Tampa Gloryholes… Thank you so much.

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Tampa Gloryholes… Thank you so much.
I need to write down this experience before it slips into the back of the recesses of my brain…

I love glory holes. I love sucking anonymous cock and taking a load down my throat. And as much as I hated moving back to florida, I knew about the crazy gloryhole scene in Tampa and wanted to check it out.

First stop was Fantasyland Adult Center, great booths but no action. literally. I’m the only guy there. But I do meet a guy in the ‘playroom’ and he tells me to hit Adultworld up the street. I do. I walk into the back after paying the 5 dollar cover. I love the smell of an ABS, Lysol, sweat, and cum. It’s intoxicating. There’s plenty of action here and i’m ready to suck. I get into the booth, lock the door and put my fingers through the hole to let everyone know that i’m a dick sucking whore today. And before I can get comfortable, there is someone in the next booth. Beggars cant be choosers and I was lucky that day. I love a hot cock and this day my first was a hot 5 incher, younger guy about 30, wearing a cock ring so i’m thinking i’m going to have to work for this reward. He sticks his erect cock through and I love the smell of musk on his dick and balls. I love the thought that some other gloryhole whore like me was licking this cock 5 minutes ago. I love getting on my knees where the cum from a thousand dicks have landed. And now it’s my turn to milk this stranger. So I do my whore job and I start to suck.

Now i’m no pro when it cums to dick sucking. I love to do it. But my experience is limited to a dozen or so gloryhole experiences, some grindr dates, and a couple of transwomen in LA. But this guy with the cock ring is really enjoying my skills. After a couple of times of getting the head of his cock to the back of my throat, and some pressure from my hand around his dick, I felt the warm sensation of his cum erupting on my tongue. I love to swallow cum and as this cock ringed stranger was jizzing, he had already started to retreat from the hole, denying me my cum prize. I guess the quick cum embarrassed him (perhaps the reason for the cock ring) but I had some jizz in my mouth and was pleased with my skills.

I exited casino siteleri the booth to get some air and to cruise and found myself watching some trans porn from outside a booth, just rubbing my 6 inch bulge through my jeans for anyone to watch. And if they wanted to get into the booth next to mine… so be it. This guy around my age (47) walked passed me and stood in front of the booth next to mine and stared at me. Silver hair, Irish looking guy about 5’10” and thick. And I wondered if his cock was as thick as he was, so in the booth I go. I slip my finger in the hole and get on my knees, hoping he’s looking to get drained. And sure enough I look through and am greeted with a thick mushroom headed cock about 7 inches and semi hard. I love to get a flaccid or semi hard cock get turned into a raging hard on. So, I just start to tease this thick dick with my fingers, I’m shaking a little as I rub my hands on a strangers dick. The cock gets larger and larger as I stroke him faster and faster and soon the cock grows and jumps to attention. And my hungry mouth is on his dickhead now getting the tip nice and wet. Then licking him like a lollypop with my tongue and taking him deeper in my mouth. Letting him fuck my cheek with that fat cock head. Then using my hand as a piston to try to get that cum that I want and he’s hitting my throat with his dicktip and my throat is starting to open for him. He’s rock hard now and I’m intoxicated by the whole scene. I’m shocked and loving what a whore I am right now. He’s choking me with his cock and then he just pulls his rock hard dick out of the hole, zips up and walks out of his booth…

Forrest Gump was right about ‘life being like a box of chocolates”. And that’s true in sucking dick in gloryholes as well. You never know what your gonna get… sometimes cum, sometimes not. Sometimes a small fry, and sometimes…

After that mushroom cocked daddy pulled out and zipped up, I thought I should go out to the car and change my head space. The sun was going down and i wanted to see the sunset over the gulf. So I say to myself that i’m gonna cum myself to the very next cock I suck and get on with my day. I check out canlı casino online other glory holes ABS in the neighborhood. And a third is right up the street. That’s fucking Tampa. It may not have much to offer as a city but it’s a glory hole paradise! So I go into the XTC adult super center (5 dollar cover and $1.75movies) and enter the arcade.

‘I”m not gonna cruise, I’m not gonna flirt. I’m gonna suck one more cock and be on my way’, I say to myself as i enter the arcade.

I go in to the nearest booth, throw a buck into the machine. Sit on the stool and put my finger through the hole and wait…

Not one min later someone comes into the booth next door. He throws a buck into his machine and his booth lights up. I go down to my knees to look. A giant base of a black man’s flaccid cock is waiting for me as i look. I can’t tell how long he is because I can’t see the end of his tip of his cock through the hole. All i see is a huge shaft. He lifts his cock and puts the tip through the hole. The tip of this man’s cock was almost as big as the gloryhole. And as he feed it through slowly, it just kept coming through the hole. Inch after inch of flaccid, black cock coming through the hole, like it was in slow motion. Every second more and more thick dick kept coming through that hole. After he was all the way through. I wanted to get a sense of his enormous size so I took my jeans down and stood up to rub my hard 5 inch cock on his cock to see the difference. And there was a huge difference!

The largest cock I ever sucked was on until that day was 10 inches hard. This twink I met on Grindr would charge me 40 bucks to suck him off. But this man’s snake was 10 inches flaccid. I got back down on my knees infront of this massive cock, licked my lips, and I was in heaven.

I wrapped one hand around the base of his dick, then I wrapped my other hand on top of the other holding his dick with both of my hands, just admiring what I was looking at. I had never held such a huge piece of meat before. His dick was cut with a dark skin tone and as my hands started to move up and down his shaft, I could see he was growing. I started to lick the tip. Getting him wet for my mouth kaçak casino and throat. I knew I couldn’t deep throat him, but I was going to try. I was going to choke myself on this man’s huge meat until my eyes shed tears. I was going to be like every whore I saw in porn sucking a huge monster, gloryhole cock. I opened my mouth as wide as it could go and took his cock tip in my mouth. I still was milking him with both hands as I sucked the tip. He was getting bigger and bigger in my hands and mouth. They have big gloryholes in this spot and the girth of his cock was taking up the entire hole. I took my hands away and he was starting to fuck my mouth. I took him as deep as I could without getting my teeth involved. (impossible) He would slowly force his cock to the back of my throat in hopes that my throat could open for him… he would thrust deep 5 or 6 times in a row. Slowly choking me with his huge dick for 20-30 seconds and pull out again to let me breathe. I would gasp for air when he pulled out of my mouth and and breathlessly tell him that I love his cock. And that it’s the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. There I was, worshipping this stranger’s huge, magnificent cock. I was in heaven.

I don’t know how long this went on for… I upped the pace and used both my hands and his cock was like the branch of a tree in my hands and mouth. I swear it was 14 inches or so at his biggest. I was sweating profusely, working hard and I finally heard some muffled noise from his booth and I got ready for my reward. He gushed 4 or 5 squirts and he filled up my mouth with jizz… between his sweet and salty cum and my spit and sweat… there was a lot to swallow but I swallowed it all. I squeezed his dick with both hands to get every single drop. I didn’t want him to take his cock away from me but after I licked him clean he was back to a soft10 inches again and pulled back into his booth. I’m still shaking, gasping and sweating on my knees and I say to him through the hole how amazing that was… and he sticks his fingers through his hole.

I was too busy worshipping him to even think about me cumming… I say to the hole, that after sucking his dick this shouldn’t take long… and I stick my 5 inch cut cock through. I gotta say that I came faster than a cheetah’s penis! I thanked him after, leg’s shaking, still gasping for air, and covered in sweat. I zipped up, and just made the sunset. Thanks Tampa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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