Grammy Was My First and Best! Part 3

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Grammy Was My First and Best! Part 3

Watching Grammy play with herself through the shop window had been a big enough shocker, but having her join me shortly thereafter in the shower and whack me off….let’s just say that for a young man of eIeven years of age, things were moving way too fast. But let me also say… I liked it!!!

That afternoon things were more how I expected them to go. We ate sandwiches and then went out to the garage and finished sorting through some of the stuff in Gramps office portion of his shop. (Grammy did not open the one drawer to sort through and I did not either). We then weeded a couple of her flower beds.

It was while we were working in the yard that I began looking at my Grammy. I decided that 50 was not that old and Grammy was not quite that old. (Her birthday was next month). She was still slim and as I may have already mentioned, she has nice pert handfuls of tits that still point out and not down. Her light brown hair matched that down between her legs and she either kept it trimmed or it was naturally well trimmed because I could see her pussy lips when she was playing with herself earlier. They turned dark thick and … Well, every time she bent over on all 4ours to pull weeds, I found myself staring at her and I swear I could make out the two fleshy mounds to either side of her pussy slit and I kept wondering what it would be like to slide my cock into her, with her bent over like that!

We were finishing up late in the afternoon and Grammy looked at me and said, “Do you know where I first saw Grampy? He was probably about 18, because I was still naïve but beginning to get curious about the differences between boys and girls. So I followed him and a couple of other boys down to the swimming hole and I watched them cool off in the water.”

“I never knew you had a swimming pool?”

Grammy laughed. “We didn’t have a swimming pool! We had a swimming hole! Come on, I will show you!” Since we had just put away all of her gardening tools I was glad to go off on an adventure! Besides, Grammy’s excitement over it all was contagious and usually that meant there was a lot of fun ahead for me!

We followed a fence line for a good distance as Grammy described how all of this land had once been woods and that over there had been where her father raised cows and there used to be an eagle that nested over in a large tree over on that end of the field…. Grammy was just full of stories and before I knew it kaçak iddaa we had come to a little creek and she started to follow it toward a large group of trees. These trees were a lot smaller back then, but I stood behind one of these trees over here and watched as Grampy and his friends peeled off their clothes and jumped into the water to cool off all of those years ago.”

“You saw Grampy naked?!?!?”

Grammy laughed, “Oh, yes! I saw him naked on that very first day I laid eyes on him and then I saw him naked many many many more times after that!”

“Why did they take off their clothes?”

“Because, they were going swimming and none of them had special trunks for swimming. So they went skinny dipping!” She turned and looked at me and added, “And I think you and I should do right now as well!” With that Grammy grabbed hold of the bottom of her shirt and she pulled it up and over her head. She shook her hair out and looked at me standing there with my jaw open staring at her dressed only in shorts and bra and looking better than any girl in a magazine ever did! She laughed. “It isn’t nice to stare, Bryan. Just pretend I am a girlfriend of yours and you want to impress her be acting like you know what you are doing!”

She then reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and watched my eyes as she shrugged the straps off of her shoulders and then pulled the deep cups away from her breasts. Now of course, this was not even the first time I had seen her tits that day, let alone, ever… but there was just something provocative about seeing them uncovered outside that made it nearly impossible to move my eyes from them!

Grammy smiled at me and said, “You like them?” I nodded mutely. “Good because they like you too! A lot! Did you see how almost flat with the front of my breast my nipples were, but as you stared at them they have grown haven’t they?” I nodded now. I’m not certain if I was salivating yet, but I was certainly growing harder by the second. “They want you to come touch them and suck on them. Would you like that, Honey?” My eyes flickered up to hers for just a moment to make certain that she was not mocking me or playing some kind of trick on me. I nodded and she curled her finger a couple of times indicating to me that she wanted me to come closer to her and I did. I was moving in a dream state fog that made everything just a little unreal.

Grammy led me over to a tree that sat at the edge of the pond she laid kaçak bahis her clothes out as a kind of blanket. I was standing behind her and stared at her asshole. I was entranced by the concentric lines all pointing toward the center, drawing me closer and closer. There were just a couple of hairs lower and then I saw the pillowy swells of her pussy to either side of the slit and those fleshy labia lips! My cock was hard a rock all over again and when Grammy looked back and saw me staring she shook her ass for me just a little then laughed. “Oh, you are such a good inquisitive young man, to want to know all about your Grammy! You make me feel … well almost as young as you!” she laughed again and then turned around and sat down, motioning me to lay down with my head in her lap, only facing toward her instead of the pond.

She reached her right hand under my head and raised it and her right knee to a point so that my mouth was right there at her nipple. It was tight and dark pink. it was much darker than I remember it being and the nipple, it stuck out, but it was not smooth like the pictures seemed to always show in magazines. Grammy’s was long and had all kinds of little ridges and valleys and …well I wanted to run my tongue over them and explore all of their wonders!

I was not denied my wish. She pulled me closer and I opened my lips and her nipple more or less fell into my mouth and I heard her moan and tell me I was such a good boy. She then told me how to suck, I had started with just pulling the nipple barely in, but she stuffed more of her breast into my mouth and told me to stroke the underside of her nipple with my tongue, kind of like press it to the roof of my mouth. She told me to suck then and I did and I could feel her nipple get even harder and longer and it seemed to change a little bit with each lapping suck I gave it.

Grammy’s hand released my head and I felt it slid between her legs. There was a squishing sound and moaned even louder and told me to not stop being such a good tittie sucker. She shifted herself a little and I could hear the wet squish and touches of her hand as i slurped sucked and tongued her breasts. I was getting this faint taste from her but thought it was something like a lotion. I moaned and looked up at her. Her eyes were heavy lidded as she looked down at me with an angelic smile. She was stroking her other breast and I noticed a tiny drop of almost clear liquid at its güvenilir bahis tip that she caught with a finger. She brought the drop to her lips and sucked it in between her own lips while staring at me sucking on her other tit. It was so damn erotic I nearly forgot to breathe!!! “Mmmm, I do taste so fucking good don’t I Bryan?” she said with a far off look in her eyes. I just nodded, stunned that Grammy had used the word fuck!

Then she looked down at the bulge in my shorts and pulled up my shirt and slid her hand inside the waistband of my shorts and wrapped her fingers around my cock. She really did not stroke it, just held me as I made small thrusting motions with my hips into her fist. At first it hurt a little, but after a couple of thrusts, her fingers and hands became slick with all of the stuff leaking out of my little pecker.

Grammy closed her eyes and I felt her hand starting to move faster beneath my head so I started thrusting harder and faster into her hand as I sucked longer and pressed my tongue onto her nipple harder and longer. Soon we were both moaning and then Grammy arched her back forward and I tasted a lot of that sweet flavor in my mouth! I started to pull back but she nearly screamed “don’t stop!” so I kept on sucking as her body shook and convulsed.

That was all it took for me as well and I felt my balls try to draw up into my body and then, just like sometimes happened when I was asleep and had one of those dreams, I just kept shooting and cumming and Grammy’s hand seemed to know just how to stroke and squeeze to make it feel so good and so right and keep it going forever!

I next remember lying there in Grammy’s lap, a wet mess in my pants, looking up as Grammy smiled down at me. Through my narrow field of vision I watched stunned as she smiled at me again and then began licking her hand. “You taste so good! I am going to have to have you do that later on in my mouth so that I don’t miss a single drop of your boy cum! I never realized just how fresh and clean it tasted!” She gave her hand a few more licks and sucked a couple of stray globs from the back of her wrist before helping me to sit upright. I then watched her walk quickly over to the pond, wade in a few feet and then dive in, only to emerge about 10 feet deeper into the water.

“Well, are you just going to lie there all day or are you going to come out here and swim with Grammy?” In a stunned daze I stripped off my clothes as I watched her body floating on its back in the water……

Yeah, that first day was incredible… but the weekend was not over. Hopefully I will get some time to write about what happened on Sunday!!

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