Being a YOUNG male MODEL

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Being a YOUNG male MODEL
I was very VERY young when my mom took me to this thing at the mall where they take shots of your young ones and then say that you may, or may not, be a good model fo TV or magazines. I thought the idea sucked and I was not all that excited about it since it took away play time that Saturday from me having fun.

Mom dressed me up in my Sunday best and made me go and I stood there like a fool for a couple hours waiting my turn. Finally, this man took me inside and while mom watched, he took some pix of me in my little suit.

I really hated it all and finally, we got the hell outta there and I went home, changed clothes and went out to play with my friends. About a week later, they called my mom and said they had a small job modeling for me so OFF we went, a few days later, to this little studio in downtown Atlanta. I went in and they took more pix and the man told my mom that I was perfect for some modeling with various outfits, etc. She was excited and I was bored as hell with it all. It was fun though to see all this camera stuff I had never seen, but I could hardly wait to get outta there honestly.

A few weeks passed and that same man asked my mom if he could take me with him to my first photo shoot at the same place. He said they liked working without the parents there since the boys like me, get distracted and worry about mom looking at their them all the time. My mom asked my dad and they both said it was fine with them and the man scheduled a photo shoot for the next week on a Saturday morning.

The day came and mom dropped me off at the studio and the man greeted us at the door. Mom left and I was now alone with a couple of old men I didn’t know but there were a few other boys canlı bahis şirketleri there too. They took us all to a dressing room and told us to undress and put on these pajama’s they were taking pix of. We all changed in front of each other and that was the first time I ever saw other boys naked. We put the clothes on and went to the photo area and they had us pose in several ways.

It was kind boring but fun, but after about 30 minutes, he had us take off our tops and wear only the bottoms. We did as told and it seemed he was getting us really close together. He had us put our arms around each other and put our faces really close to each other. We did it of course and he then had us all change into nothing but underwear and nothing else. We did that too and he had us do some weird and strange poses like standing over each other and getting butt to front in a row and me putting my face really close to the other boys crotch.

When we were done with that. He told us to go back to the dressing room and change back to our street clothes. We headed in that way but he stopped me and another boy named Allen and said for us to wait in his office for him. We went in and sat down, still in our underwear and he came back and said the other boys were going home and were downstairs with his assistant and that he had more work for us to do.

He called our mom’s and told us they were fine with that and that they would pick us up when we were done. He took us to a different room for pictures this time and there was a small bed and some other things like benches or something.

He had us sit on them and do things like hold our legs up over our heads and we did some bending over on this bench, still in our underwear. canlı kaçak iddaa We kind laughed about it, it was so weird to us, but we had no idea why they wanted those pictures. A few minutes later, he said he wanted some “sweet” pictures as he called them and had us bend over the bench again and this time, pull our under wear down to our knee’s. Not knowing any better, we did it and looked at each other giggling. He had us put our hands on each others butts and some with my face next to his butt and his to mine.

We then were made to pull them off completely and he said that we shouldn’t tell anyone about this part because it was a secret thing his company is doing for a “special” underwear customer that buys his pictures. We said ok and that was that I suppose. He took lots of pix of us with our legs apart, our butts, even holding our butt cheeks open for some reason and then had us touch each other between the legs and hold each others cocks too.

After a bunch of those pix, he had Allen get on his knee’s in front of me and put my little cock in his mouth! I was a little scared by now but did as told and Allen did what he was suppose to. It felt weird but good and the man took lots of pix and then it was my turn to do it. I put his cock in my mouth and the man took some pix and then said that he had a friend who was going to help us. This old guy, at least to us, he was old, came in wearing nothing but a towel. He took it off and this giant cock fell down and was just kinda hanging there.

He came over to us and then the man told me to take it in my hand and hold it up to my face. I did as told and while he took pictures, he told me to put it in my mouth which I did! It was huge to me and canlı kaçak bahis I just put the tip of it in but he said to put all of it in my mouth that I could, so I did and I thought I couldn’t breathe for a second. The guy with the big dick seemed to want to move it back and forth in my mouth and after a couple minutes, I felt something wet and warm come out of it! It scared the shit out of me too and I jerked back and saw this stream of white stuff coming from his pee hole. My mouth was covered in it too and I wanted to spit it out but I didn’t dare.

The man pulled away some and then told me to lick it from his cock. I was afraid some, but I didn’t want to get into trouble so I did it. It tasted awful I thought, but after a few licks, it wasn’t so bad. Allen was looking at me and he must have known he was next and he WAS next too! The man had him suck his big cock and Allen did as asked. When the man pulled away, Allen almost threw up and I can still remember the look on his face!..LOL

The man walked away and then they had us bend over side by side and then had me put my little cock in Allens butt. I felt strange but it was warm after I got inside it. He told me to push it in out while he took the pix and then had Allen fuck me. I felt nice actually and after it went in, it felt fun the way it moved up and down inside me. They were taking what seemed liked hundreds of pictures and had a camera still making movies too.

The photo guy then told us to get dressed and we did as told. He gave us some money, about $20 each and told us never to mention their “secret” pictures they had done and that he would have us over many more times to do this if we didn’t tell. He called our mom’s and they picked us up and they were riding together. We got in the car and Allen’s mom asked how we liked it. Allen and I looked at each other and smiled and we never told and YES, we did go back on several occasions and we learned many things about sex too! That of course is another story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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