Love Thy Family

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Love Thy Family
This is the story of an Indian middle class family. Kumar, aged forty eight years is an Officer in a bank. His wife, Sudha, five years younger, is a home maker. They have a daughter Smita (24) and a son Sekhar (23). Kumar, as the only son, inherited considerable ancestral property from his deceased parents, a few years ago.

As soon as Smita turned twenty one, they found a good alliance for her through their contacts and performed her marriage. Her husband, Ravi (31) is a Manager with a reputed MNC. Though he was seven years older than her, he was a good looking and nice person from a decent family and was considered an achiever, professionally. All these factors weighed in his favor.

A year after her marriage, Smita gave birth to a cute baby girl and everyone rejoiced. Her birth coincided with a promotion to Ravi at his Office and everyone called the baby a lucky charm.

Sekhar graduated in engineering and joined a big IT company a year ago. Kumar and Sudha were happy that both their c***dren had settled down. However, the peace and tranquility was upset one day when Sekhar announced to his parents that he was in love with a colleague and wanted to marry her.

His parents were aghast. Sekhar was then just twenty two and too young to marry! So, they tried to reason with him. But, he was adamant. Then they asked for the details about the girl and he told them.

The girl was Aruna, the only c***d of her parents. Her father was a successful businessman and they were rich. She was also of the same age as Sekhar, intelligent and good looking.

Kumar and Sudha, always yearned for riches and they saw this as an opportunity for their son to get rich. So, all objections disappeared overnight and they quickly consented for the marriage.

Aruna’s parents performed the wedding on a lavish scale, befitting their wealth. Kumar and Sudha rejoiced when everyone complimented them on their son’s ‘luck’. Immediately after the marriage, the newlyweds left on a two week honeymoon to Kerala.

It is time for me to give you more details about the newlyweds.

Sekhar is around 5’8″ tall, fairly well built and handsome. He is fair complexioned and has a look of innocence which makes him look even younger than his age. He has a little above average intelligence, is industrious and loves his family. He doesn’t smoke or drink…not even coffee or tea. He is mild mannered and often submissive. In short, he is what one would call, ‘a very good boy’.

Aruna is around 5’4″ tall and fair. She is slim, has very small breasts and an average looking ass. She has pretty legs and slim and toned thighs. Her eyes are big and black and her face is heart shaped. When she smiles her face looks pretty, but she rarely smiles!

Being the only c***d she was pampered and spoiled by her parents. However, she is very intelligent and always did well in her academics. But because she was rich and spoiled, she developed a big ego. Whatever she wanted, she got and she never took a ‘no’ for an answer. Only her parents and close friends knew how unpredictable and dominant she was and they did their best to cover up for her.

When Aruna saw Sekhar the first time it was in their office cafeteria. Aruna was with a couple of female colleagues and one of them saw Sekhar and commented, “Oh my God! What a cute guy! How I would love to get him!” Aruna was fascinated by the comment and looked at him. On the spot, she decided she would get him.

Immediately she walked up to him and introduced herself. He was awestruck because she came to him on her own! They hit off instantly…a case of unlike poles attracting. Aruna charmed him and they fell in love, culminating in their marriage.

The first two days of the Honeymoon went off well. Both were virgins and together they explored and experienced the basic pleasures of sex. There was no benchmark and they were happy with what they got from each other; at least it appeared so!

On the third day, they went out to a few tourist spots and returned to the hotel in the evening. They showered and freshened up and sat in their secluded balcony overlooking the lake.

“Let us have a drink. ” Aruna said casually.

“You know I don’t drink, Aruna,” Sekhar answered, smiling.

“That was before marriage. Now, you should drink occasionally. That would be expected of us socially.”

“I don’t think it is necessary. There are many people who don’t drink.” He answered.

“I am not talking about others. I am talking about us. Once in a way, I love to have a drink and, as my husband, you will join me.” She sounded angry now.

Sekhar kept mum and didn’t answer because he didn’t want a argument or fight.

“You don’t drink even coffee or tea, don’t you?” She continued.

“Yes, I don’t and I told you this before, Aruna,” He said softly.

“What do you drink then, for heaven’s sake?” she was really angry and her voice was loud.

Sekhar was unhappy and quietly walked away from the balcony to their bed room. He thought that would calm her down. But, unfortunately, it aggravated her anger.

She followed him into the bed room and shouted, “Yes! You told me you drink milk…like a boy. You never grew up, didn’t you? I bet your mother breast feeds you milk. You are a married man and you still want to drink milk from your mom’s breasts?” She sneered at him with contempt.

Sekhar was shocked beyond words. Her anger, her contempt and her language so shocked him and he walked out of the bedroom in disgust. Aruna promptly locked herself in the bedroom. Poor Sekhar had to spend the night sleeping on the sofa in the living room…neither of them had dinner that night.

Next morning Sekhar woke up, not with anger but with guilt. He felt bad about last night and decided to call it a truce. So, he broke the ice first and wooed his wife. Aruna gave in slowly and thawed by evening. He wanted to show her how much he loved her and surprised her by getting a bottle of expensive red wine.

Aruna was delighted that she got her way and taught her hubby how to drink the wine to enjoy it. After the initial hesitant start, Sekhar realized he didn’t really like it. But, to keep his wife happy, he pretended otherwise. After a nice dinner, mellowed by the wine, Aruna became more assertive and demanding that night.

When Sekhar attempted to take her to bed, she resisted.

Instead, she sat on the sofa in the living room of their cottage and had more wine.

“You have to make up for last night,Sekhar and make me happy, okay?” She asked.

“Yes, dear,” he replied, eager to please her.

“Sit on the floor and kiss my feet. Make love to them.” She commanded.

Aruna did have nice, small feet and Sekhar kissed her feet and toes tenderly, holding each foot in his hand. He wanted to make her happier and licked her feet too.

“Good, I like it that way. You will lick my feet whenever I ask, okay?”

There was hardly any love in her tone. It had more of contempt and authority. Sekhar was unhappy but he didn’t show it for fear of upsetting her.

Later on, she yielded to his caressing and foreplay and allowed him to take her to bed. When they undressed and he was about to mount her, she stopped him again.

“You kissed my feet well. Now, you kiss and lick my pussy. I have read somewhere that it gives great pleasure.” So saying, she lied down on the bed.

Sekhar was confused. He too vaguely heard about that act but more in a derogatory way. Novice that he was, he didn’t even know how to go about it. But, since his wife asked for it, he couldn’t refuse.

Dutifully, he put his mouth to her small pussy and licked its exterior with his tongue. After, a couple of minutes, he stopped.

“Not like that, you dummy, open my cunt with your fingers and put the tongue in.” She literally admonished him.

Sekhar got the hang of it. His fingers pried open her pussy and he pushed his tongue into its juicy and hot interior. It smelled pungent and tasted a bit salty but he carried on gamely. Obviously, he did it right because Aruna got really excited, her legs thrashed about and finally clamped his head between her thighs as she had a big orgasm.

She let go of him after a couple of minutes and patted his head.

“That was good and we should do it often.” She said, turning on her side.

She promptly fell asleep.

Poor Sekhar was left high and dry with a huge erection. He was unhappy that he didn’t get any pleasure or relief from the whole exercise. But, he wasn’t angry. He was in a way, relieved that she got some pleasure and, more importantly, she went to sleep. At least, there were no more immediate demands, he thought.

From that day, his life changed.

By the end of their honeymoon, Sekhar realized that his wife was a spoiled, unpredictable, moody, cranky and selfish bitch. But,given his nature, he made up his mind that he wouldn’t complain about this to anyone in his or her family. Theirs was after all a love marriage and he would work diligently on her and change her nature, he resolved.

The first test came, immediately after their return from Honeymoon. Sekhar’s parents wanted that he and his wife should stay with them. The Kumars had a decent, compact two bedroom flat in a good residential area. On the other hand, Aruna’s parents lived in a big, independent bungalow in a posh residential area.

Sekhar and Aruna discussed the issue. Sekhar wanted that they should stay with his parents.

“You know your flat is too far away from our office and we would be wasting a lot of time in traveling to work and back.” Aruna sounded logical.

“That is true. So, let us stay there with them for a short while and then find a rented flat close to our office.” Sekhar replied.

“I have a better idea, Sekhar. Our home is much nearer to our workplace. It is very big and spacious. I grew up there and I am attached to the place. It has all comforts. We can drive to work in the spare car that dad has or buy a new one.”

Sekhar was in a dilemma. In their family circles, a man staying with his parents is a normal and accepted practice, whereas, staying with her parents is looked down upon. But,he didn’t want to say it out and upset Aruna.

“If we stay in a small rented flat near office while both our parents have their own places here, will they be happy? Be reasonable and leave it to me. I will convince your parents.” She sounded quite reasonable and Sekhar was happy to let her do so.

True to her word, she convinced his parents, quite easily. As a matter of fact,they didn’t need much convincing because Aruna sounded so logical. At the back of their mind was also the thought of all the wealth of Aruna’s family and Sekhar inheriting it over time.

Thus, the newlyweds settled down with Aruna’s parents.

Over the next few months, Sekhar went through hell. Despite of his best efforts, things went from bad to worse. He realized that his wife was not just a spoiled bitch; she was obviously a woman with some psychological disorder. She was subject to sudden and wild mood swings and totally unpredictable in her behavior.

Sudha was the first to realize, during their infrequent visits, that all was not well between her son and daughter-in-law. Slowly, she learned from her son, over a period of time, what was wrong. She briefed Kumar about her concerns. Her few attempts to set things right were rebuffed by Aruna whose parents continued to pamper and spoil her.

Things came to a pass when, one day,Aruna had a big quarrel with Sekhar and called him a good for nothing idiot. The whole household was witness to her outburst and a disgusted Sekhar left immediately for his parent’s place.

Over the next one month, all attempts by Sudha and kumar to get the issues sorted out with parental intervention on both sides failed. They gave up. Sekhar stayed with his parents and changed his job, joining another IT major. He lost all contact with Aruna and they drifted apart.

It is to his credit that he still tried, occasionally, to text her or call her. Sometimes, she would respond and sometimes she wouldn’t. When she did, usually, the conversation led to a shouting match from her in a couple of minutes, blaming him for everything.

This was the state of affairs when our real story starts.

You would recall that the Kumars lived in a two bedroom apartment. While they used the master bedroom, Sekhar used the second bedroom. Even though, he had to drive a long distance to his work, his parents insisted that he stay with them. Given his present condition, Sekhar too preferred it that way.

Let me put Sekhar on a hold for a while and tell you about his sister Smita.

Smita(24), his sister, is married to Ravi(31) and has a cute two year old baby girl, Dolly. They lived along with Ravi’s parents as a joint family, not far off from the Kumars. Ravi’s job required that he travel occasionally. Whenever he was away, Smita and her baby would visit the Kumars and often, stay over for a couple of days.

She came to know of her brother’s marital woes, mostly through her mother. Though, the siblings were quite close, Sekhar was embarrassed to tell his sister about his failed marriage. Smita was never really comfortable with Aruna and felt that her brother married an egoistic girl. So, though sad for her brother, she wasn’t really surprised.

Let me describe Smita to you. She is 5’3” tall, very fair and is a pretty girl. She has nice boobs that are neither big nor small, the kind that just about fit nicely into a man’s palm. More importantly, they are perfectly shaped spheres and bouncy; the kind that draw the immediate attention of a man…young or old.

Her waist was very slim and smooth earlier but she gained an inch plus there…still slim enough. Her buttocks are again nicely shaped and not too big; the kind men would love to fondle and spank playfully. Her ass is wide enough to be attractive. In short, compared to Aruna, Smita is certainly prettier and more genially disposed.

When Ravi went on one of his trips, Smita came to her parent’s place along with Dolly. It was then that her mother told her that Sekhar finally broke off with Aruna and was living with them. Mother and daughter discussed the fate of Sekhar and cursed his stars for the rest of the day.

When Sekhar returned from office, he was pleasantly surprised to find his sister and little niece at home. After dinner, they discussed the sleeping arrangements. Sudha brought in the small cradle for Dolly into the second bedroom. Sekhar said he would sleep on the sofa in the living room and Smita and Dolly can have his room while they were here.

After a while Sudha left. Smita was very keen to know directly from her brother on what had gone wrong and Sekhar was happy to share his plight in detail with his sister. They spoke late into the night. Smita felt very bad for her brother and tried to say the right things and cursed Aruna a lot.

After a couple of hours they drifted into sleep on the big double bed; tired and exhausted.

Sometime later, Smita woke up with a start when Dolly cried for milk. She got up, lifted the crying c***d from the cradle. Sitting cross legged on the bed, she positioned the baby in her lap, opened her blouse and started breast feeding her. Though the quantum of milk had come down a lot, it was still enough for Dolly’s night feed.

While the baby sucked at her nipple and fed, Smita looked at Sekhar who was sound asleep. What a handsome hunk my brother is, she thought idly. He was dressed in a light blue pajama and a white half sleeved vest. She could see nice, black chest hairs through the top of his vest. Her husband Ravi had a bare chest and Smita secretly longed for a hairy chest.

One of her secret fantasies was to have her naked breasts squashed against a very hairy chest and have her engorged nipples caressed by the hairs. The very thought made her feel hot and wet in her juicy cunt. Her eyes wandered down her brother’s body and stopped at the junction of his thighs.

Smita gave an involuntary gasp! She saw in the dim bed light a very big bulge there. It appeared to be a very big bulge and the big tent could have been caused only by one thing! Her brother had a huge erection! Shamed by her own thoughts, she took her eyes off Sekhar and looked at Dolly. The baby was asleep. Smita got off slowly and put Dolly down gently in the cradle again.

Back in bed, Smita first tried to sleep with her back to her brother and closed her eyes. She couldn’t sleep and images of his chest hair and his big bulge kept returning to her. She felt a slight the heat and wetness of her own womanhood. Her mind compared Sekhar and her brother. The urge to see became stronger by the minute.

Smita gave in and turned. She moved a little closer so that she could look better. He was still sound asleep and blissfully unaware of his sister’s lustful inspection. The dark black hairs on his chest looked silken and so inviting. Why couldn’t she just touch and feel them? Surely, just a fleeting touch won’t wake him up!

Extending her slim right hand forward, she let her fingers touch and feel his chest hairs. She felt a mild shock go through her body. They felt so nice and she bunched her fingers and got hold of a small clump and caressed it. He was still asleep and she looked fondly at her poor brother. Such a handsome guy and that bitch treated him so badly!!

Her eyes wandered down and returned to his big bulge. As she looked at it closely, the tent gave her an idea of the size of his cock and its erection. She felt a weakness creeping through her down from her chest, along her tummy and into her hot pussy. A strong desire took over and she lost her control partly.

She let go of his chest hair and brought her hand down and very close to his bulge. Very carefully, she let the tip of her forefinger touch the tip of the bulge where she guessed his cock head was. As she made the expected contact, her breath quickened. She felt her finger tip touching the crown of his big cock lightly.

Letting it rest there for a minute, she gently pressed. She almost cried out with pleasure at the very thought of his big cock in her soft and damp palm. She looked at her brother’s face for any reaction. He continued to sleep soundly.

Smita was overcome with a desire for a little more. She made a ring of her fingers around the girth of his tent pole, taking care not to exert any pressure…just a touch. Holding him thus, Smita felt the fierce fires in her juicy cunt.

All these days she never knew anything other than Ravi and his body. Now, for the first time, she realized that her own brother Sekhar had a much bigger cock than her husband. It was longer and thicker, for sure. Being much younger, Sekhar’s cock could fuck even better, she was sure! All these thoughts rushed through her mind.

Sekhar moved slightly in his sleep. Whether Smita lightly pressed his hard cock unwittingly, we will never know. But, as he moved, two things happened. His right hand came to rest on her chest; the top half of his big palm came into contact with the half moons of her boobs peeping through the partly open nightie.

Smita’s body felt a huge shock. The contact of his big palm and long fingers with the naked and soft flesh of her bouncy breasts felt divine. Without meaning to, her hand gripped his cock. As if in reflex, his palm pressed a little more against her boob. But, he was still asleep.

Smita was overcome with a sense of possessiveness and immense love for her brother. She decided then and there that she would take care of her brother and protect him from that bitch Aruna. She would do whatever it takes! With such thoughts in her mind, she drifted into sleep, her hand gripping his hard cock and her breast comforted by his big palm.

Sekhar woke up the next morning a little later than usual. He realized that he slept in his sister’s bed and not on the sofa. But, he didn’t think much of it. On the other hand, he slept well and felt happy and refreshed. He got ready quickly and left for his office on time.

Later, after lunch, Smita sat with her mother in the living room and discussed her brother’s plight with her mother.

“Mom, I feel so bad for Sekhar. He got a real raw deal.” She started the conversation.

“Yes, dear, my heart goes for the poor boy. What rotten luck!” Her mother replied.

“Divorce is the only way out, as I see it.”

“Let us see for a little while longer if they can resolve their differences.” Her mother said.

“Meanwhile, let us try to keep him as happy as we can, mom,” Smita replied.

“Certainly, but how?” Her mother sounded a little confused.

“Mom, Sekhar is very young and he can bounce back easily. He married too early and that bitch let him down. But, he has two loving women to care for him…you and me.”

“True, we will keep him happy,” her mother replied, still confused.

It was almost eight when Sekhar returned home. After he freshened up they all had dinner. The family spent an hour in front of the big TV before Kumar and Sudha went to bed.

“Sorry, sis, last night after our long chat I just drifted to sleep in your bed.” Sekhar said.

“No problem, dear, I enjoyed our chat and actually this is your bed and I am the visitor now.” She smiled.

“Let us talk for a while as we relax,” She continued.

So they lay down on the bed, decently apart and started chatting.

Sekhar inquired about her life, Ravi, his career and Dolly. Time flew as they talked about movies and cricket. It was almost midnight. As Sekhar made to get up and go, Smita stopped him.

“It is okay brother. You can sleep here too. The baby keeps me awake, most of the time and that sofa in living room is not very convenient.” She said casually.

“Oh, sis, thank you. It is true that sofa is bad.”

Sekhar turned his back on her and slept soon.

Smita fed the baby and put her back in the cradle. She switched off the main lamp and the night lamp gave a dim light. She lay down on the bed and closed her eyes. Sleep wouldn’t come and her thoughts kept returning to the exciting acts of the previous night. Slowly, her mind gave in to the pleasure of those thoughts.

Smita wanted badly to take the events of last night further on…not the whole way but at least a part of it. How to do it without waking up her brother was the big question. She knew that neither of them can indulge in those things while looking at the other in a conscious state…not the first time, anyway. Fantasies can happen only in dreams!

Suddenly the answer came to her. What if everything happened in a dream that was not really a dream? Suppose, the room was totally dark and they can’t see each other. If, she feigns sleep and does things, her brother might respond. As they can’t see each other in dark, it can be rationalized that things had happened while they were asleep.

The more she thought about it, the more she was convinced. So, quickly she made her preparations. She removed the top three hooks of her nightie so that her breasts could be easily bared. She made sure that she was quite familiar with the exact location of the cradle and switchboard so that she could access them in darkness, when required.

She waited. After a while, Sekhar turned in sleep on his side and faced her. Smita got off the bed, quietly walked to the switchboard, switched off the night lamp and tiptoed carefully back to the bed. Once there, she laid side on, on her right and facing Sekhar. She quietly pulled out her bouncy boobs from the open nightie.

It was very dark in the room. Slowly, her hands moved a little until they found his right hand. She then moved herself in such a way that her bare boobs were just a few millimeters from his right hand, withdrew her own hands and waited with bated breath. She didn’t have to wait for long.

Sekhar’s fingers touched, fleetingly her shapely, inviting and bouncing right breast. Smita kept absolutely still, her eyes closed. She felt his three fingers resting on her boob for a few seconds. Then they gently pressed it, as if testing. Finding no resistance, his palm cupped her heavenly boob.

Instantaneously, Smita’s nipples hardened. Sekhar’s palm continued with the gentle squeeze of her breast and her hard nipple poked against his palm erotically. Smita found it increasingly difficult to fake a sound sleep as her breathing quickened. Before she realized it, both his hands possessed both her boobs and fondled them.

Smita realized that she loved her brother’s fondling much better than her husband’s. May be because his hands were younger, eager, stronger and more caring! Or was it because they are new and different? All humans yearn for things new and different, after sometime, at least for a change!

Smita felt her breasts leaking a little milk as his fingers caressed and pinched them. She felt a strong urge to have them sucked by her brother. But, she restrained herself. Let him think she was asleep and let him do as he pleases and dares. If she reacts or responds that might scare him off. Let him get familiar and confident, she thought.

Her assessment proved right. While his left hand continued to fondle her bouncy tits, his right hand tried to slip further down. Unable to do so, his hand found and unhooked two more hooks. Then it found and rested on her sexy and smooth tummy. It was silken smooth and flat and his damp palm rubbed it lovingly.

Smita had a nice, circular and deep navel. Sekhar’s fingers found it and caressed it, as his finger tip probed its interior. To Smita it felt very erotic as she imagined a similar move elsewhere. As his hand roamed on her tummy, she felt his hot breath on her boobs. Next second, his hungry mouth clamped on to her swollen tit and its engorged nipple.

He sucked her tit with all his pent up hunger. Naturally, he compared his sister’s bouncy and bigger boobs with the very small tits of Aruna. He felt her milk in his mouth, tasted it and swallowed it. He was very excited by the act of sucking his sister’s boob and tasting her milk.

He recalled Aruna’s taunt asking him if he still drank his mama’s milk.

“You see, bitch! I am indeed drinking my sister’s milk and that too directly from her heavenly breasts!” He wanted to shout to Aruna.

His excitement naturally made him very hot and fully erect.

Smita was overcome with joy as her brother sucked her breasts and drank her milk. She felt very excited and possessive. She felt that his excitement mounted and it was time to act. In the dark, her hands searched and found his big bulging tent on his pajamas.

Deftly her fingers opened its front, reached inside and grabbed his hard and erect cock. It felt so hot that it scalded her rosy petal soft palm. Her right hand gripped his phallus at its hairy base and her left hand caressed its head, the smooth crown slightly wet with precum. She started stroking his cock with her soft hands.

“Oh Ravi,look at this! My brother’s cock is much bigger and beautiful than yours and I love stroking him. Who knows? May be I will suck it too.” She wanted to shout.

They were really excited now and in his hungry and deprived state, it took very little time for Sekhar to ejaculate with a loud groan into his pretty sister’s loving and caring hands. Smita felt her brother shooting hot jets of cum and her cupped palms collected most of it. To her, it represented the relief and pleasure she had been able to give to her unlucky brother.

Totally drained and spent, Sekhar moved away with some guilt, from what he thought his sleeping sister and turned on his side. Soon, he drifted into a sound sleep and Smita got up from the bed, went to the bathroom and cleaned up. On return, she switched on the bed lamp, checked that Dolly was asleep and went to bed.

Reliving the moments of the past one hour, Smita rejoiced at what she had done. She examined her boobs while cleaning up and there were light red bruises where her brother mauled them. There was a small crescent on her right boob where her brother bit her. She recalled the feel of his hard, hot cock in her hands as she pumped it.

These thoughts made her very horny and wet. She quickly slipped her right hand inside her panties and pushed her two fingers into her open, juicy and hungry cunt. She masturbated thinking of her brother’s big cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Wouldn’t it be lovely, she thought, as she climaxed.

Next morning, Smita acted as if nothing had happened. Sekhar, who thoroughly enjoyed the previous night events, was relieved. He thought that his sister was perhaps used to sex while asleep with her husband. May be she thought it was a dream! Whatever it was, he was grateful to her for the wonderful pleasures of her body and the relief it provided him. Secretly, he hoped they would do more.

However, when he returned home that evening, he was extremely disappointed to learn that Ravi had returned from his tour, collected Smita and baby and took them home.

“Smita asked me to tell you that she felt bad leaving suddenly and she would be back soon when Ravi goes on tour again.” His mother said.

Her words were comforting because they promised a future gratification for him. Hopefully Smita would return soon. Meanwhile, his nights were full of memories of her incredible boobs and hands that did wonders to him.

I am sure you are wondering what was really wrong with Aruna and how was it possible for a love marriage to fall apart and fail so fast. Let me tell you her story.

You have already learned that being the only c***d of rich and indulging parents, she was thoroughly spoiled.

She did fall in love with Sekhar and wanted him for herself so badly that she maneuvered him towards an early marriage. All that was, in fact, in good faith. She thought that once married to him things would work out very well for them. But, as we know, they did not.

To understand her strange behavior, we have to go back into her past.

A few years ago, Smita’s father had to go abroad for a month on a business tour. He didn’t want his wife and daughter to be alone at home that long without him. So, he arranged for them to visit and stay with his wife’s brother Bhaskar and his family in their village. As it was vacation time, Aruna didn’t mind going there. She loved the village, the fields, the farms, the streams, the cattle and the natural beauty of the place.

Her Uncle Bhaskar was around forty five and looked after his large agricultural holdings. He was basically a farmer and loved it. Their only daughter was married off a few years back to a boy from a good family who was a software engineer working in USA. Bhaskar and his wife Gauri were naturally happy that his sister Laksmi and her daughter Aruna were visiting them after a long time.

Bhaskar’s daily routine comprised of going in the morning after breakfast to his fields and farms, supervising things and returning home by sunset. His wife Gauri sends him his lunch in a hot pack through a servant and he eats it at his small cottage in the farm. After lunch, he rests for an hour and then goes back to work again. The routine never varied.

Bhaskar was an imposing character. He was almost six feet tall and hefty. He was initially of a medium brown complexion but continuous exposure to the sun made his skin darker. He sported dark black mustache and the villagers and his workers respected and feared him. He was a good man who was known to be tough, when required.

Getting bored at home, one day, Aruna accompanied her uncle to the fields and farms. She watched her uncle at work and was impressed by his hard work and strength. When it was time for lunch, they moved to the cottage in the farm.

The cottage comprised of one large hall, a small room and a wash room. It was furnished reasonably well with a few chairs, a large table and a large single bed. After they had their lunch, her uncle lied down on the bed to relax, while she pulled up a chair and sat nearby.

“How old are you now, Aruna?” He asked her.

“I have completed eighteen two months back, uncle.” She replied.

“Stand up and let me look at you.” He sounded serious.

She was a little surprised by the commanding voice but obeyed.

Aruna was dressed in a faded blue jeans and a light lemon yellow T shirt. From his position on the bed her uncle inspected her from head to toes.

Aruna was uncomfortable and felt a bit embarrassed.

“You hardly look a girl. Where are your tits?”

Aruna couldn’t believe what she had heard and felt as if she was slapped!! Her face reddened and she felt humiliated.

“You know that your aunt has mango tits, your mother has orange sized tits. But, you girl, I can’t see any tits at all. You have a chest like a tennis court.” He laughed aloud.

Aruna was never humiliated like this by anyone! She was the one who always humiliated everyone at the slightest opportunity. This was something totally new! She now got very upset and angry and her face was a scarlet red. But, she was also scared to show her anger to her uncle here.

“You have any tits at all and any nipples there, girl?” He continued to shock her.

Shaking with anger, she kept mum.

“I asked you a question, girl. If you don’t answer I will get angry and punish you.” She was scared.

“Yes.” She mumbled.

“I don’t believe you.” He mocked at her.

Shaking like a leaf with anger, she replied, “I have tits and nipples.”

“Let me see then! Show me, girl.”

Her humiliation increased with every word of his and she was very angry too. But, she was also strangely affected by this new experience. She felt a new excitement which she had never experienced before.

“Show your tits and nipples to me, girl, now.’ Her uncle sounded angry.

Scared, she quickly removed her T shirt and stood in front of him in her black bra.

He looked at her critically, shaming her more and said,” I can’t see through that, can I? Take it off too.”

Tears welled up in her eyes. What should she so? Should she just run away from here? That would make her uncle angrier. She was scared of him too, having heard reports of how bad was his temper. Hasn’t she seen how strong he was, just a little while ago!

Looking down, she unhooked her bra and removed it, baring her chest. She held the black bra in her hands.

“Give that bra to me girl.”

Oh my God!!!Will this ever end!!! Tears were welling up faster now!! Meekly, she handed it over to him. He looked at the bra closely and felt the interior of the cups. Aruna looked on now, strangely fascinated and upset at the same time.

“Ha! I thought so! A padded bra! To make them look bigger!” He laughed out loud again.

She never felt more humiliated than this and wished he would fall dead or the earth would open up and swallow her. Tears started flowing down her cheeks.

“Hey, girl, come here and sit. Don’t cry. Uncle will help you.”

She walked to the bed and sat next to him. With his big right hand he gently wiped away her tears from her cheeks.

“You are eighteen and you cry like a baby! Stop it, now.” He commanded.

He looked at her very small tits and the rosy pink nipples from very close. Her nipples and her aureole looked much bigger in proportion to her tits.

With his big right palm he cupped her small right tit and squeezed it gently. Aruna loved the feel of her uncle’s rough hand on her tit.

“Now watch how I make it bigger for you, girl.” So, saying, he just tugged at her tit, as if pulling it out.

Pain shot through her and she cried out.

As if to compensate, he left her mauled tit and moved to the other. His fingers played and teased her nipple gently. The feeling was exquisite for her.

“There you see, girl, how your nipple is getting bigger in my fingers? You like it, I know. You must learn to take the pain and pleasure together.”

Aruna was mesmerized by his words. Yes, what he said was true. After the pain in her right tit, she liked the pleasure in her left tit so much.

Still lying down, he said, “Here, girl, sit closer to me so that you can have both tits fondled at the same time. You want that, don’t you?”

She felt the humiliation taking over again. Why is he so bent on demeaning her and making her feel cheap.

“Answer me when I ask you a question.” He slapped her cheek gently but his hand was so rough that even the light slap hurt.

“Yes Uncle.”

“Respect, where is the respect?” He slapped her a trifle harder now.

“Yes, uncle, please!”

With that he started fondling both her small tits, pain in one and pleasure in the other, alternating. His big, rough and hairy hands loved and abused her little treasures in a way that was totally unknown to her. Aruna felt wetness in her pussy and a churning. She felt a weakness in her knees.

Suddenly he stopped and pushed her away from the bed.

“Get dressed quickly and go sit there in that corner. I want to have a nap.”

Meekly she collected her bra and T shirt, went to the washroom and looked at herself in the mirror there. Her face was tear streaked and her cheeks reddish where they were slapped. She examined her tits and found they were bruised. She felt strangely excited though! She washed her face and dressed. Back in the room, she quietly walked to a corner and sat on a chair there.

Her uncle was already asleep. Hesitantly, she looked at his sleeping form. What a man! So rough and a****l like. Treating her like a slut, yes, that is what he did! Humiliated her in an unimaginable way! So strong and dominant! His hands, so rough! She felt her juices flowing but was scared to do anything.

As they walked towards their home that evening, he said, “Hey, girl, if you breathe a word to anyone, I would kill you.” She was really scared with the way he said it.

Her mother and aunt were a little concerned when they found her a little subdued.

“She had a tiring day in the fields,” her uncle said and they were satisfied.

That night in the privacy of her bed, Aruna recapitulated the day’s exciting events while fingering her horny cunt. She fantasized for a minute about her uncle’s rough hand mauling her pussy and climaxed with a shudder.

Next morning, she woke up and got ready well in time to accompany her uncle. Her mother was a little surprised at this show of interest in farming by her daughter.

“Let her enjoy a change,” said her aunt Gauri. Her uncle was silent.

Once on their way he said lewdly, “So, you like it girl and want more, don’t you?”

Her face reddened and he laughed.

They had a quiet lunch at the usual time. After lunch, he got on to the bed. But, instead of lying down, he sat on it.

“So, girl, what did you do in bed last night?”

Aruna was shocked beyond words and her face colored cherry red. She kept quiet.

“I asked you a question, girl.” He sounded angry.

“I slept.” She mumbled.

“Before that you were naughty, weren’t you? You were a bad girl in bed.” He sounded very angry.

Aruna was scared and excited.

“Yes Uncle. I was a bad girl in bed.” She said slowly.

“What did you do? Tell me.”

“Please Uncle!” Aruna mumbled with shame.

“If you don’t tell me, illegal bahis I will get very angry” His voice was very intimidating.

Aruna was very scared and very excited too!

“I played with myself.” She mumbled now.

“How did you play, tell me.” He slapped her now, none too gently.

It hurt. It was a stinging slap.

“I put my fingers there and played.” She whispered now.

“It is called a cunt. So, you played with your cunt?” His voice sounded harsh.

“Yes! Uncle! I played with my cunt.” She shivered as she said that.

“I put my finger inside and played.” She felt her young pussy leaking.

“I am going to punish you for that. Bad girls deserve punishment, don’t they?”

“Yes uncle.” She was shivering with apprehension and anticipation.

“Come here girl and stand in front of me.”

She obeyed instantly.

“Take off your T shirt and drop your lousy pants now.” He commanded.

Tears welling up, she meekly obeyed him.

“Turn around.”

She now had only her white panties and a white bra on her.

He examined her panties closely.

“Not bad, they are clean or I would have thrashed you.” He sounded very harsh and she was scared.

“Bad girls need to be punished. The more bad they are, the more they deserve to be punished.”

Aruna was very excited and equally scared.

Next minute his huge hands held her by her slender waist, lifted her off the floor and put her across his lap. He unhooked her bra and let it drop. She now lay across his lap, her head to his left, her legs on his right, her crotch against his bulge and her back facing him.

His right hand moved gently over her panties clad small buttocks and ass.

“Your aunt has melons here and so does your mother. Your buttocks are boyish and small. Is your ass tight, girl?”

Her tears flowed freely now with fear and anticipation. In one quick move, he pulled her panties away and threw them. His rough right palm massaged her buttocks. Aruna felt heavenly.

Next minute he struck. He spanked her smooth bottom hard with his hand and she cried out as intense pain shot through her. Tears flowed as the stinging pain made her cry. There was no respite! In quick succession, he smacked her buttocks, alternately. Every time he smacked her, her ass jumped and her young pussy hit the bulge in his dhoti. Then, suddenly, the spanking stopped.

Aruna felt as if her bottom was on fire. The searing pain dulled a bit. But, she was now more aware of an intense pleasure in her young pussy. Her pussy was now pressed against the very big bulge in her uncle’s dhoti. Her cunt lips were open and it was very wet. The continuous spanking ensured that her pussy rubbed itself and humped that bulge.

Intense pain and intense pleasure! She remembered her uncle’s words. The stoppage of all activity gave her the time and opportunity to think about the pain/pleasure pattern of her uncle’s punishment. She waited with bated breath his next actions.

Suddenly, she felt him lifting her off his lap. Next minute, she was deposited, none too gently on the bed. At the first contact of her bruised buttocks with the bed, she cried out in pain. He just lifted her legs and slipped a soft pillow under her ass. Instantly, that lessened her pain.

He now sat on her side and stroked her small tits and hardened nipples with his left hand. His right hand cupped her virgin pussy. Her small pussy with its black thatch of trimmed pubic hair fitted nicely in his big palm. His hands were rough and their backs were covered with black, coarse hairs.

Her uncle’s rough hand squeezed her young pussy once and she cried out…half in pain and half in pleasure. He just massaged her tits, nipples and pussy for a few seconds and she experienced a big orgasm that shook her little body in spasms.

“Liking it much, girl, aren’t you? You are a little slut, getting it from uncle.” He leered at her, even as his fingers played with her young pussy.

“Beg me and you will come again,” he gave her that hideous grin.

‘Please uncle…more.” She whimpered.

It was then that he slapped her on her face, gently by his standards. Aruna cried out in pain.

Next instant, he slipped a long, thick finger into her sizzling cunt and stroked her. As the orgasm commenced again, she clamped her thighs shut around his hand. It was all pleasure now and she forgot the pain totally and drifted into semi consciousness.

After a few minutes she became aware of her surroundings. Her uncle was seated on the chair next to the bed looking at her nude body. Slowly, she became conscious of the pain in her bruised buttocks, whimpered and turned on her side. He got up and walked to the cupboard and returned with a bottle of some colored lotion.

He poured a little of that lotion into his cupped palm and gently rubbed it on her bruised bum. It felt cool and soothing and her pain started receding instantly. His hands felt tender, for a change and her eyes closed.

“Sleep, girl and rest.” She heard him say and a little later heard the cottage door closing behind him.

That night she applied more of the lotion on her behind before going to bed (uncle was kind enough to give her the precious bottle). She slept like a log that night and woke up very late. Her uncle had left by then and she was secretly relieved. Her ass still burned a little and she wanted to rest that day.

Next day she got up early and ready but she could not go.

“You can’t come every day. I have lots of work today. You stay at home with the others. I will tell you when you can come again.” He said before he left. She meekly obeyed him.

Day after day, she waited vainly to accompany him again. Every day, she thought of that cottage, the things he did to her body and masturbated. Her uncle was incredible. He was rough, cruel and humiliated her. But she adored him and his acts. Her body lusted for him. As the days passed by, that lust kept on increasing.

It was a full week before he let her accompany him to the farm again. As they walked to the fields, he looked at her and said, “I bet you are all horny and wet, girl!” The leer on his face mocked her. She flushed deep red and replied, “Yes, uncle,” softly.

“Think of the things I could do, girl.” The tease continued.

And, she did spend the hours till noon putting her power of imagination to work. She did try and visualize her uncle taking her in many ways; keeping the balance of pain and pleasure. By the time they finished their lunch she was like a jelly.

He sat on the bed and looked at her, as if contemplating what to do. Aruna felt excitement mounting in her and her cunt churning.

“Close the door and remove all your clothes, girl! Not a stitch!”

She obeyed and walked closer to him. He didn’t touch her.

Looking at her small clean shaven pussy, he asked,” Your little cunt is all horny and ready, girl?”

“Yes uncle! Please touch it.” She said desperately.

He slapped her, none too gently. “You telling me what to do, you little slut?” he sounded angry.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she said,” No uncle! I am sorry.”

“Look here,” he said, pointing to the big bulge in the dhoti(a male equivalent of sari).

Aruna looked at his huge bulge and went weak in her knees with fear and lust.

“Sit on your knees on the floor in front of me.” He commanded and she obeyed.

With his left hand he lifted her chin and with his right he mauled her small tits. She cried out.

“Do you want to see how big your uncle is, girl?” His hand mauled her tits.

“Yes uncle. Very much, please!” she whimpered.

“What are you waiting for, girl? Go under my dhoti and see.”

She moved slightly forward and her eager hands went under the folds of his dhoti covering the bulge. With one hand he gripped her head and with the other he pulled down his striped drawers. Pulling her hand close to his huge cock, he covered her head completely under his dhoti.

Aruna was scared and shocked as his dhoti covered her head. It took her a few seconds to adjust and he let go off her head.

The first thing she felt was the strong, offensive and pungent smell of his genitals. Instantly it was nauseating and her mind revolted. But she was strongly fascinated by the first visual contact with his huge penis and its proximity.

It was indeed a very big penis, slowly lengthening further, like an unwinding serpent. It was dark brown in color and thick and the conical tip was pinkish red. Her first thoughts were that if it is so big already, how much bigger would it get when fully erect! How could any cunt take in this huge monster, let alone her small virginal pussy! She would simply get killed!! The very thought scared her.

She felt her uncle hold her head by her hair in one hand and then his cock moved all over her face, guided by his other hand. By then, she not only got used to the smell of it; she even liked it a little.

“Time you know how a good cock tastes, girl,” her uncle said, moving the dhoti away.

His hand guided her head roughly to the pink, conical crown that had a small slit from which small drops of white, viscous liquid oozed. Instinctively, she licked it with her tongue. It was virtually tasteless.

As she opened her mouth wide, he pushed his hard cock into it. She took in a couple of inches and clamped her mouth shut. She sucked it.

“Yes! Girl! You are a big girl and this is your lollipop. If you suck it well, uncle will touch your pussy. You want that badly, don’t you, little slut?”

She nodded and sucked more vigorously. She felt herself lifted and moved around roughly like a doll and repositioned…his cock in her mouth all the while. She was on her knees on the bed now and his right hand fondled her buttocks.

“Suck it good, bitch,” he shouted as he smacked her buttocks. It was a stinging smack and pain shot through her. As she tried to cry out, he pushed more cock in. She hated him for all the pain he happily inflicted on her! But, she loved him too for letting her taste such great pleasure!

His hand moved further down and to the other side and grabbed her hungry, horny, juicy pussy. His big fingers found the wet opening. With a squeeze of the pussy, he pushed his forefinger into her. Aruna was in heaven as he violated her and sucked his cock with unbelievable passion.

Bhaskar was pleasantly surprised and pleased with her performance. As he started ejaculation, he pulled out of her mouth and sprayed his cum all over her face and tits. Aruna shook with huge orgasm as she saw him do it and her own cunt leaked juices. She was amazed at the quantum of his cum.

“Go fetch a towel and clean me,” he commanded, lying down on the bed, spent.

She did as he asked and cleaned up his huge cock, his big balls and the surrounding areas. He watched her and liked the reverence with which she did her job. When she finished, she went to the wash room and cleaned up herself. She returned and stood by the bed side, awaiting his next command.

“Come and sit here, girl.” She sat down on the bed, close to him. Tenderly he massaged her buttocks and thighs.

“You like what I am doing, girl? You really like it all?”

“Yes uncle. I like it very much.”

“I will do a lot more things with you, little slut. But, we will not fuck.”

“Why, uncle? “She dared to ask, softly.

“You want my big cock in your little cunt tearing it up, don’t you?”

“Yes uncle.” Her voice shook with unconcealed lust.

“I know, girl, but I won’t. Not now. You are my sister’s daughter and a virgin. We will keep your cherry intact for your husband.”

“But, sometime after marriage, when your cunt is really hungry for a big fuck you come down and I will fuck you till you beg me to stop. Now, let me rest.”

For the reminder of their stay in the village, she had another two or three sessions with her uncle. Each time he abused her body in many ways and simultaneously pleasured it. Aruna’s body and mind both got addicted to his technique of pain followed by pleasure with increasing intensity.

He was the dominant and she was the submissive. For the first time in her life, she stopped trying to dominate and became a submissive willingly. It was an unbelievable role reversal which she both hated and loved.

When she was back in her city and her circles, she became even more of a dominant (and a bitch) as if to compensate for that one month of role reversal.

When she fell in love with Sekhar it was genuine. She felt immense love for him and truly wanted to share her life with him. Everything changed with the first night of their honeymoon. Suddenly, her uncle appeared in her mind and dominated her thoughts.

Sekhar was everything that Bhaskar was not! That was the real problem

His gentle approach to love making, contrasted totally with the rough handling and abuse by her uncle.

To the tampered psyche of Aruna her uncle was the benchmark for sex

Poor Sekhar, unaware of her perception, fell far short on that count. Thus started his woes! And each failure compounded the problem.

This was what led to the failure of their marriage and their eventual separation.

Once Smita left, Sekhar’s life returned to its normal routine of work during the day and lonely nights wherein he rued his ill luck in marriage, his separation from Aruna and life in general. Often, he would think about those two wonderful nights during which his sister provided solace to him.

Sudha noted that her son had slipped back into a kind of depression and she was worried. She spoke about it to Smita during one of their daily telephone calls.

“He looked much better when you were here,Smita! Now he is back to his depression and I am worried.” Her mother sounded very concerned.

If only you knew what I did to him, mom, Smita thought warily! No way could she tell her mother that directly! But, Smita knew her mother was an intelligent and caring person. May be she could hint things to her without admitting anything and guide her mother! It was worth a try, she thought.

“Mom, that was because when I was there, I took good care of him. You know he was depressed about his separation and was feeling very lonely. So, I gave him my company.”

“I am also trying to talk to him but he doesn’t allow any conversation for too long.” Her mom replied.

“I am not talking of conversations alone, mom. I thought it best not to allow him to be lonely, even at night and dwell on things,” Smita said, hesitantly.

“You mean you asked him to sleep in your bed?” Her mother sounded very surprised.

“Yes, mom, the poor guy was having nightmares and he needed to be comforted.” She laid a little emphasis on the word ‘comforted’.

She heard the quick intake of her mother’s breath. A silence followed.

“Mom, you do realize that you and I are the only women in his life now, don’t you? He has no one else to turn to. Sekhar is still like a c***d in many ways. When a c***d is unwell we have to take good care of him right?” She kept on.

“Very true” Her mother answered, softly.

“So, I comforted him mom. He slept in my bed and when he had those nightmares I held him in my embrace and comforted him.” There it is! At last, she told her mother what was needed.

“You should also try and do the same, mom, whenever possible. We have to take care of him. He has no one else.” She finished speaking.

“You are right. He is my c***d and I will take care of him. I have to.” Her mom answered her softly and ended the call.

It was easier said than done. Sudha thought about the problem. She and Kumar always slept together in the Master Bedroom. These days they hardly ever made love. But they shared the bed out of habit and for mutual comfort. She can never go and sleep in Sekhar’s bed. Her husband would ridicule her and never allow that.

The solution came in the form of a one week training program for Officers of his bank in Delhi which Kumar was asked to attend. Here was a chance for her to be alone with her son at home and comfort him. But, did she dare to! How could she bring herself to play that role! Sudha was indeed confused.

On their first evening alone, after dinner, they sat in the living room on the sofa and watched the TV. Sekhar watched a news channel for few minutes and then asked his mother. “Do you want to watch anything special mom?

“Let us have some music, Sekhar.”

He switched the channels and stopped at a music channel that played Bollywood Hindi songs and adjusted the volume to a low. They sat quietly for a while.

“How is your new job and work?” Sudha asked him.

“It is fine, mom. No problems.”

Again quiet reigned for a while.

On the TV a song was playing showing a k** celebrating his birthday with his parents and friends. It brought a smile to her face. Sekhar looked at her, questioningly.

“I am reminded of you and Smita as k**s.” She laughed.

“Mom, you must have had a tough time with the two of us.” He said smiling.

“Indeed! It was pretty tough. It was your father’s idea for us to have two k**s in quick succession and then stop. He said that though it would be tough for a few years, both of you would grow up together and it would be lot easier later.”

“But initially it must have been very tough for you, mom.” He said fondly.

“Yes Sekhar. Smita was just one when you were born. It was more like bringing up twins. For example, I had to feed you both and it was a tough job when both of you were hungry at the same time.” She smiled as she recollected.

Sekhar felt an excitement as his mother mentioned feeding. Next instant, he felt ashamed at getting excited.

“There were times when your sister wouldn’t let go and you cried out loud for milk and I had to manage both of you little devils. Luckily, I had enough milk for both of you.” She smiled.

“But, Smita was mostly quick and less demanding. You! You were a regular devil!”

Sekhar felt a strange feeling of love well up for his mother and moved closer to her. She took his hand in hers and caressed it lovingly.

“Yes, you were a little devil and you wouldn’t leave me alone even after you had your fill.”

Sudha didn’t feel uncomfortable telling her grown up son about this. On the contrary, she was a little excited. She pressed his palm gently.

“What did I do mom?” he asked, excited.

“You would finish feeding but sleep in that position and if I moved away, you would wake up and cry.” Sudha didn’t smile now and her voice shook a little. She held his hand a little tighter.

“I slept like that, mom?” his hand gently squeezed her.

“Yes. By the time Smita was two we switched over to bottled milk for her. But you devil, you never stopped…even when there was no milk. It took years for you to get over that habit.”

“You mean I loved to sleep with tit in my mouth even without milk! Incredible!” He said looking at her full breasts, his excitement mounting.

Sudha felt his eyes wandering on her breasts and she felt her nipples hardening and blushed.

“Not just that. Even without milk, you loved sucking them. You did that for a long time” She felt a thrill saying that.

Through the thin material of her blouse, he could see her nipples hardening. His own reactions were mixed. He felt very excited with mounting passion. At the same time his conscience gnawed at him with guilt.

They were reprieved by the shrill ringing of the telephone bell. Sudha answered the phone. It was Kumar calling from Delhi. Sekhar left quietly for his room. By the time Sudha finished with the call, the lights were off in his room. Sudha finished the few pending chores and retired to her own bed about fifteen minutes later.

She couldn’t sleep right away. As she recapitulated the events of the evening, she felt strangely excited and disturbed. Did she really talk to her grown up son about his penchant for sucking her tits in his c***dhood! Oh my god! How he looked at her boobs and how her nipples hardened. She was sure he noticed them too.

Without really meaning to her hands went to her blouse and unhooked it. Her full breasts, still shapely and attractive, bounced when released. She felt her fingers go to the nipples which lengthened and hardened at her touch. Shutting her eyes she let her fingers massage them.

Her boobs have not been touched by a man for long…her husband hardly interested in sex these days. They yearned for a male touch and love. Slowly she drifted into sleep.

In his bed, Sekhar too thought of the evening’s excitement. What his mom said was innocent enough. But then, why did it excite him so much. Was there a sexual undertone or was it a figment of his imagination? The hardening of her nipples was very visible and that was not imagined!

The thought of her hard nipples possessed his mind…took control. Then, he thought of sucking those nipples…not as a c***d feeding in the past but as a man sexually aroused! The image was so erotic and powerful that he masturbated immediately seeking a release for his pent up passion.

The next day, after Sekhar left work and she finished her domestic chores, Sudha sat for a while gathering her thoughts. What had happened last night was sort of confusing and she needed to analyze it. There was no doubt that she started the conversation innocently enough. She wanted to engage him and talked of what came to her mind first.

But, as the conversation progressed, it had acquired a sexual undertone. The beauty was that it came in so naturally and was accepted by both of them. Was it at their conscious level or sub-conscious level? Whatever it was, it was certainly not a figment of her imagination. Her nipples hardened and became so sensitive. And her son cast hungry looks of lust at them.

May be this was what Smita’s telephone talk was all about. She talked of providing her poor brother comfort. Did Smita allow him access to her boobs and did Sekhar fondle them! She can’t ask her daughter about it but she had a feeling that they both did indulge in some physical contact.

That was nothing short of i****t and it was a taboo; forbidden by their society. The very idea should have shocked her.

But, Sudha was shocked that she was not shocked!!

Her son was in a sad state and depression. His welfare was more important than perceived sins or social taboos. After all, as Smita rightly said, they were the only women in his barren life now.

If providing comfort to her son involves indulging in i****tuous thoughts and practices so be it, Sudha thought.

That night they sat together again in the living room in front of the TV. As Sekhar watched the news, Sudha called her husband on phone and talked for a few minutes to tell him all was well. After the call she returned to her place on the sofa next to her son.

While his mom talked to his dad, Sekhar observed her from the side, unobtrusively. His mother was dressed in light cream colored sari and a white blouse. Her blouse material was very thin and he could see that she was bra less. Her breasts were full and shapely and he could see them, quite clearly, through the transparent blouse. Even the points of her nipples were prominent.

The urge to touch those wondrous breasts and feed on them had intensified in Sekhar beyond belief. Whole day, his thoughts returned to them, time and again. He knew that it was wrong to even think in these lines but he was helpless. Such is the power of lust on normal humans!

“So, how was your day, Sekhar?”

“It was okay mom, not too much work pressure right now.” He replied.

“Good. So did you think of home and me?” She asked, smiling.

“Many times, mom and more than you know.”

He was seated to her left. She took his right hand in both her hands and started caressing it tenderly.

“Tell me about it, Sekhar.”

“I love you, mom. I love you very much.” He answered gently squeezing her hand.

“I love you a lot too, son. Mom loves you always.” She returned his squeeze.

He moved a little closer to her and his left thigh touched her right thigh. Through the thin sari he felt the warmth and softness of her thigh. Her proximity was overpowering. He bent his head slightly and in a side on position rested his left cheek on her right shoulder.

Sudha felt her son’s stubble tickle her collar.

He whispered into her ear, “I love you mom. I am yours always.”

Sudha was overwhelmed by his need and felt her heart swelling with love for her son; her baby.

She lifted his right hand and placed its palm squarely on her left breast.

Sekhar was absolutely delighted as he felt a shiver run through him. His lovely mom offered him her boob…the object of his desire and lust.

He gently squeezed her boob. The feeling was heavenly but the boob was too big for his palm. He brought both hands to it and squeezed it, a little harder. A sigh escaped from Sudha.

Sekhar’s face moved fractionally and his lips found her throat and gently kissed it. Unknown to him, it was one of Sudha’s erotically sensitive zones and Sekhar hit the spot, right on. His hungry hands pushed away her sari from her blouse and chest.

Her full breasts ensconced in the thin white blouse with the half moons spilling over the top of her blouse were very sexy. Sekhar’s hand rushed to the bare half moons to get the feel of their softness, warmth and tautness. It was a heavenly feeling for him.

With somewhat of a shock, Sudha realized that the hands fondling her tit were manly and demanding, as were the lips kissing her throat. This was not a baby but a man hungry for her body and its love. Sudha felt her own lust stirring, in spite of herself. Just as he wanted more, her body too wanted more.

With her own hands she unhooked her blouse, turned partly to her left and offered her naked breasts in all their glory to her son. Grateful to his mother for her heavenly gift, Sekhar’s hands took passionate possession of them.

He found her big and engorged nipples extremely attractive and pinched them lightly between his thumb and forefinger. His thumb caressed the tip of his mom’s nipple with a lot of love. His other hand was busy fondling the other boob. Sudha moaned softly as pleasure and pain shot through her.

Oh God! What was Sekhar doing to her old tits! They were so sensitive to his touch and tease and she felt love and passion in his touch; the kind of feeling she had almost forgotten. He loves my boobs and he is making me feel like a young, desirable woman, once again, she thought! She wanted him to do more to her bouncy and full tits.

Holding his head from behind gently with her hands, Sudha pulled her son to her heaving and naked bosom. His hot mouth sought and found its target…her right nipple and his lips clamped on to it even as his tongue licked it and the surrounding aureole. As his playful tongue wet it fast, her nipple grew even bigger into his hungry and wet lips.

Then he sucked!! He sucked his mom’s tit as if he wanted to compensate for all those years she kept him away from them!! He sucked it with a great fervor and greed. With each suck of her tit, Sudha felt juices rush and flow in her hungry cunt. As if in reflex, her legs opened wider. Sensing this, without thinking, Sekhar dropped his right hand on to her lap.

Sudha was aghast but helpless. Her conscience shouted a loud ‘stop’ but her body begged for more. Before she could really make up her mind, his palm found her mound covered in all those layers of clothing and protected in her damp panties. With youthful exuberance and mounting passion his palm squeezed his mother’s pussy.

That act of possession was the proverbial last straw. Sudha’s own hand groped and found her son’s legs and the big tent in his pajamas. Greedily, she grabbed her son’s hard cock. Without meaning to, she compared instantly her son’s big, pulsating boner to her husband’s aging, semi hard, smaller cock.

Blind with raw passion, Sekhar kept squeezing his mom’s juicy pussy while sucking hard at her tits. Sudha stroked his hard cock furiously. When the dam burst, it literally flooded both of them and they came with whimpers, moans and cries. Sudha fell on her back on the sofa and her son’s head rested on her bosom.

She was the first to recover. When she looked at her son, she could see the beginning of guilt as he lowered his eyes. No son, that shouldn’t happen, I won’t allow that to happen, she told herself. We both are in this and we are going to enjoy this without any guilt!

“Oh, Lord! Did I need that! I loved every bit of it. Hope you liked what I did, Sekhar?” She was positively glowing.

“Oh mom, you are incredible! It was unbelievably good!”

“Let us clean up first, change and get back, Sekhar.” With that she left for her bedroom.

It was a full fifteen minutes later that Sudha returned to the living room. She was dressed in a pinkish nightie with maroon flowers and looked very adorable and lively. Sekhar changed to shorts and T shirt.

Sudha hugged her son and his arms went around her. Their bodies molded into each other and there was nothing matronly about that hug. She loved the bulge that rubbed against her crotch and he loved the big breasts that squashed against his chest. His left hand rested on the small of her back and his right roamed on her big, lovely ass.

“Sleep in my bed, Mom, please!” He pleaded.

“Sure son. But you will listen to mom and do only what mom wants. Promise me that, Sekhar!” She said with a bit of seriousness.

“Yes mom. I will do as you say, whatever you say.” He was very eager to get going!

They walked together to his bed room.

Sekhar switched off the main lamp and the night lamp was on. Sudha settled down comfortably on her son’s bed and Sekhar joined her on her left side. They both assumed a side on position facing each other.

Sudha caressed his cheek gently, his stubble tickling her soft hand and ruffled his hair fondly with her other hand. Sekhar moved his face close to his mother’s; very close.

“May I kiss you, mom?” He whispered softly.

Sudha moved her head fractionally closer so that their lips brushed each other.

His hungry mouth came down on his mother’s yielding, wet lips and hot mouth. He kissed her with a lot of passion and love.

When a man and woman kiss full on the lips, everything else is forgotten. Doesn’t matter what their relationship is, it is immaterial. While kissing passionately they are just a man and woman stroking each other’s sexual desires and fires. They are reduced to a very basic and fundamental equation of the universe!

After a couple of minutes they broke off.

“Enough for the night, Baby! Let us sleep. You have to go to work in the morning.”

So saying, Sudha pulled her son’s head to her bosom in a maternal gesture, offering him great comfort. Pillowed upon his mother’s ample bosom, Sekhar drifted into a sound sleep.

Several hours later, Sudha woke up. It took her a few seconds to realize where she was. She was flat on her back. Her son lay on her left side, his right cheek resting on her left tit, his left leg thrown across her tummy and his semi hard cock poking her side. He was sound asleep and his mother sighed contentedly and she too returned to sleep.

Next day Sekhar left for work in good cheer, kissing his mother on her cheek before leaving. During the day, Sudha’s thoughts returned to the night’s events again and again. She knew that they had crossed a threshold. Mother and son have now entered the forbidden territory and this was a one way street. You just cannot go back; only forward.

As the more senior member in this relationship, it was for her to control how far ahead they went and how fast, she thought. That she would indulge in i****t, let alone even think about it, was unthinkable, in her past. But, that was the way of life; throwing surprises and making the unexpected happen!

To err is divine…hasn’t she read somewhere! An erotic story by that name, by someone called touchmate!! Yes, it certainly was divine so far!

That evening, after dinner, mother and son sat down on the sofa in front of TV. Both were silent, lost in their thoughts.

“What are you thinking about, Sekhar?” She asked him.

“Oh! mom!” He actually blushed.

“Come on, son! No secrets from me now.” She said teasing him.

“I am embarrassed to tell you mom…”

“Come closer and whisper in my ear, Sekhar!” She continued the tease.

He moved close to her and rested his chin on her shoulder.

“I am hungry for my feed in bed, mom,” he whispered.

“You are still like the little devil you were!” She said playfully.

Without further delay, they got up, switched off the TV and lights and moved to his bed room. Once inside he hugged his mother tightly and a very light moan escaped her.

Sekhar’s thought of nothing but the bare boobs, naked thighs and the mound of his mother the whole day. Sudha’s thoughts returned time and again to the fondling and sucking of her tits by her son, his palm on her pussy and her hand pumping his big, hard cock. Thus, both were pretty charged up by the evening.

So, when they hugged, there was a sense of urgency in the act that got communicated between the mother and her son. Sekhar tightened his arms around her, his left palm resting on her smooth upper back and his right palm resting squarely on her smooth waist, his fingers lightly digging in. Sudha held her son in equally tight embrace, enjoying the sensation of her full breasts getting squashed against his broad, strong chest.

In such tight embrace, they started kissing hard. Sekhar was the first to start, finding his mother’s lower lip with his hungry lips and sucking at it eagerly. To him it tasted like a lollipop; sweet and juicy! He pulled in more of her lip into his mouth and sucked with greater hunger.

Sudha was in heaven. It had been several years since her husband kissed her full on the mouth. Even when he did, she was always turned off by his smoker’s lips and the taste & smell of tobacco! For the first time, she was now being kissed by a non smoking young man whose mouth was both fresh and hungry. It was so good and different!!

She reacted by kissing him back! She slipped her tongue into his hungry mouth and made contact with his tongue. Their tongues touched, withdrew and touched again in quick succession and started playing with each other. Then, her tongue started exploring his hot, wet mouth.

Sudha felt her son loosening his embrace a little. Even as she wondered why, she felt his hands between them pulling her sari away from her blouse and unfurling it. As it dropped in a heap at her feet, she felt his fingers unhooking her blouse. Sudha did not have a bra underneath and Sekhar’s hands quickly grabbed her full breasts with both hands.

Sudha responded by tugging at his T shirt and Sekhar understood and quickly pulled it off. Sudha hugged her son tightly again and as her full and naked breasts squashed against his hard and hairy chest, she moaned loudly. Her nipples which had already grown hard and erect loved the sensation of his chest hairs caressing them.

Moving together, they inched towards the bed. Sudha loosened her arms and sat on the edge of the bed, her full breasts heaving with passion. In that sitting position, she pulled her son close. Sekhar was dressed in white shorts and there was a big bulge which was now in level with her face.

Next second, the bulge made a contact with her face. Sudha’s hands grabbed his shorts, tugged at the elastic band and pulled them down his thighs. Her son was clad now in just a blue Jockey underwear which had a big tent in front. Her hands grabbed his fully erect and rock hard pole shape in the front and brought her own face against it.

Sekhar’s hands grabbed his mother’s head from the sides and pulled it towards him. Sudha slipped her fingers into the elastic band of his underwear and eased it off his body, pulling it down and releasing his highly agitated, young cock. As it sprang free and hit his mother’s face on her left cheek, it was Sekhar’s turn to moan aloud.

Sudha’s hands went to work with love and urgency. With her left palm she cupped his medium sized balls and with her right hand she gripped the base of his hard penis. She looked at his pink helmet lovingly for a few seconds. She could clearly see the tiny slit at the tip and a small trickle of viscous pre cum.

Lovingly, she rubbed his cock head all over her own beautiful face. As the hot rod rubbed her cheeks and chin, they both felt their lust mounting up. Next second, Sudha’s full lips made their first contact with her son’s cock. She moved her head slowly, in such fashion that his cock head rubbed along the full length of her wet lips. Then her lips closed around it.

Sekhar shivered when he felt his mother’s tongue lick the entire surface of his helmet lovingly. Then her tongue advanced a little and lapped at its rim and the skin. Sudha took a little of his hard cock into her mouth and sucked at it with a lot of passion. She adored absolutely the feel of his hard, hot, young cock in her mouth and sucked it greedily.

He was flying. Even in his wildest dreams he never imagined this. This was the first time in his life that he experienced the pleasure of having his cock sucked. That it was his own beautiful mother’s mouth that was sucking his cock had, indeed, doubled the pleasure. Overcome with passion, he grabbed his mother’s jet black hair and pushed more of his cock into her hot, yielding mouth.

Sudha choked for a second, sputtered and pushed him away from her mouth. She took a deep breath and said, “Don’t choke me, Sekhar. Let me do it properly, okay?”

Holding him by his tight flanks and butt, Sudha opened her wet mouth wide and slowly took in most of his hard cock into her mouth. She held the rest of the cock remaining outside her mouth in a tight grip of her fist and started sucking in right earnest. She moved it all over the inside of her mouth, licked it with her tongue and sucked it. At some point his helmet rubbed against her palate too.

Sekhar’s hands caressed his mother’s hair and neck as he soared higher and higher into the heavens. Without his realizing it, his mother took the full length of his engorged cock into her very wet, hot, passionate mouth and sucked with raw passion. His helmet was at the entrance to her throat and as she sucked, there was only one thought in her mind.

If her son’s cock felt so good in her mouth, how much more heavenly would it feel in her hot, horny cunt. Just the mere thought of his hard phallus in her cunt made Sudha dizzy with desire and set off tiny spasms in her.

Young Sekhar was also in a spell. His mother is incredible, he thought, as she sucked his cock with such passion. He could feel his own explosion approaching fast. He was making sounds that were moans and sighs and felt as if his entire blood supply was rushing into his crotch. It was a roller coaster ride and suddenly he felt the free fall, down a very steep incline, the ground rushing at him.

Next second he ejaculated shouting a, “Aaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

Sudha felt the jet of hot sperm shooting into her mouth and into her throat. In all her years of marriage, she never experienced anything illegal bahis siteleri remotely resembling this sensation. Though she had sucked her husband a few times, it was nothing like this at all. What amazed and pleased her immensely was the sperm her son shot into her mouth…the quantity and quality! The hot cum tasted delicious and the hot jet surprised her.

When he was totally spent, she sucked away the last drop from his now half hard penis and released him. Sekhar moved away from his mother and fell on to the bed, totally spent. Sudha stood up and went to the bathroom. When she shut the door behind her, the first thing she did was to look at her own image in the mirror above the wash basin.

Her hair was disheveled, her cheeks were slightly puffed and there were very light bruises on her boobs. At the corners of her mouth there were small traces of her son’s cum. Sudha liked what she did and what she saw; liked it immensely. She cleaned up and went back to the bed with a clean towel.

Her son was stretched out on the bed, totally relaxed and naked. She threw the towel to him to clean up and slipped next to him on the bed.

Sekhar immediately turned on his side and kissed his mother on her cheeks.

Sudha turned slightly away and offered him her mouth.

“Don’t you want to know how you taste?” She smiled at him.

He kissed her hard and deep.

When he released her, he said,”Yak, It tastes funny.”

“Not funny, it is yummy.” She smiled again.

They drifted into sleep.

Sometime later, Sudha woke up with a start. The night lamplight was on and the light was dim.

As her eyes got adjusted, she saw her son sitting at her legs. With a thrill, she realized that he managed to remove her petticoat. His face was against her thighs and he was kissing and licking them. His mouth was inching up towards her crotch.

She feigned sleep and remained still. Sekhar’s mouth reached her panties clad mound now and he slowly put his face on it.

Sekhar experienced a tremendous thrill as his face gently rubbed itself against his mother’s panties covered cunt. He felt the damp bush of her pubic hair covering her cunt. He could see tufts of her pubic hair through the sides of her panties. He then smelt her cunt. It was a strong smell, not very nice but strangely intoxicating. He also felt heat; heat emanating from her cunt and radiating through the panties.

He brought his mouth down and kissed the damp and wet panties.

Sudha opened her legs a little wider, involuntarily. When Sekhar inserted his fingers into the band of her damp panties and started pulling them down, she lifted her ass lightly to help him. He pulled her panties down and threw them away.

Next minute, he rubbed his face against her hairy cunt and kissed it.

Sudha had a black bush of pubic hair whose shaving off was overdue. Sekhar reached for it with both hands and found her outer lips. With a thumb on each lip, he gently pried them apart, even as Sudha opened her legs wider. For the first time, her pink wet inner lips revealed themselves to him.

He bent his head to the opening and kissed her open slit and inner lips. Sudha shivered a little with pleasure and anticipation. It was then that he let his tongue dart into her cunt for the first time. He tasted his mother’s cunt with a relish. It was like tasting a sour clear soup. It was a strange, bitter sweet taste. His tongue went right in and lapped up her cunt.

Sudha’s reaction was quick and strong. Her hands reached out for his head and pulled it harder against her delta. She spread her thighs wide so that her cunt could open itself completely to her son. She lifted her ass a little more so that her mound could push harder against his face.

Excited by his mother’s reaction, Sekhar pushed himself against her cunt and applied his mouth and tongue in right earnest. He started eating her delicious, hot, juicy pussy. This was so good and so exciting as compared to when he did this to his wife Aruna! Then it was a command from her and a task… a task he performed without enjoying it.

Here, with his lovely mother, this was love and lust, passion and desire, all combined into a heady mix. Sudha was in heavens. It was ages since she had experienced anything like this!! Her hunger, which was suppressed for a long time, had surfaced again now. And it was being fed by none other than her young, virile son in a most exquisite fashion!

Feeling the beginning of a big orgasm, Sudha started humping her son’s face and mouth with her cunt, her hips raising and falling steadily. In just a couple of minutes, Sudha had her biggest orgasm in a long time and her juices literally flooded her cunt. She gently pushed her son’s face away from her cunt.

Sekhar felt, instinctively, that his mother was not completely done yet. His right palm reached for her swollen cunt and squeezed it gently near the slit while his left hand rubbed the portion above the slit and the vaginal folds there. He slipped his right forefinger into her very wet and hot cunt and started wiggling it.

For the first time, he felt the size of his mother’s cunt and confidently slipped in his middle finger too. Sekhar had long and shapely fingers of medium thickness and covered with black hairs. Sudha was now dizzy again with her son’s fingers fully into her horny cunt and doing wonders to it.

“Yes! Sekhar! Yes! Move them fast; move them all around mama’s cunt. Make me cum!!”

Her words were the result of raw passion and long suppressed need. She was in delirium and her son’s magical fingers took her to yet another explosive orgasm in quick succession.

“Aahaaaaaa abbaaaaaa…”

His mother’s whimpering was music to his ears.

Totally spent, mother and son fell into each other’s loose embrace and into deep sleep.

Let me take you back to Aruna.

While Sekhar’s sister and mother came to his rescue and started taking ‘good care’ of his physical and emotional needs, with Aruna things were different.

Once they separated, Aruna immersed herself totally in her professional work. At the office, she started putting in long hours and some fast and smart work. This, coupled with her technical competence, ensured that her work was completed ahead of schedule while meeting all the quality norms. She quickly made a name for herself.

There was only one problem. She hardly got on well with anyone. She was not a good team player but a loner. In IT sector, most companies work through teams. Aruna’s bitchiness and arrogance and her tendency to dominate were a big problem for her peers and bosses. She was often shifted from team to team as her bosses were loathe to letting her go.

At home, her parents worried about her future. All communications between Sekhar and Aruna, and also between their families, broke down totally. And no one in their family or friend circles volunteered to mediate or help. The prospects of a divorce were looming large. As Aruna spent more and more time at work, her parents got more and more worried.

At the office, the top management finally came to the conclusion that Aruna was not suitable for team work. They posted her as a special assistant to the Director (Client Services) – forty three year old Gopal Krishna, known to everyone by his short name Gopi. Brilliant computer engineer who excelled in problem solving & trouble shooting; Gopi was also known for his eccentricities.

It was indeed a promotion in terms of pay and perks and Aruna looked at it as a new challenge. She was thrilled by the prospect of interaction with several big clients and also possible assignments abroad. Her parents were happy that she was at least doing well in her professional life.

After she reported to Gopi, he asked her to carefully go through all the customer complaints of the past six months, carry out a detailed analysis and make a report giving her recommendations for improvement. He asked her to submit the report on Friday morning, three days away.

Aruna worked hard, day and night, and had the report ready on her Boss’s desk by Thursday morning; twenty four hours ahead. So, when her boss called her on the intercom to come down to his cabin, she went expecting high praise.

“What is the problem with you? Can’t you understand simple English? Do you not know what day of the week is today?” He was harsh and scowling.

“I worked hard to complete it and submit it ahead of time.” She sounded angry, even to herself.

“Respect!! I am your senior and your boss. You would address me ‘sir’. I don’t give a crap about all that first name BS of HR, Okay?” He was loud, rude and angry.

“I am sorry, Sir,” she mumbled.

“You thought you would impress me by submitting your crap report ahead of time?” He was mocking her now.

Aruna felt as if she were slapped. This was the first time that someone at the office treated her so badly. Her face flushed and tears flooded her eyes with rage. She wanted to shout back. But she knew he was big shot, a Director. He can kick her out in a jiffy and the last thing she wanted now was to lose her job.

So, she kept her head bowed down and silent.

“Okay! I will let go this time. Make sure that from now on, you follow my instructions precisely. You can impress me only by doing that. Is that clear?” He sounded ominous.

She kept mum and nodded her head slightly.

“I asked you a question. I want to hear the answer. Are you dumb, girl? “He thundered.

It was like a whiplash for her! Usage of that word ‘girl’ so derisively to address her exactly like her Uncle!! It took her a few seconds to react.

“Yes Sir! It is clear to me. I will follow your instructions meticulously.” She answered in a clear, soft and submissive tone.

“Okay! Go now.”

When she returned to her cabin, it took her a few minutes to recover her poise. Her first reaction was to curse her luck for ending up with this dinosaur at the office. God! How he hurt her and treated her like dirt! Called her report a crap report without even glancing at it! He is a fucking idiot that is what he is, she thought! A typical prehistoric MCP!

But, wait a second! When he addressed her ‘girl’ in that derisive way, he reminded her of her Uncle. For a few seconds there, she felt the pain and the thrill. It was almost like being with uncle! Come to think of it, even physically, Gopi was a lot like her uncle. Tall, well built, dominating personality, very aggressive! Her anger died down quickly.

An hour later, he summoned her to his cabin again. She was shit scared. She thought he would pick a lot of holes in her report, make some more derogatory remarks and trash her report.

She walked in apprehensively.

“Sit down Aruna.” His voice was gentle.

She sat down, still on her guard.

“You have done a fair job and your report is well written.”

“Thank you, sir,” she said in a clear, elated tone.

“There are a couple of areas where you could have done better.” He went on to explain the areas and how she could have done better.

Aruna was impressed! Her boss was right! She should have thought of those things too!

“Keep doing such good work and we will get along fine. Okay girl?”

There again!! That same form of addressing – ‘girl’!

But now, she blushed as she said, “Yes, Sir!”

At the end of her first encounter with her boss, Aruna experienced both pain and pleasure…after a long time!!

Over the next month, Aruna immersed herself totally in work. Her work life was like a Roller Coaster ride; thanks to her highly unpredictable Boss! She was down in dumps & up flying high…all in a day’s work. The highlight of the month was the ‘Big Party’.

One of their top customers from USA had visited them. The visitors comprised of three very senior executives. During their three day visit, there were some meetings which her Boss attended. Aruna was both scared and pleased when her boss asked her to accompany him to those meetings. She was one of the very few juniors who were asked to attend those meetings. This pleased her a great deal.

On the last day of the visit, her company hosted a dinner for the visiting VIPs at a 5-star hotel. That afternoon, Gopi called her to his cabin and asked her to attend the dinner. Aruna was really thrilled.

“These are foreigners and they love to see things Indian. Dress yourself well in a sari and blouse, girl, okay?” It was more a command than a request.

“Yes Sir.” Aruna wondered how she was going to manage. She called her mom on phone and sought her help.

The dinner that evening went off well. The visitors had signed a big deal with Aruna’s company earlier and everyone was happy. Aruna dressed well in a light pink embroidered sari with a lovely matching blouse. She wore her sari low revealing her beautifully round navel and accentuating her slim waist and tight butt.

All had a drink too many and there was a bit of tongue loosening. Gopi was in an expansive mood and spoke well of Aruna in the presence of the other Directors.

It was almost midnight by the time the party was over and Gopi offered to drop off Aruna which she gladly accepted. They sat in the comfortable back seat of his luxury car and Aruna gave the driver directions to her place.

“It was a good party. I am glad it went off well. Did you like it, girl?” Gopi did sound satisfied.

“Yes Sir. I am very happy and thank you, sir.” She replied sincerely.

“It is okay girl. You will go places.” As he said that he just patted her on her thigh.

It was a simple, harmless gesture.

But two things made it special for Aruna. It was their first physical contact and his big hand patting her thigh sent a shiver through her.

But, what was more important and significant – the hand stayed there. Yes! His big palm stayed on her warm thigh and didn’t leave it. Aruna was very much aware of this and she literally held her breath waiting for the next move.

His big palm just gripped her warm, smooth young thigh! Gripped it! His fingers dug into its softness! It hurt her and she winced but didn’t make any sound for fear of attracting the driver’s attention. Next minute, he let her go.

During the next one week memories of that party and that car ride back home lingered on in her mind. It was also during the week that Aruna made efforts, discretely, and gleaned some information about her boss.

Gopi was 44 year old and a highly qualified computer professional; excelling in both hardware and software. He was married to Lalitha, a good looking, well educated and socialite woman. Being the only daughter of her wealthy parents, Lalitha was rich in her own right. She was a well known socialite spending her time equally on arts and charities.

They have a 14 year old son. Aruna had also heard on the g****vine that Gopi and his wife drifted apart in the last few years and all was not well with their marriage. She also heard that Lalitha had put her foot down firmly against a separation and they agreed to carry on the pretense of a happy marriage.

When she came to know these details Aruna felt sad for her boss. Despite all his macho image and bravado, he too was suffering from a failed marriage like her! Aruna empathized with him. She wondered if her boss knew about her own plight. Probably not! She was too small a fry in his universe!

A few days later Gopi called her to his cabin.

“Have you heard of GAC?” He barked at her.

She had only heard the name vaguely and said so.

“They are a big, California based company. Read up everything you can about them. We are going there next week. We will be away for a month or so. Get in touch with HR & Admin for the logistics.” He dismissed her with a wave of his hand.

It only sank in when Aruna returned to her desk.

She was going abroad! She was going to the US of A!! She was being sent there by her company! Wait a minute! What were her Boss’s exact words!!

“We are going there next week.”

That’s it. Her Boss and she were going to USA together and for a month!

Aruna was both scared and elated. Here was her big chance to grow professionally. But, for a month, she has to survive her unpredictable boss and his eccentricities. First thing first! Aruna rushed to the HR department for the logistics.

At home her parents were happy for her. Here was something to celebrate and take her mind away from her failed marriage!

Ten days later, Gopi and Aruna landed at the SFO airport. To Aruna everything about America was amazing. She fell in love with the beautiful & famous Golden Gate bridge and the breath taking view of the Bay from there.

Her company owned a nice 4 bedroom house a few miles north of the Golden gate. This was used by the company executives whenever they visited the Bay area. A Mexican family took care of the weekly cleaning and maintenance of the house.

Gopi was familiar with the place and surroundings, having visited many times earlier. When they arrived there on a Sunday morning they were glad to see that everything was cleaned up and spic and span. The fridge was stocked with milk, yogurt, eggs, butter, jams & jellies etc. In the pantry they found four different varieties of cereals and fresh breads – white and brown and other assorted items.

The caretaker had left a note saying that they were the only guests and indicated which bedrooms were made ready for them. Their bed rooms were on the first floor and adjacent to each other. Gopi took the slightly bigger room and Aruna the adjacent one. They went down, had a quick breakfast of eggs, toast and cereal. They were both tired after the long journey.

“Let us catch up with a few hours sleep and wake up by lunch time.” Gopi said and they went to their respective rooms.

The first week in USA literally left Aruna breathless. The work at the client’s place was very challenging. Her respect for her boss had gone up by several notches after seeing him in action. His analytical and problem solving skills were amazing and Aruna simply marveled at him. She worked hard and for long hours at whatever she was asked to do by her boss.

Finally It was Friday evening & they returned home.

“Get ready, girl. We will go out and you can see a bit of ‘Frisco.” His words were music to her ears.

Gopi drove his company’s Lexus with ease and took her around on a drive. Aruna had her first look at the big city by night. After an hour’s driving around, they went to a cozy Indian restaurant. They had sumptuous north Indian dinner and ate it with red wine. Aruna was literally famished and so ate and drank a little more than her normal quota.

After dinner they walked around for a while enjoying the sights of the big city. Finally, they returned to their home around midnight.

They sat down in the living room; Gopi on the big couch and Aruna on an easy chair.

“It is time for a nightcap. There is a bottle of Remy Martin cognac in the pantry. Go and get it girl.” He sounded quite mellowed.

Aruna went and brought the cognac and two small glasses. Gopi poured their drinks. Aruna was already a little tipsy but she didn’t want to displease her boss.

As they sipped the tasty cognac, Gopi asked,” Are you happy, girl?”

“Yes sir. I am very happy. Thank you. “She replied sincerely.

“Come and sit here. I can’t hear you clearly from there.” He patted the space on the couch next to him.

Aruna went there and sat next to him.

He looked at her and she felt his eyes darting over her body; from head to toe. She felt his eyes disrobing her and examining her critically.

“You are a okay girl. But you can be better, you know that?” He asked her.

“Yes Sir. I can and I will improve further.” She hoped her answer was the correct one.

He looked a little distracted. Suddenly he said, “You are okay except for the tits. You have no tits, girl.” He sounded more sad than angry.

Aruna felt as if she was slapped and slapped very hard!!

OMG!! She thought he was talking about her work and he was actually talking about her body!!

“Yes. I would have loved bigger tits but no problem. You have a very tight looking ass with small cheeks that is quite appealing to me. I might fancy that, girl!”

Aruna was aghast and turned crimson red. She thought her primitive uncle was an exception. But now, her big boss was also talking to her as if she were a street side slut!! Anger coursed through her. Next second, she cautioned herself. What is the big deal! Let him talk rough a bit. He was after all her boss and in total control. She was at his mercy and better not displease him!

So, she kept mum and didn’t say anything.

That was a mistake because he took that as an assent. He got off the couch and pulled her up along with him to a standing position. Grabbing her T shirt he pulled it off over her head roughly. Before Aruna could react, his hands went to her jeans, undid the button and unzipped it.

“Nooooo…” Aruna was really upset with the rough behavior of her boss and screamed out loud in anger.

Gopi slapped her hard on her left cheek! It was a stinging slap that hurt like hell. She just couldn’t believe it! Her high tech boss behaving like a goonda (a ruffian) and m*****ing her in the company guest house in California!! This can’t be happening!

Scared, Aruna tried to run away from him. That was another mistake because her jeans were now half way down her legs and she tripped and fell flat on the carpeted floor. She was stunned. Next second, she felt him pulling off her jeans. She was clad now only in her black panties and black bra.

“Come on Baby! You want it badly! Don’t make it hard for yourself. I know you are separated from your hubby. Your cunt must be really hungry.” His grin was hideous.

As if to compensate for the rough handling so far, he gently lifted her off the floor and laid her on the couch. He sat next to her prostrate form and gently ran his hands over her tear streaked face, her reddened cheek. He took a facial tissue and wiped her face gently, cleaning off the tears. His hands were now very gentle.

He bent down and brought his own face close to her mouth.

“My poor baby,” he mumbled and then brought his mouth down on hers.

As Gopi kissed her, Aruna drifted into a highly confused state. She was so angry, upset and hurt with his initial b**stly behavior that caused her immense pain. But the last few minutes were ecstatic! His hands caressing her face so gently and then this kiss!

Yes! This kiss of his was just unbelievable!!

No one ever kissed her so well. His lips actually munched her lips and his rough tongue had a long reach. It went to the sensitive, unexplored corners of her mouth and the tip made a few quick passes at the soft entrance to her throat. Those passes sent shivers down her spine. She wasn’t even sure if he was kissing her now or stopped. Her eyes were closed!

His fingers were so deft that she didn’t even realize that her bra and panties were pulled off. Next minute, he held her by her slim waist, lifted her off the couch on to his shoulder and carried her upstairs to his room effortlessly. Once there, he gently deposited her on his bed and sat next to her.

His hands ran all over her young body, getting the feel of her skin, her flesh, her fat, her contours and curves. His movements were truly exploratory and the magical touch of his strong, long and shapely fingers soothed her like a balm. She forgot the earlier pain; it was only pleasure now.

She opened her eyes in time to see his right hand grab her small left tit in his palm and squeeze it. It was a gentle squeeze for him but his hands were hard and strong. Aruna winced with pain.

He looked at her face and asked her softly, “Does it hurt, girl?”

“A little only,” she replied.

Still looking at her, he took her tits in both hands and squeezed them both – hard.

“Noooooooooooooo…” Aruna howled with pain. Her boobs hurt like hell.

“That is better then.” He laughed aloud.

Aruna whimpered and cried with pain and tears streamed down her cheeks.

She felt his hands leaving her tits. She relaxed a bit as the pain started reducing.

Gopi’s fingers now reached for her small coral pink nipples and tenderly caressed them. They responded to his deft ministrations and hardened. They also lengthened. Gopi rolled each nipple gently between his thumb and forefinger. She loved the gentle tease.

Next second, he struck! He pinched her nipples hard and pulled them away from her chest- both nipples in one go!!

Aruna cried out loud with pain. Her tits, particularly her nipples were on fire. It was a searing pain and she was now weeping when he let them go.

As she cried, he did something unexpected. He got off the bed and quickly removed his pant and shirt. Through her tear filled eyes she saw his broad hairy chest and torso, his muscular thighs. He was wearing blue colored jockey underwear that had a big bulge in front.

With a shock, Aruna realized that she stopped crying. Instead, she was looking at his almost naked and hairy body with fascination.

Gopi moved closer to the bed and pulled up the naked girl into a sitting position. He pulled off his underwear revealing his semi hard cock. It was dark brown in color with a big pink helmet. As Aruna looked at it, she felt shivers running down her spine – the shivers were caused more by fear than by pleasure.

She was scared because of the girth of his cock. Though it was not longer than the average cock, it was unusually thick. Much thicker than her uncle’s which was the benchmark for her. He held her head from behind loosely in his left hand, while he held his cock in his right hand and rubbed it gently all over her face.

Aruna was nauseated by the strong male odor of his genitals. It was far stronger now than it was with her uncle. His cock was slightly wet at the slit with his precum. He first gave a slow swipe across her closed lips. As she parted them instantly, he gave a reverse swipe. Though it excited her a little, she was scared and kept quiet.

Moving a little away and still holding her head with his left hand, he slapped her hard on both cheeks – several hard slaps alternating between her tender cheeks. Aruna howled and cried out loud with the pain. This was something far more cruel and painful than what she experienced with her uncle. This was cruelty and torture.

He suddenly stopped and shouted,” Open your fucking mouth wide, you slut!”

Wishing to avoid further beating, she opened her young hot mouth, as much as she could. He slipped his big, pink helmet into her mouth and she tongued it immediately. It was a reflexive action but what she did was just right for Gopi. He grunted in satisfaction. He let her lick it a few more seconds and get used to its taste.

She loved its tangy taste, its shape and size as she tongued it greedily. He gripped her head tightly in both his hands and pushed half his big cock into her hot, wet mouth. She had to open her mouth to its widest to take on his huge cock.

“Suck it, you bitch! Suck it hard and well!” He shouted his command.

She obeyed. She sucked his cock furiously. It was both an act of lust and anger. Anger against him for treating her like a slut! Anger against her husband Sekhar who failed her! Anger against her uncle who was instrumental in her discovering her own hidden needs! Anger against all those who called and treated her as a freak!

As she sucked, he pushed more cock into her mouth. His big cock was now fully into her mouth and it was a wonder that she had not choked! She couldn’t suck now and she stopped for a minute to rest her aching mouth and jaws.

It was then that Gopi started fucking her mouth. He pulled his cock almost to the entrance of her mouth and the slowly moved it in, all the way. He started fucking her mouth with slow strokes so that her mouth accepted the onslaught more readily. She felt his right hand leaving her mouth and grab her wet and oozing pussy.

He squeezed her pussy with his right palm, as if squeezing the juice out of an orange slice!

Suddenly he stopped fucking her mouth. He joined her on the bed and effortlessly pulled her light frame over his body, as he lay on his back. Holding her slim waist between his big hands with her back to him, he seated her on his tummy.

“Now suck well, you slut.” He shouted and she immediately bent her head to take his now fully erect, hard and swollen cock in her mouth. As she sucked him faithfully and vigorously, he rewarded her.

Holding her smooth flanks between his big hands, he pulled her tight ass to his face and licked it with his rough tongue. As his tongue tip made its first contact with her swollen pussy, she lifted her ass high and closer to him.

His mouth then sought and found her young pussy and clamped on it. Luckily for her, it was clean shaven and smooth – just the way Gopi liked! He pried the slit open with both hands and pushed his rasping tongue into her. It went into her tight cunt, pushing and finding its way to her depths.

For a few seconds Aruna stopped sucking. Her whole body shook in a spasm. She felt light headed and dizzy. What was happening was unbelievable and exquisite! His big tongue was literally fucking her young, horny and tight cunt better than any cock!

She sucked his cock with renewed zeal and vigor. Sensing the positive change, Gopi’s hands grabbed her small buttocks hard, bruising them, as his mouth literally sucked her young cunt into his mouth. He ate her cunt with a relish.

In a couple of minutes, they both exploded. As he neared the point of release, Gopi pulled her head away, pulled out his cock and directed the jet of his cum to her chest, face and head. As Aruna’s orgasm started, he continued eating her pussy there by prolonging her orgasm and its pleasure!

After a couple of minutes he let go. He got off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. When he returned, Aruna followed suit. Once in the bathroom, she looked at her image in the big mirror over the sink. She felt a revulsion and felt like throwing up. She quickly washed her face and chest and that part of her hair on which he ejaculated. After rubbing herself dry and feeling slightly better, she looked into the mirror again.

Her cheeks were puffed and reddish pink. There was a small bite mark on her lower lip. Her small tits were bruised and red finger marks were visible. They felt sore and very sensitive. Her jaws ached and so did her mouth. She looked down. Was it a figment of her imagination? Her mound looked all swollen.

She took one final look at her face. It had a satisfied look and a glow.

Aruna felt at peace with herself. She knew her boss tended to be a bruit and a****l at times and reveled at hurting her and causing pain. But, he and more precisely his cock were capable of giving her hither to unknown and immense pleasure. For that, she would take any pain.

Back in the room, she found Gopi relaxing in a recliner, totally naked.

“Go and get a bottle of red wine, girl! Pick up some potato chips and peanuts too from the pantry.” He was back to ordering her.

She returned in a few minutes, wrapped in a bath robe and set everything on a small table. He opened the bottle and poured the wine. She pulled up a small stool from near the dresser and sat on it.

“You liked that a lot, I bet!” He leered at her.

She flushed and nodded her head.

“Your tits are lousy, too fucking small, girl. But your cunt is good – hot, juicy and tight.”

She felt everything – the insult & hurt about her tits and the praise about her pussy.

“It is so fucking tight; I wonder what the fuck that loser of your hubby did. Did he ever put his pecker in there, girl?” His tone was derisive and very insulting.

Aruna felt revulsion at this humiliating brute. Why does he talk that way about her hubby!

“May be he was a impotent bastard who couldn’t get it up. May be that is why you walked off.”

The humiliation was too much for her and she got off from the stool to run away to her room. He was up in a flash and caught her near the door. He turned her around gently. Next second, he gave her a resounding slap that burnt her cheek with pain.

“You bitch! You don’t go unless I tell you to. Understand that.” He was very angry and she was scared.

Holding her by her slim waist, he picked her off the floor and threw her, none too gently, on the bed, face down. As she tried to rise he pushed her back on to the bed and held her there firmly with his powerful hands.

“You better follow instructions and do what I say. Otherwise, I would be very upset. Close your eyes and stay still.” His voice whispered menacingly in her ear and Aruna nodded her head dumbly. She was truly scared now.

She heard him leaving the bed but she didn’t dare to open her eyes or move her head. She knew he was close by and watching. She could hear his breathing.

He returned to the bed and there was a rustling sound. Before she realized what was happening, he bound and tied her wrists together behind her back with a thin nylon rope.

Oh God!! What was he planning to do to her! She was shit scared; she was also excited.

“You are a bad girl. First you cheat your hubby by letting me eat your pussy and tits. Then you try to run away from me. I am going to punish you.” His voice was ghost like and scary.

She felt his hands rubbing her buttocks lightly, squeezing them gently as if estimating their density. She knew what was coming and braced herself for the spanking.

He didn’t disappoint her. His hard palm smacked against her small buttock sounding like a gun shot. Pain shot through her whole body and tears welled up in her eyes. The second smack was on the other buttock and a repeat of the first. Left…Right…Left…Right…the pattern followed without any let up – each smack hard as a whiplash.

Aruna cried out loud with each smack and as the spanking went on she felt searing pain and her buttocks burned with pain. She was just past her threshold and felt she was just about to lose her consciousness when the spanking stopped suddenly. Aruna didn’t know whether she was imagining or it really stopped. She was in that twilight zone.

Suddenly she felt a cool, viscous liquid poured on her burning buttocks and gentle hands spreading the liquid all over the abused surface of her butt. It felt very cool, soothing and heavenly…more so after the intense pain a few minutes earlier.

He massaged her bruised buttocks for a few minutes and untied her hands. Holding her by her waist, he turned her over on to her back and slipped a big soft pillow under her ass. Aruna opened her eyes and the first thing that greeted her was his rock hard, erect, thick cock swaying in the space.

In a flash, Aruna understood. This brute can get hard & erect only by beating and causing pain to his partner! Without that, his big cock can’t really function well!

Gopi held her legs together and bent them at the knees. Holding the knees, he pushed them back all the way towards her chest. When they almost touched her shoulders, he opened her thighs wide ensuring that her small cunt was now open to him.

He had applied some of that soothing liquid liberally on his palm and fingers earlier. Now, he inserted his wet and slippery forefinger into her tight cunt. Once it was fully inside her, he concentrated on lubricating her tight vaginal passage and the surrounding walls. Soon, his middle finger too joined the play.

Aruna forgot all the recent pain and humiliation.

Oh God!! How she loved his long, thick and hard slippery fingers fucking her tight cunt! It was unlike anything she had experienced in her life thus far! Whatever were the reasons for it; this was pure ecstasy that she wanted to go on forever.

He stopped after a few minutes and withdrew his fingers. He then kneeled and positioned himself. With his left hand he held her pussy and his right hand held his cock. Holding the cock at its base, he brought his pink and wet cock head to her slit. His left thumb and forefinger opened the wet slit and his cock head slipped into her tight cunt.

Gopi pushed his thick cock, a little at a time, very slowly, so that young Aruna would not panic. He thus slid half of his cock into her and stopped for nearly a minute. Aruna felt the huge, thick monster violating her nearly virgin cunt but made no sound nor dared to move. When he stopped, her stretched vagina tried and adjusted itself to his girth.

Gopi slowly moved back his cock almost to the entrance and then commenced the inward stroke, gaining an additional centimeter or two. He repeated this process in the most accomplished way over the next five minutes till he lay fully buried to the hilt inside her very tight but hot and juicy cunt.

“I am fully in, girl.” He sounded happy for the first time to her.

“Yes!” she literally hissed.

He stayed buried to the hilt for long seconds and then started moving backwards slowly. He started fucking her now with small strokes. Aruna opened her legs wide and rested her ankles on his shoulders. As he stroked her, she raised her ass in tandem to help him and herself.

As his thick cock moved like a well oiled piston in her tight cunt, Aruna enjoyed a real great first fuck. This was what she wanted all along and here was this forty four year old high tech, computer professional; a brute and a****l in the bed room, giving her what she exactly needed.

As they fucked, Gopi felt her tight virginal cunt gripping his cock firmly on every stroke. He marveled at this chip of a girl who has taken whatever punishment he had dished out and was now giving him a truly memorable fuck. He would never let go of this girl, if he could!

“Shall I wear a cover now?” he grunted after a couple of minutes, indicating he was going to speed up.

“Noooooo! I am protected. There is no need!” She wanted him in there, the whole way!

He loved what she said and his liking for her had gone up by a notch.

He quickened his strokes, sending Aruna into her most blissful, heavenly and lasting orgasm. As her legs tightened firmly around his waist, Gopi exploded deep inside her and flooded her cunt with his cum.

When their orgasms subsided, they slipped into deep sleep, hugging each other side on.

When they woke up it was Saturday. Over the weekend, Aruna willingly became his submissive and did everything he asked. In the past, Gopi had to buy the services of professional call girls for kinky sex. Here, he had, a very willing and fresh as a flower young girl as his accomplice! All she asked (she didn’t even ask but wanted) was a good fuck!!

By Sunday afternoon they were both totally worn out.

That afternoon they sat on the deck overlooking the backyard with a cup of tea.

“Aruna, that was good. But now, get this right. We have come here to do some important company work. We are going to work hard during the week and we play during the weekend.”

“Yes Sir.” She replied meekly.

Aruna was actually relieved too. She couldn’t take this kind of punishment and work simultaneously. What he said was the best thing to do. Work hard during the week and play canlı bahis siteleri hard during the weekend.

After an early dinner they retired to their respective bedrooms.

Alone in her bed Aruna recalled fondly the golden moments of past two days. Her body was still sore and there were aches. Her small tits were still lightly bruised and sore. Her cunt was also sore from all the pounding it got from Gopi’s thick cock. Her tight bottom still stung at every contact.

But, she was happy. She was very happy! She knew that Gopi was weird in a way because he couldn’t get going without punishing his woman. But, she was weird too! Without getting a good dose of pain, she could never feel the pleasure. So, they were two of a kind!

They now discovered each other. That is all that mattered for now!

Sudha was the first to wake up next morning. She had such sound sleep that it took her a minute to recollect the explosive happenings of the previous night and the incredible oral sex they had. She looked fondly at her sleeping son and his beautiful, naked body before leaving the room quietly.

A couple of hours later Sekhar left for work and Sudha sat alone in the living room and gathered her thoughts. First of all, she thought of the explosive night, recalling it in vivid detail and savoring it. It was absolutely divine…her oral sex with her son! She loved the way his young mouth, tongue and his strong fingers made love to her hungry cunt. She felt at least ten years younger!

She also recalled the exquisite feel and taste of his young, hard and erect cock. How she loved licking & sucking it and how she loved the hot jet of his cum flowing into her throat!! Undoubtedly the most incredible experience she ever had!!

Driving to his work, Sekhar had similar thoughts. He could still taste his mother’s cunt; feel her lovely boobs and thighs! What a fantastic experience it was!!

Given their state of minds, both mother and son were ready to go all the way that night. As a matter of fact, they were hoping to do so and made plans in their minds for the ‘big night’.

But, unfortunately for them, Murali choose to arrive that same afternoon from Kumar’s native place. Murali is the first cousin of Kumar and quite close to him. He stayed with them for a couple of days and attended to some work with Government offices related to his agricultural lands. By then, Kumar had returned from his tour.

Both mother and son were very disappointed. The momentum had built up, everything was going well and they were just a step away!! But, in a way; Sudha was relieved too. Would she have taken that final step! It looked so certain then, but now, she wasn’t sure. May be it was better this way. May be they needed more time!

A few days later, she had a telephonic conversation with her daughter Smitha.

“Hello, Mom! How are you?”

“Hello, Smitha. I am fine. What is happening?”

“Mom, I talked to Sekhar yesterday. He sounds very happy.”

“Oh! That’s good. He does look happy!”

“What magic did you do? He said you were incredible!” Smitha’s tone was mischievous.

Sudha blushed. She was embarrassed too. How could she share with her daughter, or for that matter with anyone, what transpired between her and her son!

“Come on mom! Please tell me, I am dying to know.” Her daughter persisted.

“I took care of him; the way you asked me to” Sudha replied in a low tone.

“Mom, remember our deal? No secrets between us about Sekhar, okay? Did you go all the way, mom?” Smitha’s curiosity prevailed.

“Almost there! Just short of it. Your Murali uncle’s trip spoiled everything.” Sudha found that she was not much embarrassed to share her secret and feelings with Smitha.

“I am so happy for all of us. Next time I get an opportunity, I will go all the way, mom.” Smitha sounded so sure of herself.

“I want to share another thought with you, mom. It is not just for Sekhar, it is for me too. I really want to do it with my brother.” Her passion was evident in her tone.

Sudha was overwhelmed with a strange emotion – a mixture of passion and compassion for her c***dren. She wanted to envelope them both in her embrace.

For Smitha, the opportunity came soon.

One day, while at work, Ravi got a call from his cousin. Ravi’s uncle, who was the only brother of his father, had a heart attack and was in a serious condition. His cousin asked them to come over right away. As that town was around 300 kms away and ill connected by Public transport, Ravi decided to drive his parents there to save time. He called Smitha on phone and explained the situation to her.

Ravi left with his parents by car around four in the afternoon. Smitha called her mom immediately and explained the situation to her.

“Instead of my coming over there, let Sekhar come here for tonight and stay with me.” Smitha suggested.

“What shall we tell your dad?”

“Tell him that this is an emergency and Ravi is most likely to return by tomorrow. It is not worth the hassle for me to make the trip to your home for one day. Sekhar coming over here is much simpler.” Smitha was very convincing.

Before they ended the call, Smitha said, “I will take full care of Sekhar, mom.”

Both mother and daughter knew what she was talking about.

“All the best,” her mother said, softly.

Sekhar reached Smitha’s home by half past nine. By then, Smitha had finished all her chores, spoke to Ravi on her mobile and put her k** to sleep. They sat on a couch in the living room and chatted. Smitha gave him the latest news on the condition of Ravi’s uncle. After a few minutes she got up.

“Come on! I will show you your bedroom.” Smitha started climbing the stairs.

She wore a soft, light pink nightie and as she climbed the stairs her shapely and tight buttocks rolled in a very enticing way. From close behind her, Sekhar could see the vague shape of her panties and the straps of her bra. He felt a strong urge to grab his sister.

She guided him to the guest room which had a big, comfortable double bed that was freshly made with clean sheets and pillows. It looked very inviting.

“Let me lock up the doors and all. I will get back to you soon and we will chat up more.” With that Smitha left him.

Sekhar sat down on the single chair and took stock of things.

Their last encounter was at his parents’ place and in the bed. On that occasion, he fondled her tits and sucked them and she did a hand job on him. It was all like a dream and happened in sleep. At least, a part of it! Sometime during that episode, he woke up and became aware of her tits in his hands. Then, he continued to fondle those incredible tits of his sister, fully awake, though he feigned sleep. He was fully conscious of his actions.

But, his sister was sound asleep. She probably thought it was a dream. She grabbed his hard cock, pumped it and blew him. That was a reflexive action. In her sleep, she probably thought it was her hubby Ravi and his cock and pumped it sleepily. Yes! That was what had happened!

Wait a minute! Was that what happened?? He tried to recall those moments precisely. There was nothing sleepy about her actions! Though her eyes were shut and she looked asleep, her grip on his cock was firm and strong. She moved her hand rhythmically; her stroking was measured and methodical! Thinking of it now, he was almost sure it was deliberate.

Yes! That is the key word! Deliberate! What if Smitha was also awake like him and feigned sleep? What if she did that hand job on his cock willingly and fully awake, knowing that it was her brother’s cock and not her hubby’s!

Sekhar’s pulse quickened. Oh God!! Could that be possible! Does Smitha fancy him? Would she allow him to do things to her beautiful, hot body? How far would she allow him? There is only one way to find out. Tonight was an excellent opportunity to do so. He looked up at the wall and a poster on the wall caught his attention.

It was a Nike ad poster and it said, “Just Do It”. To the excited Sekhar that was like an omen!

“Oh! Aren’t you lost in thoughts? Smitha’s voice startled him.

Caught unaware, he blushed and Smitha knew instantly that her brother was indulging in erotic thoughts. She wanted to tease him a little.

“Tell me, brother! What were you thinking of?”

“Oh! It is nothing.” He mumbled.

“Ok! Tell me something. You look much happier these days. What is the secret?” She smiled knowingly.

“Things going alright at the work and so I am happy.” He replied.

“And mom is taking good care of you, right?” She said it very softly, moving a little closer to him.

“Yes! She is truly incredible, Smitha!” He replied as he got off the chair.

He moved closer to his standing sister.

“I am so happy for you, Sekhar.” She hugged her brother in a loose embrace.

He let his arms circle her and held her to him; taking care not to rush.

Bending his head slightly, he brought his lips close to her right ear and whispered, “So are you, Sis! You are as incredible. I love you too.”

He waited for her reaction with bated breath.

As if In answer, she tightened her arms around him. It was no longer a harmless hug between a brother and sister. It moved to a different plane…the erotic plane.

Her young, bouncy, tight, full boobs pressed themselves hard against his chest; squashing themselves. His palms dropped down to her ass and grabbed her round, full buttocks greedily. His hands started a teasing caress of her butt; roaming all over it.

Smitha lifted her head and looked into her brother’s eyes. They were full of passion and lust. As she looked on, they seemed to transmit the intense desire through the looks. Her rosy lips quivered and her mouth opened a trifle when Sekhar brought his hungry mouth on hers.

They kissed! They kissed with lot of hunger and passion. Dropping the pretense had helped a great deal. It was open now…their need for each other; their lust! Sekhar savored his sister’s sweet lips, her hot mouth and her pink, darting tongue. It was a very wet kiss.

Even as they kissed, his cock hardened and sprang up, forming a tent. Smitha felt the hardness pressing against her tummy through the layers of clothing. Her own passions intensified and she could feel the heat and wetness in her womanhood.

Pushing Sekhar away, Smitha quickly untied her nightie and let it fall to her feet. She gestured to her brother and Sekhar removed his T shirt & Jeans. He now had only jockey shorts on and was bare chested. Smitha looked very sexy clad in a black panties and a bra. When she saw her brother’s hairy chest, she went weak in knees with desire.

Smitha pushed her brother to the bed and gestured him to sit on it with his feet resting on the floor. She walked closer to him and stood in front of him. She rested her hands lightly on his shoulders; one on either and looked into his eyes.

Sekhar was mesmerized. Her sexy body with its satin smooth fair skin was very close now. Her flat tummy with its perfectly shaped and located deep navel was level with his face and just a few inches away. Further up, her perfect and tight boobs held in leash by her black bra with the half moons spilling over the cups were beckoning. His mind recorded the fact instantly that Smitha’s tits were not only much bigger than Aruna’s but smaller than his mother’s, they were also the tightest and best of the three.

As if reading her brother’s thoughts, Smitha reached behind, unhooked her bra and threw it on the bed. Her full breasts swayed with delight on being released from their constraints and stood out proudly with absolutely no droop. Her semi hard pink and black nipples were at the exact centre of her perfectly circular light brown aureole.

Bending slightly and holding her brother’s head in her hands, Smitha just pressed her boobs against his face. Sekhar’s hungry mouth clamped on to her right tit while his left hand grabbed her left tit. When he started kissing her nipple lightly, Smitha moaned and hissed, “Suck! Suck them hard. Eat my tits, brother.”

Sensing her urgency matched his, Sekhar got into aggressive sucking of his sister’s bouncy tits. Their density and tightness drove him crazy. Without realizing it his teeth started taking small bites.

He felt her hands suddenly releasing his head and pushing him away from her boobs. Before he could protest, she moved a little closer and still standing, rubbed her panties clad pussy against his face. The effect of her mound pressing itself against his face was electric.

Her panties was damp with her own juices and sweat. It gave away a light, pungent aroma that was strangely heady. As his mouth kissed the panties, Smitha pulled them off herself and let them drop. In one go, she pressed her pussy hard against her brother’s face.

Holding his sister by her smooth waist and flanks, Sekhar lapped at her mound. It was smooth, clean shaven and compact. His tongue and lips got busy and found the small slit that was just damp outside but wet with her juices a few millimeters inside. His tongue caressed the slit, licking it tenderly, even as his hands pried open her young pussy lightly.

As his tongue found its mark, she pushed more and Sekhar’s hands slipped on to her bouncy buttocks and pulled her in. His tongue went deeper into her cunt and licked her tight vaginal passage and his right hand moved to the front while his left stayed on her ass. His thumb moved around and found her small but excited and stiff clitoris and rubbed it.

“Ahhaaa!! Sekhar! Lick brother! Lick and eat my pussy! It is all yours now. Fuck me with your fingers. I want it all.” Hearing his sister talk dirty was so shocking and exciting! He loved every word of it.

As his fore finger slipped inside her churning cunt and joined his tongue, he chomped on her cunt lips with his mouth as if sucking her pussy into his mouth. Smith felt herself being driven crazy by his hungry eating. Her right hand dropped down, groped wildly and found his shorts and the big bulge in it. She grabbed at it eagerly.

Sekhar’s left hand, which was squeezing and mauling her bottom, probed between her ass cheeks and his forefinger made contact with her rose bud. Smitha was shocked instantly with the first touch. His finger tip started a caress of the rosebud and a tickle of the puckering. Unknown to him, he touched a very sensitive area and his actions heightened her passion further.

Moving quickly away from him for a second, Smitha pulled up her brother, grabbed the band of his shorts and eased it quickly over his rampant cock. Fully naked and hot with desire, brother and sister hugged tightly and moved to the bed in unison.

Smitha fell flat on her back, her head resting on a pillow, her knees bent and raised and her legs open. Sekhar got into position between her legs, sitting on his knees. His big hands grabbed her silken smooth thighs and slowly opened them further a little wider. Slowly he pushed her raised knees towards her shoulders. She was wide open now and her pink flower was all his to fuck!

With his sister watching and waiting, Sekhar rubbed his cock head all over the outer pussy, as if in caress. Next second, it found the eager, slightly wet and open entrance to her cunt.

Slowly he pushed his cock into his sister’s sexy, hot, wet and tight cunt.

“Haaaaaaaaaaa!!” It was more a sigh of relief, a very contented sound that escaped from her lips.

This was a dream come true for both of them.

Sekhar was desperately hungry with wild erotic thoughts all these days after their first encounter.

Smitha was equally hungry too, but for a different reason. She was hungry for a change. She wanted sex with a man much younger than her hubby, more virile, more endowed. Many a times, in the safe privacy of her bath room, she spoke to herself all those dirty thoughts.

“I want a bigger, longer and thicker cock in my cunt than yours Ravi! I want it to fuck me relentlessly, deep into me, stretch me and mark me at depths that you never reached. I want another man’s hot cum, lots of it, and deep into me filling me up. I want to be fucked hard and dirty, for a change.” Saying these things to herself she often masturbated.

After her first encounter with her brother, there was clarity in her thoughts. She wanted only one man…that man was her own bother; Sekhar! He had everything that she dreamed of; she was sure of it! And now, she was just about to get it all!

The initial penetration was slow but pleasurable. Hesitatingly, Sekhar pushed his hard, rod like cock into the juicy, hot, tight cunt of his dear sister…slowly and steadily. She was very wet and receptive, and so, in a very short time, he was fully in. Buried to the hilt; he rested his weight on his elbows, brought his lips to her engorged left nipple and started chewing it. His left palm cupped her right breast and fondled it; pinching her right nipple.

Smitha felt the penetration. Her brother’s cock was only slightly thicker than her hubby’s, so her vaginal passage was stretched a little. What was more perceivable and delightful was the length. Sekhar’s was longer at least by a couple of inches than Ravi’s! The extra length made all the difference for young, horny Smitha. His cock went in further and deeper and when it finally rested, the tip and front end was buried in virgin lands, unexplored till then.

“Do you like it now, Sis” Her brother whispered into her ear.

“Yes. It feels so full and good inside my cunt. Fuck me good and long but don’t rush.” She sounded very pleased.

Sekhar started fucking his sister as she wanted it…with slow, deliberate short strokes interspersed with a long one between. That made the full stroke something special and every time he went all the way in, she grunted. Smitha wrapped her lovely legs around his waist thereby pulling him in even deeper. In a couple of minutes, the tempo had built up between the siblings.

Smitha felt the orgasm building up in her horny cunt. She started moaning and rocked with her brother in tandem.

“Fuck me faster now. Ram it into my cunt. Talk dirty, brother. I always wanted to talk dirty but was afraid. Now we can talk dirty freely. I am your slut.” Her words and tone betrayed her passion.

“You are a real horny bitch, my slut. Your cunt is so hot and juicy!” Sekhar was delighted to indulge in this dirty talk.

“You are the real bastard, Sekhar! Fucking your married sister like your whore! OMG!! It feels as if I am rolling down fast. Fuck me, cum in me.” She was howling now.

“Is it safe?” He virtually shouted as he felt his own eruption approaching fast.

“Yes! You can pump it all into me. It is perfectly safe. I am protected.” She was shouting now.

With a grunt, Sekhar started fucking his sister hard with fast, full strokes. It appeared as if he was intent on tearing up her cunt; pounding it mercilessly. Smitha felt the pounding reach a crescendo and floated towards a big orgasm.

In a few strokes the dam burst! He ejaculated and his hot cum flowed into the depths of her cunt, filling her up. He felt himself going limp and dropped his head on to the comfortable pillow of his sister’s bosom.

Cock in cunt and satiated; they drifted into a semi comatose state.

Smitha was the first to recover after ten minutes or so. She found his face resting on her bosom and kissed his head affectionately. He woke up too.

“Was it good for you, sis?” he asked. Boys are boys! How most of us ask the same question, irrespective of our color, caste or creed!! It is amazing!

“Fantastic! I never had it so good!! You are a great fucker, Sekhar!” She sounded genuinely happy.

Those lovely words did wonders to boosting his self confidence and esteem.

An hour later they had an encore. This time there was no urgency to start with.

It was first preceded by a pillow talk.

The light was dim and they were both naked and relaxed on the bed. Sekhar was sprawled on his back and Smitha was side on, on his left side, her right cheek resting on his hairy chest and her head tilted at an angle so that they looked into each other’s eyes.

“Tell me, how was it with mommy?”

Sekhar was shocked by her question. Oh God!! Does she know? How?? He was too shocked to reply.

Smitha sensed his shock.

With her soft left palm she started caressing his limp but impressive cock and his balls.

“There are no secrets between mom and me. We are totally open with each other. I know she took ‘good care’ of you. That is why you called her ‘incredible’. Now, you and I are lovers. We just fucked. There must be no secrets between us now.” She sounded as if she meant it.

“Mom was real good.” He blushed saying that.

“Did you get hold of her boobs? Did you pinch her nipples?” Her voice betrayed a strange excitement.

“Yes. I fondled her boobs and nipples. They were real good.” His voice quivered at the memory.

His limp cock started stiffening and her grip tightened.

“Did you really lick and suck mom’s tits that night, Sekhar?”

“Yes! I licked the areola and nipples first and then started sucking them. Mom fed her nipples to me to suck. I sucked, and later, bit them too.” Sekhar enjoyed telling all this to his excited sister.

“Oh! Fuck! That must have been wonderful!! Did you touch her pussy too?” She squeezed his hardening penis as she asked him that question.

In response, Sekhar reached out for her young, smooth pussy, cupped it in his palm and squeezed it gently.

“I did this to mom’s pussy too, sis.” He boasted.

“OMG! What did she do? Did she allow you to squeeze her pussy & finger it too?” Her breath had quickened now and her hand started stroking her brother’s hard cock faster.

“I fingered mom’s pussy. Not only that, I tongued it and ate it. Mom was truly incredible. She loved it all.” Even as he spoke of that, he slipped his fore finger into his sister’s juicy cunt.

With a quick move Smitha got up and mounted her brother, pushing him flat on his back. She squatted over him with her knees on either side of his tummy. Grabbing his hard cock in her right hand, she raised herself, positioned her quivering pussy over his rigid cock and let the pink, wet cock head touch her wet slit.

Slowly, she let her juicy cunt slide on his cock till his cock was buried to the hilt. Her bouncy ass now rested flush on her brother’s hairy crotch, the hairs tickling her open nether lips.

“You must fuck mother, Sekhar. That would be the best…fucking your sister first and then the ultimate…fucking mom.” She was delirious with lust and raw passion and was now literally fucking her brother.

“I very much want to but I do not know if mom would allow me to fuck her.” His voice was quivering too.

“She would. I will make her agree. We will make sure that you fuck mom.” She was in frenzy.

For the next few minutes Smitha rode hard on her brother and experienced her best ever orgasm. Only when Sekhar was sure that his sister really had it good, he let go and ejaculated. It was a mind blowing experience for the siblings.

Next day Ravi returned home and Sekhar was back to work.

It was during a telephonic conversation with her mom a couple of days later that Smitha told her about her wonderful session with her brother. Though Sudha knew in advance that it was inevitable; she was still shocked. Her own son and daughter committed the big sin; that too with her knowledge and consent. She felt very disturbed initially.

But, she soon forgot all that, as her daughter gave her a graphic description of their lovemaking. Smitha spared no detail and she was very good at her job. Sudha could clearly see in her mind, pictures of their copulation.

“But he really wants to do it with you, mom.” Sudha was truly shocked at her daughter’s words and got upset.

“Shut up. How can that be? He was in your bed and he made love to you. I don’t come into the picture at all.” Sudha sounded angry and confused.

“No, Mom! I know that for sure. When he sucked my tits he spoke of your boobs and how he loved sucking them. When his cock was fucking my pussy, he said his cock wants to fuck your pussy even more.” Smitha said it softly.

Sudha was so much shocked by the words & language of her daughter that there was not much conversation after that.

But, over the next few days, Sudha’s mind was fully occupied with that thought! She thought and she fantasized. She would see Sekhar fucking Smitha in a fantasy and suddenly Smitha turns into Sudha and her son fucks her horny cunt with his amazing cock. She would masturbate quickly to get some instant relief, from this fantasy.

Then things happened rather suddenly. There was a problem at one of the branches of the Bank that needed immediate action. Kumar was asked by his head office to rush there. He left the same evening.

The moment she came to know of her hubby’s trip, Sudha panicked. This would mean that she and her son would be alone that very night and she could not stop the events. This was happening too fast without giving her any time for mental preparation!

So she called Smitha and explained her situation. Could her daughter come and join her and give her company? Sudha’s intention was to let Smitha ‘take care’ of her son.

Smitha saw a great opportunity. Now she would fulfill her promise to her brother. She would help him in fucking their mother. She would maneuver her mother into the act…she was sure of that. The very thought excited her a great deal.

“I am so sorry, mom. I can’t rush at such short notice. My in-laws won’t like it. I will speak to Ravi tonight and try to come tomorrow. Please manage for today.” She was convincing.

“Smitha! You know the problem. If it is just the two of us how can I stop things from happening? I am not too sure if I can go all the way with this.” Her mother wailed.

“I think you are confused mom. Cool down a little. Let us analyze this. We both agreed that we love Sekhar immensely and want to help him in all respects, right?”

“Yes, true.”

“You have already had a wonderful session with him that he enjoyed immensely. He told me all about it and called you ‘incredible’. I told you that, Mom!”

Sudha kept quiet.

“Tell me honestly, mom. Didn’t you enjoy that a great deal too?”

“Yes, I did. It was so good.” Sudha replied softly.

“You would have carried on next day even further but for uncle’s unfortunate and untimely arrival. Isn’t that a fact?”

“Probably yes.” Her voice was barely audible.

“I am sure you would have, mom. I told you about Sekhar’s obsession with you, didn’t I? Even when we fucking me, he spoke of his cock in your pussy, mom! Didn’t I tell you that?”

Again, Sudha had no answer.

“Mom, please do as I say. He wants to do it badly. He needs to do it with you. You don’t lead him. But, if he goes there himself and takes the lead, don’t resist him. Let him do it. I am sure you would enjoy it too. As much as I did! Please, Mom!” Smitha was very persuasive.

“Okay. I will try to do as you say.” Sudha conceded.

“Great! Mom! Tomorrow morning I want to hear all about it.”

The call ended with that.

Immediately after that, Smitha called her brother. She told him about their dad’s unexpected trip.

“Brother! Tonight is your big chance to make it with mom. You want to go all the way, don’t you?”

“Yes! Sis! I very much want to. But only if mom wants it too! And I am not sure if she would allow me.”

“Let me tell you a secret about mom. She has this long standing crush on you. She very much wants you to fuck her hard. But she is scared because it is a taboo. Her conscience won’t allow her to lead you to commit i****t. She won’t lead you to it but she wants it as badly.”

“Don’t worry, sis! I will take the lead and take her there, all the way.” He loved saying that.

“I am sure you would, brother. Make sure that you both drink a little wine. That helps in easing the tension and relaxing. But, mom may even resist a little in the final stages. That would be only an act; a pretense. Don’t let that deter you.”

“I will not.” He sounded confident.

“As a matter of fact, I know she has this secret, unfulfilled craving for a little rough handling. So, if you are a little rough she would love it too.” Smitha loved being creative.

“What should I do?” Sekhar asked, innocently.

“If she resists your final act, use a little force…use your male strength to subdue her. You will know what to do when it happens.” She answered cleverly and ended the call.

Thus the stage was set for that night.

After coming home, Sekhar feigned ignorance when his mom told him about Kumar’s sudden trip. He took a shower, got into fresh pajamas and walked into the living room.

“Dinner is ready. Would you like to eat now, Sekhar?” She asked him.

“Not yet! Mom! I had a tough day at the office and want to relax a little. Is it okay if I have a little wine, mom?”

Remembering her daughter’s advice, she replied, “Sure, son.”

Sekhar got up, walked to the kitchen cupboard and returned with a bottle of Red wine. He poured two glasses. Sitting on the couch, next to his mother, he offered her a glass.

“I am not sure if I can take so much.” She protested halfheartedly.

“Take only as much as you want, mom. Actually, it is not much.”

He started telling her news about his office and she relaxed. The TV was on showing a regional music channel. After a few minutes, Sudha felt her tension easing out as the wine started mellowing her.

Sekhar was careful to keep his talk and actions away from any hints of sex.

Soon, they had dinner. Sekhar was famished after a hard day’s work and ate well. Sudha hardly ate her food; she just nibbled at it. Once they finished, Sekhar helped his mom in cleaning up. Soon, they were back on the living room couch.

Very casually, Sekhar filled their glasses again and picked up his glass. The weather was cloudy earlier in the evening and it started drizzling lightly. They felt cool breeze blowing through the large window and the ambience turned very pleasant. After a very slight hesitation, Sudha picked up her glass. For a few minutes, the only sound was the splatter of rain drops on the plastic shade over the window.

“What are you smiling about, Sekhar?” Sudha asked him in a curious tone when she found him smiling.

“Oh! Mom! It is nothing.” Her son blushed.

Relaxed now, Sudha felt like probing.

“Come on son! Share it with mom.”

“Oh! Ok! I just remembered what happened a few years back. It was my exams time, I was studying and there was a very heavy rain that night. It was quite late and you woke up to make a cup of hot tea for me. Remember that?”

“What happened then?” She was really curious now.

He stood up and walked close to the big window.

“As I was drinking the tea, there was gust of strong wind and that brought a torrent of water through this very window. We both ran like mad to close the windows, it was a tough job against the strong winds but we somehow managed.” Now, Sudha remembered that night.

“You got totally drenched, Mom!” His voice was soft and wistful now.

“You were wearing a cream white sari and blouse that night, Mom! You were totally wet. And I saw you differently, Mom!” His voice was a whisper now.

He was speaking, as if in a trance. Sudha was mesmerized by what her son was saying.

“I saw your black bra and black petticoat so clearly, mom. It felt as if the sari had disappeared. I could clearly see that beautiful black bra and your full boobs in it. I saw your big round buttocks, their shape and size through that black petticoat. I saw a very sexy woman!!” He stopped and looked at his mom.

Sudha was speechless. Not shocked but dumb. She wondered at the intensity of his memory of that incident and its impact on him that lasted all these years, as betrayed by the quaver in his voice.

He remained silent for a few seconds. Sudha wondered if he had probably finished his narration! But that was not the case and he spoke again.

“You went to your room and closed the door behind you. My mind was full of those beautiful images that I had seen. I just walked to your room door. The door was slightly ajar and not shut. I peeped in.” He stopped as his breath quickened.

“Your back was partly turned to the door. By then you removed the wet sari and the equally wet blouse. I saw you in the beautiful black bra and petticoat, mom. I was scared of getting caught, but, luckily daddy was in sound sleep and he was facing the other side. I was too thrilled to leave.”

“You removed your bra and your lovely, big breasts bounced, mom. Then you removed your petticoat too. I saw your shapely, smooth thighs and your big, bouncy buttocks poorly covered in black panties. I saw your hairy mound through the panties, with a few hairs jutting out. I saw all that wonderful flesh of yours, mom.” His voice was now like a chant and Sudha was truly mesmerized by her son’s narrative.

Sekhar walked to his mother, took hold of her hands and pulled her up gently from the couch. He walked along with her to his room. She meekly followed him. Even as they walked into his room, he spoke again.

“I ran to my room, mom. I was shaking like a leaf. I only saw images of your beautiful boobs, your lovely tummy, your deep navel, your wondrous thighs and bouncy buttocks, all naked!”

His hands were busy even as he spoke, quickly removing her garments. There was a sense of urgency now in his act; a sense of desperation too. His hands removed all the clothing that covered those very parts of her anatomy that he was describing minutes ago.

As his hands fumbled and grabbed her rich assets, in front and back, Sudha pulled her son close to her and embraced his shaking, feverish body.

“What did you do then, son?” she asked him softly.

“I closed my eyes and saw you naked. I fucked you, mom!! Yes!! I fucked you in my mind that night, mom. I fucked you hard. Not just that night but many, many nights.” He whimpered.

They were close to his bed now and Sudha sat down on the edge. In a trice, he removed his clothing and threw it away. He was fully naked and her eyes went to his fully erect, hard, long, young cock that swayed a little close to her face.

Holding it at the base in his left hand, Sekhar rubbed his cock head against his mother’s full lips. Sudha felt his pre cum on her lips and her tongue flicked and tasted it. Holding his cock at the midpoint, she licked the underside of his pink cock head and then covered it with her lips. Her tongue licked the tip and then the length of his shaft.

Sekhar’s left hand held his mother’s head and his right hand found her lap and inserted itself into her wet and damp panties. He grabbed her mound and squeezed her pussy greedily. His fingers found the wet, warm slit open to their touch. He just slid them in and wiggled them.

Too hot with passion now, he literally rushed.

With a rough pull, he removed her panties and threw it away. His hands on her heaving chest, he pushed her on to the bed and on her back. He joined her on the bed, kneeling between her legs. Holding her thighs in his hands, marveling at their silken smoothness and tightness, he separated them.

Sudha raise her legs and bent them at her knees. Her horny cunt was open to her son now.

She knew that finally they arrived at the point of no return. It was now or never! Having just heard his tale of lust, love and anguish, having just heard of his years of infatuation with her; the mother had made up her mind firmly.

She would take the initiative and lead him. She would make him fuck her. He would be a willing participant but not the aggressor. She would ensure that he suffered no sense of guilt.

With her right hand she held his hard cock, slightly bent it and guided the pink, wet head into her slit and vaginal passage. His rod was hot, pulsating and full of energy as it entered his mother’s juicy, churning cunt. With her left hand she pulled his head to her abundant and heaving bosom.

“Suck my tits and fuck me now, son.” It was the first time she ever uttered the F word and her son was both shocked and delighted.

“Push your hard cock deep into my cunt. Reach its depths. Touch me where no one touched so far.” So saying, she wrapped her legs around his flanks and pulled him in.

Sekhar was in seventh heaven. His mother wants him to fuck her! She had said it so clearly! She needs it and wants it as much as him!

He started fucking her cunt with strong, hard strokes that were indicative of his pent up desires. As he stroked hard, Sudha marveled! Each stroke her son gave was worth ten of what she had received in the past from her hubby. This was real fucking; she never knew that anything like this was possible. And it is so good and safe; to do this with her own flesh and blood.

“Yes! Pound my cunt. Stretch it. Tear it up. Fuck me hard, my Sekhar!” She moaned and whimpered now. His young mouth was nibbling at her nipples, biting her tits, marking her. She didn’t care. No one would ever see those marks.

Her nails scratched his back as the tempo built up. She felt the slow beginning of an orgasm. Her pulse quickened and her heart beat louder. Her ass rose with every stroke of his in tandem; in perfect synchronization to maximize the thrust and its pleasure. His cock touched the still virginal depths in his mother’s cunt; desperately trying to reach her womb – the point of his origin

Her moans got louder and longer as he pounded her to the verge of an explosive orgasm.


As she cried out, the depths of her vagina were hit by the jet of his hot ejaculation. Sudha, despite her own mind blowing orgasm was still aware of his hot jet and the copious flow of his cum that filled her cunt. Her son’s head rested on her bosom; his eyes shut. Their bodies were drenched in sweat. Her son’s limp cock, though spent, was still buried in her cunt.

After a couple of minutes, he rolled off her and lay on her side, his hand on her breasts and his eyes closed. After another five minutes, Sudha managed to get off the bed and go to the bathroom. After cleaning up, she saw her own naked image in the mirror. Her face had that glow that comes from a good fuck; a satisfied look. She smiled at her image and winked.

They fucked once more in the early hours. That was even better than the first one because it lasted longer and their actions were more deliberate and relaxed.

Next morning, they both woke up late.

Sekhar called his office and reported sick. Even as he told his boss over the phone how sick he was, he winked at his mother. Later, when he was sound asleep in his room, Sudha got a phone call from her daughter.

“How are you, Mom? All well?”

“Fine, everything is fine.” Smitha noted the positive tone.

“How is brother?”

“He is sleeping. He reported sick today.”

“Oh! What is wrong?” Smitha sounded more curious than worried.

“It is nothing serious. He had a very tiring day yesterday. So he wants to relax today.” Smitha visualized her mother smiling as she said that.

“Was it a tiring day or night?” Smitha asked teasingly.

“Shut up.” Her mother replied but not in anger.

“Okay. Shall I come over today?” Smitha asked.

“It is better not to disturb today.” Smitha got the message…loud and clear.

“Mom, you are truly incredible. I love you.”

“Thanks Smitha! I love you both.” Sudha finished the call.

The End.

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