Daddy the Cocksman

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My alcoholic mother passed away on December 23, 1950. Within a month daddy was fucking my maternal grandmother who lived with us. She was sixty four at the time and lived with us because she was a quasi alcoholic and her four brothers paid daddy a subsidy to let her live with us.

Agnes was not unattractive and when she wore a girdle or garter belt, stockings, and Directoire Knickers, she was quite the glamorous lady.

I had just celebrated my eighteenth birthday the previous week and how I found out about their little tryst when I came home from school a little early on Friday afternoon and they were in daddy’s bedroom. I knew daddy was home because I saw the car parked in the driveway when I came home. I listened to the conversation taking place in the bedroom as I stood outside the bedroom door.

“Agnes. You may continue to live with us as long as you want to, but I don’t want to find you consuming large quantities of alcohol like your fucking daughter did. You will be my mistress and will dress neatly, shower every day or every other day, and keep the house neat and clean.” daddy told her.

“I’m going to get you some fine lingerie from a store in a nearby town where I know the owner and she will fit you perfectly. You already know that I love wearing fine women’s lingerie and John does too. I will show you what is in the trunk over there on the floor and assure you I will not hesitate to use some of it on you if you don’t obey either of us.” daddy continued.

“You will no longer shave any part of your body. I prefer my women to be hairy and that includes legs and pits. You also will be wearing Directoire Knickers when you wear anything at all. When I come home for lunch I expect you to be ready to suck my cock and drink my fluid. If John wants to fuck you, you will give him your cunt freely.” he continued.

“If that is unacceptable to you, I will pack up your belongings and put you on the train for Chicago.” he said.

“No Master. I understand and I will be good. I know you need someone to fuck and I will be that person, although I understand I may not be the only one you are fucking.” Agnes told him.

“Now get your dress and panties off and get up on the bed so I can give you some of my nice long uncut cock you old whore. Take your bra off too if you are wearing one. I like to see your long nipples sticking out and pointing down.”

Agnes must have disrobed quickly as I heard the bed squeak and heard daddy tell her to get her fucking legs spread wide apart so he could see her grey haired cunt.

“You’ve seen my cock before haven’t you?” he asked.

“Yes Master. I’ve seen it several times. I always wanted to play with it and peel your foreskin back, but couldn’t do it with Margaret alive. May I suck it before you fuck me with it?” she asked.

“No. You get to suck it after I fuck you and fill your cunt with semen and sperm.” he replied.

He must have shoved his cock into her cunt because I heard her exhale very deeply.

“Do you like my prick you old whore?” he asked.

“Yes Master. It is very good and very deep inside me. I can feel it at the tip of my cervix and you are going to make me climax.” Agnes said.

About twenty seconds later I heard daddy tell her he was going to blast his nuts off in her and fill her cunt up with semen.

“Oh master. That feels so good and is so warm. It has been so long since I’ve had a mans cock in my cunt.” she said.

I slipped back to the front door, opened it, then closed it again loudly so they would hear it. Going across the living room I hollered “Is anyone here?”

“We are in the bedroom. Come on in. I just finished fucking your grandmother and she is still lying here basking in the glow of having a big uncut cock fill her vagina with hot semen. I’m about to put a dog collar on her and have her suck the rest of the semen out of my cock. Why don’t you get your clothes off and let her see your prick too?” daddy said.

I quickly removed my clothes and went beside the bed so Agnes could see my cock. I was close enough that all she had to do was move her head over to it and put it in her mouth.

Daddy told me to first go the third drawer of his dresser and get a pair of sheer nylon panties so he could slip them on Agnes and have his semen dribble into the crotch of them rather than on the sheets.

I found them and took them to him. He told Agnes to get her ass up off the bed so he could slip them on her. No sooner did he have them pulled tightly against her cunt than they were getting damp.

I moved up toward Agnes’s mouth and stuck my cock right at her. She opened her mouth and swallowed my cock in an instant. She didn’t even bother to pull my foreskin back over the head of it, but just began sucking it. As she did so, I tweaked her long nipples and they began to harden.

Suddenly it all came together and I told her I was going to blow a load of semen in her mouth. She simply sucked my cock harder and I unloaded five or six spurts illegal bahis of it right on her tongue. She swallowed all of it and renewed sucking my cock again until it began to recede. Then Agnes let go of it and smiled.

“Wow. I don’t believe this. Cock in my cunt by my son in law and cock in my mouth by my grandson.” she said. “And two big fat cocks doing it to me.”

“Alright you whore. Let’s get your dog collar on so everyone knows you belong to me.” daddy told her. It was a beautiful collar and as he slipped it around her neck, she admired it. It was padded stainless steel with a “D” ring on it so he could fasten a leash to it.

“Now stand up and let my semen really begin dripping out of your fucking cunt and get you all wet. You may not wipe your cunt at any time today when you piss. If John or I want to fuck you, you simply pull your panties down, get on the bed, spread your legs and open your cunt lips for us. Is that clear?” he asked.

“Yes Master. I understand and may want some more cock today because it felt good.” Agnes replied.

“John. She’s been a good little whore, so why don’t you go to the kitchen and bring the bottle of V.O., three shot glasses, some ice and water, and three paper cups with you. I’ll let the bitch have a couple of shots of whiskey to warm her up.” daddy told me.

When I got back with the drink mixes, daddy had Agnes standing up by the steamer trunk and was showing her some of the items in it. He held a pair of alligator clips in his hand and was telling her they went on her nipples. He would then hook the wires to a six volt battery and slowly turn the rheostat on sending a little electric current to her nipples. He also showed her a riding crop and a quirt and told her these would be used on her cunt lips or nipples if she complained about anything.

I could see Agnes was more than a little petrified by the instruments.

Daddy saw me and told me to put the drink tray down on the table and to join him as he showed her more material in the trunk.

I went over to the trunk and looked inside. I saw lots of fine lingerie along with nipple rings and labial rings as well as other devices a woman could wear. Daddy then opened his second drawer on his dresser and Agnes and I both saw a large array of women’s lingerie and hosiery.

“In case you didn’t know it, I enjoy wearing women’s clothing sometimes and will even sleep in some of it sometimes.” daddy said.

“Agnes. Where is your cut out bra? You need to slip your teats back into that and John will fasten it for you. The slip your stockings back on and roll garters to hold them up. Then we will have a couple of drinks and a cigarette or two. By then you may need to piss again and we will watch you.” daddy told her.

She slipped her big teats into her cut out bra and I fastened it in the back, noting it was a five hook bra. She adjusted it so her prominent nipples and aureolae peeked out the openings in the front. Then she sat on a chair and slipped her very sheer nylons onto her legs and pulled them up over her knees.

“Now you may walk around like that the rest of the afternoon until it is time to dress for dinner. Now let’s have a drink or two. We toasted each other with daddy toasting Agnes as our new whore. Glasses clinked and we swallowed the first shot of V.O. Agnes immediately wanted a refill which daddy gave to her.

We sat down at the small round table and lit cigarettes. Agnes said she needed one more refill and then she would probably need to pee pee. I filled her glass again, but this time she sipped it and smoked her cigarette.

“Why do you want to be our whore Agnes?” daddy asked.

“I know you are a young man and need to have your sexual needs taken care of on a regular basis. I still enjoy being fucked by a nice cock and having my nipples and pussy sucked, so this is a natural situation. I will be good and run a good household for you.” she said. “And right now I need to piss badly.”

“Let’s go out on the side porch where no one can see us. Take your panties off because I want to see the stiff crotch when they dry, but stand with your legs slightly apart so the pee runs down you legs too.” daddy told her.

She slipped off her wet panties and we went to the porch. Agnes stood on the edge of it facing us and the pee began dribbling out of her hairy cunt lips. It was already running down her legs when the dam broke and it became a full stream splashing on the porch floor and running down her legs, soaking her stockings.

She finished and daddy told her she had been very naughty for peeing on her stockings. Now she was going to have to be punished. We went into the house and into the bedroom. Daddy told Agnes to bend over on the edge of the bed with her legs spread apart. He went to the trunk and got the riding crop and went over to her.

“For being naughty and peeing on your stockings, you’re going to get five swats with the crop right on your old cunt lips.” With that he began swatting illegal bahis siteleri her and she began jumping up and down as he smacked her until the five had been administered to her hairy cunt. “Now turn around and sit on the edge of the bed and suck my uncut cock some more until I come in your mouth.” daddy said to her. “When you finish John will take you to your bedroom and wash your fucking cunt and do whatever else he wants to do, then we need to dress for dinner. We’re taking a friend along with us. A friend of yours Agnes.”

“John. Get her upstairs and get her in the shower. Wash her cunt slowly and carefully. She may want to piss on you while you’re washing her.” daddy said.

I guided Agnes upstairs toward her bedroom and had her sit on her bed. I peeled her wet stockings off her legs and put them on the bed so I could wash them. I reached around behind her and began unhooking the five eye hooks holding her bra closed. When I finished her big teats just fell down on her chest.

“Alright Agnes. We’re going to shower together and I want to wash your hairy pussy. If you spread your legs apart I may even eat your pussy for awhile. Then I’m going to wash your teats and nipples and then if you have to pee, I’ll lie on the shower floor and you can pee all over me. Now put your shower cap on so you don’t get your hair all wet.” I told her.

We got in the shower and I turned the water on so it was nice and warm. I took the soap and told her to spread her legs so I could wash her cunt. Her inner lips protruded out of her slit by about an inch. Always made for interesting looking. I rinsed her cunt, then soaped it again, getting a full lather. I washed her nipples and teats the same way. Finished soaping her all over, then asked her if she needed to piss.

“Oh darling, I need to piss so badly. If you lie down on the shower floor, I’ll piss all over you, then suck your cock.” she said.

I put the soap in the soap dish and dropped to the floor and laid down. Agnes straddled my torso, spread her legs even further apart, pulled her cunt lips open, and began pissing. It began as a small trickle then quickly became a torrent with her squirting it all over my peter, belly, nipples, and face.

I opened my mouth and grabbed a small drink of it and swallowed it. It was salty tasting, but not unpleasant. It was as warm as our body temperature, but quickly cooled off. She finished and asked “How did you like that?”

“You may do that to me in the future.” I said. “It was pretty exciting. Exciting enough that it caused my cock to get hard and want to slip inside your now wet cunt.” I told her.

“Now soap me some more then rinse me and we will get out and dry each other off.” I said. “Then I will give you a little V. O. for being such a good little whore. You would like a couple of shots of V. O. wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yes Master John. That would taste so good. I might even dip your cock in my glass then suck it off your prick.” she replied.

“What I really want you to do is lie back in your bed with your hairy legs spread open and pull my fucking cock inside your wet cunt. Then I’ll unload a big load of warm pollen and you’ll feel my cock swell up as I do. Then when I withdraw my cock, you may suck our juices off of it.” I told her. With that I reached out and took both nipples, one in each hand, and began pulling them tightly toward me.

“Ow ow ow.” she cried. “That fucking hurts. You may have to suck them gently to make them feel better. They are quite large nipples, you know.” Agnes said.

“You know I like to do that because your nipples are so fucking long and easy to nurse on. I’ll bet my mother sucked them quite well when you fed her didn’t she?” I asked.

“Well, she did like to suck on them. I fed her for about two years then weaned her. When she started fucking Frank, she learned how to nurse again, sucking his cock a lot.” Agnes replied.

“I’m going to wash your cunt one more time, but this time with a bar of soap shaped like a cock. It’s about eight inches long and should fit inside your cunt very nicely.” I told her. “Now lie back down, spread your cunt lips open and I’ll soap fuck you, then douche your cunt and you’ll be all nice and clean, ready for me to eat you.” I said.

Agnes laid down, spread her cunt lips wide apart and I slipped the soap inside her cunt and began fucking her with it. She told me it tickled and felt good. Presently the suds began coming out her cunt lips and I pulled the soap out. Then I filled her douche bulb full of clear warm water, inserted it in her cunt and squeezed the bulb.

“Oh that feels good darling. The water is so nice and warm and you’re about to make me have an orgasm. Keep it up as I’d like to climax about three times.” she said.

I decided to just fuck her with the nozzle so I pulled it in and out of her cunt till she told me she was having a huge climax. I left the nozzle in her cunt till she quieted down, then took it out.

“Oh darling, that canlı bahis siteleri was magnificent. Only you or daddy’s cock could have been better. Now dry my pussy for me, then I’ll suck your cock some more.” she said.

She got out of the shower and I took a large fluffy towel and began drying her off. I paid particular attention to her hanging teats carefully drying her long nipples. Then I told her to spread her legs and I dried her gray haired cunt, making sure I got the lips nice and dry.

“Now I’m going to get some lingerie on you then I’ll eat your hairy pussy.” I told her.

We went into her bedroom and I went to her dresser. I found the lingerie drawer and took out a black eight strap garter girdle, dark brown full fashioned nylons, and a black bra with the nipple area cut out. I took them over to her and told her to put them on, with the bra going on last.

She stood up and began pulling the garter girdle on then sat down and folded first one stocking down and putting it on followed by the other one.

“Now lie down on the bed you old cunt so I can suck you teats. Then if I get you all excited, I’ll give you some of my cock.” I said.

Agnes laid down on her left side and I climbed in a laid down on my right side. She immediately grabbed my face and pulled me toward her where she gave me a huge kiss shoving her tongue into my mouth. When she let go she told me to nurse her right teat and she reached down and grabbed my now erect prick.

“Nurse me gently darling. I want you to think you’re getting milk from my teat. I’m going to masturbate myself with your fat prick and when I’m ready, I’m going to have you mount me and breed me with that prick.” she said

I gently nursed on her nipple and she rubbed my cock on her clit. In about two minutes she pushed my mouth away and said. “OK you grandmother fucker. Mount me and slide that big prick of your right inside my wet cunt.”

I got between her legs and she spread her hairy cunt lips open and grabbed my ass cheeks. She pulled my prick into her and wrapped her nylon clad legs around me ass.

“Now fuck me good and flood me with your warm sperm filled semen.” she said.

I fucked her for about three minutes and could feel my self getting ready to shoot my semen inside her.

“Give me all that fucking cock of yours. I want you to blast the head of it off inside me.” she screamed.

I gave one final thrust and it felt like the head of my dick blew off right inside her cunt. I felt like I had shot a pint of semen in her. She wanted me to leave my cock inside her until it started to shrink then she wanted to clean it off by sucking on it.

Agnes finally pushed me off her and told me to come up to her face so she could suck my cock clean of both our juices. She kept my foreskin peeled back until she was finished then pushed it down over the head of my cock. Meanwhile, she is beginning to leak semen from her cunt so she told me to get a pair of panties from her dresser and slip them on her legs.

I found a nice pair of black briefs and slipped them over her feet and she pulled them up to her cunt. The crotch immediately began to get wet from my semen.

“Now we’re going to go find your daddy and see what he’s doing.” Agnes said. So we headed off toward daddy’s bedroom. Agnes in her garter girdle, stockings, and black briefs and me in the nude.

“You must have flooded my cunt.” she said. “I’m leaking pollen all over the place. My crotch is soaking wet already.”

Suddenly we heard a woman’s voice saying. “You fucking motherfucker. You’re killing me with that prick of your.”

“Oh bullshit. You’re a lying fucking whore. You know you love my fucking peter and can’t get enough of it and me.” he replied. “You come over here and can’t wait to get into bed with me so you can play with and fuck my cock. Now I’m going to spew my seed in your wet fucking cunt and hopefully, breed you.”

“Oh Jesus Christ.” we heard her say. “That motherfucker is clear up in my cervix. It feels so good. Don’t stop fucking me with that prick of your. Oh God. It’s so good.”

We peeked in the bedroom and there was Barbara, his red haired whore and babysitter for my brother and sister, with her legs over daddy’s shoulders and him with his cock so far up her cunt it looked like he was part of her, fucking her good.

“Jesus Christ Mac. I didn’t realize when you wanted Donna and me to take care of the kids we were also going to take care of you too. I thought it would just be baby sitting, not fucking their daddy.” Barbara said.

“Well. You do have to admit I pay both of you pretty well besides giving you a good fucking every now and then, don’t you?” he replied.

“Yes. The money is good and your cock is good too. I love playing with your foreskin and then watching you get an erection. It is neat to watch the red head emerge from the foreskin.” she said.

“Well Donna thinks my cock is pretty good too. She likes to take me in her mouth and suck me till I get good and hard.” daddy told her. “Then she tells me I need to shove it hard all the way up her cunt and make her climax a few times. I can feel her get wet when she climaxes and after about three times she is ready for me to erupt inside her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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