A Walk in The Park Part 4

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A Walk in The Park Part 4
All through the following day I had Angie on my mind, I was besotted and it was touch and go if I was going to get back in time, I was rushing.
I didn’t even go home to change I just went straight to the park, parked my car and rushed around to the kiosk just in time to see Angie putting the shutters down, she looked so nice in her flowing summer dress which if I am honest was a tad too short but nice none the less.

“Oh Hi Frank” she said as she saw me approaching, “Did you want a drink as I was just shutting up?” she asked, I looked at her standing there all pretty.
“It’s OK” I said back, “I was running late but had promised to check in on you”
“Aww, that’s so nice Frank, Gran was right about you” she said with a smile.

No mention of yesterday was made as we walked back to the car park, interestingly the difference in our heights gave me a nice view down her dress at her little ‘A’ cups, no bra and a couple of buttons undone gave me that opportunity, good job I was wearing normal trousers.
As we got to the car I asked her what her plans are, she told me she had none apart from going home,
“Well, to celebrate your successful day how about sharing the bottle of wine I have at home in the fridge?” I asked very optimistically, Angie looked apprehensive before answering
“Well, I don’t really know you but Gran said you were cool, so hell, why not” she said in a chirpy voice.

As we got in the car her dress rode up and gave me a nice glimpse of her skimpy white panties, I knew I was developing a bulge under my trousers but unlike my shorts it was kept hidden.
We took the short drive home and chatted about this and that and I was still unsure if she realized that it was me that fucked her yesterday.

As we got home the first thing she asked was to use the bathroom, I told her it was upstairs and then said I would follow her up as I needed to change, I was about 3 or 4 steps behind her as she climbed the stairs and confirmed that her skimpy white panties was indeed a thong as I could clearly see the string ride up the crack of her bubble bit, she did have a nice ass.

I didn’t even think about shutting my bedroom door as I started to strip off my work clothes, shirt was off, zipper down and trousers güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri off. I stood there in just my boxer shorts when Angie wandered in.
“Oops” she said as she saw me standing there, “You have a lovely house Frank” which took the conversation away from the way I was dressed and we both walked downstairs to the kitchen to get the wine, Angie looked at me and coughed pointing at the fact that I only had boxers on,
“Oh sorry, I usually hang out like this at home and didn’t think” I said showing slight embarrassment,
“Shall I go change?” I asked, she looked down at me,
“Hmm, I am your guest, who am I to force you to change your habits, plus they look nice” she said with a smile which made us both laugh and helped break the ice.

As we walked into the lounge the sunlight from the back window shone through her dress, OMG I nearly fainted as I saw every curve of her sweet body, even to the outline of her panties tight against her pussy, I had to sit down quick. Angie sat on the sofa and I sat opposite in my chair, she seemed comfortable sitting knees together sipping her wine.
“Here’s to a successful day” I said raising my glass and standing and as I leant forward to clink glasses I realized that my limp cock had hung down the leg of my boxers, I am sure Angie saw it as much as I saw right down her dress to her belly.
“Cheers” we both said in unison
“That was nice” she said, “What else can we toast?” she asked which made me think that she had seen it, but another toast would give me another look down her dress so it was a win / win situation.

“Here’s to making a new friend” I said smiling as I stood up again, I leant forward to meet Angie’s glass and as she leant forward I got the same view, her nipples were now getting erect and we seemed to hold the position for far too long, I could feel the blood rushing south and my cock start to fill and because it was down the leg it was pushing my boxers up.
“Cheers, to new friends” we finally said and as I sat back down I knew my cock was on show, I tried to poke it back inside but the bulge was still visible. Angie laid back on the sofa but this time her knees were slightly apart showing a glimpse of thigh and panty.

“Aww, canlı casino siteleri that’s so nice Frank” and I had to agree, I wasn’t sure if we were talking about the toast or the view we were giving each other.
“You choose the last toast” I said with a smile as my cock grew inside my shorts,
“Really” she said cheerfully, “How about” she thought hard for a few seconds,
“Here’s to cleaning toilets” she said with a giggle, I laughed as I stood up and as I leant forward the button came undone on my boxers and my cock poked right out, Angie definitely saw it as she leant forward to meet me and again her dress came forward letting me view the contents, while she looked down at my cock standing proud I had two bee stings with erect nipples to enjoy.

I think both our breathing got heavier, “Cheers, here’s to clean toilets” I said and we clinked and finished off our glass. As I sat back down my cock stood out loud and proud, Angie looked straight at it.
“Oops!” she said with a smile as she stared.
She sat on the edge of the sofa and started to undo the remaining buttons on her dress, she didn’t take her gaze away from my throbbing member sticking out of my boxers as one by one her buttons undid until she flung her dress open exposing her naked bee stings.

I stood up and pulled off my boxers as she removed her dress, I got on my knees in front of her and pushed her knees wide. I looked down at her skimpy panties tight against her pussy, a few stray fair hairs escaping from the sides and I could see they were damp.
I lent forward and started to lick around the gusset of her panties, she laid back moaning softly as my tongue explored every crevice and inch of fabric, I pulled them aside exposing her wet labia lips and sucked, licked and probed, her breathing got heavier as I explored her secret place.

I lifted her legs up behind her ears giving me full access to her sweet arse, my tongue ran ragged as I probed out her arsehole. Angie squirmed as my tongue made entry, “Mmm” I cried lapping up the sweet wet taste flicking between her arse and pussy.
I pulled her panties right off and Angie was now naked laying back on the sofa, I held her damp underwear up to my nose, the aroma was stunning and my cock grew an canlı poker oyna extra inch. I looked down at her stiff nipples as I took hold of my cock and running the tip from her clit to the crack of her arse, she looked at me in anticipation not knowing what hole I was going to put it in.

“OH FUCK YEAH!” she cried as my cock head stopped at her arsehole, as I eased the head into her wet hole I felt her push back onto me and my cock slid into her back door
“OH YESS!” she cried as I slowly pushed it home. I started to pond away and my balls started banging against the cheeks of her arse, her eyes were closed as the anal fucking sent shockwaves through her body.
“CUM in me Frank” she shouted as the pace increased, “OMG! YESS!” she shouted as I felt my balls tighten, I was giving her all I had as my cock started pulsating and I felt my hot cum shoot deep into her arse, “YESSS!” she cried out as she felt it hit.

I pulled out and the second spurt shot up her belly as she looked at me, the concentration on her face as the third spurt landed on her little pubic mound.
She reached forward taking my cock in her hand gently milking the last few drops out of me, sucking on the helmet to make sure I had nothing left.
“Gran was right, you have a fantastic cock” she said softly, my eyes opened wide as I digested what she had just said.
I looked confused, “Pardon” I replied.
“Oh shit” she said back, “I promised Gran that I wouldn’t tell you” she had an ‘I fucked up’ look on her face.

I sat up on the sofa as Angie made me promise not to tell Doris what she said, of course I agreed. It was interesting to learn the other persons prospective in these situations. It seems that Doris knew that I would sneak into the toilets when she went in to clean, she looked forward to sucking my cock through the hole. She had also told Angie that she enjoyed the young students too and that they both knew yesterday that I was in the cubicle when they both went in to clean.

Angie also said that when she first saw my cock through the hole she knew that she wanted it, she had never experienced a glory hole before and found it so exciting. I told her that I wouldn’t mention it as Doris liked it that way and that I actually enjoy Doris’s technique. We did have a chuckle at the whole set up.
We talked some more and I learned that Angie actually lived with Doris since her parents split many years ago and Doris and her husband had brought her up, they actually lived two streets away.
Hence to say this wasn’t the last encounter with Angie.

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