Fertility Down: Chapter 3. Half of a Day

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Fertility Down: Chapter 3. Half of a Day
Chapter 3: Half of a Day

We made into the school without anything too crazy from happening. People would just stare at us, and then whisper. By the time we made it up the steps people kind of just openly look at us and talk to themselves, either about us or other things. I couldn’t tell. I might ask Jane later though since she has an incredible knack of hearing quiet whispers and reading lips. But she didn’t seem to fazed by the whole thing.

I looked at Dan and he had a grin on. We hadn’t had this kind of attention … ever really. He seemed to love it. I can’t stand it. Too many people looking at me and caring about what I’m doing. Then I realized we got to me locker as a group. Usually we get inside the school and split up and go to our separate lockers and classes. But they followed me to my locker instead.

“Nice of you guys to escort me to my locker.” I said trying to sound like a joke, but mostly came out awkward.

“Yeah I forgot what I was doing. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other.” Dan said.

“I don’t know if you should be alone today. Maybe we should skip school. This is too crazy.” Jane said with almost a small nervous panic. She must be wearing the make up because she knew all eyes would be on us if she was next to me. This kind of attention is knew for all of us.

“It’s fine.” I said trying to sound confident. “I have back up.” I glanced at the end of each side of the hallway. My friends in suits were standing there. I kind of expected them to be wearing sunglasses for some reason. But I guess being able to see inside for my protection is more important than looking cool.

“Wait. Have they been following us this whole time?” Jane said a little confused.

“Yeah. They haven’t left my site since yesterday after I got home.”

“Holy fuck.” Dan whispered. “You’re like the president, or like the president’s son or something.”

“Or something” I kind of mumbled into my locker while finally getting all my books for my next 3 classes. First up is AP Lit. I was getting an A in the class without much effort. Just have to read and write and both those things came easy to me.

“Ok guys. Lets go to class.” I tried to sound authoritative. “Keep a look out. Don’t be surprised if weird things happen to you guys too. If people ask you questions about me, try not to give them anything too personal I guess.”

“You want us to talk to people about you?” Jane sounded confused.

“They are going to find out things about me no matter what. I’d rather it come from you guys instead of some random ass hat spreading rumors about me.” I paused for a second to take a breath. “I don’t care what people say about me as long as it’s true.”

“Nice. I hope some girls come up to me and talk.” Dan said
“You’re excited for girls to come up to you, and talk about your friend?”

“Yes Jane. Cause some of them are going to want to get close to Logan by getting close to me. Which is more attention I’ve ever gotten before.”

Jane rolled her eyes and just walked away. For the most part she was walking normal. I think. That’s when I noticed her ass from behind. I had to stop myself from looking. I dont’ know what was coming over me. I had never thought about checking Jane out. We had been friends since the 4th grade when we decided to partner up on an in school project because we knew we were both smart k**s.

Dan was just looking around at everyone still glancing at us and talking to each other. Then the first bell rang. Which told us we had 3 minutes to get to our first period class. We both just went our own way without saying bye. It was weird and distracting all this attention. Now I’m starting to second guess this shirt. I tried to dress casual like nothing has changed. Which it’s obvious now, things have changed.

I got to my AP Lit class. Ms. M and 4 other students where already sitting all girls, That’s when I realized that the majority of this class was female. They looked up at me when I walked in. One girl looked back down at her phone. Ms M and the rest didn’t. I slowly walked to find a seat in the back. Which was definitely weird since I was always a front of the class kind of guy.

The bell rang for first period and 2 more people came in quickly and sitting down. It fealt like everyone was looking at me from the corner of their eyes. That’s when I noticed that none of the other guys showed up. Of course their not here. I hadn’t thought about the senior class guys attendance today. A lot of them will probably not show up. They got dealt a huge blow and they need to deal with that news.

There was 10 students in this class. Right now it was just 6 girls and me. Which meant 1 girl and 2 guys were missing.

Then Rachel came in with 2 coffee cups. Rachel isn’t what you would call cool. I mean we are in AP Lit. None of us can really be that cool, but she was definitely pretty. She usually acted fun and quirky and purposely aloof even though she was an A student. I have done in school projects with her. She isn’t canlı bahis şirketleri scared to ask questions when she doesn’t know the answer. But after you help her out she absorbs and keeps the information.

Rachel walked straight to me and sat down next to me.

“Triple espresso with cream an sugar?” She said while holding out the coffee cup. That’s when I noticed one of my security from the window next to the door shaking his head at me no. I understood their caution but this was Rachel.

“Thanks.” I said taking the cup from her. She must have remembered my order from the time we both went to a coffee shop last year to do our history project. I honestly don’t remember her order from that day. Could she have always liked me? I didn’t see any signs. Then again I don’t notice things like that at all.

A few of the girls were staring at us. I sipped the coffee, it was hot but drinkable. I glanced at Miss M and she seemed a little annoyed. The class started like nothing was different. I glanced over at Rachel and she was staring me down. It felt weird, but I liked it. That’s when she pointed at her cup and then mine. She moved the sleeve down on her cup. I took the hint and moved the protective heat sleeve down too. There was writing.

‘my house after school parents wont be home’ She had a winky face drawn under the writing too.

1st period wasn’t done and I think I’ve already been propositioned. I mean if I was going to propositioned by someone Rachel would be somewhere near the top. At this point I was thinking with the wrong head. I looked over at her and shook my head yes. Her eyes went big and she had a huge smile now.

The rest of the class went very slowly. I just kept thinking about Rachel. Then when the bell rang she took my now empty coffee cup. Looked me in the eye and licked the part where my mouth drank from. It was weird mostly, but I think she thought she was being sexy. Which made it even more endearing honestly.

Ms. M looked like she wanted to say something to me as I was walking out. She was in her early 30s and she was attractive. We’d talked a few times about class work and went on a few tangents about books we were personally reading on the side. I didn’t feel anything more than just a student teacher relationship then. But now I felt like the power was starting to go to my head. Was she checking me out? No probably not. I’m getting carried away.

Heading to my second period class. I noticed the stares still but I barely noticed thinking about Rachel later. AP History was more normal, and by normal I mean I wasn’t propositioned. But I still felt the side eyes from the girls in class. My History teacher didn’t seem to care. He was older and had grown up c***dren so I don’t think he cared too much.

3rd period I had Physics . Nothing too crazy. 4th period I had gym. Which oddly was mandatory and very strict. If you had more than 3 absences from school in one quarter you had to take make up classes. I never had a problem with that or with gym in general. It let me live out my desire for sports that I had to give up for the sake of my grades.

I walked into the locker room and it was more empty than usual. Some guys didn’t change into gyme clothes cause they wore clothes that was very similar to gym/ work out clothes already. I wasn’t a fan of that. I was a jeans a t-shirt guy. Not just for the style, but if I got an accidental errection in class I could hide it easier in a pair of jeans than a pair of flimsy gym shorts.

I went out to the gym and realized that there was only 3 other guys in the entire gym class. With a total of 25 girls. It might be my imagination but quite a few of them are wearing gym clothes a little more revealing than usual. I started to line up at my designated gym spot for role call and stretches. Ive had to try to hide quite a few awkward erections during stretches. I was in the back and plenty of hot girls in my class with short shorts and tight shirts.

Danielle was always the girl that I had to try to avoid looking at because of the amount of times I’ve gotten hard seeing her stretch. She had a ridiculous body that I thought was unreal. Very thin and fit with a large chest. Her legs went on for what seemed like days. All these thigns, and she knew how to show all her assets off. The best part was, she was nice to me. We always seemed to be in the same gym class over the years and if she was having trouble in a sport she wasn’t afraid to ask from my help.

I always assumed she was friendly to me because of the innocent way I talked to her and helped her without trying to hit on her, or expect anything in return. Danielle was way out of my league, and probably everyone else in school honestly. If she was a baseball team in the major leagues I’d be the gas station across the street. So I never bothered to even flirt with her. Then again I didn’t really flirt with anyone.

“Ok everyone. Today is kind of an off day since half the class is basically not here.” Mr F said. “ So basically casino siteleri do a few laps around the gym, and after that you can grab a basketball and shoot around if you want.”

This was not normal, but I didn’t mind. I started to run around the gym. Eventually Danielle started jogging next to me. I glanced over and noticed her sports bra was trying and failing to hold it all together. If I hadn’t been jogging I would have gotten instantly hard. Instead my cock got about 1/3 of the way there. This was the usual when I was talking to her in class.

“So. How does it feel?” Danielle asked.

“What do you mean?”

“All eyes are on you now.” She started. “Everyone looking at you out of the corner of their eye. It’s going to be hard to know if someone likes you, or is just after that ONE thing from you.”

“It’s weird. I never had this kind of attention on me before.”

“You’ll get used to it. I did after the 8th grade.” Danielle said. I had just realized the parallels she was making. “And if you’re like me. You’ll like the attention. But you’ll also need to find some people that aren’t giving you THAT kind of attention.”

“I have a couple of friends.”

“Hopefully they are better friends than the ones I had in 8th grade.” She started to sound a little angry. “A few of my friends started to get jealous and … well lets just say they aren’t friends anymore.”

“Oh… I think they’re good friends.”

After a few laps we stopped. She was getting sweaty and I don’t know if I could handle seeing her that way and she didn’t really like to get too sweaty either. We walked over to the bleachers to talk. I noticed everyone looking at us.

“You see that. Everyone is looking at us.” She sounded annoyed. “A few weeks ago, us talking in gym nobody would have noticed. But now? Well lets just say they are going to assume things. Half the school will think I’m hitting you up.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. I hadn’t even fully comprehended the rumors of the day being spread about me.

“I hadn’t even thought about rumors.” I kind of mumbled.

“That’s cause you never played into the High School drama. I never had a choice. Ane well.” She paused for a second. “You don’t have a choice either now. Everything you do or say in one period where it’s over heard, will probably be talked around school by the end of next period.”

“Oh” I was a loss of words.

“Like everyone knows about you and Rachel after school already.” I looked at her and she was looking at me straight in my eyes. I wasn’t that comfortable with that kind of eye contact. Especially with someone as pretty as she was.


“Yeah. If I was you. I’d call it off. And i’m not just saying that cause I’m a little jealous, but I’m saying that for your own good. Tomorrow every girl will think they can just ask for sex. You’ll probably never have a GF this year. “


“Huh? Oh” She paused. “Well you know what I mean. I wouldn’t always be talking to you if I didn’t like you. It especially helped that you always treated me like everyone else. You’re cute, smart, in good shape, and nice. Now add this whole thing on top of it, and that’s the cherry on top”

I had no idea what to say. One of the hottest girls in my grade just told me she likes me. I just kind of stared down at the floor.

“And it’s no secret that you like me. I have noticed the bulges during gym. We girls notice them you know.” Her tone was more playful now. “And I’ll just say it, it’s a pretty nice size.”

I had no idea how to react to a girl talking out in the open about my penis. All I could get out was.

“It’s about average probably.”

“I’ve seen plenty of average.” She said before realizing how that sounded. “But not that many I mean. But what i’m saying is, you are definitely bigger than average.”

My cock started to wake up some more after hearing Danielle talking about it. I didn’t know what to do without bringing more attention to it. But it was pointless I looked over and she was looking down at it.

“Yup. Definitely.” She paused. “We need to get you out of here without anyone else seeing that.” She sounded like she was having fun.

She grabbed my hand and walked in front of me. We walked out of the gym. Which is something i’ve never done during class without permission. There was a bathroom next to the gym for games since the people in the audience couldn’t use the ones in the locker rooms. She opened up the girls bathroom. I stopped as she walked in. Then after 5 seconds she popped her head out.

“Get in here.” She whispered.

I kind of awkwardly went inside. I had never been in the girls bathroom. It was basically the same except more stalls where the urinals were in the men’s room. I don’t know what I was expecting. At this point my cock was fully hard seeing her walk infront of me in her little shorts that whole time.

“Holy Shit” She said while looking down. “You are going to have to get that thing under control.”

“It’s not that easy”

“Ok fine if you’re going to twist my arm.” She said with a smile. That’s canlı casino when she went down to a squatting position in front of me. She put her hand on the outside of my shorts rubbing my cock through the shorts. My cock fealt like it would ever get soft again.

“Damn Logan. This might be the best kept secret in the school.” She pulled down my shorts. It hit her on the chin and even that fealt amazing. She didn’t waste any time and put in her mouth right away. I almost fell backwards when my legs almost gave out on me when I felt her tongue on my cock head. “It’s not just long it’s thick too. I don’t know how much I can get in.”

She began slowly working her way down my cock. Every so often taking her mouth off of it to lick down my shaft. She’d quickly put it back into her mouth working her tongue on the head and then trying to work my cock down her mouth. She almost got half way down, before I could tell she couldn’t take anymore. I didn’t care though. This was my first real blowjob and I couldn’t imagine anything better in the world.

Then I felt her hands on my balls and I never realized how amazing it fealt to have them rubbed and bulled on. I didn’t know I could last much longer. She was playing with her pussy with one hand under her shorts, another had was on my balls and her mouth was working my cock like she needed it bad.

“I’m getting close.” I warned her thinking she’d want to have sex. But she either didn’t hear me or didn’t care. That’s when I realized that she didn’t want to fuck me. Just suck me until I came. I wasn’t fully prepared for that. I could feel my cock get even harder and she must have fealt it too because she quicly moved her hand from her pussy to my shaft and started jerking my cock while sucking.

“I’m going to cum.” I tried to warn her. But all she got out was a muffle acknowledgment. Then I came so hard I thought I would pass out. I don’t know how I didn’t fall to the ground. Danielle kept going like I hadn’t even cum. I let her keep going until I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally pulled away from her. “God, no more.” I was shaking, I could barely function.

“Wow. That was a lot.” Was all she said when she stood up and adjusted her clothes. My cock was starting to soften finally. “I told you. You just needed a little help getting it down.”

“That was more than a little help” I sounded like I had just finished running a marathon.

“Trust me, it was my pleasure.” She said with a smile. “I mean it, any time. Your cock is huge.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t… you know.” Danielle looked confused for a second.

“Oh please. I came rubbing my clit.” She said matter of factly in a way I wasn’t too used to hearing. She paused to look at herself in the mirror. “ And besides. I don’t want to have k**s yet.” I must have had a confused look on my face. She turned around to look at me. “Logan I didn’t do that so I could get your magic baby potion. I did that cause I like you, and you don’t have to sleep with girls who only want to fuck you for it. You can trust me.”

“Oh. I just figured since… you know…. Does that mean like.. were dating or something?” I realized how stupid I sounded.

“Aw sweety. One blowjob and you’re in love with me already?” She joked, but I wasn’t sure if she was fully joking. “I have a boyfriend.” I must have given her a weird look. “Calm down me and Billy we have an open relationship. But we shouldn’t tell anyone about this. He might get jealous. He seemed fine after the assembly yesterday like he didn’t care, but I don’t want to rub it in.”

“I wont tell anyone.”

She looked back at the mirror and started adjusting her breasts in her bra. She looked at me in the mirror. “Don’t tell those friends either. You trust them, but I don’t.”

“Ok.” I must have sounded a little sad.

“Don’t worry though. I plan on having that cock again.” She quickly kissed me on the cheek . “Wait a minute before coming out.” She got to the door, turned around and said, “I hope I left enough of your little guys for Rachel later today.” She gave me a wink and walked out the door. I realized my shorts were still around my feet and my almost soft cock was still out. I quickly pulled them up and looked in the mirror. My phone said there was 10 minutes left in class.

I walked out of the bathroom. Nobody was around so I quickly moved into the gym and into the locker room before anyone could try to stop me. I felt like I was in a weird spy movie. I got dressed into my normal clothes. I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. I could feel my cock trying to get hard again.

Halfway through my first day back I got my first real blow job. And after school I might be loosing my virginity. This was starting to hit me. I didn’t know if this was going to be the new normal or just a fad. I started to walk out of the locker room.

“Please have Logan come down to the main office please.” I heard the intercom blast the message into the entire gym. The teacher acknowledged the current disembodied voice. He looked at me and just made a head movement toward the door. Was I in trouble already? Did they know? Was this something else I was in trouble for entirely? I had no idea. This day felt like it was 2 days long at this point, but it was only starting.

To be continued.

Happy perverts? 😉

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