How It All Started With The MIL

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How It All Started With The MIL
Some might say it’s a bad or dirty habit. For me it is now a daily ritual. Whether I’m driving a vehicle or just sitting on the couch watching the television one or both my hands end up on my crotch and I play with myself. I’ve been doing it for so long I don’t even think about it. I can’t count the number of times my wife has commented to me about me playing with my cock. Many times it usually ends up with us fucking, a hand job or blow job. Most of the time I don’t do it for one of those reasons, it’s just has become a natural habit for me. That is until about six years ago.
It was December 19, 2013 and the wife and I were planning a trip south to visit the k**s and grandk**s. The wife informed me her parents wanted to tag along and with a bit of reluctance I agreed. I figured it would be a two day trip down and two days back. I had calculated we would make it to the Reno area by the end of the first day. What I didn’t calculate on was the fact my wife and her mother are very similar when it comes to timely departure and the stops were more frequent.
On the day we left we didn’t get on the road until 1pm. It seemed we had to stop in every town we passed through and by 7pm we had managed to make it to the Idaho and Nevada border. By then I was tired and frustrated as well as hungry and the bright lights of the casino Cactus Pete’s seemed the answer. For some strange reason it seemed everyone on the road had the same idea and when we went to get a rooms for the night we were informed the only room they had left was one with two queen beds. The four of us agreed it was better than driving through the night. Our room was across the street from the casino.
After a late dinner we all decided to try our luck before going to bed. The In-laws gambled maybe twenty dollars each. The wife was down almost fifty dollars and I had just put in another hundred dollar bill in a machine. The In-laws and my wife found me and told me they were headed over the room. I told them I would be over as soon as I made my money back. Luck was on my side that night and at about 1am I was up almost two hundred dollars. I took my winnings and made the cold trip across the highway that separated the casino and motel room. As soon as I opened the door I could hear my Father In-law sawing logs. There was not much light in the room so I turned on the bathroom light to assist me in finding which bed the wife and I had and to undress. The In-laws had the bed closest to the door. Facing the headboard, my Father In-law was sleeping on the left half and my Mother In-law was on the right side. It must be some kind of a man thing because that is how my wife and I sleep.
For a brief moment I thought about turning off the bathroom light. I sat down on the edge of the bed to remove my shoes and pants and noticed my Mother In-law was lying on her left side, facing me. As I removed my shoes I thought her eyes were open but a second glance into her face and they were closed. The thought of having my Mother In-law watch me as I undressed was enough to send additional blood down to my cock and I felt it begin to swell long before I took off my pants.
From our many conversations with the In-laws I knew Joy was a light sleeper and something told me she was watching me so I decided to give her a little show. I took my time removing my pants. This allowed me to have a raging boner as I dropped the pants on the floor. I was standing next to the edge of our bed and facing my Mother In-law and the light being given off from the bathroom left little doubt my dick was hard. I purposely avoided looking directly at my Mother In-law but by using my peripheral vison I was able to catch her staring at my groin area.
At first I was just going to climb into bed but decided I’d make one last trip to the bathroom to prolong the show. By now my wife was snoring in unison with her father. Upon entering the bathroom my first instinct was to jack off but I was feeling lucky. I got a drink of water and before heading back to the bed I pulled my cock out of my shorts and had come up with a new idea.
I left the bathroom light on in order to provide my Mother In-law a good view of my cock. Walking back to the edge of the bed I turned and faced her as I stretched my arms before getting into bed. I never looked directly at my Mother In-law but a couple of quick glances revealed she was not only looking at my hard cock, her eyes were as big as saucers.
As I said earlier, luck was on my side that night for my wife had moved and was now sleeping on her back. My first plan was to lay there and jack off for my Mother In-law but that changed when my wife changed her sleeping position. This would not be the first time my wife jacked me off while she slept next to me and after a minute or two I had her right hand stroking my cock under the thin sheet of the bed. I lay there, on my back and occasionally I had to assist her. All the while I would steal glances over to my Mother In-law who was no longer feigning she canlı bahis siteleri was sleeping. On several glances I caught her licking her lips as she watched her daughter stroke my cock. My Mother In-law’s hands were not visible to me and I could not tell if she was pleasuring herself as I felt the beginning of my orgasm.
By now I was not only brave but brazen and decided to up the ante. I slid the sheet down off my body to reveal my wife’s hand as she stroked my cock in her sleepy state. I turned my head toward my Mother In-law and stared right into her eyes and our eyes met briefly before she continued her watching her daughter jerk me off. I moaned softly but loud enough for my Mother In-law to hear as a signal I was about to come. Come rose out of the tip of my cock and landed on my stomach and chest area, all the while I was watching my Mother In-law watch me and her daughter’s hand. As my orgasm subsided my wife rolled over on her side and went back into a deep sleep. With my left hand I continued to play with my cock while I rubbed the come that covered my body into the skin. My Mother In-law never said a word and before she rolled over on her other side I saw a smile on her face. Several minutes later I was fast asleep and was awakened by my wife early in the morning. Before we left we ate breakfast. As we sat around the table my wife asked me what time it was when I made it back to the room.
I replied: “I think it was a little after 1am when I got back to the room. All of you were asleep and out for the count.”
While I glanced over at my Mother In-law I smiled and asked: “How did you guys sleep?”
Everyone mumbled an ok and my wife asked if I had made my money back. I told her I had and mentioned I managed to put on a “one man show” to which my Mother In-law commented: “You certainly did.” Before taking a drink of her coffee.
The rest of the trip down and back was uneventful but since then I had decided to see just how far I could go with my Mother In-law.

As I said at the beginning of this story, I have the habit of playing with myself. Any time we are at the In-laws or they are visiting us I try to position myself so my Mother In-law has the only view of my crotch and I play with my cock. Nothing as ever been mentioned about that night we shared in the motel room and up until December of last year it has been a game of cat and mouse. I know she’s watching me but I don’t let on I know. There have been a couple of times she has caught me catching her as she watches me play with myself. She has taken up the habit of softly running her hand over her upper thigh area and down into her crotch when we are playing our secret game. Only a couple of things have changed between my Mother In-law and me. Our hugs hello and goodbye are tighter. Before, our greeting and goodbye our kiss was a “peck” on the cheek. Now we kiss on the lips and each time they seem to last a “tad” longer.
Fast forward to December 2018;
My Mother In-law is now 78 years old and in the last four years she has fallen more than four times that I know of. She has managed to break her left arm and her left leg as well as dislocate her shoulder.
Two weeks before Christmas the wife informs me we are going to visit all three c***dren and their k**s during the Christmas weekend and the In-laws are going to tag along. Saturday the 22nd we start our trip and plan to be back home Christmas night because the wife has to work on the 26th. It a whirlwind trip to say the least and not much happens until the afternoon of Christmas day. We are at our oldest c***d’s home that is almost 3 hours from our home. At 3pm my wife and I as well as her Mom and Dad are walking out to the truck when my Mother In-law slips on the snow cover ground. 30 minutes later the ambulance takes her to the nearest hospital and the following day she gets screws and a pin in her broken right leg.
My Mother In-law spends four days in the hospital and is sent home. The problem is my Father In-law has a bad back and can’t take care of her on his own so the decision is made to put her in rehab for at least a week or two. The closest Rehab center is in our town and she ends up there. For two and a half weeks she struck there while she regains enough strength to function on her own. I visit every other day. My wife works at the hospital next to the Rehab center and visit her mother every day. Between physical therapy and pain meds she is able to get around with a wheelchair and a walker and on a Wednesday morning the wife calls to tell me they are releasing my Mother In-law a few days early due to a big storm that is expected. She has volunteered me to drive her home and I should be at the hospital by 11am.
During the summer the drive to the In-laws takes a little over two and a half hours. In the winter you should add at least an hour to that and at 11am I am at the hospital. It’s only a few minutes of waiting before we get my Mother In-law in our SUV but twice she has used my Father In-laws first name when talking to me. canlı casino Each time we were alone in the hospital room. After getting Joy, my Mother In-law seated in the front passenger seat I ask my wife if her Mother is ok because she thinks I am her husband. The wife smiles, reassures me she’s fine and sends me on my way.
Within the first five miles I am called Richard by her three or four times and finally decided it must be the pain medication she has taken. Of course also within the first five miles I now have one hand on the steering wheel while the other is in my crotch as a begin to play with my cock. I didn’t do it on purpose, it truly is a habit and something I enjoy doing while driving. My Mother In-law is talking up a storm. The problem is one minute she calls me by my name, the next she calls me Richard. Thirty or so minutes into our drive she falls silent and I quickly glance over to see if she has fallen asleep.
I catch her staring at my crotch as I play with my cock through my pants. A second glance over and our eyes meet and she smiles as she lowers them down to continue watching me play with myself and my cock begins to swell. I don’t know how long it was before she asked the question:
“Richard would you like me to help you with that?” My Mother In-law says as she places her left hand on my thigh.
I’ve lost count of how many times my wife has asked that when we have been traveling down the road and I gave the same answer:
“Sure, just don’t make us crash.”
My Mother In-law’s hand moved into my crotch and I place my now free hand back on the steering wheel. For several miles she played with my cock through my pants. My cock was so hard it was now uncomfortable and I somehow managed to unzip my pants and free it so she can stroke my cock with her soft, wrinkled hand. I remained silent as I drive along. I was thankful the roads were not as bad as they could have been for this time of year. To be safe I had been going about 55mph and now had slowed to 45mph.
My Mother In-law was talking more and more as she played with my cock.
“Oh Richard, your dick is so hard. Oh Richard, your dick looks so good. Oh Richard, the tip of your dick is getting wet. Oh Richard, do you want me to suck your dick?”
I let off the gas pedal and the SUV slowed even more as I answered:
“Oh Joy, I’d love to feel my dick in your mouth.”
“It’s not too far up the road Richard, you can pull over on that little side road we stop at once in a while and I’ll suck your dick.” My Mother In-law said with a giggle.
About three miles up the road my Mother In-law instructed me to turn right and about two hundred yards up the road it came to a dead end and I put the SUV into park.
My Mother In-law never stopped playing with my hard cock as she asked the million dollar question:
“Richard, how are we going to do this?”
“I got an idea Joy.” I replied as I open my door and ran around to her side of the SUV.
My hard cock ignored the low 40 degree temperature as I open the passenger door and stood on the running board. With my Mother In-law seated she was at the right height and all she had to do was swing her head to the right and I pushed my hard cock into her face.
Joy opened her mouth and moaned as my slippery tip slid over her lips. I didn’t stop pushing until my zipper was touching her nose and chin. I’d like to tell you I lasted for a long time before blowing my load but that is not the case. I was fucking my Mother In-law’s mouth for maybe five minutes and as soon as see started moaning and applied serious suction pressure I let loose with one hell of a load. Joy’s mouth could not contain it all and even though she tried to swallow all of it, it was just too much volume and come leaked out the corners of her mouth and slowly dripped down onto the red sweater she was wearing. For a minute or two Joy continued sucking my now softening cock and after cleaning it up she let it slide from her lips. I stepped down off the running board and stared into her face. Small spots of come were showing at the corners of her mouth as she smiled at me and said:
“Oh Richard, It has been a long time since your dick has given me that much love juice.”
“Well Joy, I’ve been saving that for you. I hope you liked it.” I replied as I zipped up my pants. I walked around to the driver’s door and paused before opening it. I was in heaven. I still could not believe my Mother In-law had just sucked my cock and swallowed my load. A few minutes later and we were back on the road. The two of us were silent for about ten minutes before Joy broke the silence with another shocking comment:
“Richard, sucking your dick has made me feel very horny. Do you think you can drive while helping me pleasure myself?”
I glanced over at my Mother In-law to see she had pulled her red sweater up. Joy was not wearing a bra and briefly my eyes locked onto her small breasts with very hard nipples. One hand was holding up her sweater while the other was busy playing with her left breast. Once again I slowed the SUV down to less kaçak casino than 55mph. For the most part I kept my eyes on the road as I played with my Mother In-law’s breast and hard nipple. Joy kept her eyes closed as she moaned.
“Oh Richard, your hand feels so good. I bet you didn’t know I’m not wearing any panties under my sweat pants. If you can reach it would you please play with my pussy?”
Without replying I moved my right hand down over her belly and as it neared the waistband of Joy’s sweats she pulled the elastic band outward. My hand paused only briefly as I felt her hairy bush. Even though Joy could not move her right leg, she was able spread her left leg enough to give me ample room to play with her pussy. My finger moved over the outer lips of her pussy and I could feel the heat. Better yet, she was wet, very wet and without much hesitation I plunged two fingers into her pussy. My Mother In-law moaned loudly and she released the waistband of her sweats. Now both her hands were on her breasts and she pinched and pulled on her erect nipples.
As I finger fucked my Mother In-law I was amazed at how wet she was. I don’t think we made it three miles down the highway before she yelled out she was going to have an orgasm. My foot came off the gas pedal and I marveled at how much juice ran over my fingers and began soaking her sweats as well as the seat she was seating in. I never stopped plunging my fingers into her pussy and within less then thirty seconds her second orgasm racked over her body and once again she soaked my right hand. The second orgasm must have been too much for Joy to handle because within seconds she pulled my come covered hand from her sweats and announced:
“Oh Richard, that felt so good but I need to catch my breath and relax for a while.”
The smell of sex was over whelming and hung heavy in the SUV. I tried to focus on the driving but the urge to taste my Mother In-laws love nectar was too much for me to handle and I began licking my right hand much like a dog licking his paw or balls. Joy was staring at me as I cleaned my hand with my tongue.
“Oh Richard, do I taste good?” Joy giggled as I pulled two fingers from my mouth.
“Joy, you taste delicious and when you’re better I’d love to lick your pussy for hours.” I replied with a smile on my face.
“My word Richard, what has gotten over you? You used to tell me licking my pussy was nasty. I’m feeling a bit tired. I think I’m going to take a nap for a while.” Joy answered back.
Ten minutes later I glanced over at my Mother In-law. Her chin was on her chest and I could hear her breathing deeply as she slept. Five minutes after that and I placed a hand in my crotch and began playing with myself.
Joy slept for most of the rest of the trip and as we neared her home she woke up.
‘My right leg is throbbing a little. You and Richard are going to have to help me out of the car and into the house.” Joy said as she looked out the window.
A couple of minutes later I was parked in my In-law’s driveway and helping my Father In-law help get my Mother In-law into their home.
“How was the drive over? Were the roads snowy or slick?” Richard asked as he leaned down and kissed his wife on the lips. The same lips, that only hours before had sucked the come out of my cock.
“Oh Richard it was a wonderful drive. Mark kept me entertained the entire trip home.” Joy replied as she looked at me and smiled.
I stood there looking down at her, seated in her favorite recliner and a wave of panic came over me as my Father In-law asked:
“What’s that on your face and sweater?”
“Oh Richard, Mark and I stopped for snack. I must have gotten some on me.” Joy answered as she touched the corners of her mouth with one hand and used the other to pulled on her sweater to get a better look at the come stain that had dried on it.
I gave my Father In-law a hug as I mentioned I needed to get home before it got dark. The panic attack caused me to stutter my words.
“Richard, please go into the kitchen and get me a glass of water.” Joy said as she held her arms out to give me a hug goodbye.
Richard turned and left the room as I leaned down to hug my Mother In-law and our lips met for a goodbye kiss. I was expecting only a brief one but was shocked when Joy forced her tongue past my lips and into my mouth and as our kiss broke she said:
“I’m looking forward to you licking my pussy when I’m up and about Mark.”
I loudly said goodbye and headed out the door. I didn’t want my Father In-law to see my cock get hard. On my way home I had to stop at the same spot off the road Joy had directed me to. It only took 5 or 10 minutes and after cleaning up the mess I was back on the road toward home.
As I pulled into our driveway I was happy to see my wife had beaten me home from work. Later that night I gave her pussy a good licking and managed to come twice. I’m looking forward to my next visit to the In-laws. In two weeks my Father In-law has several doctors’ appointments in the city which is at least two hours away from their home. He going over the day before and spend the night and weather permitting will be home after seeing the doctors and running errands. I got volunteered to go over and spend the night with my Mother In-law.
Because of her duties at work the wife cannot go over.

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