Edge of Dawn – Sleep Sex

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Edge of Dawn – Sleep Sex
Sleepy Sex

I love being stimulated while I’m on the edge of sleep. I am in that in-between world where I’m nearly asleep yet just minimally aware of my surroundings.

Feeling my lover’s touch caressing my body, feeling my holes. But then again, it could be ANYONE… My eyes still closed, still in my veiled dream world. Wanting to get sexed up, but not really wanting to fully awaken either.

My dreams continue… Lazy and hazy while I feel the slight teasing of my pussy and ass from behind. His body spooning mine. His thumb tracing the ring of my anus.

He reaches his arm over the top of me and finds my growing moistness. Spreading my lips apart to gain access to my clit and into my pussy. In my slumber I shift my hips slightly (automatically…) and he gains more direct contact. I am barely aware he is real, but I am awash in sensations… his finger tip dipping into my building wetness and then its stimulation against my clitoris.

Gliding his now wet fingers around the edges of my clit and delving kaçak bahis back into my pussy – spreading my slickness on and around my swelling clit. Using his forefinger and middle finger to trap my clit in between them and running his fingers spreading my lips down there.

Suddenly the feeling of his cock’s tip pressing against my very relaxed anus. My sweet little murmurs from the pleasure of it.

He plunges his fingers into me and my pussy clenches around the probing. My juices flowing from my pussy to my asshole. He flexes his hips and the tip of his cock presses past the ring of my anus. My asshole clenches him there as well.

His fingers hooked inside of me and rubbing forcefully against the top of my love canal taking care to hit my g-spot with each glide in deeper.

He buries his face into the side of my neck and starts to kiss and bite gently. I gasp into wakedness as he sucks my earlobe into his eager mouth.

I turn slightly my face looking backward over my shoulder to meet his kiss. His tongue gliding past güvenilir bahis mine as he also takes control of my mouth… Fucking my mouth and tongue with his sweet tongue. I try to suck on it as it takes little stabs at my mouth.

My pussy spasms again with my ass clenching his cock, he starts a rhythmic drive deeper into my ass. The pace quickens and my heart beats faster. I reach behind and take his balls in my hand as he starts to really pump my ass full of his manhood.

He draws it all the way out to torment me and then slams it back in nearly taking my breath away.

He pulls it out again and KNOWS he has me right where he wants me… BEGGING for him to put it back in.

My body arches backward to try to get to his cock. Grinding against him. Trying to wriggle my ass back onto that delicious dick. He teases me farther by grabbing my pussy and yanking my pelvis forward.

His fingers really sinking into the roof of my pussy and totally in control of my g-spot. OMG, I’m about to pass out with desire, my tits get hard, türkçe bahis not just the nipples, but the entire breast tissue.

In my desperate attempt to have him back in my empty ass, I reach back some more, grasping the head of his dick and lining it back up to my asshole. I’m such a fucking slut, wanting him that much.

I nearly throw myself backward into his cock, impaling myself on it. Oooooo…it finally pops in! He grunts a little grunt and I know he wants me like this too. But he makes me say it… ” Tell me how you want it babygirl…”

I want it in the Ass – P-L-E-A-S-E… (I hissed) My body out of control and his to take, he starts fucking my asshole with an almost ferocious assault. His male instincts kick in… to penetrate me to my very being… Extreme and aggressive he takes me places my body has craved. (no time for the demure little housewife behavior) I want it as badly as he. I know I was meant for him. To serve as his vessel for pleasure. To give myself the permission to behave like the slut playtoy that I was born to be.

So what is YOUR take on edge of sleep sex? Have you tried it, do you wish to? Have you secretly desired to take your wife / lover from behind while she is curled up in a little ball and impale her onto your cock?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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