Mom in law Part 2

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Mom in law Part 2
1 month went by since the last fuck with my mom in law.

We are always busy flirting but could not have sex because either my father in law was home or my wife and the whole family.

Surprisingly one fine Saturday afternoon, everyone had to attend a wedding and we were all invited. My wife and my sister in law went to their cousins and it was agreed that I would fetch my mom in law and my father in law home to go to the wedding around 6-7pm.

My mom in law told me to come fetch her around 5pm and deep down i knew that something was cooking. I got home that day, bathed, perfumed myself got dressed and went at hers at 5pm. On the way i was wishing that today will be my lucky day. Arriving there 15mins in advance, I parked the car and hastily made my way to the house.

She was in her room getting ready. She was as always with her sexy undies soaking her wet hair after bath. I was a bit hesistant to get in, fearing my father in law was here. She saw me looking here and there; and she said, dont worry my husband aint here, güvenilir bahis I told him you will be here by 6.30 and he is at his friends place. He will be back around 5.45.

I was so happy that something could at least happen. She told me that my wife told me that sex was much better now as she also gave me some tips from last time. She was like today i would love you to cum as fast as possible as we dont have a lot of time because your father in law will be back soon

i literally opened my zip and let my cock out. She came near and sat down infront of me and started to suck me with little moans. All that while looking at me in the eyes. She took my whole cock in within seconds of sucking it.

I could only close my eyes and enjoy that moment. Not even my wife can suck as good as she sucks. She didnt even care to remove her lingerie on her. She was going on so hard. Seeing I was not cumming after 5 mins, she is like hmm my tips are doing the magic and you guys must be having good sex.

I was like: Not as good as the sex I have perabet giriş with you babe.

She only shoved her panties sideways and got my cock in that pussy while i was standing with my tuxedo on. She didnt let me suck her nor even masturbate her. It got in with so much ease that she had a small pussy fart.

I could not NOT enjoy that and i started pounding that pussy like crazy. She let me do it and she told me, you would need to cum fast.

I watched her as she said this statement: Her hands reached my cock and she stuck it up her arse. she got back on her bending position and told me to spit into that dirty little ass.

she held her ass cheeks and opened that asshole for my cock to get in fast enough. it was so fucking hot in that ass damn. I knew i would finish inside of her today.

She told me to fuck her like a dirty little bitch ( BOUR MOI, to koner mo en chaler ek mo fat to kok). I started fucking that ass in a frenzy. it was so tight for her age and she told me she doesnt let her husband fuck her ass a perabet güvenilir mi lot because her cock is a bit too small for her. She loves it big in there.

i grabbed her tits with one hand and her wet hair with another. I pushed that cock hard inside and whispered into her ears, where you want that cum (kot to envi mo desarzer).

Hearing that she told me to hold it and not cum in her arse. She told me to remove it and she got on bed still with her panty on her. She asked me to fuck her pussy hard and when im about to cum, remove my cock and cum on her pussy, not even inside but on the pussy because she want to keep my hot cum on her pussy. She wants to let it in her panty and feel it as she walks.

I listened to her and pleased her. Its almost like i cannot refuse what she just asked.

I fucked her and came on her pussy and she told me to rub my cock against her panty and to go wash myself.

Getting back into the room she was Half dressed and she told me that my cum is so hot and pleasing on her pussy right now and she came to kiss me.

It was about time to go to the wedding and my father in law got home about 6 that day and we happily went to the wedding.

Later I learned that she made my father in law suck that same pussy after the wedding at night



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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