Long Weekend Sex-Fest Pt. 04

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When I woke up in the morning Bill was gone. Same scenario as the morning before. And once again while I would have stayed in bed longer, I couldn’t because I had to pee.

When I entered the bathroom I found Rita on the toilet. She was in the process of wiping herself after peeing. Same as I was when she walked in on me the day before.

I couldn’t help but saying…”We need to stop meeting like this. People are going to start wondering about us.”

Rita laughed then flushed the toilet. After she washed her hands she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big wet kiss.

“People can wonder all they want.”…she replied. Then kissed me again.

“I need to use the toilet Rita. If I don’t I’ll pee on the floor here in the middle of the bathroom.”

She reluctantly released me and I made my way to the toilet to relieve myself. While I was Rita stood there waiting for me to finish. But before I did she said…”The sound of you peeing is sensuous for some reason. How odd.”

“I know.”…I replied. “You peeing had the same effect on me yesterday morning. Where’s Sigmund Freud when you need him.”

Rita laughed again before putting on her sexy sheer bathrobe and heading downstairs. After I cleaned up a bit I put on my short robe that barely covers my ass and went downstairs also.

Both Walter and Bill were out on the deck enjoying a morning coffee in the unusually warm and humid air for early September. And both were naked as jay birds again. Rita and I waved to them before making ourselves a cappuccino. Which we drank in the kitchen while chit chatting about the previous day’s activities.

Then Rita asked what would be on the schedule as far as sex. Simply put, Rita was on a sexual rampage and it seemed she wasn’t about to let up.

“So far we’ve been pretty much setting the agenda for things Rita, and unless you have something special in mind maybe we should let Walter and Bill call the shots for today.”

“Actually I do have a thing or two in mind. Can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying Walter’s 8 inch cock. Don’t get me wrong. I love Bill dearly, and he more than satisfies my sexual needs, but getting such a long cock to do me is a treat I don’t get often.”

“You don’t need me to tell you you’re a lucky woman Lacey. You can get it in your pussy or up your ass anytime you want. Let alone suck it when either of you are in the mood.”

“Speaking of which, I wonder if Walter would be in the mood to fuck my pussy first thing this morning. Let’s find out.”

With that said, Rita grabbed my hand and walked me out onto the deck.

Once again Rita sat next to Walter and no sooner than she did she started stroking his cock under the table. I did the same with Bill to see what kind of reaction I would get. Which didn’t take long.

“You two ladies seem to be off to a running start again first thing this morning.”…Bill said jokingly.

“Rita way more so than I”…I replied.

Then Rita piped in…”You’re beşevler escort bayan just jealous Bill, because in spite of our age Lacey and I can orgasm all day long.”

“Good point Rita. Touche!”

Once Walter’s cock was stiff and fully erect she asked if she could take advantage of it. When he asked do I have any choice, Rita took as it a yes. She then stood up, removed her robe, straddled him face first and then ever so slowly lowered her pussy straight down on his erection.

Once she was satisfied because of the position she was in she could fully impale herself on his long cock and it not bang up against her cervix she began a steady up & down fucking motion. With her arms tightly wrapped around him Rita slowly bounced on Walter’s cock like a pogo stick. Then more rapidly like a piston engine going from idle to full throttle. And just as smoothly.

With his hands firmly gripping Rita’s ass, Walter helped with her up & down fucking motion. Him helping made it easier for Rita to maintain a fast pace. She was bouncing up & down so hard her cunt made a slapping noise each time it slammed down on Walter’s groin. Plus her cunt was so wet it also made a loud squishing sound.

She was merciless the way she slammed up & down on his cock.

She was putting on such a show, Bill and I watched in awe while I continued to stroke his dick.

Both Walter and Rita eventually were gasping for air and when it seemed they couldn’t keep up the fast pace any longer they both orgasmed. Walter let out a loud groan while Rita screamed so loud it scared some birds away that were in a nearby bush.

Walter’s cock exploded like a volcano deep in Rita’s cunt as Rita flooded his groin and lap with copious amounts of pussy juice. So much so, if you didn’t know better you’d think she was peeing.

Rita literally collapsed in Walter’s lap. Damn near fainted from the orgasm she had. Took a while for them to get their breathing back to normal. When they did Rita couldn’t thank Walter enough for the great morning fuck. Albeit she did most of the work.

“Breakfast of Champions.”… she called it.

Then she stood up on wobbly legs, but just barely. When she did Walter’s cum flowed out of her cunt and onto his cock and groin where it mixed with Rita’s vaginal fluids.

I was so mesmerized watching their morning fuck that I wasn’t aware of how fast and hard I was stroking Bill’s cock. Just when I did, Bill ejaculated. Long streams of cum shot straight up and out of his swollen glan. At least two feet in the air before landing on the table in front of us. One cum shot even landed in his coffee cup.

What a waste of a nice cumload I thought to myself.

“Sorry about that Bill. Seems I got carried away.”

“Not a problem Lacey. I enjoyed it immensely while watching them two. Especially Rita. Quite a show she put on. Almost like watching a porno flic except I got the pleasure of you jerking me off instead of doing balgat escort bayan it myself”.

After we cleaned things up, Bill and Walter made breakfast. Banana pancakes with maple syrup, breakfast sausage and freshly squeezed orange juice. Simply scrumptious.

Rita and I cleaned up the kitchen afterwards while Bill and Walter took their morning showers.

When they were done, Rita and I showered. Together again. Only this time Rita brought along a “toy” for us. Soap on a rope. A very unusual one. The soap was shaped like a cock. Big one. Had to be all of 9 to 10 inches long and 2 inches or more in diameter with a huge faux cockhead. Plus it had a hard handle on the end so you could hold it firmly while inserting it in your cunt or asshole.

“Where in the world did you ever get that Rita?”

“At our one and only local “adult” store on 3rd Street. I came across it while looking for something special for this weekend. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it and had to have it when I did.”

“Once we’ve soaped each other up I need you to do me in the ass with it Lacey.”

As much as Rita was in rush to try her “soap on a rope” we took our time soaping each other up in between some passionate kissing and mouth fucking with our tongues. Not forgetting all the fondling and sucking of each other’s tits until our nipples were so hard and erect they ached.

Finally Rita couldn’t wait any longer and bent over on the built in bench in the shower with her legs spread and told me to do her in the ass. I grabbed the “soap on a rope” and lathered it up under the shower head. Then I placed the large “cockhead” against her bumhole and said…”Ready or not, here it comes Rita.”

With a steady shove the very slippery “soap on a rope” popped into Rita’s asshole as easily as a well soaped finger. Actually I was amazed how easily the huge faux cockhead slipped into Rita’s asshole since it was an easy 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

Rita squealed in delight when it first penetrated her. Then slowly but surely I inserted all but and inch or two in her ass. Once she was comfortable with its massive size I began to steadily butt-fuck her.

Wasn’t long before Rita was humping backwards to meet each forward thrust of the “soap on a rope”.

“Faster Lacey. I’m getting ready to cum and I need you to fuck my ass faster!”

Which I gladly did for her.

After a minute or two more of me pumping her ass as fast as I comfortably could Rita orgasmed. And when she did she had all she could do to remain standing bent over like she was. Then a huge flow of pussy juice squirted out and down from Rita’s cunt.

“God! I can’t tell you how good that felt Lacey. You did it perfectly. The only thing missing was a hot cumload being deposited deep in my ass. Otherwise it was simply Heavenly.”

When she was done it was my turn. I positioned myself bent down on the bench same as Rita. Rita first washed then lathered up the batıkent escort bayan “soap on a rope” and as soon as she did she placed the large cockhead against my anus. Then in one smooth thrust she inserted it right up to the handle. It slid in so easily and felt so good I nearly cummed immediately.

Never had such a huge “cock” in my ass before. If it was an actual cock I most likely would have hesitated before taking something so big in my bum. But being soapy and smooth as it was it felt incredible as Rita plowed its full length in & out of my butthole.

It was one of the best ass-fuckings I’ve had in a while. Simply mind blowing. I didn’t want it to end it felt so good. But since it did my orgasm came on faster than I liked. When it hit me my head began spinning like I was on a tilt-a-whirl. I became so dizzy I nearly lost my balance, but managed to remain upright. Then as is the norm for me, I let out one cunt fart after another. Each accompanied by a gush of pussy juice.

“Wow! That was one of the best ass-fuckings I’ve ever had. Who would ever think it would be by getting ass fucked with a “soap on a rope”. Damn, I most definitely have to get one of those.”

Rita withdrew the “soap on a rope” from my ass and I’d swear after us using it it lost 1/2 inch on the diameter. Being made of soap it most definitely would have a short shelf life with someone like Rita and myself. The good news is, Rita and I now had the cleanest assholes and rectums in the county. Maybe in the State.

Rita rinsed the soap on a rope and hung it on the shower head. We towel dried each other, then hugged and kissed passionately for a minute before heading downstairs in our skimpy robes to find out what Walter and Bill were up to.

When we got downstairs Walter and Bill were no where to be found. Not in the kitchen, on the deck or in the back yard. Then I noticed a note taped to the cabinet over the espresso machine. It said they’d be in the garage working on Bill’s truck.

I made us a cappuccino, which we took to the garage. When we got there Bill and Walter were just finishing with whatever they were doing to the truck.

Bill asked if Rita and I were game for a hike and to have a picnic along a stream deep in the woods.

“Sounds great, except I didn’t know if Rita and I are up to “thrashing” through the woods. Trail blazers we’re not.”

“Not a problem.”…Bill said. “There’s a 1.5 mile trail that loops through the woods that my neighbor over yonder and I maintain so you wouldn’t be actually “thrashing” through the woods. Plus it’s an easy hike due to the terrain being relatively flat. You two should do just fine.”

“The stream is about half way, which is where we’ll have the picnic. And it’ll give you a chance to rest for the trip back. Plus there’s a nice pool in the stream where we can skinny dip to cool off.”

Sounded wonderful so we headed back to the house to dress appropriately, and to prepare a lunch.

Bill got two back packs for him and Walter to carry the lunch, plus towels and a blanket. Rita loaned me a pair of spandex shorts and tank top to wear. We both dressed the same minus panties and bra so as to give Walter and Bill a thrill.

When everyone was ready Bill led the way single file with Walter taking up the rear.

To be continued…

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