A strip show going out of my hands

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A strip show going out of my hands
That Wednesday evening I got ready for my new part time job as stripper.
My loving hubby was worried about me; but I convinced him I would be right; the club owner had asked just to perform on stage and told me I could get some extra money by doing some private lap dances.
Victor was sure I would be fucked by a bunch of wild horny men; but I laughed saying it would not happen for sure. I kissed him goodbye, saying I would be back after midnight; he should be ready for me, to cool down my sexual anxiety…
One hour later, after a couple of shows on stage; three black men and one Latino type guy hired me for some lap dances. I started giving them all lap dances they wanted and I could feel their hard cocks as I rubbed against their crotches. I sensed that I was getting turned on doing this.
I was wearing just a see through black negligee to show my loose firm boobs and a tiny black thong that barely covered my shaven mound. Worst of all I felt my cunt starting to get wet.
Now I was giving one of the black guys a dance and I could feel that he was real huge. He was a handsome black guy and I could not help but rub against his cock inside of his trousers, which kept getting bigger and harder.
I felt really curious and started rubbing it with my hand. I smiled at him as I was doing it and he just laughed, asking me if I would free later.
Another guy then told me they were having a bachelor party in their hotel suite and they needed a sexy stripper to perform a private show there.
We agreed a good price and then they asked what it included. I told them I would dance nude for a couple hours with touching but no sex.
They seemed bummed out but agreed.

I went back on stage for another couple of shows and then by midnight I was ready to go to the bachelor party. I was wearing some black vynil skirt, a sexy cute top halter and black stilettos. I totally looked like a hooker when I walked into the hotel but I didn’t care, guys were staring at me and I was pretty sure they all wanted to fuck me.
I took the elevator up to the room and knocked on the door. Inside, there were about a dozen guys, most of them drinking and smoking weed. Except for a few Latino type, all the other guys were blacks…
Sonny was the huge black guy that had arranged things with me. He came over and greeted me by grabbing my ass. All guys there looked really excited. kaçak iddaa I asked who the bachelor was but no one seemed to know, later I realized there was not one; but then it was too late

I went to the middle of the room and started doing my performance, leaning over and showing off my ass, barely covered by a very tiny thong. Some of the guys grabbed and slapped my ass cheeks. Some very naughty, even dared to rub my pussy lips through the thin fabric, which felt really good.
I reached up and pulled my top off and all those guys cheered.
In just seconds I have a lot of hands pinching my hard nipples. The next thing I knew, they were pulling my skirt down to my ankles. I was going to do anyway but they seemed to want to help me. Now I was totally nude except for my thong and heels. I told them all to sit down if they wanted dances and they obeyed me. I stood with my legs spread apart for a second and rubbed my shaved pussy for a moment through the fabric, finding it was pretty wet…

I went for the first black guy and sat down on his lap; starting to rub up and down on him. I could feel his hard cock under his jeans. I pressed my tits against his face and he stated sucking on my nipples gently.
I reached down and rubbed his big cock though his pants with my hand before getting up and going to the next guy. This went on like this for a bit, letting them suck on my nipples and rub my ass but nothing more.

Then, when I was on a Latino guy, one of the black men walked up and started rubbing my ass but his fingers quickly found my pussy and he put a finger in as the guys cheered. I smacked his hand away and told him no but then another guy came from behind and did the same thing.
This time I arched my ass up in the air and backed up onto his hand as the guys cheered, but then said I wanted no more and went on to the next guy.
Some of the black men took out their cocks and started waving them in my face. I looked over at Sonny and saw that his huge cock looked like ten inches long. I told Sonny it was not part of the deal but he just took my hand and placed it on his cock.
I felt they had won the battle; I could not resist and I started stroking Sonny’s black cock while sitting on the other guy’s lap. Another guy also wanted a hand job; so I started stroking him off too.
Now I had a black cock in each hand and it was really turning me on kaçak bahis so badly; but I could not let them know. The guy whose lap I was sitting on reached around and started fingering my pussy with two fingers. I started bouncing up and down a bit on him and then I heard him say I was very wet.
Both black cocks had grown even bigger in my hands and they were close to my face; but I had to stop before things could get out of control.

I let go of the two cocks and got up from the guy under me; saying I was leaving now. But Sonny said I was not done yet with them…
He grabbed me from behind and whispered in my ear that they had not even started. He pushed down to my knees and his mates formed a circle around me. I saw three black hard cocks were right in my face. I tried to stand up and they pushed me down again.
I was scared and confused; but felt excited at the same time. I reached up and began to stroke Sonny’s cock, until he slowly pulled my head to it until it was at my mouth. Like a real bitch in heat I opened up as wide as I could and gobbled up as much of his meat as I could.

As I sucked Sonny, another guy ripped off my thong and lay under me, starting to suck my cunt; which was already soaking wet. I started grinding on his face as other cocks were offered for me to suck. I pulled my mouth away from Sonny’s cock and started sucking other huge hard black dicks.
This went on for a long while; I sucked them all as they took turns licking and fingering my dripping wet pussy. Suddenly I got up and announced I had to go.
I walked over and started to put on my skirt. But then I heard Sonny ordering his friends to get my hands. The next thing I knew, they pinned me down on the bed, facing the sheets. They ordered me to stay quiet.
I could have resisted but I was so turned on at that point that I just spread my legs wide and soon I felt the first guy of the night mounting me from behind. I knew it was Sonny, because that cock felt really huge in my cunt.
It felt amazing as he started pumping in and out of me. Sonny held my head up grabbing my curly hair and soon I had another cock buried in my mouth.
I quickly came quietly and a moment later felt the first load of cum go down my throat as the guy in my mouth exploded. Then Sonny filled my wet cunt with warm semen and he pulled out.
All guys took turns in my pussy and mouth. I felt my poor cunt very güvenilir bahis stretched and sore; but it felt amazing even though all those huge cocks went very deep inside of me.
Suddenly I felt one of the guys playing with a finger in my very tight asshole. Soon I had four fingers buried deep up to the bottom in my anus.
I knew what was coming next but I got really worried, since I had never taken a cock that big in my ass.
I tried to struggle when I knew Sonny’s cock would be the first to open my asshole. But they pinned me harder against the mattress and I could not move anymore. Then I felt the head of that thick huge black cock pressing against my tiny asshole.
Sonny told me to relax my anal muscles and he spat onto my rear entrance. Then he tried again and this time he slowly slid his cock into me. I felt like I was going to split in two and cried out, only to have a cock shoved into my mouth.
Slowly at first, Sonny slid in and out of my little ass building up speed until he was ramming me like there was no tomorrow. Faster and faster he went until I felt him tense up and then flood my ass with a warm load of cum. He pulled out and smiled at me, trading places with another black friend.
Another six or seven guys fucked my ass from behind and they made me cum as they rotated hard cocks in my face for me to suck.
One of the guys lay down on the bed and ordered me to ride him. As I started bouncing up and down on his massive cock; Sonny invaded my ass again from behind for round two. I had not had a double penetration in a while; so I enjoyed it so badly…
The guys seemed to like it and then they spent a long while fucking my cunt and ass at same time. I lost count how many times they made me cum…
After they had all a second round in my poor asshole, they finally let me get a warm shower to clean myself and relax.
When I came out of the bathroom, I thought that they were done; but I just found that another six new black guys had arrived at the hotel room.
I was tired and sore. I could see the sun rising outside. Then one of the new guys grabbed my arms behind my back and pushed me face forward onto the bed. Soon another hard thick cock slid into my stretched cunt from behind. I arched my back and figured I would just enjoy it, as tired as I was.
The new group of guys fucked my stretched out pussy and ass for about an entire hour before finally filling me up with more warm semen.
At this point, I passed out naked on the bed, cum dripping out of me.
I woke up with another Latino cock entering my ass from behind.
Then I closed my eyes and thought my loving hubby always was right…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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