Exploited, Danny

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Exploited, Danny
I’ve been thinking about a new series for a while. This new series will be a series of one offs focused on teens being exploited by adults whom they should have been able to trust. This will be the first installment, so let me know if I should continue with this project.

Jenny O’Brian watched as her teenage son Danny scrambled to recheck his backpack for the third time, and for the third time he found that everything that he needed for the week ahead was packed inside. It made her smile to see him so excited, it had been a long while since she’d seen him like this. Her musing was interrupted by a car horn out front, Mr. Palmer, the Boy Scout troop leader was finally here.
Danny ran to the window and seeing Mr. Palmer’s white van out front he grabbed his bag and hurriedly kissed his mother on the cheek. He tried to contain his excitement as he headed out the door, not wanting to look like a little k** in front of the troop leader who would be his tent-mate for the next week since Danny didn’t have a tent of his own yet. Inside however he was bouncing up and down with excitement. “Hey Mr. Palmer”, he called out as he approached the van.
“Good morning Dan”, the balding troop leader answered as the skinny blond teen climbed into the passenger seat. “Go ahead and throw your bag in the back with the gear.” Once he did and saw that Danny was belted in Lee Palmer put the van in gear and they were off for a week of camping out in the Ocala State Forest with the rest of Troop 6969.
They spent the rest of the two hour drive chatting about scouting and what some of the activities that they had planned for the week. They would be canoeing, swimming, learning to build fires and much more so there were several opportunities to earn Merit Badges and Danny was eager to get them. Lee was also eager to teach the young boy, those things and more.
They reached the campsite about an hour before the bus carrying the rest of the troop got there. They got their tent set up and most of the gear unloaded before Mr. Johnson, the Assistant Troop Leader pulled in with the old school bus. The other twenty scouts quickly got to work setting up their tents and getting the rest of the gear unpacked while Danny helped to get the fire pit set up. He felt some pride for the first time in a while looking down at his work. Much of the rest of that first day was spent getting the site ready and gathering firewood. When the work was done they cooked hot dogs and beans over the fire and spent the evening singing and telling jokes.
As the flames died down everyone headed to their tents for the night, they had a busy day planned for the morning. Danny followed Mr. Palmer to their tent, making sure to leave their shoes outside so as not to drag in any more dirt than necessary. Once inside and the tent was zipped up he was a little surprised to see the troop leader nonchalantly strip down to his underwear before laying back on his sleeping bag. Figuring that this was normal for two guys sharing a tent Danny followed suit and took off his clothes as well and settled in.
The two talked for a bit in the soft moonlight that filtered into the tent. As they talked Danny noticed that Mr. Palmer was slowly stroking his cock, which was now pulled out of his underwear. He’d recently discovered the joy of jacking off so he instantly knew what the scout leader was doing but wasn’t sure how to react to him doing it so openly. Danny only ever masturbated when he was sure not to be caught but the sight of Mr. Palmer doing so right beside him was actually making his own dick hard.
Lee knew that the boy was watching him stroke his meat, just as he had planned so after a few minutes he asked the unsure teen, “Do you ever masturbate Danny?”
“Yes sir”, the boy answered hesitantly.
“You can do it in here”, he assured the k**, “it’s a natural thing for guys to do. Besides, what happens in the tent stays between us.” As he said it he pushed his underwear down until he could kick them off.
If Mr. Palmer says it’s alright it must be so, Danny thought to himself. Timidly at first he rolled onto his back and pulled down his own briefs and laid back naked on his sleeping bag. It was kind of exciting and maybe a little weird to lay there naked rubbing his cock in the dimly lit tent. It seemed like it was even harder than ever before as he rapidly fisted his shaft.
Watching this the older scoutmaster saw his opening, “Whoa, slow down, you don’t need to pull it off.” He scooted over to Danny’s sleeping bag and pulled the boys hand away from his small prick. “Let me show you.” He wrapped his experienced fingers around the boys throbbing dick and slowly stroked it. “See, doesn’t that feel better?”
The young boy gasped at the sensation of having a hand other than his own on his dick. As good as it felt it was unsettling to have another man touching him there and he wasn’t sure what to do but he trusted Mr. Palmer. Surely he wasn’t gay, he was a scout leader and he was only trying to help him. “Yes sir, it feels real good.”
“Why don’t you try it”, Lee güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri suggested but stopped the boy when he reached for his own cock. “Try it on mine”, he suggested, “So that I can tell if you’re doing it right.”
That made sense, Danny thought to himself and hesitantly he reached across his troop leaders body and took the older man’s cock into his hand. It was weird to feel another guy’s dick throbbing in his hand, it was bigger than his own, maybe six inches long and much thicker. He tried to emulate what Mr. Palmer was doing to him, “Is this okay?”
“Oh yeah”, the older guy hissed, “You’re a quick learner.” The boy’s soft hand felt amazing sliding up and down his shaft. He could hear the boy’s breathing becoming more erratic and his stroking was becoming jerky and he knew the boy was close so he picked up the pace of his stroking. Suddenly Danny tightened up beside him then his boyish cock twitched and began to spew rope after rope of thick boy cum into the air.
When the boy calmed down Lee encouraged him to keep jerking his cock, after all he had made Danny cum and fair was fair. He had a point and young Danny began to jack him off again. While Danny was focused on finishing him off the old scout leader discretely brought his cum covered hand up to his mouth and sucked off the delicious boy cream. “That’s it boy, stroke my cock”, he gasped as he felt his own orgasm approaching, “yeah, just a little faster.” Danny’s soft hand sped up and within a minute or so Lee could feel his balls tighten and then explode his spunk out onto his belly.
It took a couple of minutes to catch his breath but when he did he praised Danny for doing such a good job which made Danny proud even if he was confused about what had happened. Lee grabbed a small towel from his bag and cleaned them both up. “Remember, what happens in here is just between us”, he told Danny as he slipped his underwear back on and lay down to get some sleep. Danny lay there for a while mulling over what had just happened before drifting off to sleep as well.
The next morning they got up as if nothing had happened and started their day with a cup of coffee and some eggs and bacon cooked over the rebuilt fire. The scouts spent the day canoeing and fishing in the lake. For Danny it was one of the best days of his young life and with some personal coaching from Mr. Palmer he had earned a few merit badges.
That night after the fire began to die out and all of the young boys retreated to their tents Danny followed his scout master into their shared tent. This time however the much older guy stripped down completely and seemed to urge Danny to do the same. As they lay there in the semi darkness stroking each other’s cocks Lee asked his young tentmate, “Do you trust me?”
Well, that’s an odd question, Danny thought but assured him that he did.
“Good”, Lee continued, “does it feel good when I’m jacking you off?’
“It sure does”, Danny agreed, “it’s even better than when I do it to myself.”
“Thank you. What if I show you something that feels even better?”
“I don’t know”, Danny said unsure, “this feels pretty damn good.” He wasn’t lying either, the older man knew just how to stroke his young cock.
Lee took that as permissions and gently pushed the skinny boy flat onto his back. He repositioned himself so that the faced opposite directions in the tent with his face only inches from the youngsters four and a half inch prick. Eagerly he took the whole thing into his mouth and suckled on it gently. He slid his lips up and down the small shaft a few times before letting it slip from his mouth long enough to ask, “Well, what do you think? Doesn’t it feel amazing?”
Danny was speechless for a moment. He knew what a blowjob was but thought that only faggots sucked other men’s dicks, but Mr. Palmer wasn’t one of those. The Boy Scouts would never let a queer be a troop leader, besides, Mr. Palmer was married and he couldn’t be gay! Despite his inner turmoil he did have to admit that he’d never felt anything like when his dick was in that warm wet mouth, it did feel amazing, maybe better than that. “Yes sir, that feels incredible.” He groaned when Lee went back to work bobbing his mouth on his boyish dick while fondling his balls. The only problem was he didn’t know what to do about Mr. Palmers hard cock only a foot or so from his face. Should he jack him off or did Mr. Palmer expect him to put it into his mouth. Figuring it to be the later the boy wrapped his slender fingers around the pulsing shaft of the older guys prick and leaning over he brought it to his lips. Not sure what to expect he figured it best just to get it over with, just like when his mother wanted him to try some weird vegetable. Surprisingly it didn’t taste bad like he thought that it would, really it didn’t have much taste at all except for the salty pre-cum that oozed from the tip. He tried to emulate the movements of his mentor and managed to make himself gag a couple of times when he took too much into his mouth but he soon seemed to get makrobet güvenilir mi the hang of it.
Lee couldn’t believe it when he felt the boy’s hot mouth on his prick, usually it took some persuading to get the boys to suck him off for the first time. Relishing in the feel of the small mouth on his prick he sucked on the boy’s cock with gusto even taking one finger and toying with his young undoubtedly virgin asshole. It didn’t take long before he had the boy pumping his slender body against him as he neared orgasm. He felt the thin prick swell and suddenly shoot a large load of his boy-cream into his mouth. He savored the taste on his tongue for a moment before swallowing it down.
He lay onto his back and urged Danny into a more comfortable position kneeling between his legs to finish him off. What the boy lacked in skill he seemed to make up for in willingness to learn. “Look up at me”, he instructed. Looking down into the boy’s hazel eyes he could feel the familiar boiling in his sack so he reached down and with one hand in Danny’s short blond hair he guided the boys head up and down on his shaft. “That’s it Danny”, he gasped, “You’re sucking my cock so good you’re going to make me cum.” As he reached the point of no return he grabbed the boys head to keep him still while he rolled his hips face fucking the k** as he erupted into the boy’s warm mouth. “Ahhh, fuck yeah!”
Danny felt his scout leader grab his head and knew what was about to happen, not the knowledge really prepared him for the mouth full of salty slime that spewed across his tongue and into his throat making him gag. He instinctively tried to pull his head away but Mr. Palmer held him firmly in place until the he was done shooting his load. Not sure what else to do with the mouthful of cum he swallowed hard and could feel the warm goo make its way down to his stomach. He thought that he might get sick at first but it passed. He was disgusted at what he’d done but when Mr. Palmer started to praise him for doing such a great job he felt better about it, it wasn’t often that anyone praised him for anything.
After that Danny noticed that Mr. Palmer paid even more attention to him and gave him more one on one instruction. Danny soaked up the attention like a sponge. For the rest of the week it was much the same, they would spend the day pretty much inseparable and at night they would give each other blowjobs before going to sleep. He accepted it as just the way things were and even enjoyed the older man’s praise after swallowing his load each night.
When Saturday came and the rest of the troop were packing their gear Lee pulled Danny aside and asked surprised him by saying that he’d checked with his mother and she said that it was okay for them to spend another night at the campground, just the two of them. Danny was surprised and elated to get another day in the woods. With a big grin on his face he helped the other scouts get their gear stowed on the bus and saw them off.
About an hour after the bus had left, when he was sure that they were alone Lee led his young charge down to the lake to swim. Assuring Danny that they wouldn’t be seen he stripped off his uniform and waded out into the cool water. Danny was a little perplexed at first, but it wasn’t like they hadn’t seen each other naked and if Mr. palmer said that they wouldn’t get caught he was sure that they wouldn’t. He stripped off his shorts and underwear and joined the older man in the water. They played around like a couple of k**s splashing each other and enjoying the warm Florida sun. After a while they got out and without bothering to dress went back to the picnic table by their tent for some lunch. It was kind of neat for Danny just sitting there naked eating his bologna sandwich. As they ate he noticed Mr. Palmer’s dick was getting hard which got his own to begin filling with blood.
Lee looked down at the boy and saw his growing erection and smiled. “Come up here and sit on the table”, he instructed. Once the boy was in position he knelt on the bench and lowered his face into the boy’s lap. He licked and sucked on Danny’s small cock until the boy started to squirm with impending orgasm and quickly pulled away. He waited a minute to let Danny’s climax subside and then dribbled some spit onto his finger before taking his young cock back into his mouth. This time as he sucked on it he wiggled his spit slicked finger around the boys virgin asshole. He teased the tight puckered opening a little before gently pushing his finger inside.
Danny jumped a little at the intrusion of Mr. Palmers finger in his asshole but after a second it did start to feel good so he accepted it. It felt so naughty to be doing this out in the open like this but kind of exciting too. Again the old guy brought him to the edge of cumming and took his mouth away but left the finger in his butthole. After he settled down Mr. Palmer pulled his finger out and spit on it again before sliding it back inside of him. This time as when he took his cock back into his warm tipobet tender mouth he felt a second finger sliding into his butt. It hurt a little at first but soon he stretched enough that it again began to feel good, if not a little strange. The feeling of the older man’s fingers sliding in and out of his butt along with his wet mouth on his prick had Danny ready to shoot his load very quickly. This time as he was going crazy with the need to cum he grabbed the balding head in his lap and held on tight as his cum exploded from his cock. His mind swam as he came harder than he’d ever remembered cumming before. As always, Mr. Palmer swallowed every drop of his cum seemingly trying to suck every drop from his young balls while sawing his fingers in and out of his butthole. As he caught his breath he prepared himself to return the favor.
Lee had other plans though. “Kneel on the bench and lay forward on the table”, he instructed. With greedy eyes he watched as the boy complied. He guided his young lover into the right position with his pale white ass sticking out over the bench. His hands were actually trembling with anticipation as he spread the boys cheeks apart. His little asshole winked up at him glistening from the spit that he’d been applying as lube. He licked the boy’s asshole causing him to flinch before dribbling another glob of spit onto his rosebud. He pulled up another glob of spit and let it drop onto his hand. “You’re going to love this”, he cooed to Danny as he rubbed the spit onto his cock head. He licked the boy’s asshole again and reached between his smooth thighs to stroke his still hard cock.
Danny was in heaven as the old man stroked his cock and licked his butthole, this was a whole new sensation. When Mr. Palmer asked him to hold his cheeks apart he did so without second thought. In the back of his mind he believed that he was probably going to have to lick the old guy’s butthole in return, which he found gross, but at the moment he was lost in the lust of the moment. He didn’t even really register when Mr. Palmer stopped licking his butt and pressed his fingers against his hole. It wasn’t until something far too large to be a finger pushed into his asshole that he realized what was happening. Mr. Palmer’s dick was in his butt! “Oh shit”, he swore out loud as the old guy pushed his throbbing prick deeper into his stretched out hole. “Wha, wha, what are you doing Mr. Palmer?”
“I’m fucking you, what do you think I’m doing”, the old p*******e hissed as he pushed his dick deeper into the boy’s incredibly tight asshole.
“Take it out”, Danny cried, “It’s too big take it out.” He tried to pull away from the old cock in his butthole but pressed up against the top of the table there was nowhere to go.
“Give it a minute”, Lee assured him, “You’ll stretch and it will start to feel good.” He pushed again and felt the boy’s silky smooth ass against his belly. He paused to let the boy stretch around his shaft. After a moment he pulled back and pumped his cock back in. Slowly he began to fuck the crying boy’s tight asshole. God damned if it didn’t feel amazing sawing his prick slowly in and out of the boy’s fantastic little ass.
For Danny it felt like a baseball bat was being pumped in and out of his poor little butthole. Slowly his tortured ass did seem to stretch and the pain eased but it was a long way from feeling good. Eventually he was able to relax and the pain receded further. He couldn’t believe that he was being fucked like he was a girl or something. After what seemed like hours, but in reality was probably only a few minutes Mr. Palmer’s breathing began to change and Danny knew that the old guy was about to cum. He was getting fucked pretty hard now and when he felt his scout leader push in hard on final time and his dick began to twitch deep in his colon, Danny knew that he was cumming.
Lee grabbed the boy by the hips and gave one last push as deep as he could go and emptied his nuts into the boy’s shitter. “Ugh, fuck”, he swore as he pumped stream after stream of his seed into the young boy’s gut. This had to be the best piece of ass that he’s had in a long fucking time. When there was no more cum to feed into Danny’s tender asshole Lee pulled out his deflating prick, it was followed by an oozing trail of his cum.
Danny leapt up from the bench and ran into the woods. He could feel the gross slime leaking from his gaping hole. He knelt down behind a tree and strained to fart out the offensive goo. When he was sure that he’d cleared the last of the old man’s sperm from his ass he wiped his sore hole with a leaf and made his way back to the camp.
The rest of the day was a little tense between the boy and his scout leader but by the time it was time to go to bed Lee had managed to console him and convince him that things were alright. They slept that night with Danny wrapped in the old man’s arms and even gave each other a blow job before packing their gear the next morning.
Over the next few months Lee fucked Danny many times and the boy learned to even kind of enjoy it, but then a new boy joined the troop, Joey. Mr. Palmer bought Danny his own tent and Joey became the scout leaders tent mate. Danny was confused at first but soon learned from some of the older boys that they too had been Mr. Palmer’s pets until some new k** came and took their places.

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