Mandy’s back from …

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Mandy’s back from …
Hi again Baby,

Mandy’s back from Arizona/Kansas … I’m glad she’s back where she’s close enough that I can check in on her in person every once in a while to make sure she’s OK.
I started imagining a very hot and interesting fantasy while I was sitting at the kitchen table and just putzing around. I imagined that you were here and the three of us were visiting and I went into the kitchen to get something to drink. You came in and walked up behind me and told me that there was something you’d very much like for me to do. Then you got in front of me and gave me one of your super passionate hugs & kisses and whispered into my ear that if it was alright with Mandy you very much wanted to watch me fuck/make love to her and maybe after awhile join us. I gave you a wonderful hug and ask if you were sure and you said ‘absolutely … as long as it’s alright with her. I could hardly remember ever being so excited and turned on. Then you told me that there was one thing I had to promise … that if things went well and Mandy was OK with me cumming inside her … I had to promise to fuck you while I watched you licking me sperm out of her cunt … I thought I was going to cream my jeans I was so turned on!!!!
We went back into the living room and you ask Mandy to move closer to you because you needed to ask her something. She did and I sat next to her and while you were whispering in her ear that you very much wanted to watch her and me having wild, hot passionate sex I reached behind her and undid her hair and let it fall down her back and over her shoulders … beautiful, long, thick, wavy, dark auburn hair. I brushed it aside and very gently, tenderly kissed her neck and told her how amazingly beautiful I thought she is and about the many times you and I had shared our fantasy of getting to share her.
By now you’re standing in front of her and reaching up under her shirt and bra … feeling those nice, big, amazingly beautiful tits of hers and I’m playing with her cute little ass and telling her how much I want, with your help after a while, to try and see just how many different times and ways I/we can help her cum like crazy. You ask her if it will be alright for you to take some pictures & video with of her and I “playing”. She said that will be fine as long as she got to keep copies and I take some of her and you “playing” with each other.
Dawn I still love and miss you so very much that it very often quite literally hurts. I hope you don’t mind me having fantasies of some of the really “naughty & fun” things I wish we could have experienced and shared together. 07/17/19 22:35 more to follow later on.

It’s casino oyna 00:50 and I’m adding some more to my story. We go into the bedroom and I ask if it’s OK to have you help undress Mandy and almost in unison you both say “yes” …but first I get the camera and camcorder ready. I’m really happy now that I bought that extra battery for the camcorder and made sure that both batteries were fully charged for not only the camcorder but the DSLR as well. Also although I’m not sure how much, if any, I’ll try out my newest “addition” to my camera “stuff” … an adaptor that allows me to use my old FL & FD lenses with the DSLR, this time because I think all three of us know that if it goes anywhere even close to how I’m/we’re hoping it does, we’re there it will be only the first of what will be many, many sexual experiences that the three of us get to share and enjoy.
Well by the time I have the camcorder & DSLR ready for you to use you and Mandy have each other so turned on that both of you have already creamed your panties … just like the “nasty & naughty” sluts you each love being!!!! You ask me to quickly go ever how to use the camcorder again and if there’s anything else I want to tell/show you about the DSLR and I say just to be sure and take lots & lots of pictures!!!! I start to explain something else to you and you stop me and tell me that you’re fine with working the “stuff” and that Mandy looks like she’s getting bored with hearing me telling you how to “capture the action” and is really wanting to get things started. By now the only things she has on are her “cream soaked” panties and one of my old t-shirts that’s very tight and doing an excellent job of showing off her absolutely amazing tits. I strip to just my boxers and slide into bed neat to her and begin kissing her sweet lips while at the same time fondling her fantastic tits before reaching down and rubbing her sticky, wet panties into her slit and feeling her amazing cunt getting ever wetter. In no time at all she’s moaning and whimpering and cumming all over my fingers and her panties.
Next I slid off the bed and have her lay on her back with that cute little ass right on the edge of the bed and get between her legs and starting just above her knees I begin kissing and licking the insides of her thighs and go all the way up to her panties where I gently slip them down her sexy legs and off her then take and rub those sticky, slimy cunt creamed panties all over her amazing tits and finely she reaches out and grabs them from me and starts to suck her own sweet pussy cum out of them. Then I get back between her legs and start kissing & licking & sucking kaçak casino & gently nibbling on her quivering, cumming cunt lips and twitching clit. In no time at all Mandy’s moaning and whimpering and gasping form cumming so much. I absolutely love that amazingly sweet tasting pussy cum of hers … Dawn I’ve only ever had one other woman’s cunt that tasted sweeter than Mandy’s and that was yours! I get a nice mouthful of her wonderful cunt cream and then I raise up and lay my rock hard, throbbing cock on her slit and start rubbing it all over her cunt lips and clit and I bend down and kiss her and let some of her own pussy juice drip from my mouth into hers. She’s kissing and licking as much of her cunt cream off my face and out of my beard as she can and comments that it’s almost as good as eating pussy … almost! You’re positioned where you’re able to focus in close as I finely start to slid the head of my thick, hard, throbbing dick past her quivering cumming cunt lips inside her super wet, hot, almost insanely tight cunt. And as long as I’m “fantasying” … I’m packing 11 1/2 long, thick inches of dick to share with the two of you. Plus I’m still very multi orgasmic and stay hard after cumming.
Mandy’s pussy is so wonderfully fucking tight that I take almost 20 minuets before I finely have my full length inside her and she’s been creaming most of that time. Finely I pull my throbbing cock out of her and lay on my back beside her and tell her that I want to taste some more of her amazingly sweet, wet cunt so she climbs on top of me for some wonderful 69 action and for about the next half hour she cums like crazy while kissing and licking and sucking and stroking on my thick, long, throbbing cock! After an especially intense and wet orgasm she raises up off me face, spins around and climbs on top of me as she takes and grabs my throbbing shaft and rubs the head of my dick all over her cunt lips and slit before shoving the head of my dick into her fantastic cunt and begins to slowly, deliberately, full length ride my cock. Oh Dawn … her cunt feels absolutely amazing gliding up and down my dick. And you, my sexy, hot, wonderfully fine wife … are doing such an amazing job with both the camera & camcorder that later on when the three of us are “reviewing” the shots … we can actually watch and see the squiggly lines her cunt hairs are leaving in all that pussy juice that’s oozing past her quivering cumming cunt lips and running down the length of my shaft! She tells you that she thinks I’m getting close to filling her cunt with cum because she says she can feel me throbbing and pulsing more and harder inside canlı casino her.
You check and make sure that there’s plenty of battery & space on the camcorder and set it up on the tripod focused on us fucking then take set the DSLR on the other tripod and focus in and grab the remote for it as you climb into the bed and lay beside Mandy and start kissing and licking her cheeks and lips and whispering in her ear that you want her to see just how big a sperm load she can fuck out of my dick and tell her that she’ll know just before I start to cum because she should be able to feel the head of my dick start to throb and pulsate and, swell to almost half again as big as it is when I’m hard but not cumming. Then she reaches down and starts to gently message my swollen balls and loves the feeling of me starting to pump Mandy’s amazingly wonderful cunt full to over flowing with my thick hot sperm. Dawn loves feeling all that thick, hot, sticky, slimy fuck juice flowing out of Mandy’s cunt and all over her hand. She can barely wait to get to lick it off and share it with Mandy. more later on

Mandy and I have cum together like crazy and are both still super horny. You lay on your back with your ass on the edge of the bed and tell Mandy to sit on your face so that you can lick her wild, hot, wet, fresh fucked, still creaming, fuck juice dripping cunt clean while I fuck you and watch! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that has turned me on more … getting to fuck your amazingly tight hot cunt as I watch you licking all that fuck juice out of Mandy’s still cumming cunt. Between my sperm and her cunt cream there’s so much fucking cream on your pretty face that it looks like a fucking glazed donut!!! After a little while Mandy bends down and starts licking and kissing and sucking on your quivering cunt lips and my throbbing shaft and is gently messaging my balls and telling us both how much she wants to return the favor to you for licking her cunt clean. After she’s finished doing that all three of us just kind of lay back and catch out breath and talk about how absolutely amazing it was. The next thing I’m really aware of is the wonderful sensation of feeling both of you sleeping in my arms. That and knowing that this was only the first of many, many wonderful sexual adventures/encounters we’re going to get to share with Mandy. I can hardly wait to find out just what we can have happen together. 07/18/19 19:00 Baby I do so love and miss you and only wish we had been able to explore many more things both sexually and in other ways. Love always all ways, Russell.

It may sound weird or strange but I still love and miss my Dawn very much and it helps me to cope by fantasying about some of the things we talked about but were unable to experience and enjoy and sharing them with others helps as well. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I do writing them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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