Kinda-Sorta-Maybe Nerd-Boy Ch. 03

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PART 3: The Right Girl


“Kendra, I’m tired,” I whined, but she didn’t seem to care.

She just curled around me, sliding her entire body atop me beneath the sheets. She gave me a brief peck on the lips, and then moved to settle her hips just right in my lap. “You don’t have to do anything but sit back and enjoy! Besides, we don’t have much time before classes start.”

It was Monday morning, and I had a class starting within the hour. Neither of us had even left the room for the past two days. It seemed that whenever I started up a new relationship, we always had a “first weekend” together instead of a “first night” together.

Kendra had proven quite the nympho once she’d discovered the pleasures of sex. Years of repressing her urges meant that this beautiful girl had a lot of sexual energy to let out. But after two nights (and the day in the middle) my body was about to give out. We had survived so far on orange juice and ramen, but my stomach was starting to demand real nutrients. And the last thing I wanted was for my stamina to start running out on me.

Not that Kendra was concerned with this in the slightest. Sex first. She elevated my morning wood into an upright and locked position, and then lowered her already damp pussy downwards until we were snugly connected together.

I groaned at the sensations already trickling into my body, but I was still going to have to get to class after this. “I don’t know how I’m going to explain why I didn’t finish my homework. ‘Sorry Mr. Richardson, I was fucking my best friend all weekend.'”



“Shut up.”

She began to ride me faster and harder as I complied with her orders. Whenever she was on top this way, Kendra had shown a tendency to display her athleticism and contort her body every which way in an effort to feel my penetration into her in some different fashion. Right now she had her back arched completely backwards, to where her head was resting on my shins, her tits pointing straight up into the air as her hips continued to pound against me.

The blanket was long gone, and now that I was fully awake, I decided to take a more active part in this. Grabbing her hips, I started to really drive her light body down onto my shaft with increasing power, lowering a thumb to tease her love button, causing Kendra to shoot upright, a wail of pleasure escaping her lips. I sat upright to let her wrap her arms around me, my face, lips, and tongue buried amongst her bountiful bosom.

With my teeth nipping at her breasts and my dick ramming up and into her lithe body, Kendra moaned out her climax and I slowed down to give my arms a break. I checked the clock on her nightstand, finding that we were rapidly running out of time. I decided to take matters into my own hands if I was to get my rocks off and still get to class.

I flipped Kendra off of me, letting her naked body flop onto her stomach on the bed. I slid off and stood next to the bed, then grabbed her legs and pulled them off as well. She unsteadily got to her feet and planted them wide for me, her body bent forwards facedown on the mattress. She looked so sexy in that moment, panting with her head rotated in anticipation of my entry. Holding her hips steady, I surged my hips forwards and sheathed my rod in her tight snatch once again.

We fucked roughly for a little more than five minutes; then I pulled out and slapped Kendra’s ass twice, the head of my purple monster twitching in the last tremors before eruption. Kendra spun around quickly and sank to her knees. We’d run out of condoms around two in the afternoon the day before, and so had to come up with more creative ways to let me explode.

I couldn’t quite hold out long enough and the first jet shot Kendra in the cheek before she got her mouth in line. There were only two shots of cum left in my balls and she took these down her throat, and then lingered with her lips tight around my shaft to give me a few playful licks.

We got cleaned up, both of us wandering around her room naked for as long as possible before getting dressed to start our day. I watched her perfect body meander around the room, wondering for the zillionth time how I ended up like this with a childhood friend.

Kendra hugged me tightly before I left. I started to pull away but she refused to let go, crying just a little. “I don’t want you to go. This is the first time I have to say goodbye since we fucked, and I’m afraid you’ll never come back.”

I laughed lightly. “I’ll come back. This isn’t just a booty call for me. I want to make US work.”

I promised her that I would call, and then left the room. I would have to hurry if I was to make it to class on time. I had just reached the front doors of the Sorority House when I turned a corner and literally bumped into someone, knocking a girl over. I automatically moved to catch her, and wound up with Amanda in my arms.

Startled, I let go as soon as she got her balance. I apologized, but she waved me off saying she was fine. Just surprised, that’s all.

“How çıtır escort have you been, Jason?”

“I’m good. Well, I’m great actually. How about you?”

“I’m fine.”

Despite her words, I could see wariness in the back of her head. What was I doing in this House, when I obviously didn’t go to see her? “Amanda, listen. I know we’ve had this great, uh, arrangement for a few months. But you told me you didn’t want a relationship and–“

Amanda’s eyes sparkled for a moment. She shushed me with a finger to my lips. She grinned, and then tapped the tip of her finger on my nose. “I already know. I mean, the whole House knows by now.”

But then she lost her smile a second later when she glanced over my shoulder. I craned my head to follow her gaze, and saw Kendra in the hallway, leaning against the wall, her eyes sizzling green fireballs in our general direction. Amanda returned her attention to me. “You should get going.”

“Yeah.” I turned and gave Kendra a winning smile, then headed out the doors.


Still Monday, I was finally done with boring lectures and lame excuses for missing homework. I had finally returned to my apartment for a fresh set of clothes, but since arriving I had done nothing but count down the minutes until I was allowed to go to Kendra’s room.

She had made me promise to stay away until dinnertime so she could finish her studies. Like it our not, we were still college students. Something in there implied education and not just partying and girls… I think.

Marcus had given me some half-hearted rant about how I had all the luck with the women and ended up getting both Amanda AND Kendra. But truthfully he was too wrapped up in his new girlfriend to properly tease and bash on me.

That was when the phone rang. I jumped to it, waiting to hear Kendra’s voice. Instead I was welcomed by the silky, seductive tones of Amanda.

She wanted me to come over. I figured that she wanted to continue our conversation from this morning. A lot of things had happened between us, and we really need to talk and air things out. We had spent far too much time together and been so intimately close to each other to not be honest and have a fair conversation. I had some time, and I would have to be seeing Kendra at the Sorority House anyways. Why not? Just because I was starting a relationship with Kendra did not mean that I couldn’t be friends with Amanda… Right?

I knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

“Hey, Jason! Come on in!”

I slipped in and closed the door behind me, then turned around to see Amanda’s smiling face. She was dressed in some sheer black silk robe that flowed over her body as if it were liquid. Her torso was half rotated to face me, and I could see that underneath the open robe she had a lacey black bra that showed off her feminine assets to full advantage. Kendra had great tits, but Amanda’s were simply goddess-like.

I had come to talk, but Amanda’s lovely form was still enough to induce a momentary surge of lust in me. It was in that moment when I realized that I’d only assumed she wanted to have a conversation. But her attire and the way she was crawling off the bed towards me led me to believe that she wanted a lengthy discussion with my other head.

Amanda actually purred as she leaned up against me, pressing my back against the door as her mouth came up to capture mine. I returned the kiss with a fervor I had forgotten, and then pushed her away as soon as my brain caught up a little late.

I couldn’t do this. I was with Kendra now, and I wanted to make Kendra happy. Kendra. Kendra. I focused on her name.

If Amanda sensed the turmoil in my mind she definitely didn’t stop to analyze it. She stared up into my eyes. “Oh, Jay-baby. I’ve missed you. I’ve been so lonely for a while and I really need some great no-strings attached screwing.”

She moved to kiss me again, her hand rubbing at the bulge in my jeans, but I dodged my head away, and then stalked off to the side of the room to put a little distance between us.

“I can’t anymore, Amanda. WE can’t do this anymore. I’m trying to build a REAL relationship now.”

“You have one. There’s nothing fake about the relationship between you and me.”

“You KNOW what I mean. I want romance. I want dates. I want LOVE!”

Amanda fixed me with a doubtful gaze. “Uh, huh. That line may help you get girls, but you’re a guy at heart. I know what you want: some hard, wild sex. To bang as many girls as you can. Now shut up and let’s fuck. I’m getting antsy.”

“No, Amanda. Kendra is my gir-, well, we’re together now. And I don’t think you and I should be seeing each other in that way anymore.”

“‘Seeing each other in that way?’ What the fuck is that?” She was getting angry now. This may have been the first time a guy had ever turned her down. “So you’re a player now, Jason? Screw ’em and leave them whenever you want? You’re just going to use me for sex and then throw ME away?!? God-dammit! I actually demetevler escort bayan feel used!”

“You feel used? I was your beck and fuck for months. And you even fucked other guys like that blonde surfer boy!”

Amanda turned from pissed off to petulant in a half second. “But you were my first. You were the only one that ever mattered to me. The others I was using for their dicks. You, I actually care about.”

“But you don’t want a real relationship.”

She sighed. “Isn’t that easier? No hurt feelings. No emotional attachments. I don’t understand. I thought you were happy with our arrangement. I thought you wanted me.” Amanda was really hurt. Her eyes were misty and her posture was slumped in near defeat.

“I do. I mean I did. I… that’s not the point. The point is that you don’t really want me. You just want me for sex. You just said a minute ago you needed some ‘no-strings attached sex.’ And I need more than that.”

“Why?” Two tears rolled down from Amanda’s eyes. I wanted so badly to hold her and tell her it would be alright. That would be the chivalrous thing to do. That’s exactly what I would have done every day of my life before Saturday. But today I was going to be a jerk.

“I gotta go. I’m meeting Kendra for dinner.”


I didn’t tell Kendra about my “conversation” with Amanda. I didn’t feel the need to make her worry. I had stuck to my guns and made my intentions clear. I was with Kendra now. And I needed to know that she was with me more than ever.

That night, after a quieter bout of lovemaking, I guess I started to get a little too needy with her. “Tell me that this is real. Tell me that this is serious. Tell me that you really care about me.”

“Honey, of course.”

“But tell me? Please?”

“I really care about you. Now what’s going on?”

“Nothing. I just needed to know that.”

Kendra rolled over, slipping back into her nightgown. I followed her lead, getting my boxer-shorts back on. I’d picked up a fresh box of condoms, and couldn’t wait to work our way through all of them. But that would have to wait. Kendra snuggled in against my body, and I spooned behind her. I slept fitfully all night.


“Forget the fucking condom, honey. Just stick it in me.”

“Oh, baby,” I moaned into her mouth. My dick was rock hard, and it was screaming out at me to feel bare pussy rubbing against its tender flesh. My tongue dipped into her mouth in the same instant that my rod speared its way into paradise. She was so wet I grooved straight in until our hips clicked together.

She cradled my head to the side of her cheek. I was pressed flat on top of her body, feeling her tits pressing into my chest while I smashed my face into the pillow as I literally threw my hips forwards with all of my strength, pounding her cunt with a ferocious hunger.

Over and over again we thrust against each other, and she was growling and crying out her delight with our fucking until at last we both exploded into orgasm at the same time, my hot juices splashing against her inner walls.

“Yes, Jay-baby, yes!”

And as I heard that voice all joy I felt drained out of me as suddenly as it had arrived. That wasn’t Kendra’s voice. I bolted upright and looked on in horror to see Amanda’s seductive gaze trailing over me, her body literally glowing with post-coital bliss.

“What the-?”

“You see baby, you’re still not over me. As for this pretty one…” Amanda gestured to an equally naked Kendra, who sat by the bed wearing a studded dog collar and leash. “She’s just a diversion for now. You’re not ready for her. You don’t deserve her. She’s giving you everything, but she’s just a toy until I come back.”

And Amanda tugged on the end of the leash in her hand, pulling Kendra crawling across the bed until she directed her to lap my oozing white cum out of Amanda’s steaming cunt.

My conscience screamed at me with the wrongness of the scene before me. And yet I couldn’t help but feel turned on looking at Kendra’s gorgeous ass poking back at me, honey already dripping down from her bare mound and the pink petals contained within.

Amanda’s voice purred in my head again. “It’s only a matter of time…”

And I woke up screaming.

Kendra was quickly awake, holding me tightly and whispering soothing sounds into my ear. After a few minutes, once I’d stopped sweating and calmed down she asked, “What happened? A nightmare?”

“Something like that.” Already some of the images were fading from my mind. In a few more minutes, I would remember little more than a pervading sense of dread. But Amanda’s last words were etched into my memory. ‘It’s only a matter of time…’

“Jase, you little baby. Go back to sleep.”


I never told Kendra about the subject of my dream. Instead, I focused the next two weeks on driving Amanda out of my mind completely and worshipping my girlfriend. Kendra had been so much to me for six years now, and I was determined to treat her right. dikmen escort bayan We had been together for less than three days, but I knew that I had to move past the old “relationship” with Amanda and get on with the new one.

We went to movies and took walks through the park. We had candlelit dinners and spooned ice cream into each other’s mouth for dessert. We stayed up until four in the morning just talking, philosophizing, whatever. Here was the romance, the puppy love of dating that I had always craved.

After those two weeks, Kendra and I shoved the last condoms into a drawer and enjoyed the wildest sex we’d ever had together. The pill was finally effective and she had been given the green light from her doctor, and for the next two days after we were as hungry for each other’s bodies as that first weekend when we’d hooked up.

We both had been avoiding Amanda, but apart from that we were both getting more and more comfortable with each other, happily entrenched in our newfound love. During the next week of bliss it seemed like we could finally be “happily ever after.”

Kendra had some Sorority House meeting tonight, but she promised me she would come over once it had finished. I took the opportunity to catch up on my studying. I had fallen WAY behind these last few weeks.

There was a knock at my door. Without turning, I yelled, “Marcus, I don’t have time for games tonight. I’ve got to finish this chapter at least.”

The knock came again. Sighing, I turned in my chair and called out, “Fine, come in. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to talk to you.” Amanda stood silhouetted in the doorway. She gestured towards the living room. “Marcus isn’t here. No one actually answered the door, but I guess one of you must have left it unlocked.”

“Uh, okay. I’ll have to talk to him about that. He probably went to go find food. Oh, where are my manners. Please, come in.” Memories of that nightmare came flooding back to me. And dammit the only thing I could picture in my mind was Amanda’s gloriously naked body, shimmering with sweat and oozing my cum juices from her cunt. Dammit, I had to think of something else.

She managed a slight smile, then crossed the room and leaned onto the bed, right next to where I was sitting in my desk chair, her legs trailing off it to the floor next to her. Even with her serious look of nervous concern, Amanda was as gorgeous as ever. I had done my best to forget it, but her beauty was forever burned into my mind. She had always been the angel of my dreams.

“How have you been?” she asked, working with some effort to break the silence.

“I’m fine. You?” Stall. Think of something other than her firm, succulent breasts.

“I’m doing okay.”

Amanda furrowed her brow in concentration, the awkward tension in the room starting to get uncomfortable. This was ridiculous. Amanda wasn’t my girlfriend. Our relationship was over. I could handle this like a man. I was devoted to Kendra. I could handle this. So I just started talking. “Amanda, you came here to talk for a reason. We’ve been through too much together to be afraid of honesty. What’s on your mind?”

“Well, us, really.”

My chest heaved and sank as I let out a deep breath. Yeah, that topic. “I don’t think that there is an ‘us’ anymore. I’m with Kendra now. A real relationship.”

“I know, I know. When you two hooked up, I didn’t realize how serious it would be. After all, she was your friend. Most friends don’t turn those things into real relationships without risking the loss of the friendship. I figured you would just have some friends-with-benefits sex, but I didn’t know that I would lose you.”

“You had your chance. I adored you for six years and would have given you the world.” Now I just tried very hard to keep my pain and anger away. It wasn’t really Amanda’s fault. But she had been the source of my desires and frustrations for a long time. “But you didn’t want a relationship. And I couldn’t wait around forever for you to change your mind.”

“I’m changing my mind right now. It just took a little while to figure things out in my head. You’re the only one I want. And if taking that risk, to start a real relationship with you, is the only way I can keep you, then I’m willing to give it a try.”

A real relationship with my dream girl. Could it be possible? It was the one thing I had wanted for my entire adolescent life. Kendra. Remember Kendra. “Amanda, I just got into a relationship.”

“Then break up with her. You’ll still be friends.”

Maybe I could still be friends with Kendra. Would that be so bad? Everyone knew it was Amanda I had always wanted, desired above all else. “I don’t know that. And I don’t want to lose Kendra’s friendship.”

“I’ll make it worth it either way.” Dammit. If only Amanda wasn’t so beautiful.

“And how can I believe that you’re serious?”

“Jason.” Her eyes burned with an intensity I’d never seen before. Her tone was dead serious and I dared not interrupt her. She leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth with a passion I’d not felt from her since the first night we took each other’s virginity. Her taste, so spicy and so addicting I couldn’t help but return her kiss with the same fervor. After a minute, she released me, panting slightly and clutching my chest. In that same deep, serious, breathy voice she whispered. “I love you.”

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