Jane Pt 2

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Jane Pt 2
Jane pt 2
Jane , Dan and I were together every weekend until the we headed to the swingers party . I took Friday and Monday off as vacation because if this party was as good as they told me it would be then I definitely would need to rest up before returning to work .
The drive took us nearly five hours to get there , Jane told me about some of the regulars that attended these parties , their are several ladies that will go crazy for your talented tongue . Of course your big fat cock won’t hurt chances of scoring with all of them too. I called Kelli last night and asked her just who was attending this months party . Kelli told me that her cousin was coming in from Denver today and from what what I hear she is hot to trot , and quite a looker too .
Dan said that Marcus will probably want to tap her first . Who is Marcus I asked ? Oh that would be Marcus and Holly Seamans . He always wants to fuck the new girls first it’s like taking her virginity all over again , their swingers virginity Jane added . Dan said to me who do you want to take your swinger virginity Michael? You mean other than Jane I said ? Aren’t you the charmer letting me take your cherry this weekend I think I’ll keep you around for awhile , Dan just laughed and said she knows when she has found a diamond in the rough that just needs a little polishing to make it shine.
Dan said this is our exit and the hotel is right here . We checked in with adjoining rooms as not to draw attention to our true purpose of fucking our brains out all weekend . I was checking the sweet young thing that checked us in Jane saw me and said as we got to our rooms I saw you checking out that little cutie behind the desk I don’t think she is even old enough to vote let alone banging her till she passes out from exhaustion . You are probably right I guess I’m kinda amped up thinking about what might happen tonight .
Well before we get the party started I have something I want to show you . I had a puzzled look on my face when Dan said you are going to love it I promise . OK I said I trust you show me what is it? Have a seat and I’ll be right back and with that being said she turned and marched right into the bathroom . I glanced at Dan he smiled and said we talked about this for awhile now many times after you left to go back to your apartment . At that moment the bathroom door opened up and Jane reentered the room , she looked at me and said are you ready ? Yeah but where is it there is nothing in your hand ! Come over here and I’ll show you so I went over to the chair she was pointing at sat down as Jane moved closer she raised her skirt and right before my eyes could see a piercing right on her clit . Dan said that my eyes got as big as saucers when I saw it . I looked up at Jane and said can I touch it, well if you mean can you lick it then hell yes dig in .
I hesitated just long enough to smile at her then dropped to my knees and buried my face into my favorite pussy , my tongue slashed all over her neither region , she grabbed my head for balance and rode my face like it was the last time anyone was going to eat her pussy . The sensation of the piercing on my tongue was driving me wild I gripped both her ass cheeks and drove my tongue as far as I could into her pussy in and out in and out as fast as I could straining to reach illegal bahis into her as far as possible . Jane shuttered and started to hump my face as she came . Dan told us later hat Jane’s eyes rolled so far back that he thought that they might never come back around ever again .
When Jane finally gained her senses she looked down at me and said I love you Michael and I quickly said that I love you too . Dan grined and said well it’s about time you said it cause I know that you guys love each other I could tell just by watching . Hey I’m not jealous at all in fact if you had not said it we were prepared to cut you loose as much as Jane would have been disappointed we were bracing ourselves for the worst , so now that it’s out in the open we can now trust you to the fact that you would never hurt Jane physically or mentally .
Jane listen to Dan and was nodding her head the entire time . I knew when I first have a sexual encounter with her that she is someone that I love very deeply I just didn’t want it to seem like it was just the fantastic sex as to why I said it . It was true feeling for her and I knew it right away but I kept to myself because she is married to someone else so I never made my feelings known .
Jane said that if I were allowed to have two husbands you would be one of them after Dan of course . Nice save babe Dan said , we all busted into laughter . Go back to your room we still have a few hours before the party starts . Good idea a short nap will be just the thing I need .
I called the front desk and talked to Carrie the cute girl that checked us in earlier to give me a wake up call in two hours . I must have fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow , then the phone wakes me up . I answered it and heard Carrie’s voice telling me my two hours are up I thanked her hung up and headed for the shower to clean up and get ready for the party .
I went back to Jane and Dan’s room after I had made myself presentable , A comfy shirt loose fitting pants and sandals and my best Cologne . I knocked and Jane answered the door smiled at me and said you look and smell good enough to eat , so do you I said . Always a charmer she said but keep that thought in mind for later , you might just get so much pussy tonight that it might awhile before your mouth and tongue recover . No worries babe you are the first on my list guaranteed , gotta show them what they are in for don’t we ? I like the way you think I can hear it now , Oh my god look at the size of his tongue I can’t wait until he is tongue fucking me with that thing my pussy is dripping already . Sara Parker loves to have her pussy eaten doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman just put a tongue in her box and she is a very happy girl .
Dan laughed and said that girl spends more time on her back with a face buried in her cunt than anyone we have ever known . Just considered yourself warned as soon as she sees that long tongue of yours Sara will either be sitting on your face or you will be stuck face first into her . Let’s go I can hardly wait to show you off all the girls are gonna be so jealous . Jane took Dan’s arm then mine and out the door we went towards the meeting room . Jane said that there were usually more men invited than women because men’s cocks need more time to recover and the fact that women illegal bahis siteleri can service more that one cock at a time . In the past I have seen all the men worn out and the women still had plenty in their tanks wanting more and at that point it becomes a pussy eating party which the guys just love some guys will get it up again for one more round .
The meeting room could handle about fifty people but I counted roughly only twenty four , sixteen guys and eight women . Jane said that a two to one ratio is about right . Jane went off to talk to the women huddled together and Dan took me over to meet the men . I shook hands with all the guys who’s names I will never remember . There was a Jack , Bill , Henry , Marcus and all the others whom Dan explained that if I became a regular that I would remember their names but don’t worry about it now . I got a beer and took a swig when I heard laughter coming from the women’s group I looked across the room and could see all the women looking at me Dan said Jane must have told them about your talented tongue because all of them love to have their pussies eaten , I know because I have eaten them all at one time or another but something tells me there will be a long line waiting for your services . Pace yourself and give the girls their money’s worth so to speak . I waved at the group they all returned smiles and waved back . Dan looked at me and said looks like you will have the pick of the litter enjoy yourself .
As I walked over to them Jane held out her hand and said girls this is Michael be gentle I have great plans for him later , but before I let you girls have him , I have to tell you that he will blow your minds so give the guy a break take turns when he gets tired let him rest , I promise you’ll be happy you did . Monica was the first to speak , Jane said that you have a big cock too is she right ? Well I said that it is big enough to feel good and give you pleasure without causing any undo pain , in other words it will give you that feeling of being full . Monica looked at me and said we all want to suck your cock so if you don’t mind she said as she went down to her knees and started to unzip my pants .
Now my cock when its soft is about half the size of my erect cock but the thickness is about the same . As Monica stroked my shaft and licking the head it sure didn’t take hardly any time to reach a complete erection . MMMMMMMMMMMM I like a big hard cock you are going to make a great addition to our get together , and give Marcus a little competition , don’t get me wrong Marcus is great but we are always fighting over him to fill our pussies with his big cock but sometimes he is just so smug . Like there can never be another big cock around and that he is king .
Monica took my now very hard cock right to the back of her throat and swirled her tongue all around my cock , I could tell that she has had many cocks in her mouth before she knew when I was getting close so she would let up look up at me with those big brown eyes . Monica pulled off me and said so Michael do you think you might want to join our little group when we get together next time ? I said to Monica if this is how you welcome new members then I except your invitation .
The guys started to walk over to us and said looks like someone is getting an canlı bahis siteleri early start ! The red head Lisa looked at him well if all you guys are just stand here and watch then it is going to be a very long slow night for you then . So I would suggest that either get on your knees and start eating our cunts or drop your pants so that we can suck your cocks . It sure didn’t take long before all the guys started to remove their cloths . Jane walked over to me and whispered in my ear and said have fun this weekend because when we get home I am going to abuse your cock and tongue they belong to me now . I nodded and whispered thank you . Soon guys and gals paired off and soft moans could be heard from every corner of the room . I looked at Monica and said to her as much as I love getting my cock sucked by a beautiful woman , I also enjoy eating a woman’s pussy so if you would do me the pleasure of licking yours . Monica looked up at me and said thought you would never ask ? I took her by the hand and walked her over to the last couch that was unoccupied .
I asked Monica to turn around as I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor she was completely naked , I was staring at a beautiful ass with no tan lines . I was only half out of my shirt when Monica tore at my belt and pulled down my zipper and had my pants around my ankles in no time . Now lets see what you can do with that tongue of yours . I dived straight into her cunt ans there was no area that I left untouched , my tongue explored it all from her asshole to her button I wanted it all . Monica moaned and said its time for you to tongue fuck me . Jane told us that your tongue is the best she has ever had so please don’t make a lair out of her . After hearing that I knew that I would not let Jane down so I doubled my efforts on Monica’s shaved cunt (which I prefer but the way) pushing my tongue as deep as I could get holding her gyrating hips humping my face racing for her orgasm .
It started as a slow build up then her body shook and her breathing increased to short rapid ones a low moan escaped from her lips as she held on riding my face until she could take no more , she went from holding my face into her cunt to pushing me away and saying that it was too intense and that it was just one continuous massive orgasm . I looked up at her and said it was OK then , Monica said that it felt like the top of her head might explode . But yeah it was more that OK . Over the next few hours I tongue fucked five more of the women until my jaw felt a little sore needless to say all of the women enjoyed my talented tongue . Someone asked Jane where can I get one like him does he have any brothers ? No sorry he is special guess you will have to find one of your own . If it makes you happy he is with us for the rest of the weekend and if he wants he can join our little group next time he is welcome too join us .

How about it Michael , do you want to join our little group ? I looked at Jane and Dan and even though they did not say a word I said yes if you will have me a huge smile crossed all of the women’s faces and a little hand clapping seeing their reaction only reinforced my decision that I wanted to be part of the group . I spent the rest of the weekend fucking and eating as much pussy as I wanted . When we checked out on Monday morning and got back into our vehicle , Jane said to me your are going to be a great addition to the club I know from what the other women have told me there will be more women asking to join our group soon and that is good for the group , thanks to you .

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