mommy new bull

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mommy new bull
I ve been hidding in the living room closet knowing its one of these night

Mommy thinks iam out,but i ve been secretly watching and listening to her servicing a married black guy from her office

the first night i tought she was looking at porn until i ear her sexy moaning and pleading to be fuck like a good white slut mom

how she squealed getting fuck got me so curious i went out to watch her through the window

doggy in sexy stocking heals and dress a stranger tall black daddy fucking my mom deep with a huge cock

she was so sexy ass up moaning trying her best not to make noise slammed by his huge black dick

mommy hands tied up in her back legs spread ass up moaning each time he pounded her in the mattress

i was speachless, watching my beautifull mom getting used like this

i was getting horny and loving how big he was , putting my mom down just cock taking moaning doll

she went to suck him and i would alwaus remember how she talk like a slut owned by his big cock

”im just a white mom owned by bbc , i love your big cock so much”

the guy slapping mom ass repeating its normal to be a slut for big black cock

mommy moaning yes yes yes like a stupid blonde bimbo

i coudnt stop thinking of it, i endup spying her every night , learning mum was caming for guys, all married and just wanting to fuck that cute white bitch

on her bbc toy showing them how she love feeling a black cock stretching her tight pink cunt

i was hidden in the closet and it took only 15min for her to appear dress in pink fishnet body suit

I started to get afraid of being caught

the house door opening and closing the room filled with horny young guys my age all black and in circle there to get suck by the mature white slut, my cute mom giggling around the 20s year old boy gropping her pulling her from bbc to bbc, mouth open making slutty cock sucking sound

i saw her get collared and leash , passed around crawling on her knees to the young guys legs spread on the couch

all güvenilir bahis getting my mom to slurp on their black cocks

all bigger than mine, all there because they have a big cock to be serviced

the young boy working at the gaz station helping mommy ass up doggy sucking soon fucked in turn all of them wanting to try my mom wet pussy

moaning like a slut taking young boy loads in all her holes

sit on one cock another behind taking mommy ass pushing her down another cock

filled completely , moaning loud she is a white slut divorced mommy

young black guy all slapping my mom around calling her names

i watched em filled her with so many loads i was watching her be a cumdump and look so happy receiving cum in her 3 gaping holes

they left taking pictures of her covered in cum before going out

soon she had her phone in her hand waiting for somethging

she answer , caming to someone

”yes i did it, they are all gone now i hope they wont tell a word, i tought it was a team of grown man not horny boys the age of my son”

”ok ok i understand sorry i didnt wanto to, i love it, they all had nice black cock you are rights”

”ok yes ok ok i know iam sorry i will ”

and she went down in the lobby , on a pillow ass up waiting

her regular black bull colar and leash her up once he got in

and mommy was pleading not to get out

but i saw her leaving and infront of the house walking doggy like a dog to a white van disappearing in the night inside the van

i watch outside mommy leaving , pulled by him mommy quick to follow looking around scared getting in the van

it has been 3 days and mommy isnt home

i feel scared for her

wondering where he took her

sometimes thinking of her tied up in a basement just sold and fuck all day

then one night i saw her bull who took her away knock at my door

”hey boy your mom home?”


”ok you saw her today?”


”fuck , where is she, i need to fuck your mom so bad”


”shes a bets10 güvenilir mi slut im sure she is here”

he pushed me inside and i was getting afraid he would see me in mom panty

last 3 days i went to her room and started wearing her panty then tried sucking the big black dildo

he went to her room and saw her toy on the bed

”where are you slut you been playing with your toy without me?”

but she wasnt there

i started to feel anxious

”she really isnt here?”

”you the one playing with this?”

”sucking bbc like mommy boy?”

his pants down walking to me

”oh noo you dont go anywhere, do like mommy open your mouth for big black cock”

i was head pulled on it until i felt his cock get inside , opening up my young mouth with his big cock like i always did this

and he teached me to do like mommy, helping me down on it, throat busted open gagging and drooling on my pijama

i had been sucking for a while when he reach for my pijama and got a very nice view of mommy panty on me pulling my pants all down calling me a sissy boiy

”oh you wanted this, wearing mommy panty and sucking her toy. you want to be like her boy, just sucking and fucking nice bbc dont you”

slapping my pantied ass

caught and about to learn what real man do to white slut

pulled ass up on my own bed

mommy bottle of lube pourred on me

her bull sliding in her sissy boy slut son

just like yesterday with mommy toy, sucking then fucked by the bbc

ass up owned like he do my mommy and feeling his bbc hit deep in me

i was sit on him , he was bouncing me slowly his phone up , a film of my mom on her knees moaning on his cock , in the park at night sucking him with a big smile on her face

”i just met her smoking in the park alone wanting some big cock in her mouth”

”she gave me a cigarette and i ask her to smoke in the baseball cabin”

”once inside she drop to her knees”

”rubbing her face on my short asking for my bbc”

”didnt even had to ask, mobilbahis she was there for this”

”took it out and kiss my tip licking it moaning she loves bbc”

”look at how she just having fun”

mommy mouth on his cock sucking him like a hungry cock slut

”under 10 min it took for her to be slopping me ”

”your mom love big cocks so much”

up and down on his cock, fucking my pussy ass in mommy panty watching her sucking the same cock i hace inside

”and now , im cuming ion her son pretty cunt”

taking my hipse , pushing me doggy ass up on the couch
the video showed mommy ass up in the cabin face on the wall hair pulled and slammed
hard fuck , called a sissy fuck slut, a good slut just like mommy

my ass fucked like he did my mom

looking at her on the phone vids moaning saying she love being a slut for bbc

”look at her, thats what we do to white wore”

i was getting spooned and fuck full of cum all night, my ass turned into a cock sleeve for him

i woke up him inside mommy talking to me feeling dizzy

”ohh no what did he do to you”

”here get out …..”

pulling the d****s she saw me in her camisole red satin and panty

”omg he did this to you ”

”no i didnt, he was playing with your toy dress up in your panty”

”tell mommy boy, tell her you like my bbc too”

getting doggy , pulling me on the other side of the bed

mommy looking at him in me fucking her son in her cute red sating night dress

she sat legs spread looking at me puished foward to her legs

”eat my pussy my sexy girl, you so cute in my lingery”

mommy pussy tasting cum, drooling so much i was licking cum out of her pussy

back from the park, telling her bull the 20s boy from the team always try to blackmail her

shes been at one place tied up for the whole weekend

”i know i know, i saw the vids, you had a nice weekend , cuming on young boy black cocks ”

”all 7 told me you love it ”

mommy moaning under my tongue game

ass fuck by her bull and told this was just normal for whites sluts like us

soon both side to side ass up moaning in turn fucked up in the ass

”your sissy son so tight”

”you gonna be loose like mommy , my god you white sluts cant resist getting fucked by bbc”

starting to be just like mommy

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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