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Tuesday afternoon, I went to Wal*mart.
As I parked, a brand spanking new F150 parked beside me.

I got out of my car and approached the F150’s driver as he was exiting.

“That looks like one dam nice truck!”

“Thanks. I just got it a week ago.”

“My son had one a few years ago. He was happy with it but when he got married, they switched to an SUV.”

“Would you like to get in?”

“You bet, thanks.”

He opened the driver’s door and I got behind the wheel.

He got in the passenger side.

I grasped the steering wheel and looked around. It was bloody nice. I liked the look of the dash, the padding on the console and the seat was very very comfortable.

I looked over at the owner and said, “Wow, this is an incredible truck, very nice indeed.”

He grinned, “Thanks, I like it too.”

I had glanced at his crotch and was pleased to bahis siteleri see a really nice bulge in his jeans.

“You know what else in this truck looks dam nice?”

“No, what?”

I reached over and placed my hand on his crotch, “This!”

I gently squeezed his package and rubbed back and forth a bit. He wasn’t objecting to what I was doing at all.

I continued to rub and squeeze and feel his cock and he was growing bigger.

I said, “That feels bloody nice to me!”

“Me too,” he grinned.

“How about unzipping and lowering your jeans so I can see it?”

“Somebody might see.”

“No they won’t. We’re sitting high up. It will just look like we’re two guys talking.”

He unzipped and raised up off the seat and lowered his jeans and underwear to his knees. He raised up his shirt so I had a clear view.

His uncut cock was semi hard and perabet güvenilir mi about 6 inches in length and pretty fat too. My hand wrapped around his cock and stroked it up and down. My fingers dropped to his buts and gave them a proper fondling. Grasping his cock again, I rolled his foreskin down over his glans. His knob was wet and glistening with his secretions. I jerked his now fully hard cock slowly, up and down, moving his hood with each stroke.

“Jeez, that feels so bloody good, mmmmm.”

“I like it too,” I chuckled.

I stopped stroking him for a moment but held onto his cock while I admired it. His cock had grown to 7 or 8 inches and it felt hard yet soft in my hand. It felt hot too and twitched as I held it.

I started stroking again. Slowly, I didn’t want to go too fast, prolonging it as long tipobet as possible.

“Hot dam, your cock is huge bud. And hard as a crowbar. I luv the way your foreskin moves over your knob like that. Mmmmm, very tasty looking too. I’d luv to bend over and take it in my mouth and suck you and lick you and make you cum in my mouth. Mmmmmm!”

He was moaning, gasping and his hips were squirming and raiding off the seat.

My words must have turned him on past the point of no return as his cock suddenly gushed forth with great spurts of cum. Thick, creamy cum. All over my hand and all over his belly.

I carried on stroking his cock, milking it dry. There was my hand, fingers wrapped around his cock head, covered with hot cum. Glorious creamy cum.

“That was awesome!”

“I thought so too,” I chuckled.

I let go of his now shrunken cock. My hand and fingers were full of jizz. He reached behind him to the back seat and grabbed a box of Kleenex. We used the tissues to clean my hand and his belly and groin.

“Phew, that was something, I never would have guessed I’d get jerked off today.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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