Becoming Sarah – Part 4

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Becoming Sarah – Part 4
I picked up my chore list, and decided to just get started.
1 – Prepare outfit for tomorrow.
Rather than a detailed list of what to prepare, I found a note simply stating “School tomorrow morning – Outfit 4¨ which sounded like this would be an easy chore. I strolled over to the closet, opened the door and was amazed at just how many outfits were neatly arranged on the rails. Outfits were arranged in to sections, it was very neat, so I found the “school” section and picked out bag 4.
I was excited to open the bag, but also nervous at just how real this all was. I wanted to resist, and completing my chores was the complete opposite. I also knew that Miss Stephanie could make me suffer a lot, maybe it’s best to comply now, and consider an escape later when I know more about where I am. Opening the bag I found some white hold-ups, a short tartan skirt and a tiny white blouse. There was a hot pink bra and a matching thong along with some black heels. As I laid the uniform out on the desk ready for the morning I couldn’t help but feel excited about wearing it, it was a sissy dream being laid across the table. The excitement made my clitty strain and tug against the piercings, but still I felt turned on and began to dribble from the cage.

With the uniform ready, I moved to item 2. Enema. I was dreading this bit, I had barely recovered from the forced enema by nurse Natalie. In drawer 3 was a ready prepared enema kit. A 500ml bottle of solution with a tube, and next to it an inflatable plug with a connection for the tube. A note read “insert, empty whole bottle, wait 10 minutes” and there was a small sachet of lube to help me get started. Taking it all to the bathroom, I decided to get this bit out the way, and while I was full I could prepare for my shower.

I slid my thong down my legs, and a trail of cum hung in the air from the tip of my cage, I was clearly not as nervous as a I thought. Squatting down I slipped a lubricated finger inside my ass, it felt strange with girly nails on now and no hair at all. Once I was sure I had enough lube, I began to line up the plug. Being small it slipped in with ease, but I had to inflate it to make sure it didn’t pop back out and that felt strange. I didn’t inflate it as much as nurse Natalie had, but I had to make sure it was secure. By the time I connected to the enema bottle to the plug, I was already feeling stretched and tender.

The bottle had a small handle which was twisted to release to the liquid, so I placed it on the side, took a deep breath and twisted it. The cold fluid began to trickle inside me and although it wasn’t as much fluid as the last one, I felt very full at the end. The connector unscrewed and the plug held the fluid inside me, I checked the time and began to prepare for my shower. Walking around was strange, I knew that if I hadn’t had the plug in I would never have been able to keep the fluid inside. I actually felt glad that it was there, and that also worried me!

Slipping my bra off canlı bahis siteleri I couldn’t help but rub my new breasts, it was so surreal. I’d seen countless images and movies where sissies had fake boobs, and now here I was with my own, and the pierced erect nipples just made them so much more kinky. I bent to try and undo my heels but remembered they were locked on, so I had to leave the bathroom and back in the main room I pressed the door buzzer, and waited for a reply. “Sarah this had better be important” a stern female voice answered. “I need to have my shower but my heels are locked on” I answered, “How do I get them off?”. Silence. After a few seconds, the woman replied “How DARE you show me no respect! You will regret this, you WILL refer to me as ma’am, Mistress or Miss. Is that clear!?” I knew I’d made a mistake, and my mind was racing trying to think of a way around an impending punishment. “Er, yes, sorry, Ma’am, I’m new here and, er, just wanted to follow my chores like a good girl” I tried to put on my best girlie voice. “I’ll release your locks now, and you’ll report to me before school tomorrow for your punishment. Cuffs back on after your shower” and the speaker turned off.

While trying to guess what lay in store for me, the small locks on the shoes and cuffs let out a small beep and all popped open. Clearly some remote system had unlocked them, so I hurried them all off, sliding my stockings off too and stood before the shower naked except for my cage. I admired the figure in the mirror, still amazed that it was me. They’d done a great job of making me slutty enough to pull off the sissy look, yet not feminine enough to ever pull off the appearance of a real woman. As it had been 10 minutes I deflated the plug and released the enema which felt amazing. Maybe I was actually going to enjoy some of this after all.

The shower warmed quickly, and I stepped under the warm flowing water. Soaping myself felt crazy against my silky smooth skin, and again I took my time massaging soap into my breasts. This made my cage strain, so eventually I moved on to other parts and finished up. Drying myself off I checked my chore list, and set about tidying the bathroom as I dried off. With only a couple of towels, and some toiletries, there wasn’t much to tidy and I was soon done.

Hair came next, and using the hair dryer it was done fairly quickly. The chemicals they had used meant it dried straight, so I simply used the hair band a put it in the ponytail as indicated on my list. Chore 6 – 25 deepthroats with dildo 4. Inside drawer 2 was a whole selection of various toys, but dildo 4 had a suction cup end with a small button right at the base, on the rubber balls. I looked around the room for somewhere to stick it, and noticed a small sticker on the mirror with “Deepthroat Training” written on it, so I placed it there. The dildo was longer and wider than anything I’d had in my mouth before. I gave it a practice run, and managed to get about 2/3 of the way perabet giriş down before gagging.

A few deep breaths and another go, I managed to hit the button with my chin, which let out a small beep. 24 to go. After a few more beeps, the dildo was covered in saliva, stringing from my chin as I moved away. Over the next 10 minutes I managed to get to 25, but only in small bursts and plenty of gagging. The drool and saliva was hanging from the dildo, and my new plump lips were doing little to stop me drooling more. At least the lip gloss was semi-permanent, so that saved me having to redo my makeup.

Cleaning the dildo I placed it back in to its drawer, and moved to the “bed bag” which contained the nightwear for that night, and the chosen plug. The plug was round, glass, with small metal strips down the side and electrical connectors at the end. I guessed I would be in for a long night, who knew what this plug would do once wired up, but I began to insert it anyway. I was in enough trouble as it was and didn’t want to make it worse. The plug went in fairly easy, probably due to the earlier stretching with the inflatable plug, and then I emptied the bed clothing on to the bed.

A black satin and lace babydoll with lacey cups and satin down to my thighs. It swayed perfectly as I twisted, lifting right up to reveal my cage. There was also a pair of black stockings, which I slid up my smooth legs and they almost reached the hem of the babydoll, just an inch of bare flesh between the 2. Looking in the mirror I could see the nipple piercings between the lace on the cups, and rest of the outfit just sent such pure arousal through my body. My cage tugging on my piercings, and cum dribbling out of my cage, but I couldn’t break my stare. Even the black eyeliner and perfect eyeshadow was slutty enough to scream WHORE while dressed like this but also made me look the perfect sissy.

I had completed my list, and the clock said 10:35pm. Who knew what time I would be woken tomorrow, and with the punishment meaning an even earlier start, I thought I’d go to bed. I pulled back the satin pink sheets, and climbed in to bed. It was soft, and the satin felt amazing against my clothing and skin. I almost slid about in the bed, and that’s when I felt something touch my ankle. Removing the covers I noticed the clips in each corner for the cuffs to lock to, which reminded me I hand’t put them back on! I quickly moved to the table, grabbed the cuffs and sat down to lock them in place. Just moving in this outfit was a HUGE turn on, and soon more cum was leaking.

With my wrist and ankle cuffs in place, I laid on the bed and locked my ankles in place. The were on the bottom corners of the bed, so my legs were spread apart about shoulder width, but there was very little slack so I couldn’t move much. I was just thinking about how I would lock my wrists in place, the room door slid open. In came Miss Stephanie and she looked stunning as always, dressed in a tight figure hugging red perabet güvenilir mi latex dress, with sheer seemed stockings and some beautiful red heels. Her hair and makeup were perfect, she was clearly not about to go to bed herself.

“I saw you on the cameras getting ready for bed, and hoped you would forget your cuffs so I could add another punishment” she smirked. “I must say I’m impressed with your chores, but of course you let yourself down by failing to address a lady of my house with the proper titles didn’t you”. She began to walk towards the bed, a small leather crop in her hand ran up my leg as she walked to my side. With the crop she lifted my babydoll to reveal the pool of cum leaking from my cage and settling against the satin.

She scooped it up, and offered it to my mouth. I hesitated, before opening my mouth and accepting the cum which she smeared across my tongue and lips. “You’ll learn to love the taste, Sarah, and with lips like those men will love giving you more and more cum to taste”. I squeaked out a “Yes Miss Stephanie” and she continued “Now you’re all ready for bed, in future you must press the buzzer, then lock your ankles in. After that, someone will come in to secure your wrists and inspect your room. Tomorrow you’ll buzz at 7am, dressed and ready for your day. You’ll receive your punishment, and then attend school from 8am.” She began to secure my wrists as she finished speaking, the were secured at waist height and again they were fairly tight so I couldn’t move my arms or legs much at all. Once secured she opened a small hatch on the side of the bed and pulled 2 wires out which she connected to my plug. My eyes must have shown fear because she chucked and explained that the panel was set to mild & random, a light introduction. Randomly throughout the night the plug would shock me, and vibrate, just to keep me on edge.

She walked to the door, turned to me and told me to enjoy my first night of my new life. “I’m off to the lounge for a small gathering of friends, you’re already the talk of the room, they can’t get enough of your live cameras” she smirked. Just as she turned to leave I blurted out “Have a good night Miss Stephanie, you look beautiful”. I then panicked as she stopped, and turned back to me. “How kind of you, pet, maybe if you behave yourself I’ll end up picking you for my personal bitch. Wouldn’t you like to be able to dress me, and care for my every whim?” She blew a kiss as she turned and again I stammered a “Yes Miss”. The door slid shut, just as another blob of cum oozed out of my cage.

The way Miss Stephanie had left my babydoll meant it was bunched up under my bum, and I wanted to straighten it out but the restraints prevented me. I struggled briefly, then all of a sudden a pain shot through me. The plug had activated, and the pain was crazy. It soon stopped shocking and began vibrating, only a low vibration but it was nice. Soon that stopped too, and the lights in the room went out. I was in the dark, only the night vision lights on the various cameras stood out in the darkness and dreading another shock I tried to get some sleep. The erotic feel of the satin, and worry about the punishment combined with the fear of the next shock meant I probably wouldn’t sleep too much though…

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