The Trip: Chapter Five

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The Trip: Chapter Five
The next day I awoke and got dressed, nothing to slutty, I was aiming for sexy and sensual, as I walked to the kitchen to fix the guys their breakfast, Chris appeared.

“You looked like you had fun last night” he said.

“I did, thank you” I replied

“Well Kate liked you so much, she wondered if you would like a job at the bar for the rest of our time here?”

“I’m happy to do whatever you ask of me” I responded. Although thought it strange that we were only here for a week, and as it was already halfway over, it seemed an odd time to be starting a job, but decided it was in my best interests not to ask too many questions.

Chris smiled and sat down to eat his breakfast

“Good as soon as I’ve finished I’ll give you a lift over there”

I arrived at the bar for my first shift, to my surprise it was the same bar as last night, I didn’t know whether to feel happy or concerned, was this just another set up? Would I walk into yet another gang bang? I put my thoughts to the back of my mind and entered, as I walked in Keith the bar manger met me

“Your early, you must be keen, I like that, sorry I missed your show last night, but I got nothing but good report from Kate” he said

I looked around at the deserted bar, it looked a lot smaller than it did last night, Keith disappeared into the back office and returned holding a bag, he handed it to me.

“This looks to be about your size”

I peered into the bag, it appeared to be a white T-shirt with the bars logo emblazoned across the front and a short red skirt.

“Where can I get changed?” I enquired

“Right here, you’re not shy are you?”??

I looked around and began to undress. I managed to turn my body to hide the breastforms stuffed in my bra. as I slipped on the short tight red miniskirt and the tight white t-shirt, The skirt was far to short you could see my underwear if I even tried to bend a little.

Very nice” said Keith admiringly. “It suits you Kara.”??

I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror bahis siteleri behind the bar. It did suit me in a tarty sort of a way.

Keith moved from behind the bar and perched on a barstool in front of me. He unfastened his zipper and took out his cock.?

“Kate said that you gave fantastic blow jobs.”??

He shrugged and threw a few notes down on the desk.

“If you want it, you know what to do.”??

As if in a daze, I knelt down before Keith and reached for his dick

“Not so fast baby, we’ve got some time to kill” he said

“What would you like me to do?” I enquired

Make yourself cum” he demanded

?Keith reached into the desk and pulled out his phone, he raised it up and started filming

“It’s for the personnel file, I have to keep a record of all my employees”

I moaned softly, biting my lip trying to be as sensual as possible, pulling the skirt up to expose my lacy pink underwear, I slip my hand down my body and slipped it into my panties as I gazed into the camera. ??”Go on,” he instructed.??I began to slowly stroke myself as I imagined I was sinking down onto Keith’s lap, his hard cock slipping deep into me with the force of gravity.

??”Come on, cum for me.” ?

I took my other hand, and licked my finger, coating it with saliva, I reached behind my back and started to probe at the entrance to my asshole with my now lubricated digit, I increased the speed of my strokes as I looked at Keith who was watching intently.??”Stop” Keith interrupted.

I did as I was instructed, something I was getting increasingly good at, Keith got up out of his chair loosened his trousers, he slipped out his cock and started to stroke it.??”Strip for me,” he commanded.??I removed my finger from my hole and slid the skirt down to the floor, followed by the panties, I slid the white shirt over my head and flicked it towards Keith.??”Mmm, good girl. Now turn around.” ??Obediently, I did so. There was a table behind me, with a leather case.??”Open it,” Keith instructed.??Inside, there perabet güvenilir mi was a set of metal cuffs, a flogger, and a vibrator. ??”The flogger is only for employees that disappoint me, but for now, grab that vibrator and get on the table” Keith instructed.

?I knew exactly what he was expecting of me and to be honest, considering how this trip had turned out, I was somewhat relieved by the simplicity of the request.

??”Yes sir,” I murmured. ??

When I turned around again, I perched myself on the corner of the table, Keith now had his cock firmly in his hand, stroking it absently as he watched me through the screen on his phone. ??I moved myself back as far as I could go, then sat up on my knees, spreading my legs as wide as I could manage for the camera to see. Turning the vibe barely on, I brushed it across my perineum, before moistening it with my own pre-cum.?

With a small moan, I slid the vibe down between my cheeks, the probing from my saliva covered finger hadn’t exactly made me slick down there, but it had done enough to make it possible. She locked eyes with Keith, making sure he held her gaze with his as she pushed the vibrator in. 

??”Is this what you wanted?,”

I breathed.??I turned the vibration up and began to slide it in and out with a series of soft groans. Keith, one hand working his shaft, began to move in closer.

??”That’s a good little slut for me,” he said. “Moan for the camera”??

I closed my eyes, letting my head fall back. I let the groans escape my lips without a second thought. As a spine tingling orgasm ripped though me and I almost slipped off the table. ??Keith was there before I even realized he’d moved, one hand over mine, driving the vibe into me with ever more forceful thrusts, Keith grabbed my hands and pushed them behind my back he cuffed them into place before going back to work with the vibrator.??”Good girl,” he murmured.??

Keith’s breaths were coming in more hoarsely, almost growling. His thumb tipobet slipped over the vibe control, turning it up before roughly thrusting it in and out of my quivering bum. ??He lifted his hand and grabbed me by the throat, holding me firmly in front of him as he drew closer to the edge himself. I managed a muffled moan as felt his grip tighten and with a low shuddering, growl, Keith came, coating my stomach with his hot seed. ??He released his grip and stepped backwards a couple times, almost stumbling.??

“Come here and clean my dick off,” he called,

Almost lazily.??I eased the vibe from my now sensitive hole and turned it off, sliding from the table to obey. ??On my knees between his legs, I licked Keith’s cock clean, slurping up the stray bead of cum on the tip. He groaned softly, threading his fingers through her hair.??”Good girl,” he murmured, looking down at her, he grabbed me by the hair and pushing my head back began to relieve himself into my open mouth, the pungent piss hit the back of my throat and unexpected as it was I had to fight hard not to gag.

“Drink it “ Keith commanded

I managed to compose myself and swallowed every last drop as Keith loosened his grip letting my hair trickle from his fingers.

Keith tucked his now limp cock back into his pants and did up his zipper, I felt a trickle of his piss running from the side of my mouth, as he reached down and undid the handcuffs.

Swiftly I picked up the money from his desk.
“Not bad, not bad at all. Come payday, if you’re willing to do as I say then this will be a bonus for you and not a sum I deduct from your wages.”

He gave me a slap on my bum.

“Now Kara, fix yourself up and get to work.”

To be honest the work was fairly easy. It consisted of going round the tables, collecting glasses and bottles and taking orders for fresh drinks. The customers were a nightmare, however, assuming that buying a drink gave them the right to a feel of the waitresses’ bum or legs. I suppose if any of them had been there for the show the previous night then they might have guessed I was fair game, At first I tried to shy away, but as the bar filled up and I managed to relax into it, I decided I was better off flirting and seeing how much I could make in tips.

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