of course, joined in. That night there were 2 hot-as-fuck gay-orgies on the island.

Tommy and Jonas brought the guys home in the very early hours of the day. And they were asked to stay over at Chris and Jelmers new home. Chris wanted to show Jelmer, Jonas, and Tommy what he had been up to in the bunker underneath their house. Chris had secretly put in a stairwell to the bunker. Jelmer knew that Chris was still working in the house, but every time he had asked him about it he was told it was his wedding night surprise.

In the first room, Chris had put in a private bar and games room. The whole place had a casino type feel about it. Red and gold. Black leather and luxurious wooden paneling in black or dark wood colors. The next larger room was a discotheque. With a glass window looking directly into the pool. They were led down the stairs of the huge bunker. The feel of these rooms got more and more dingier. The walls were painted black. And once past the first reception room with another bar, Chris led his friends into the whole reason they were down there. He had built a full-on sex dungeon! Complete with glory holes, sex furniture, slings, beds, leather padded cells, and well equipped BDSM playrooms. Other rooms were left as a raw concrete bunker. Complete with German WWII signs and furniture.

It took Jonas not long to see the potential. He had dropped all his clothes in seconds. Hang himself in a sling and the 3 guys pounded him long and hard. After a hot and steamy session, they ate breakfast in the games room bar together and took a skinny dip in the pool at sunrise. Exhausted from the long night the guys retired to the bedrooms upstairs and slept well into the day. Over an early dinner, Jonas asked Chris if he and some of his international porn star buddies could come to shoot a leather porn movie in the bunker complex. Chris looked at Jelmer and they both agreed to it.

The day of the wedding was fast approaching. Most of the guest were housed in the ‘Harbor View’, the North Sea hotel and other large venues around West. Chris’s Father and his brothers and sister stayed in the bunkers of the ‘Harbor View’. He had put them in neighboring cabins. He picked up the guys from the harbor himself. He drove the rented minibus to the ferry. He waved to them as they got off the ship. Their luggage was put in the bus and the 6 of them drove directly up to the back of the bunkers.

They started to chat a bit. Brandon, with his 25 years was the youngest of his older brothers. He was the only one not happy with Christopher being gay. “I bet you stupid Queers fuck all d…”, he started to yell at some point.
Chris decked him. With one hit he lay on the ground. Not knowing what freight train had just hit him. “NO ONE CALLS ME … “, shouted Chris angry. “What? No one calls you Queer?”, asked Garry the 26-year-old brother. “NO. NO ONE CALLS ME STUPID ANYMORE!”, said Chris. “I know I am gay. So that’s not a problem anymore. But I am sick and tired of you guys putting me down!”.

“Do you know the saying ‘What goes around, comes around’?”, asked Chris. They all said yes. “Well, then your liars too! You have for the last decade said I wasn’t good enough to find love. And here we are. Out of the 5 of us, I am the only one in love and about to get married. I’ve got it made… How about you lot?”, asked Christopher stern. Brandon looked at his father. “Don’t you dare look at me, Brandon! Chris is 5 years younger than you, but at least 2 times stronger. And more mature than the 4 of you put together! Do you really think you can keep calling him names, thinking you can get away with it? Grow up, Brandon!”, said their father. Chris put out his hand to pull Brandon up from the floor. “Sorry, Christopher… Really I am… I… I did not mean it like that…”, said Brandon as he got helped back up by his little brother. “Anyway I am glad you guys could make it… all of you…”, said Chris as he bro-hugged Brandon. “And I do hope that mom will also join us…”, told Chris with a sigh.

Chris introduced his family to Jelmer and his folks. They chatted with them for a while. Chris had to pick up more friends and relations from the next ferry that was about to dock on the island. The guys ran errands, rehearsed their wedding vows. Setup catering tents and stuff like that. On the ‘Harbor View’ Campgrounds a huge white circus tent had been erected. And at their home, several party tents were put up. The day before the wedding the 3 venues got decorated. The color theme was white, the dress code casual or tropical. And the flower arrangements were white with pink, purple and yellow. All very cheerful and happy. In fact, the whole harbor town got decorated. The shop owners and the islander youths had decorated the streets with white flags and the occasional pink or purple one. And the shop fronts got a festive makeover as well. Frieda and Dianna had planned that. And as usual, the islanders had rallied behind them.

The night before the wedding Jelmer went to his old little farmhouse. And Chris slept in his new home. They got their hair done by Lieuwe and were dressed by their girlfriends. Jelmer wore a white long sleeve blouse but he had curled up the arms to just over the elbows. He had a white vest on. One that was normally part of a traditional islanders outfit for men. He wore white pleated trousers with a black belt. He wore high gloss fancy shoes without casino şirketleri socks. And around his neck, he wore a black leather braided necklace with white, pink, and purple beads.

Chris wore white canvas boat shoes. And 3/4, loose-fitting pants and a sleeveless polo shirt. He had used his artistic skills to paint the white polo shirt. He had given the lower left-hand side a hand painted floral print. With pink, purple and yellow flowers halfway up the side on the front and the back. Even the white pants had gotten the same print over the upper left front. Even over his fly. The combo was perfect for a casual wedding. For the last month, he had kept his arms covered. The reason was more than apparent now. He had gotten himself a 3-Dimensional tattoo on his right upper arm. And Jelmer did not know about that. On his right wrist, Chris wore a wide black leather wristband with metal studs. And around his pants, he wore a similar belt with an islander themed belt buckle. Once he had put on the white sailor’s hat he was ready for the day’s events.

The ‘Bridesmaids’ and the best men were also dressed in similar colors. But they had more pink or purple in their casual outfits. Somehow they all pulled off that look extremely well. Around 10 o’clock Jelmer road with Wopke on horseback to Chris’s house. Several decorated covered horse-drawn wagons rode behind them with Jelmers friends and family on them. Even a traditional islander folk band sat in one of the carts. Making music along the way. The main road over the island was blocked by police. Along the route, hundreds of islanders and tourists enjoyed the spectacle. It had been way too long since they last saw a ‘traditional’ islander wedding party.

The caravan of carts turned right and drove toward Chris’s home. Christopher was already waiting for his man at the gate. His friends and family behind him. He had not been told how they would go to the city hall. Christopher expected some kind of old public transport bus. But what he saw walking up the street filled his heart with joy. Wopke stepped off Beauty. The stallion Chris had such a warm bond with. He held Jelmer’s horse steady. And Christopher caught his man as he dismounted and held him tight. They both looked at each other. They were very pleased with the look of the other. Jelmer put some spit on his thumb and rubbed it over Chris’s tattoo. “Bloody heck! it’s real…”, he shouted happily. Chris’s friends and family climbed on board the covered wagon’s as well and together they drove into town. Chris and Jelmer up front and the 8 or so carts behind them. But they were not alone. Behind the group, dozens of islanders walked or cycled with them to town.

The guys were amazed to see that on every lamp post and from every flag pole white, pink and purple flags hang. Flower baskets were arranged in the main street and hundreds of people cheered them on. Once near city-hall, the guys dismounted their horses. Wessel had put up a large video screen outside. Blocking the entire square. But that did not matter. There were so many people that a car would not have been able to ride there if they would have wanted to. Chris and Jelmer got serenaded by Wessels band. And after that, they walked into the wedding venue. The direct relatives and friends were already seated, as the ceremony started.

Chris and Jelmer walked in hand in hand. And Chris was happy to see that his mother had decided to join them too. Sylvia welcomed the two men. And handed the ceremony over to the wedding official. Since the guys wanted a simple and casual wedding the official speeches were kept to a minimum. “We are gathered together to unite Jelmer Sylvian Theodurus and Patrick Christopher in marriage. Jelmer… Do you take Christopher to be your partner? To have and to hold. In sickness and in health. Now until forever? What is your answer to that question.”, she asked Jelmer. “Yes, wholeheartedly I do!”, said Jelmer loud. He squeezed Chris’s hand to feel if he was still there. He could hardly believe he was about to marry Chris.

“Patrick Christopher, do you take Jelmer to be your… Jelly Belly… and your partner?”, she joked. The whole square outside burst out into laughter. “To have and to hold. In sickness and in health. For now until the end of times? What is your answer to that question?”, she asked Chris. “Hmmm, this is the part where you say yes…”, she added jokingly. Christopher was just looking at his men. “I most certainly do!”, exclaimed Chris elated.

Jelmer took out his own vows and read them to Chris. The whole room got teary eyed. He put a nice masculine ring on Chris’s hand. And Chris sang him his vows on the tune of his islander tribute song. Chills ran down their spines when they heard the square outside singing the chorus with Chris. Chris also put a ring on Jelmers hand. And they both folded their hands together.
“There is a first for everything!”, said the wedding official. “Not only are you two the first gay couple to get married here. I’ve never heard a couple sing their vows to each other.”.

“By the power invested in me, as the islands wedding official, I now pronounce you partners for life.”, she concluded. “You may now kiss your partner!”, said Sylvia happily. As they did, a deafening cheer arose in city-hall and on the square outside.

The guys got congratulated by all those present inside city-hall. Even by Chris’s mom. She kissed her boy and Jelmer. Once outside the wedding guests walked over to the circus tent at the harbor View campgrounds. Chris and Jel, meanwhile, were invited by Wessel to drink a little something with him and their best men at ‘the Whaler’. Later they joined the 300+ guests in the circus tent for a very nice lunch. There was music playing and after lunch, the guests partied with the newlyweds.

Uncle Sjors had invited half of the guests to dinner in the North Sea Hotel where he worked. And in the evening they got together in ‘the Whaler’ for a private wedding reception. Complete with a personal show by Wessel and his band. Chris and Jelmer got roped into performing as well. They sang the night away as the guests danced. Around 1 o’clock the guys took some off their closest relatives and friends back to their new home. The party continued there until the small hours of the night. It was already daybreak when the last of the guests left.

Tommy and Jonas kissed the guys good night. With a horny glint in their eyes, the guys closed the gates behind the last guest. And Chris and Jelmer walked arm in arm back up the driveway. They toasted each other in the hot tub. As they sat there enjoying the sunrise. After a shower together they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Cuddling tight and happy in the knowledge that all their dreams had become reality over the last year.

Christopher looked at his man. Jelmer used Chris’s strong tattooed arm as a pillow. But he did not mind it one bit. He knew that he went to the island to get away from all the nastiness at home. But found much more then he could have ever dreamed off. He found a friend for life. A community to be part off. A house, a job, a career even. And he found himself… That was sort of the greatest victory of all.

Chris was a much loved and respected butch muscular 20-year-old islander guy. He found the change of pace he longed for a year ago. He had gotten away from the bullying by his siblings. And he found Jelmer… His Jelly Belly… To love and to hold, now until forever…


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