Autumn Leaves Are Turning

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DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are over the age of 18 and legally allowed to engage in sexual relations. This is a story about a first-time lesbian encounter, not just sex. If you’re looking for a quick-stroke, look elsewhere.

“Hurry up or you’ll be late for school Autumn!” my mother shouted as she pulled out of our driveway.

“I know! You’d better hurry too!” I replied, gathering my notebooks and running out the door.

It was the first day of school, again. A fresh start, even though it was October. My family moved around a lot, ever since my Dad ran out when I was 5. I was old enough to know him, but young enough not to understand why. I still can’t comprehend how he could leave my Mom, my sisters, Karen and Tess, and I with no one to support us. It’s been hard for my mom, having to work two jobs constantly, moving around a lot.

So here I was again. First day of school, no one to help me, no friends, no idea. I checked my schedule again, and dreaded what I saw “American Government and Politics” first hour. I walked the halls looking for the classroom, and when I couldn’t find it, I was all alone. Even though I was only five minutes late, the teacher made it feel like an eternity as he questioned me on my tardiness.

Usually I just fade into the back of the class, however today I was right in the front. Everyone staring at me, I became flushed. I’m very self-conscious about my appearance; I’m five foot seven with golden-brown hair and hazel eyes. I try to dress conservatively, today that meant a warm red sweater and jeans. Eventually I took a seat nearest the back of the class, and I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as I sat down.

There was a hot guy sitting next to me, who was clearly checking me out. I was slightly flattered, but at the same time I wasn’t looking for a relationship; I had just moved to a new school. I ignored him until the teacher’s lecture was over. We had a couple minutes at the end of class and he introduced himself.

“Hey what’s your name?” He asked me. “I don’t think I’ve seen you before. Are you new?”

“Hi I’m Autumn,” I replied. “I just transferred here.”

“Autumn that’s a pretty name.” said Brett. “Hey so I was wondering”

The bell rang just as he began talking again. I couldn’t hear the rest, so I just nodded and left the class. I wonder what he was going to ask me, I thought.

The rest of my day wasn’t as bad as it started. I made it through Chemistry and Math just fine, because those are my best subjects. Then it was time for lunch, and high school lunch sucks. Especially for the new kid. Everyone else sits at tables with their well-established friends, and the new kid is left to sit with whoever they’ve started to get to know. This meant that when I wandered through the tables and saw Brett from history, I had to sit next to him.

“Mind if I join you?” I asked as I sat down.

“Not at all,” said a rather exuberant Brett. Is he sitting a little too close to me? I thought as he brushed against me.

“So tell me about yourself,” He said. “I barely got to know you in history class. What do you like to do for fun?”

“Well,” I started. “I used to play volleyball back at my last school, but I’m really not all that good.”

“Really? Volleyball?” asked Brett. “Then you have to meet my friend, Claire. She’s the Volleyball captain, and she’d definitely let you join the team.”

“Maybe.” I replied. It’d been a year since I’d played, and I didn’t really want to immediately join a sport at a new school. “I’ll have to think about it.”

“Well you’d better do it quick because the season’s already started and it’s your senior year. This’ll be your last year to play in high school.”


I thought about what he said on my way home after school. It would be the last time I could play High School Volleyball, and I did really love it. Plus maybe I could make some new friends! I decided that tomorrow I would have Brett introduce me to Claire.

When I got home, my mom had left a note on the table: “Here’s $30, go hang out with your new friends. I won’t be home until VERY LATE. Love Mom.” Great. Now what was I supposed to do? I couldn’t’ stay home because Tess and Karen would be home soon and I didn’t want them to see me staying home all by myself, but I didn’t have any real friends to hang out with either. I decided to just go drive for a while, to clear my head.

I drove around the town, looking for something to do, when I saw some girls playing Volleyball in the local gym. illegal bahis I got out of my car and went over to watch. There were four of them, and they were good. I was just standing there watching them, when one looked over at me.

I had never seen another girl like that before, she was perfect. She was short, probably only five foot five, but was still clearly better at Volleyball than the other three girls. She had really large breasts relative to the rest of her, at about 34B from what I could see. She also had Blonde shoulder-length hair, and perfect skin. I’d never looked at another girl sexually, but I began to feel a nervous excitement about her. She jogged over to me, still panting from the game.

“Do you want to play?” she asked.

“Ummm…well I haven’t played in a long time, so I’m pretty rusty.” I managed to reply, still transfixed by her, well, everything.

Oh it’s ok! Just come play for a little bit! It’ll be fun.” She insisted.

I relinquished and went to join the game. How could I refuse this woman? I actually did very well in the game. I was setting up hits, making great saves, and spiking in points. I could see that the other girls were impressed, especially the blonde. We talked after the game was done and all the other girls had left.

“Wow you’re great!” she said. “We could really use someone like you on the Volleyball team.”

“Really?” I was excited. Playing Volleyball with this girl was something I really wanted to do again. “Sure, that sounds fun.”

“I just realized I never learned your name.” she said. “Mine’s Claire.”

“I’m Autumn. Oh you’re the captain of the Volleyball team!”

“Yeah! Wait, how did you know that?” she asked, puzzled.

“Oh well this guy in my Gov class was talking about you.” I replied. “His name’s Brett. Do you know him?”

“Oh…Brett Williams?” she responded. “Unfortunately. He’s terrible to girls. I wouldn’t hang out with him to much, try to give him a wide berth.”

“Good to know.” I wonder why, he seems nice I thought. “So should I meet you tomorrow after school? For Volleyball, I mean.”

“Yeah here’s my number, I’ll text you the details.” She said. I entered her number into my phone and we said goodbye.

I drove home rather hurriedly. I was so confused. I’d never even had sex with a guy, and yet here I was picturing dirty thoughts with me and another woman, whom I had just met! What was happening to me? This was crazy.


The next day in Gov Brett and I were sitting next to each other, completing a worksheet. I was slightly suspicious of him after what Claire had told me the previous day. Eventually, after we were done, we started talking, you know, the usual, school, movies, when eventually we got to talking about yesterday. I mentioned that I had joined the Volleyball team.

“Oh really?” he practically shouted. “That’s great news! Did you talk to Claire?”

“Yeah!” I replied, also excited. “We played Volleyball together yesterday and she saw that I could play, so she asked me to join the team.”

“Awesome! You know what?” asked Brett “If you’re not busy, next Friday I’m having a party at my house and a lot of people are coming over. I know some girls from the Volleyball team will be there, and probably Claire too. You should come!”

“Yeah ok that sounds fun!” This could be my chance to really get to know Claire outside of playing Volleyball, plus all the other girls on the team. And Brett didn’t really seem like a bad guy, so I figured what the heck?

I suddenly felt my phone vibrate against my leg. I checked it discreetly, and saw that it was from Claire. My heart skipped a beat. The message read: “Practice at 3, meet in the large gym. Shorts/Spandex.”

The rest of the day was a blur. I just remember staring at the clock, counting down until it would be 3 so I could see Claire again. I ran home to get my Volleyball gear, then went back to the high school, got ready, and walked into the gym.

The rest of the team was already there, and I wondered how I would even be able to play the game. The girls on the team were HOT, and really distracting. There was Ellie with the phenomenal ass, Sasha with the stunning legs, and Megan with both. But the real beauty was Claire, who looked killer in her tight Spandex top and short-shorts.

We all practiced for an hour-and-a-half, and then went back to the locker-room to change. When all the girls went to the showers, I was bewildered. I had never taken a shower with people looking at me before. But when illegal bahis siteleri I caught a glimpse of Claire as she walked in, all my modesty was gone, replaced with my intense desire to see the rest of her.

I stripped down and went to join the rest of the girls. Claire was, like I said earlier, perfect. Her now obviously 34B breasts were fantastic, especially with the water cascading off of them. I kept staring, and she seemed to notice. It wasn’t that she was blatantly obvious about it, but she had several nuances to her persona that hinted in the direction of flirting. Her hands moved a little to slow as she washed the sweat off of her breast, hips, and legs. She tossed her hair a little too much as she shampooed it. She accidently brushed her hand against my torso and it sent shivers down my spine, which she enjoyed.

After that shower I felt dirtier than when I went in. Again here I was flirting with Claire, and she was flirting back, as we spiraled out of control towards something that I wasn’t prepared to handle. Things were moving too fast.


The rest of the week flew by. It was like my life was a movie, and I was the audience, I could watch my body go to school, talk to Brett, go to Volleyball with Claire, look at her in the showers, and then repeat. I could feel my body reacting to what I saw but I couldn’t do anything to stop it; the suspense was building, and I knew that something between Claire and I was going to happen. The question was what?

Finally I was coming home from Volleyball on Friday, when I realized tonight was Brett’s party. I changed, drove over, and saw his house. The place was mobbed. There were people and beer bottles sprawled everywhere. Music was blasting, and I passed by a broken lamp as I cautiously entered. I walked around, as people I didn’t know smoked cigarettes and danced. I passed a person throwing up in a bathroom, when I decided that this was not the scene I wanted to be a part of. I turned towards the door when I saw Brett. He staggered towards me, clearly Drunk.

“Hey Autumn!” he shouted over the music. “I’m glad you could make it. Isn’t this party crazy?” before I could answer he said “hey lets go somewhere a little quieter.” He grabbed my arm harder than necessary and led me upstairs to what looked to be a guest bedroom. I was very nervous; especially because Brett was still holding my arm forcibly.

“Look, Autumn,” Brett began. “You’re super hot. I know it. You know it. And even though we’ve only known each other for a few weeks, I feel like I truly know you.”

I couldn’t even respond. I knew where this was going. I was petrified with fear; here I was, the new girl in school, with only one real friend, and Brett was trying to seduce me. Eventually I stammered our “Look, Brett, I don’t like you. We’re just friends. I don’t want to do anything we’ll regret.”

“I won’t regret anything.” Brett said. He suddenly reached for my breast; I slapped his hand away and got up. “You’re Drunk!” I cried as I ran away. I ran down the hallway, into another room and locked the door, slamming it in his face as she started to run after me.

I said on the floor and sobbed. How could Brett do something like that? I thought he was nice, but he turned out to be just another pig, just like other men. I should’ve listened to Claire. Where was Claire? She was supposed to be here. Probably just something Brett said to get me to come over.

Just then I heard a knock on the door.

“Go away!” I screamed. Brett just wouldn’t leave me alone.

“It’s me!” I heard Claire shout. “It’s ok! I’m here for you.”

I got up and opened the door. Claire walked in, and I was shocked. She was wearing a pair of very skimpy jean shorts, a very low-cut tank top, and a very tall pair of high heels. She met me in a hug. I started to tell her what had happened, but she just said “ssssssssssshhhhhh. I heard. I’ll make all your troubles go away.”

I stared into her eyes. Her beautiful eyes. It was at this moment that I realized that I loved this woman. Our relationship had transcended that of friends, we were now lovers, inexplicably bound by our mutual affection and curiosity.

I began moving my face towards hers. I closed my eyes and suddenly there she was. Our lips met, and I heaven. We started slow, both experimenting, as we had never been with another woman before. As our passion grew, so did our urgency. We were rapidly making out now, Claire nibbling on my lower lip. Claire started working her way down my neck. Her hot breath canlı bahis siteleri and wet kisses caused me to sigh with pleasure.

Suddenly Claire pushed me onto the bed. She took her shirt off. I followed suit, also removing my bra. Claire was wearing a simple black bra, but still incredibly attractive. Suddenly Claire was up on me, feeling, caressing my breasts and kissing me. she pinched my left nipple and I was overwhelmed; I have very sensitive nipples. She seemed to sense this and continued to roll my nipple between her fingers. She then drew my other nipple into her mouth, gently sucking it and occasionally biting it lightly. She then repeated the process on my other nipple.

Claire kept moving lower kissing a trail down my chest, naval, and to my shorts. She merely undid my button, zipper, and pulled my shorts down. My underwear was noticeably wet, you could smell my excitement. Claire deftly lowered my underwear, and then we became more than just two lovers, a single entity consumed with lust.

I was unsure of what was to come, for I had never had sex before. Yet Claire was both confident and delicate. She started by gently rubbing her hands around the sides of my pussy, up and down. Claire began to part the outer folds, and inserted a lone finger. I arched my back in pleasure as she began to lightly fuck me with her finger. After a minute of this she added another finger. I thought it couldn’t get any better until I felt her hot breath on my pussy.

She continued to finger-fuck my pussy, but now Claire began drawing slow circles around my clit with her tongue. Every time her tongue brushed against it I groaned, sending waves of pleasure throughout my whole body. I could feel that I was close to coming, and so could Claire. She could read my movements and doubled her pace, now lapping up my juices. She used her other hand on the sides of my pussy, and the direct contact was too much. I came, screaming out Claire’s name.

She continued to lick up my come, completely cleaning up my pussy. It took me several minutes to recover from my orgasm. When I finally did, I opened my eyes and Claire was there.

“How was that?” she asked.

“Amazing,” I replied. “I’ve never felt this way before. I didn’t want it to stop.”

“Well it doesn’t have to,” Claire said with a sheepish grin on her face. “Would you do that to me? The look you had on your face was something I want to experience.”

“I think that can be arranged.” I replied, grinning from ear to ear. She had just eaten my pussy, and now she wanted me to return the favor! Could I actually eat another girl’s pussy? It was so wrong, but then again so was what Claire had done. And nothing could come close to the pleasure that had caused.

I moved over to Claire. I removed her bra, and her breasts were immaculate. The nipples were very perky, erect from the sex. Her areolas were huge and inviting, begging me to suck them. I placed my mouth on her breast and began to imitate what Claire had done to me; she seemed to enjoy it almost as much as I did. I continued on taking off her shorts and matching black panties.

Her pussy was very appealing. She kept it very neatly trimmed, her golden locks forming a landing strip leading straight to her pussy. I couldn’t imagine a more inviting pussy to eat.

I began by just feeling her. I traced the contour of her pussy with my fingertips, getting used to the way she reacted to various places being stimulated. She was very wet; I could see what I had done to her already. I felt her pulse quicken as I put my right index finger inside. I sighed as I pulled it out and tasted it; her nectar was sweet and tangy. I put it back in and began to fuck her harder.

Claire was a dirty talker. She started off just muttering things like “Oh yes,” and “Uhh yeah, harder,” but as I increased my tempo and pressure she was yelling things like “Oh you little slut,” “Yeah finger-fuck my cunt!”

I began lapping at her clit with my tongue as she thrashed on the bed, her legs clamping around my head, holding me there maintaining direct contact with my mouth and nose. She came hard, unleashing a torrent her cum on my face. I licked it up, and then arose.

She sat up and we kissed again. Both our mouths tasted like the other’s pussy, and as we kissed I realized that there was no turning back. Claire and I had gone further than most; obviously having consensual lesbian sex with your best friend brings you close. I knew at that moment that I would never go back to relationships with men. How could I? There was no way that I could give such pleasure, or receive such pleasure, from a man. Just as the fall season changes the color of the leaves, I had changed, fallen from the tree. I would not wither and die, however, I would thrive. A new school, a new me, I was ready for anything. And I knew that anything and everything were on their way.

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