roommate cute doll part2

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roommate cute doll part2
I woke up dress in last night pink outfit , plug and in cage

my roomate sleeping naked my leash attach to the bed

i realised how my life would never be the same now he made me into a sissy

he woke up becaise i tried to get out of the bed

smilling at me on my knees trying to unlock my leash

”morning baby, you slept well?”

“mike please iam not sure about all this ”

”dont be shy, no one will ever know you like my cock in your sissy boy holes”

rubbing my ass , pulling on my leash until i was on his lap

”here baby, yes arch that cute ass”

rubbing on the plug gropping my ass

”this cute pussy hole is mine, i bet it still wet from last night”

i coudnt argue , the plug got out and he showed me how easy his cock goes in

my arm in my back . pulling me on his fat dick

”so easy, dont tell me this is not good , you take all of my cock”

he was too gentle, i coudnt resist moaning under the sweet plowing of my cum hole

”see told you, ass up taking cock, dont pretend , i know you need this ”

”you need a cock, its ok baby i like how girly you are, its ok to be a slut , be my slut ”

he tamed me down into a cock taking sissy again
his word making me fall under his spell again

until i was back on top of him, bouncing on my own, unable to stop now he stretch me so good

he fuck me until i felt him cum in me , remembering how good it felt last night

ass up , his very hot black cock pumping his babies in me

i was still moaning when he got out and in and out

looking back , mike holding his phone

”ohhhh noo nooo dont film ahhh ahhhh fuckkkk nmooo”

”look at this bitch bro, shes my roomate, took her some advice but now she illegal bahis loves to get fuck”

”ohhhhh my god mike , shes so cute, thats your new one you talk about ?”

”yeah bro , look at her take it, shes a naturall, caught her wearing panty and had to teach her”

”nice cant wait for the next poker game, i still think of last game alot”

i was listening taking mike cock, realising how i was just a sissy for him and apparently his friends liked sissies too

”if you have time come try her now”

”for real, bro im on my way”

mike showed me the fone

another black guy smilling at me

”hi cindy, im gonna be there soon ”

even if i argue i didnt want others to know about this

i endup tied up in the living room, on my knees hand locks to my ankle

mike watching porn , calling me names rubbing on my blond wig , his cock feed to me
”why cant we just be alone, mike please”
”dont be stupid, sissies love to be bang by friends”
”you gonna be a good slut, dont worry”

his friend took only 15min to arrive

i felt so nervous on my knees crawling pulled by the leash to say hi to his friend

”omg mike, shes so cute, dude thank you for this”

”hi cindy , my god girl you are so pretty ”

he bend down to kiss me

i felt his tongue fight over mine, taking control. a loud zipper sound later and our lipse unlock from his kissing, I was met by his nice strong black cock, taking place in my mouth

”ohhh mike shes a natural”

looking inside my panty, my white little cage made him smile

”shes so cute, i want her cage flapping around when she sucks, its so sexy ”

panty just down enought for them to joke about my little clit

watching it swing between tipobet my legs my mouth shared in the lobby

i was lift and drop on the living room table legs up mike showing his friend how easy i take cock

making me moan his friend cock taking my mouth like he wanted

”thats a good sissy doll , mike thank you bro her cunt so tight i love her”

mike holding my legs making me look at his friend and rub his cock on my face as i moan

i watch him cum in me, mike calling me a good sissy , moaning cum pouring down my new pussy ass

then mike did the same, making it hard in me watching me clean his friend cock and moan

i was exausted drag to the shower
and they cuddle me under the shower

both rubbing my smaller smooth body in soap

smelling girly between both guys washing me

calling me a beautifull doll

”its ok baby, its our secret , we want you to feel good ”

kissing me and making me feel warm between them

i dressed pretty when i got out, they wanted pancake and after being so good with me in the shower

i made breakfast

and sit down feeling like a pretty girl

they were nice and told me i was a good cook

”she like being a girl”

”yes it just needs times to sink in her , but shes a good learner so far”

i made the dishes listening to them talk about how i was just a girl

i was done with the dish and went to the living room wanting to be a good girl for them so much

i was smilling getting on my knees when mike stop me

”go make the bed and the laundry, our cocks will be here when ur done”

i look at them both, sending me away , denied of them tasty cocks until i got up and did my chores

”see what i meant, she still need some training”

”yeah tipobet giriş i understand , id love to have her clean my place too someday”

mike appeared behind me when i was doing the laudry

”come here bad little girl”

and i was ass slap on the laudry machine

”why arent you plug, you went on without plugging yourself up, you embarrassed me infront of my friend twice”

he smack my ass , until i was crying

hi friend in the next room listening to mike disciplining me

loud smack and a sissy little scream and tears

his fat cock pushed in one trust, slapping my ass hard on the laudry machine spinning under me spread and fuck

legs not touching the floor

”im soooo sorryyy mikeee ahhhhh ahhhhhh please please i will plug myself back pleaseeeee ahhhhhh”

”you dripped too much cum in your panty , look at them look ”

putting them on my head

feeling how wet they were my face feeling goey in them fucked like a wore who wet her panty too much around bbc

mike getting out of me yelling at his friend to come help teach me

they both fuck me on the laudry machine, slapping me into sounding stupid begging to be fuck

they let me fall down and watch me crawl in a hurry to the living room , looking for my plug like a lost confuse sissy

i plug it in and walk ass up

”thats it good girl , good sissy girl , now get back to your chores, go get new panty on ”

i got back in new panty and carefully did my chores

the 2 black guy still there all day to teach me up

i felt nervous all the time, like they were going to **** me at any moment

but if i was a good girl, was treated like one

i learn to behave that day

the hardest part was walking in heels properly, both of them fucking me in heels until i walked plugged like a good girl around them

until i miss step again and both were up again fucking me , laughting at me , saying i was miss stepping in my new heels just to be fuck

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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