Sweet sixteen. Black seventeen.

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Sweet sixteen. Black seventeen.
This is a moment in the life of teenager Ariel.
She is the only c***d of cosmetic surgeon Eric and dentist Suzan.
They seem to have it all. Money, friends, a villa, enormous garden etc.
To the outside world, they are the perfect family. But in reality Ariel feels lonely.
Her parents are always working. And when they come home, they have no attention for her.
For example, they even take it for granted that Ariel does all the cleaning and cooking.
On this cold and rainy Monday evening in January her parents had to go to an important meeting right after work.
It could take all evening they said to her this morning. ‘Don’t expect us to be home before midnight.’
Ariel was wondering if they even realised she turned 16 today.
At least most of her classmates showed up at her improvised birthday party.


It seemed like her guests enjoyed the party.
Ariel moved some of the furniture to create a small ballroom floor in the living room.
Against one wall she created a buffet with lots of food, snacks and drinks.
She had secretly prepared the food at the garden house during the weekend.
While some boys attacked the buffet, others took their chances and were dancing with the girls.
Ariel stood in the kitchen looking through the open doorway into the living room.
She observed, like she always does.
Is there enough food and drinks? Are the guests enjoying themselves?
Are they not making a mess with the food? Are they behaving themselves?
She wasn’t really in the mood for partying. Her two best friends didn’t show up.

The party had been going on for about an hour when the doorbell rang.
When Ariel opened the door, it was her best friend Isabel and an unknown blonde girl.
-“I’m sorry we’re so late.” said Isabel. -“Esther can’t come. I’ll spare you the details, but she’s very sick.”
Ariel listened to her friend, but her attention was drawn to the blonde girl.
This girl was just so beautiful. Long blonde hair. A shorty, just like Ariel.
Such soft face contours. Her nose was thicker than usual.
Ariel’s father would definitely do something about that.
But the eyes. Her bright blue eyes were staring directly into Ariel’s eyes.
Ariel suspected for a while that she was different from other girls.
When she saw this amazing blonde girl she knew for sure.
-“….. so that’s why Esther isn’t coming.” Isabel rattled on. -“This is Karolyna.
She is the exchange student from Czech who’s staying at Esther’s.
She wanted to come to your party to meet people. If that’s okay with you?”
“Yes of course. You’re welcome. My name is Ariel.” she said as she reached out her right hand.
In stead of shaking her hand, Karolyna gently touched Ariel’s elbow and kissed both of her cheeks.
Ariel quickly turned her head away. She knew she was blushing and didn’t want the girls to see it.

Isabel and Karolyna mingled with the guests.
During the party Ariel was busy refilling the buffet and entertaining her guests.
She noticed that Karolyna was watching her every move.
Their eyes crossed more than once and they ‘accidentally’ canlı bahis siteleri touched each time they passed each other.
When time passed by, some of the guests were outside smoking under the porch.
Others had made a mess of the buffet. Food was spread all over the floor.
Ariel decided to end the party.
She needed to clean up the mess and put the furniture back in place before her parents returned.
She called her guests to gather in the living room.
“Listen up everybody. My parents will be home soon. This means the party is over.
Thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoyed yourselves.”
While everyone was leaving, Ariel could only think about the mess they left.
She was about to start cleaning up when someone was knocking on the kitchen door.

“Karolyna? Where do you come from?”
-“I was outside walking the garden. And then came rain, I hide in garage.”
“Well, the party is over. Everyone’s gone home. You should go too. I need to clean up this mess.”
-“I stay. And I help you with your mess.”
“No you don’t have to Karolyna.”
-“I clean floor. You the food. We do chairs and tables together, yes?”
Ariel didn’t refuse the offer and so they both started cleaning.

-“I saw nice car in garage. Beautiful with no roof” said Karolyna to break the silence between them.
“My father’s precious. He keeps bragging about that car to his friends.
I know the whole story by heart. V12……5.3 litre……1973….blah blah blah. It’s all he ever talks about.”
-“It is you that is precious.”
Ariel didn’t know what to answer and she just smiled at Karolyna.
After little more than half an hour the living room and kitchen looked like there had never been a party.
“Thank you so much for helping me Karolyna. I don’t know how to thank you.”
Karolyna walked towards Ariel. Her blue eyes looked straight into Ariel’s.
-“Thank me with kiss.”
Ariel never kissed a girl before, but she didn’t hesitate.
She took Karolyna’s hands and she kissed her on the lips.
-“That is not kiss. Give me real kiss please.”
She tilted her head a bit and opened her lips. Waiting for Ariel to give her the kiss she wanted.
Ariel felt her hands getting sweaty. She was very nervous. But she decided to go for it.

Ariel kissed her a few times on the lips. Then she opened her lips too.
The tips of their tongues found each other. Their tongues twisted with pleasure.
Ariel put her hands on Karolyna’s back and pulled her against her own body.
Karolyna grabbed the back of Ariel’s head. They were kissing intensely.
When Ariel needed to catch her breath she confessed she has never kissed before.
-“You are good kisser.” said Karolyna with a beautiful smile.
“No you are. I can’t barely stand on my feet. I’m shaking all over.”
-“Will you show me your bedroom, yes?”
She didn’t have to ask Ariel twice. Ariel took her hand and lead her upstairs to her bedroom.

Both girls took of their shoes.
They lay down on the bed and started kissing again. Even more intense than in the kitchen.
Suddenly Ariel felt Karolyna’s hand go under her sweater. She shivered from excitement. tipobet giriş
Ariel decided to do the same.
She pulled Karolyna’s blouse out of her jeans and laid her hands on her back.
Karolyna’s hands went up higher and touched Ariel’s breasts.
In response, Ariel caressed her whole back. Both girls were moaning of pleasure.
Now Karolyna pulled up Ariel’s sweater and bra and started kneading her breasts.
Ariel was out of her senses. Her hands went down and she grabbed Karolyna’s buttocks.
Karolyna stopped kissing and stared into Ariel’s eyes with a cheeky look.
She unbuttoned Ariel’s jeans and pulled them, along with her panties, to her knees.
One hand went up from her thighs to her breasts and back down.
Ariel was gasping for breath. Karolyna started rubbing her hand over Ariel’s pussy.
She looked at Ariel. But Ariel couldn’t say a word. She just nodded.
Karolyna’s middle finger went gently inside Ariel’s pussy. She moved it in and out slowly.
The sopping sound made both girls even wilder.
Her finger moved up a bit and she started rubbing Ariel’s clit.
The harder Ariel moaned, the faster her finger moved over her clit.
Ariel grabbed Karolyna and pulled her against her body.
Within a few minutes Ariel felt a climax she never experienced before.
Her whole body shook and she looked like she was screaming without sound.

Karolyna had a satisfying smile on her face.
“Oh my god! What did you do to me?” asked a heavily breathing Ariel.
-“Wow, you never had orgasm before?”
Again, Ariel didn’t know what to answer. She felt embarrassed.
Karolyna noticed it and kissed her on the forehead.
“I want to do that to you too. Can I try?”
-“Of course. I want you to touch me there.”
Ariel became very nervous and had trouble with the button and zipper.
With shaking hands she did manage to unbutton and unzip her jeans.
She pulled the jeans down to Karolyna’s knees. Ariel’s fingers glided over her upper legs.
Karolyna wiggled a bit to help Ariel pull down her panties.
Ariel rubbed her hand between Karolyna’s legs. She felt a slippery wet spot.
She though that was the place to caress and pushed the spot with one finger.
-“Easy…easy… don’t push so hard.”
Ariel pulled her finger away. She was really embarrassed for her clumsiness.
Karolyna took her wrist and placed Ariel’s hand where she wanted it.
She moved her hand up and down slowly.
-“Touch me softly there” she said while still guiding Ariel’s hand.
After a few minutes she let go of Ariel’s hand. Ariel kept rubbing the same spot. Gently.
-“Put your finger inside my pussy.”
Ariel was so clumsy. She was looking down at Karolyna’s pussy as if she was searching for something.
Karolyna took her hand again and told her to stick out one finger.
She guided Ariel’s finger into her pussy.
When she let her hand go she said -“move your finger in and out.”
Ariel did what she was told. She noticed that Karolyna’s pussy was getting wetter with every move.
Karolyna was laying on her back. Very relaxed, her eyes closed and enjoying getting fingered.
-“Put in two fingers. tipobet güvenilir mi Push them to my belly.”
Ariel struggled a bit, but now she was fingering her with index and middle finger.
-“Turn your fingers around…..no… turn whole hand….stop…back a little…stop.
Right there. Now, bend your fingers..and straight…bend…straight…bend…straight.
Yes, like that…bend…straight…bend…straight.”
Although Karolyna was moving with her body, moaning and now looking into Ariel’s eyes,
Ariel couldn’t get her to orgasm.
She did enjoy pleasuring Karolyna. She loved the way Karolyna reacted to what she did to her.
But she couldn’t stop thinking she was doing something wrong.
“Teach me how I can give you an orgasm.” she begged.
Karolyna took her hand once more. She pulled the fingers out and guided the middle finger on her clit.
-“Draw little circles with your finger. Do not push hard.” she said and moved Ariel’s finger over her clit.
-“Oh yes” she moaned -“Do not stop this.”
Karolyna’s eyes were closed again. She was biting her lower lip.
Ariel saw how much she enjoyed this and started to speed up her finger movement.
It seemed like forever to Ariel. Her forearm cramped.
But Karolyna’s breathing was getting heavier, which motivated her to continue.
Ariel really liked the sight of this beautiful girl getting pleasured by her.
Karolyna’s muscles tightened. She lifted her body up a little.
Finally, there was her orgasm. Her body shook heavily, because Ariel still circled with her finger.
Karolyna’s mouth was wide open, but she made no sound.
Ten seconds later she begged Ariel to stop and pulled her against her.
The girls engaged in a sensuous tongue kissing. Caressing each others bodies with their hands.
Every few minutes, they rolled over each other.
When Karolyna laid on her back with Ariel in her arms, they stopped kissing.
They stared into each others eyes.
-“You did good first time.”
“Thank you, but I guess I need a lot more practice.” Ariel joked.
-“You will learn. Trust me. Put your head down and relax.”
Ariel put her head on Karolyna’s shoulder, holding her tight.
She closed her eyes and enjoyed this intimate moment.

But then, her bedroom door swung open.
Her parents came home earlier than expected and they caught the girls red handed.
They were absolutely furious. Screaming at the girls. Calling Karolyna horrible names.
Karolyna pulled up her jeans, grabbed her shoes and fled the room.
Ariel bursted out in tears and pulled the comforter over her body.
Her parents kept screaming, but all she heard was her own crying.
When the screaming stopped, she heard the door slam and footsteps stamping down the stairs.
Ariel pulled up her jeans and pulled the comforter over her head.
She just cried and cried and cried, until she got a text message on her phone.
It was a message from Esther, saying she was sorry for not being able to come to her party.
Two minutes later she got a second message. It said:
‘Message from Karolyna. Thank you for best party ever. I am alright. Sweet dreams dear Ariel.’

Ariel sobbed a few times. She laid her head down on the pillow and closed her eyes.
The sweet text message made her fall asleep peacefully.
Little did she know the nightmare she was going to wake up to…

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