In The Woods 12

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In The Woods 12
I met her online. Sharon was a self confessed dirty slut and a nympho. She said she’s turned on by scruffy hard men, and loves to be gangbanged. She said she’s a good looking girl of 18 with long blonde hair and a sexy face that seems to get men ogling her and their cocks straining to get out of their jeans. She said she fucks loads of men and women every day and sometimes she gets paid for it. She’s a dirty slut and doesn’t do it for the money but just for the hell of it cos she’s addicted to sex. The money is just a bonus.

We’d arranged to meet in the local woods last Saturday evening. She told me she wants a cowboy to fuck her and told me to dress in a dirty plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves and faded ripped jeans, and to wear work boots but no underpants under my jeans. She said she was going to dress as a cowgirl in a check shirt and a denim mini skirt and cowboy boots. She wasn’t going to wear any underwear either. She was going to leave her shirt unbuttoned but tied at the waist so it opened out to show off her lovely tits. My kind of girl.

I walked through the woods but couldn’t find her. I didn’t want to call out cos I knew there could be other people around. It was starting to get dark and I was just starting to think maybe she’d changed her mind when three guys came out from behind the bushes. All three had shaved heads and were dressed like me, cowboy style check shirts with their collars turned up, their sleeves rolled up to show off tattooed arms, ripped jeans, long chunky chains around their necks and work boots on their feet. I also noticed the nearest one canlı bahis şirketleri had a massive hard on showing through his jeans.

‘Have you seen a cowgirl?’ he asked me as he walked towards me. ‘We are looking for a slut called Sharon’. The others followed behind him as they looked around the area.

‘No I haven’t’ I said, ‘been looking for her myself’.

‘Well I’m horny as hell and I ain’t wasting this’ he moaned as he stopped to open his flies. Out jumped a huge cock of about ten inches which flew up onto his belly as he wore no pants. Then he stepped forward and grabbed my shirt collar and pulled my head down towards his enormous erection. The sudden movement caught me by surprise and I stumbled forwards onto my knees and found his bulging cock right in front of my face. He grabbed my ear as I’m also a skinhead and he couldn’t pull my hair, and he pulled my face to his monster cock. I couldn’t help but open my mouth and take it in, sucking on the hot hard flesh and loving the dirty salty taste.

‘Yeah, suck me off you fucking horny cowboy’ he grunted. By now the other two had joined in, getting their cocks out and thrusting them at me. I took one in each hand and squeezed them hard and stroked them as I sucked at the first and biggest one. The rough grabbing of my shirt to pull it open and the thrusting cock was starting to get me horny and they obviously could see the swelling in my crotch. My cock was struggling to get out and when one of the cowboys finally pushed me onto my back they unzipped my jeans and gasped at the sight of my own monster cock reaching for canlı kaçak iddaa the sky.

‘Fuck me’ said one ‘I’m having that. It’s huge!’

‘Me first’ said another ‘I saw it first ‘ and there was a scramble as they all tried to get their mouths around my cock which was growing bigger and stiffer by the minute.

Somebody’s fist was flying and caught the side of my head so I was momentarily dazed but as my head cleared we were all wrestling with each other, punching, elbowing and thrusting our cocks into any mouth nearby. Pushed from behind I fell forward and felt my jeans pulled down and a then a sudden shock as a finger or two went into my arse. I didn’t move at first then the fingers started thrusting inside me. Suddenly they were gone and I felt somebody’s body against my back and felt their cock going into my arse instead of their fingers. I tried elbowing him to get him off but he just grunted, held on tight and thrust deeper. I was really starting to enjoy the sensation when one of the other guys holding me by my popped up shirt collar grabbed one of my neck chains and started to strangle me with it. I punched him hard in the face so he grunted and fell back swearing at me, blood now running from his nose. He came back at me and held my shirt as he thrust his swollen cock into my face. I couldn’t shake either of them off so I now had one fucking my arse and one fucking my face and the third guy had now grabbed my cock and was bending over and trying to steer it into his arse.

I started to relax and enjoy the ride as it seemed I wasn’t going to be able to fight them all off, canlı kaçak bahis and I was soon fucking one in the arse as another fucked me in mine, and I had the third cock pumping away in my hungry gob. I’d been probing his arse with my fingers and I was now fisting him. The thrashing about and punching continued as we all fought for the best position and by now we were all battered, bruised and sweaty and all grunting like pigs. Somebody came in my mouth and I swallowed the salty cum, but some of it also splattered over my dirty ripped shirt which was now much more dirty from rolling on the ground and from being splashed with blood and my own cum as I shot my load into somebody’s arse and withdrew. We all changed positions and resumed the fighting, the strangling and the fucking as our cocks all stiffened again straight after we’d cum because of all the horny action. Soon we were all full of cum up inside our arses, down our throats and over our filthy plaid shirts. It was now getting really dark in the woods and hard to see each other so the punches and the thrusting anal hunting cocks were harder to avoid or foresee. We all got fisted, beaten up and well fucked.

Finally we’d all had enough. We were all fucked. As we staggered up to our feet in the dark we needed to find our own pairs of jeans to put back on and start walking back through the woods to find our way home.

Next day I was on the internet again and I asked Sharon why she hadn’t shown up.

‘Oh, I did go’ she said ‘Didn’t you fuck me? I met about twenty blokes in the woods all dressed like cowboys as I’d asked and they all spent hours giving me a fucking good gangbang and then squirted on me. They wore me out. I just presumed you were one of them’

We arranged to meet in the woods again next Saturday, but I don’t mind if I’m ambushed and gangbanged by some more tough guys on the way.

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