Fertility Down: Chapter 1. The Test

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Fertility Down: Chapter 1. The Test
Champter 1: The Test

“How long do you think the assembly is going to be?” Dan asked
“I’m not sure, they are probably going to go every little thing in the most clinical way possible. So i’d guess we’re going to miss about half our classes today.” I said.
“Damn it. Im crawling out of my skin man.” Dan was complaining about the fact that we weren’t aloud to ejaculate for a whole week. Because after the assembly our “swimmers” were being tested.
“Yeah. I yelled at my parents all week.” It was true. At 18 i’m used to getting off atleast once a day. I didn’t have a girlfriend to worry about atleast. Then again I’ve only had 1 girlfriend. Jen was my girlfriend last year and we didn’t have sex. We got along great but after a while we drifted apart cause I cared more about keeping my grades up along with my extra curriculars.

I knew the chances off being in the 5% were slim. Most of the dumb jocks and almost drop outs where banking on being fertile. It was almost their last shot. I wasn’t going to make that mistake. I’m an A student. Aside from my foreign language requirement which I got a B in. My goal is to get into a great college, and then get my masters and doctorate fertility. That was where the real money and grants are going. If someone can figure out how to boost the male fertility rates they’d be set.

We got into the auditorium and took a seat. The popular k**s were in the front for a change. I guess they thought the closer to the speaker was the higher the chance they could populate. As I said, they weren’t bright.

The speakers started with the history lesson and the milestone. We were the last year when the fertility rate was over 50%. The very next year, fertility dropped to 10%. The largest drop in history. And slowly over the years it finally flattened out to 5%. 10 years ago the government started the mandatory fertility check for all men. School districts became in charge of the education, and the testing. Halfway through the senior year when practically all seniors should be 18 they perform the check.

Then the next speaker comes up. She’s in a lab coat and you can hear the horny auditorium shuffle in their seat.

“This year there is a change to the … sample taking,” she says. “ Instead of a manual self extraction into a sample container. We are using more advanced technology.” She nodds off stage and a man brings a machine forward. “ This device will be extracting the sample for you. All you need to do is become arouse and place your penis into this hole here. And the machine will do the rest. It will simulate oral or vaginal intercourse. You can choose between the two or switch between the two if you want. The machine will then take ur sample and test it automatically. Everyone will have their results by the end of the day.”

The room got louder. If they are like me they were nervous. We all expected to wait a week before the results came back. We all thought we had a week before we got the devastating news of being infertile. It’s one thing to hope for the best, it’s another to be faced with the possibility of the worst by 3pm this afternoon.

“you want me to put my dick in a machine that everyone else has?” someone yells out. It’s a good question honestly.

“Good question. Each machine will have a type of protective sheath. This sheath will be changed with each usage. As well as the extractor.”
“The extractor?” I whispered to my friend dan.

Dan raised his hand and blurted out. “What’s the extractor?”

“The extractor mechanism is the part that will actually collect the sample as you ejaculate. It will adjust it’s depth as you enter the device. You’ll notice it after about 10 seconds or so after entering the machine. It will rest softly at the tip of the penis. Now here is the important part. When you are seconds away from ejaculating, you must press the button here.” She points to a comical large red button on the device. It is also the only button on the device. “It will then enclose around the head of ur penis and help extract as much …. of your sample as possible.”

A couple more speakers come up and all I can keep my mind on was the fact that I’m supposed to trust a machine with my penis. At the assembly the called out each of our names and we went up and grabbed 2 papers. On the papers there was an ID number for us. A room number, and a time. One was supposed to be given at the time of appointment and the other was for us to keep to know our ID number.

We had to sit back down and wait until everyone had gotten their papers. When there was nobody left they let us out.

Outside the auditorium there is a group of people outside the door. One of them is Jane. She runs up to us, “ they just brought in a bunch of weird machines. They were tarped up and being put into the empty classrooms.” About half of the classrooms were empy now. Less students meant these large buildings meant to hold over 1000 were overkill for the 300 k**s going to school.

“What classroom did you get Logan?” Jane asked me in a k**ding tone knowing I’d be slightly embarrassed by the question.

I ignored it the question. “ The things they brought in are sex machines basically.”

Her face canlı bahis siteleri went to a shocked smile. “OH MY GOD. NO FUCKING WAY.”

“Yeah it’s suppoed to do the job and collect the sample” Dan jumped in

“Holy shit. They literally brought in sex machines to get the entire 11th grade male gender off. Why cant the do that for us girls. All the girls and guys could have a break in the day to get off. We’d probably be able to concentrate better after.”

“That or sleep through entire class afterwards.” I joked, but they knew it was true.

I finally looked at the card, then my watch. “shit I have to go.”

“really right now?” Dan asked, “ I have to wait another hour. Bullshit. What classroom?”


“Oh nice I can walk you up to your room,” Jane said a little more excited that I thought would be appropriate. “I’m right by there”

Me and Jane start walking torward 225. I’m visably nervous about the whole thing. Jane and Dan know i’m not an outgoing guy. I don’t like talking about sex or masturbation. I keep to myself that way. And it’s not like I’m a horrible looking guy. I’m 6 foot tall, 200 pounds. I used to play basketball and football in middle school and freshman year. But eventually I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to get any kind of scholarships in them and needed to focus on my grades. Sports didn’t respect the time needed for homework, projects, and studying for students like my taking advanced courses. I was taking 5 AP classes. I’ve applied to some great schools that have masters and doctor programs in the fertility field. My councilor told me I was a shoe in for those schools as long as I got alteast a B in my AP classes this year, but I wont allow myself to get below an A-.

“ Are you nervous?” Jane asked

“Yeah this whole things is weird. They kept trying to make it sound normal. I was fine before they brought in the machines, but now i’m definitely nervous.”

“You hate when things don’t go to plan, but it’s going to be ok. Look at the bright side. You’ll probably be the first to use it. No sloppy seconds.”

“Ha ha, Thanks. There is like a type of condom thing they put on the machine to keep it… sterile.”

“This just get better and better.”

She walks up to the room with me, there is a man outside the room. I’m not sure if he’s supposed to be security, a nurse, or a technician. Maybe a little of each.

“Ticket, and identification.” He says in a direct yet weird compassionate way. His name tag said Steve.

I hand him the ticket, while I get my ID out. He checks them both carefully and looks at me. I hadn’t realized how some k**s my try to teach the system. Maybe pay for someone who had already passed the test to pretend to be them. After what felt way too long to be real, he handed it back to me.

“I’ll be right back” He walks into the room and closes the door. After about a minute he comes back out.

“You can go in now. The machine is set. There is material on the tablet provided. The screen protector has been freshly changed. And don’t worry after you’re done, the screen protector will be replaced as well as the sheaths on the machine.”

I glanced at Jane and I could tell how amused she was by all this. “Ok i’ll talk to you later Jane.”

“Yeah… oh hey, I know you don’t have to go to any classes later, but it would be great if you made it to band last period. I think Dan is going too.”

“Yeah, i’ll try to make it.” I meant it but it came off more like a brush off and she seemed to take it that way too.

I couldn’t bring myself to care enough to try to fix that. I basically walked into the room on autopilot. Steve closed the door behind me. I realized then that the windows on the side and above the door had been blacked out. It was just me, the machine, and the tablet on an old teacher’s desk. I didn’t know if I could do this.

I removed my pants and underwear. Not surprised to find that I wasn’t hard yet. I picked up the tablet and it has been modified to be just for porn. It had categories for anyone, things I didn’t even realize would be main stream enough to on the tablet for this. I settled on schoolgirls. I didn’t really care about the fact it was 18yo girls pretending to be my age. After a few minutes I was fully hard. I was pretty surprised by this until I realized that I hadn’t gotten off in a week.

I adjusted the height of the… hole by simply moving it up a bit like they showed us. The machine came up to about the height of my chest. I placed the tablet on the top of the machine so I can watch it, and i slowly put my penis in the machine.

That’s when I felt the machine slowly close in and adjust to my girth measurements, and then I felt the second part adjust to my length. I saw numbers pop up on the machine’s screen. 7” 9-16ths X 6” 2-16ths. It had measured me. It then started taking my heart rate. I knew it would need to adjust to my personal size, But I have no idea why it needed to measure and put it on the screen. And I couldn’t figure out why it had my heart rate.

Then it start to go to work. The touch screen just said two word under my measurements. “oral” was highlighted, and “vaginal” was not. It was the best feeling I had ever had. If this was oral sex, I tipobet giriş definitely needed to have more of it. After what felt like 10 minutes but was probably just 1. I decided to try the vaginal setting. I didn’t feel that much of a difference except for more of a back and forth motion. I didn’t know how to last much longer. I wanted to keep experiencing this, but at the same time, I hadn’t cum in a week.

I glanced at the screen again and the numbers had gone up a slightly. And it was speeding up. The damn thing knew I was close. Then I felt it. The secondary device pushed down further and engulfed the head of my penis. That alone almose made me cum so I hit the button, and then the secondary device started to apply suction. My guess to help retrieve “the sample”. But that’s when I lost control. I came harder than I have my entire life. I don’t know how much I came, but it felt like it was a gallon.

I could barely keep myself standing. It was still sucking on my cock head and I couldn’t stand it. Finally I felt the secondary device let go. I almost fell to the ground. I stumbled backwards until found my balance. I was in a daze for what felt like forever. I finally realized the machine was making a lot of noise. I started to put my underwear and pants back on. I went to the machine. “Please stand by”. I kind of just stare at it for a minute. And then the screen changes. “Viable Sample”

I didn’t realize that it would tell me right away. A part of me things that it wasn’t supposed to display all the information that it had displayed. Am I sure viable sample means what it means? Maybe it just means that I came and it has the “sample”.

There was wipes placed off to the side near the door. I use them, but I know i’m going to need to go to the bathroom and really wash my hands. I open the door, and Steve turns around, there is 2 other guys waiting.

“Did everything go well sir?” Steve asks.

“uh yeah, i’m not sure if all that information is supposed to be on the screen during and after.”

His eyes when big and he quickly went inside behind me. I look into the room and I see him wipe down the screen and start going through the settings. I can tell he made a mistake. He comes back out toward the door.

“thanks for bringing that to my attention sir. I’ve fixed the problem…. Um… congratulations.” He points his arm out away from the room. I start to head toward the bathroom. “Just give me a second gentlemen I need to wipe things down, change covers and sheaths. And put in the next person’s information”

I head into the bathroom and wash my hands. Then I wash my face. A part of me can’t get the amazing feeling of the machine out of my head the other doesn’t know what to do with the information that i’m part of the 5%

I go down to the library and I try to study. I can’t focus. Eventually Dan comes in. He keeps going on and on about the machine. He’s going on and on about how great it felt. How he wants one in his room and so on. I can barely pay attention to him too.

“Dude, HEY!” Dan snaps his fingers. “are you alright man?”

“yeah… um. My machine was giving information when it wasn’t supposed to.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well at first it measured my size. So thats somewhere in the reports probably, and then it measured my heart rate. Then finally at the end if gave me my results.”

“No fucking way… well.. what did it say? “ He asked and he seemed nervous about it.

“ it said “viable sample”

His eyes went big. “HOLY” He paused and realized he was yelling and changed to a whisper. “ holy shit. Do you know what this means?”


“once word gets out, every girl is going to want to sleep with you. You can have anyone you want. I heard last year the day after Bill found out he had…. ‘Viable samples’ a teacher slept with him. You remember Ms Patterson right? She got suspended but came back pregnant. She’s on maternity leave now.”

I’m running through the job and money opportunities. Last I checked each donation averages about $5,000. With the suggested abstinence of 1 week. So about 3-4 times a month I can make 15-20 thousand a month. I’d be making atleast $180,000 a year… for samples.

“What are you doing man? You don’t need to study anymore. You’re set for life.”

“Until I get the news officially at the end of the day, I’m going to assume I misinterpreted the machine.”

“Oh I get it. You don’t want to get your hopes up. That would be huge let down to think you had it made for life and then it was ripped away from you like that.” He paused realizing he wasn’t helping. “ OK well I’m going to run out come back for band at the end of the day. I’m in the mood for some Taco Bell. Want to come?”

“No thanks, I have a test tomorrow I need to study for.”

“OK. Catch You later.”

Dan had a car. So he was always driving me around, but this time I couldn’t handle him talking about this today. I needed a break. I need to study. Or atleast try to.

The clock in the study hall ticked along at what felt like a snail pace. Every 10 minutes felt like an hour. Until finally it was the last period. I knew I was going to go crazy if I sat in study hall waiting for the after school assembly. So I got gathered my stuff tipobet güvenilir mi together and headed toward the band room.

I noticed on the way there were people still lined up outside classrooms for their appointment time. I hadn’t realized how long it would take. I walked into the band room with eyes staring at me. Jane ran up excited.

“How was it. Did the machine rock your world.” I cringed at her really bad joke. I could tell she thought about that dumb line for a while and couldn’t wait to deliver it. So I felt the need to respond to it.

“ha ha. Yeah the best I ever had. We’re getting married next spring.”

“I better be invited” she retorted back quickly. She was witty that way. I wasn’t

“We’ll see.” My attempt at a witty response was lame. But I was too distracted to care too much.

I went over to the instrument storage area. My family didn’t have enough money to buy me my own instrument so I borrowed from the school. Baritone Saxophones aren’t cheap. But I guess in a few weeks I could afford one …. a really good one if I wanted.

I put together my instrument and sat with my music. We played the usual pieces we were working on for the upcoming concert. I did notice a few people still glancing over at me. There Dan was playing his trumpet. And Jane playing the clarinet.

Time went a little faster, but the closer it got to the end of the day the more anxious I was. Finally it was 5 minutes till the period was over. We put away our instruments and the bell rang. Dan came to my side. He didn’t say anything at first… which was a big sign he was very nervous.

“Here we go. Time to get our official results.” Dan said with a very obvious nervous tone.


“Mind if I walk with you gentlemen?” Jane smirked.

“Why so you can find out who has the goods and who doesn’t?” Dan questioned in a weird joke, but also sounded annoyed.

“no I figured i’d give moral support.” Jane said this in a pretty compassionate way. “No matter what, I’ll be here for you guys. No matter what.”

“Thanks Jane.” I said quickly before letting Dan say anything else that could be taken the wrong way.

Dan seamed to get the hint. We walked in silence. And when we got to the filling auditorium, Jane just said, “OK guy. I’ll be outside in the parking lot near your car Dan. See you soon.”

We said thanks and headed in. We took the same exact seats as last time. As did most of the other people. One of the speakers from before. Had a paper print out.

“OK. In my hand are the students who have viable samples. I will only be reading out the ID numbers of the ones who passed. If your ID number is not called out, please do not come up asking to re-verify. Don’t come up and say a mistake has been made. If you truly think a mistake has been made you are now eligible to have urself tested at a clinic. We just need to be the first to check and mostly likely know since we are affiliated with the government.” He paused. It seemed like he went off track. I guess he’s had problems in other schools recently. “So after today everyone will have their government records updated to show your status. Those who I DO call. You will be given further information. You are under no obligation to tell your status. This is private. If you are fertile or not is up to you to tell someone. “

He starts to read out all the numbers. The first one is not mine. The second one is. And he stops reading from the sheet.

“THAT’S IT? There has to be more.” someone from the front yells out. People start talking and they aren’t happy.

“Look around!” He yelled out. “There is about 50 of you here. Trust me, that’s about right. You are free to now get yourself tested if you want.”

People start looking around to see who just ‘won the lottery’. Nobody is saying anything. I’m sure as heck not. Dan is just staring at me. I can’t tell if he’s excited for me, annoyed at me, upset about himself, or just numb.

“Come on Dan, lets go.”

Dan get’s up slowly. We start walking to the parking lot. Jane is there. She can tell something is wrong. She must think the worst. I don’t know what to do. A part of me is excited at the possibilities, another part if upset that I studied so hard for seemingly nothing, another part is upset for Dan. I don’t know what he’s going through. I went into today expecting to be negative, but then again that was in theory. How would I feel with it being fully confirmed.

Jane waits for us to say something. We don’t. She hugs us both at the same time. “It’s ok guys. We’re still the three amigos.”
“Logan’s set for life.” Dan says.

Jane’s eyes go to me. “No fucking way.”

I don’t say anything. I glance at Dan. Jane realizes the situation quick. “Well shit. Let’s get Alex to get us some beers. We can drink our sorrows away and celebrate Logan here.” Alex was Jane’s older sister.

We got in the car in silence. She sat in front. I sat in the back behind the driver’s seat. Jane looked back at me. But not in the usual way. I wasn’t sure what it was. I have a feeling, things are going to start being weird for me the rest of my senior year. Dan started the car and we drove off.

End of Chapter 1

Sorry for the lack of sexual content in this chapter. The next chapters will have more of that. (if there is want for it) This was about world building and set up for things to come (pun intended).

So if you guys want me to write more feel free to let me know. Otherwise I may just write it for myself or post it on a different site.

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