A Hot Fuck With Two Drivers In The Bus

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A Hot Fuck With Two Drivers In The Bus

I love watching hot porn movies and reading erotic blogs and I read many such blogs from various websites.

It was my hubby who introduced me to the world of porn and sex blogs and later I got addicted to it. He keep telling me stories of threesomes, wife swaps, gang bangs, etc.

Initially, I just ignored thinking that those are all just his fantasies, not to be tried in real. But, slowly with time, I started fantasizing about me in such situations and surprisingly, I got aroused and excited by the thought itself, but I never disclosed this to my hubby thinking about its consequences.

I thought of writing about my first experience which happened in my bus travel to Kerala. A truly exciting and memorable incident in my life!

Since we hail from Kerala, we keep travelling to our hometown usually by bus. Most of the time, we travel together in either a sleeper coach or a seater.

During our travel also, he keeps telling me stories of girls getting groped in bus, co-passenger touching, and some hot and steamy sessions which usually happens in the backseat of the bus, and all those! In one of those journeys, he showed me a couple enjoying a soft fun just opposite to our seat in the midnight. I was so thrilled to watch that!

In December 2018, I had to go to native for an emergency, that too on a weekday. My hubby was not able to travel with me due to his tight work schedule. He just booked my ticket and asked me to travel alone. I was not so comfortable travelling alone in the night but I had no other options.

My hubby couldn’t drop me as he was getting late from office. My travel attire was a knee-length printed skirt and a top. It was a popular travel company and I reached the travel office on time in an auto. I didn’t really check the ticket until that time but there was a surprise for me by my hubby.

I realized it as soon as I entered the bus and searched for my seat. He had booked a seat for me next to the last row! Since it was a weekday, I knew that bus will not be full and was not sure why he booked the last seat.

Suddenly, it flashed in my mind the stories he used to tell about last seat fun. I got a vibration similar to a worm moving inside my backbone. I started sweating and wanted to ask the co-driver to change my seat but somehow I decided to sit there itself.

There was hardly any passengers in the bus, and most of the travellers occupied the front seats as the bus was kind of empty. When the bust started moving, the co-driver came to me and asked if I would like to change the seat to the front as there were plenty of seats available in the front rows. I didn’t know what made me to say NO to him!

He just smiled at me and went back. My God!! Was that smile proper or was he having any other intention? Did he look at my exposed legs? I had many questions in my mind! My heart started beating on a high pitch! I just messaged my hubby asking why he booked the last row seat and he just replied with a chuckle!

The bus started moving at 8:30 pm from Bangalore and I just reclined my seat and lied down watching some videos in my mobile. After an hour or so, that co-driver walked towards my seat and occupied the very last row. He must be about 35, wheatish, clean shaven guy in blue jeans and white shirt.

I was on the right side of the bus on the window side. He just lied down in the last seat with the face towards my side. My heart started beating faster. I was sure that he could view my cleavage from that position as I had reclined my seat. Then, I thought he must be genuinely tired and wanted to take some rest.

I continued to watch my mobile thinking that I don’t have to really bother as he must have come down to take some rest.

After about 15 minutes, I felt his touch on my left shoulder between the seat gaps. Ohhh goddd!! It was a trembling sensation for me! For the moment, I thought of getting up from there but his hand was so good and it started moving towards my boobs.

I sensed kind of a whole new feeling which I never felt. A stranger was touching me and I was enjoying it!! He slowly touched my neck, inserted his hands to the top and started pressing me. As I was not resisting, I guess he was getting the right vibe from me!

He should have felt my hot breath on his hand. He touched my nipple through the bra and started playing with it. I was feeling really good and didn’t canlı bahis şirketleri want him to stop.

It was difficult for him to go further between the seat gaps. He just touched my lips with his index finger and out of excitement. I opened my mouth and sucked it! Aaaahhhh! He must have loved it and would have got his full confidence.

He then whispered my ears, “Hey, can you adjust your position please?” I said, “Okay.”

I adjusted myself and made it more comfortable for him to press both the boobs. He then just said to me, “I will just come back, can you sit in the back row?”

I said okay for that also. I didn’t know what was running in my mind at that time. Like an obedient girl, I got up from my seat and sat in the backseat at the corner side waiting for a stranger! He came back in 2 minutes and sat next to me.

With the curtains closed, it was much darker in the last row corner. He just planted a lip-to-lip kiss on me and started touching all over me.

He moved his lips all over my face, ears, neck, and down to my cleavage. I was really enjoying his lips and hands on me and just forgot that we were in a moving bus and it was a risky thing. I didn’t show any inhibitions and wanted him to explore me more.

He lifted my top and pulled the bra down. His wet mouth sucked my nipples and at the same time, he started rubbing my pussy. Wowww! I just loved it!

He sucked both my boobs and nipples and licked my armpit as well. I was just loving the warmth of his tongue on my skin. Though it was difficult to position ourselves in the backseat, he wanted to suck my pussy.

He inserted his hands through my skirt and took out my pantie. I just adjusted myself, spread my legs and sat in a half position on the seat resting my back on the side of the bus. He lied down on the seat with the face down and started licking my already wet pussy.

I always keep my pussy clean and smooth; I guess he just fell in love with my pussy! His hungry tongue rolled all over my pussy and after some time, he inserted his fingers also inside me. It was too good of a feeling! He continued to lick and finger me for almost 15 minutes and then got up and sat on the other corner of the seat and took out his dick from the jeans.

I knew what he wanted. I just lied down on his lap and started licking his dick like a lollipop and gave him a deep sucking. It was a medium-sized dick, but a nice one! I licked his balls and sucked him deeper and deeper.

By that time, the bus was arriving the stop for having dinner break. We just stopped ourselves and I got back to my seat. I kept my pantie in the handbag. He just asked me to come out and join for dinner, to which I said, “No, you carry on”.

Soon, the bus was stopped at a hotel for dinner. I got down after some time and went to the washroom. I didn’t put my pantie back. I and went to the hotel to have a tea. I was not feeling like having dinner.

I saw the co-driver and the other driver were having their meal and chit chatting. The other driver was looking at me frequently. Lol! After finishing my tea, I just called up my hubby and spoke to him. But I never mentioned anything about what happened in the bus.

By that time I finished the call with hubby, the bus engine started. I disconnected the call and walked towards the bus. This time, the other driver was standing next to the door. I guess they had interchanged their duties.

This driver was a little more matured man, in his 40s and well-built than the other one. He was wearing a white shirt and black pants. When I was near to him, he just smiled at me and said, “Please mind me too.” My God! I just got the shock of my life! The other guy told him everything and now this man wanted to enjoy me!

I didn’t say anything, I just boarded the bus and sat in my seat. I was feeling really excited and shocked at the same time.

I wanted to listen to some music on my mobile but I was not really able to focus on what I was doing. My movements had become mechanical and my mind was with full of erotic thoughts. I knew that the second person would come to the backseat in some time. Thinking about that, my pussy started to get wet again.

I didn’t know what made me to change my seat again to the back row. Once the bus started moving, I just got up from my seat and sat in the back row corner expecting the other driver to come. Look at me! How the touch of a stranger impacted internet casino me. I was thinking and behaving like a slut!

After about 15 minutes, I saw him walking towards me. I felt like jumping out of excitement. He just sat next to me and started talking to me, mostly about my work and life in Bangalore.

After some time, he said, “You are looking so beautiful, sexy and hot. You have a great structure”. Slowly, he started touching my thighs and hands while talking. We spoke for a long time, mostly general topics and bit of erotic ones. He kept on touching me.

I was slowly getting into the mood. I guess the time would be around 12 midnight then. He kept his hands on my shoulders and started touching my face, neck and boobs.

Slowly, he inserted his hands into my top and started pressing my right boob. With his left hand, he turned my face onto him and kissed on my lips. I just opened my mouth and allowed him to kiss deep inside me with his tongue swirling all over my mouth.

He was such a passionate kisser. He didn’t leave that position for about 10 minutes. My lips were paining but I couldn’t resist. “Can we remove your bra fully?”, he asked. I was not comfortable with that idea and said “NO” to him.

He then pushed my bra up and took the boobs out and started sucking those. While doing this, he just unzipped his pants and took his cock out and placed my left hand over it. Wow! It was such a hard, solid cock! A big and thick one.

I touched and stroked his sexy cock while he was busy with my boobs. Then, he just grabbed my butts in the sitting position itself and lifted the skirt. As there was no pantie inside, I was literally nude for him from the bottom.

His thick fingers started fingering my already hot and wet pussy. A good amount of fluid was oozing out and out of excitement. I spread my legs for him to insert more. He inserted the second and then the third finger as well. Aaaaahhhhh!! All of his thick three fingers inside my pussy now!!

He kept on fingering and sucking my boobs. It was so painful after some time as he was quite hard on me. He pushed the front seats back into position and created more space between the seats. Then, he reclined the backseat which I was sitting and asked me to stretch myself and lie comfortably.

He came on top of me and started licking my navel and belly and slowly moved down to the pussy. He knelt down onto the bus floor and lifted my legs asking me to spread those for him to lick deep inside my hole. I just spread my legs and he was just mad on licking my smooth and wet pussy.

He lifted my legs further and licked my asshole and inserted a finger inside my ass and kept on licking my pussy! I was wincing with pleasure and had two orgasms during that act. He continued for about 20 to 25 minutes and I was in seventh heaven.

He slowly moved me to the next seat and lied on the reclined one and asked me to suck him. I went down to the floor, knelt down and put his huge cock in my mouth. It was smelling a bit dirty; the smell of urine or something, but I didn’t care. I was in love with his big, thick, and black monster dick!

I sucked him really well. I licked his balls and squeezed them. His dick was rock solid to fuck my slippery pussy. He just pulled me up and gave the condom to me. I put the condom on his cock and sucked him again.

He asked me to sit on him as that was the only position where we could fuck in the bus. It took some good time to position myself on top of him as my legs were touching the front seats and was not really able to move up and down. He told me to hold back and just sit so that he could fuck me.

I got myself adjusted for him to fuck me from under. I could feel his big banana deep inside my hole and was feeling the girth of it. I loved that feeling!

He gradually increased the speed of his fuck and I was bouncing up and down on him. I wanted to moan loudly but I knew it was not possible.

After some time, I got up and sat aside as my inner thighs were paining in that position. I sucked him for some time and sat on the dick again. He was in full mood and was fucking me really hard. I felt the orgasm a couple of times and my whole body was vibrating.

He took a real long time to cum. I think he fucked me for about 45 minutes but with 2 or 3 intervals due to the position issue. Finally, he cummed and pushed me to his dick. He held my hips and canlı poker oyna pushed it deep into his dick and didn’t allow me to get up for the next 10 minutes.

He was totally satisfied and was sweating like crazy. Even I was sweating. Then I got up and put my skirt in position and sat on the next seat. He removed the condom and kept it with him, pulled up his pants and said, “You are so good to fuck, thank you so much. Your husband is really lucky.”

He gave one last kiss on my lips and went back to the driver area.

I was feeling so slutty from within and was really feeling happy about myself. I stretched my seat and just lied down, relaxing myself. And at some point in time, I slept off.

Not sure when, the bus was stopped somewhere and I was in half sleep. I just saw outside, it was dark. Then, I saw the first one walking towards me. Hmmm! I guess he would have asked the other one to drive the bus and wanted to enjoy with me.

I said to him, “I am really tired now.”

He said, “No problem, you sleep. I will just sleep next to you.”

But I was not able to sleep at all. I just lied down and he was also doing the same keeping his hands on my thighs. I knew that he wouldn’t be able to control himself. As expected, his fingers started moving on my skin. His hands moved slowly till he reached my pussy area but over the top of the skirt. He was so lusty to fuck me.

We didn’t waste much time on foreplay. He made me lie down on the seat and bent my legs and started eating my pussy. I was licked all over again! He lifted my top and pulled my bra down to grab the boobs once again.

He crushed my nipples and kept on eating my ass and pussy. In just about 10 minutes, he pulled his jeans down and put the condom on his erected cock; came on top of me and inserted his dick deep into my hot pussy and started fucking me.

He lips were rolling all over my face, neck and lips. Not a great position to fuck but still, it was better as I was down and lying on the backseat.

After fucking some time with the condom, he asked me, “Can I fuck you without the condom?” I said, “Okay but don’t come inside.”

He then removed the condom and kept both my thighs closer and inserted through the thigh gaps. For lubrication, he spat and made it more slippery there and fucked on the thighs. It was a ticklish feeling for me but I kept my thighs much closer for him to feel the tightness.

There was kind of a “pluck pluck” sound coming from this movement but the other passengers didn’t hear it.

After some time of fucking, he sprayed his hot cum on my thighs and some on the seat as well. He got up, cleaned the area and the seat with a sheet in the bus.

He sat next to me for some more time and asked my phone number and asked if we can take a room in the morning for a threesome. I was not so keen on that offer. I said, “I need to reach home.”

He said, “Except one passenger, all the others would alight in Thrissur. If that one passenger was not there, we three could have celebrated this trip in the bus itself.”

I just smiled at him on that. He kept on asking my mobile number and finally, I gave my Kerala Jio number but threw it off the next day. Lol! I just got an experience of my life and never wanted to invite more trouble. He sat next to me until I reached my destination.

Before alighting, he gave me deep kisses on my lips again and said, “I will call you, we will meet up again.” I said okay.

After reaching Cochin, I called my hubby to tell him that I reached the destination. He just asked, “How was the trip?”. I said it was good but I didn’t tell him the story.

I was really thinking about myself, how bold were I at that night. I was feeling really good about myself and the whole episode which happened in the bus. I started seeing the world differently, felt more content and happy in my life.

I wanted to tell the whole story to my hubby but I was scared. After some days, on a steamy night with him, I just told him about what happened in the bus. I was really worried about how he would respond but at the same time, I didn’t want to hide anything from him.

To my surprise, he just loved it and said, “Dear, I wanted you to experience it for the first time. I am so happy for you; this will be the beginning of our sexual journey.”

I was so happy and relieved and hugged him tightly. Such a lovely hubby I have got. From then onward, I am on a journey of exploring my sexuality and finding new ways to seek total sexual liberation. All with the support of my sweet hubby. Love you my dear.

I hope you loved my first experience.

I really appreciate your patience to read my story. You can write to me with your feedbac

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