This is Going to Hurt

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This is Going to Hurt
Daddy has always been a bit of a sadist,

From his playful smacks on my bottom to his hands wrapped around my throat…I have seen the
look in his eyes as he hurts me, twisting and bruising my little girl tits (as he calls them?) and
digging his nails into my soft skin. He couldn’t deny it when I asked if he liked to hurt me. He
was more surprised when I admitted one morning that I liked it too. Maybe more than like…

I didn’t know it would turn into this


Daddy came home early one day from work. I was surprised but happy to see him, running up
to him immediately.

Where I was usually met with a kiss, my eyes already closed and waiting, I felt his hand meet
my cheek, a loud smack filling the air as a burst of stinging pain radiated through me. Startled, I
felt the immediate, confused tears in my eyes. Looking to him, there wasn’t a smile or a smirk to
be found. He looked serious.

“Have I done–,” I started to ask but was cut off by Daddy’s hands grasping my throat as he
pinned me to the wall.

“Shut up little girl.” He started, pressing his nails into the skin of my neck, “Today D(a)d is going
to use you just the way he wants and you are going to take it!” His eyes met mine, “It is going
to hurt. A lot.”

He didn’t say more but loosened his hold so I could take a gasping breath.

I felt the fear trickle through me, my fingertips tingling, my head swimming. Maybe it was from
the choking? I couldn’t speak, but I nodded accepting my Daddy’s words as if I had a choice.
Still feeling dazed, I felt his hands wrap into my hair. Harshly, he dragged me to my knees using
his legs to keep my back pinned to the wall. I thought I heard him laugh but I can’t recall as this
is when he slapped me again. Much harder than before, I felt the tears fall onto my lap before I
felt the sting in my cheek.

Whimpering now, I tried to look up at him but he had other plans. canlı bahis siteleri His fingers pinched my nose
quickly, causing me to squirm and open my mouth to breathe. It only took a second for him to
shove his freed cock down my unprotected throat, pinning me to the wall with his hips while he
used my mouth.

I gagged and squirmed, moaning against his cock as I tried desperately to breathe. My hands
tried to push him away but he grabbed my wrists effortlessly. Holding my arms seemed to
embolden him as he thrust in and out of my mouth in long slow strokes while I continued to gag
on his length. At least he had let me nose go.

He fucked my face for a long while as I became more compliant and numb to him burying
himself in my throat. I could hear the rhythmic clink of his belt buckle with each movement. My
tear stained cheeks, now smeared with snot and sweat, felt sore already from his harsh slaps
and the grinding of his zipper.

When he pulled away, I waited and watched him. He hadn’t filled my mouth with his daddy goo
like he usually liked to.

He didn’t speak but I felt his hand in my hair again. Quickly, he pulled me from the floor, ignoring
my pleading and crying as he guided me to the bed, shoving me roughly down onto the

There was no hesitation. He was on top of me, pinning me on my front. One hand gathered my
wrists above my head, squeezing them tightly as the other hand explored my soft skin. His nails
dug into the flesh of my back, the blank canvas being colored in red, stinging claw marks.
As I thrashed and cried, he only seemed to grow more excited, his breathing heavy against my
ears. His teeth dug into me next, biting viciously into my shoulder. I felt the pain take my breath
away, my hands clenched as it passed the threshold for hurt and became pain my body couldn’t
help but submit to. I melted under him, no longer his little girl but rather perabet giriş a bitch to be mounted
and used by him.

He pinched, slapped, scratched, and bit me leaving no piece of his toy unplayed with. He
twisted my nipples and bit at any piece of flesh he could reach, my body becoming a roadmap
of his fingertips. It went on for hours. He seemed content to hurt me and listen to me cry out
until his fingers dipped into my princess parts.

I was a soaking mess…

I definitely heard him laugh now. He was laughing at me. What a little whore I had to be to get
so wet with my f(a)ther hurting me so.

I couldn’t deny it, pressing my blushing face to the bed quickly. He didn’t care about my
response, his fingers pushing into my wet cunt forcefully. One then another and another until he
had four fingers shoved into my soaked hole. I could barely cry out, it hurt so badly. My princess
parts were too small… so tight. Still he pushed, making his fingers fit, teasing he’d fit his whole
hand inside of me because I was such a dirty slut…

He couldn’t wait any longer. Ripping his fingers from my sore pussy, he replaced them with his
dripping cock. I can still remember how deep he forced his way in to the point I couldn’t breathe.
I cried out and tried to wiggle free but Daddy ripped my head back by my hair.

“Don’t move,” His voice was venomous. I froze, my palms down against the bed. He thrust into
me a few times, his long groans sounding with a torture of their own. When he pulled his
throbbing cock from me, I couldn’t stop my relieved quivering and soft cries. I thought he was
finished with me but I was wrong.

“Don’t move, you fucking slut,” He repeated himself, his voice tinged by lust and a****listic
need. I felt him lining himself up with my naughty hole… the hole Daddy had just begun training
for his use. I squirmed involuntary, whimpering loudly. This earned me a hard, perabet güvenilir mi twisting grasp on
the flesh of my bottom, the pain bringing me back to tears instantly.

“I won’t say it again. You’ll only hurt yourself more if you resist,” His breathing was still heavy,
his words directed to me but broken up as his focus shifted to my ass.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to handle the pain. Maybe he did too…

As he forced himself into my small, tight asshole, my nails dug directly into the blankets. I bit the
fabric in front of me to keep from screaming and kicking my legs as I so desperately wanted to.
His thick, hard cock plowed into me, stretching my little hole quickly and painfully. Tears
streamed down my face as he began thrusting, using my ass as a second pussy, being just as
rough. I couldn’t take it and as the words formed on my tongue, his teeth bit into my shoulder
once more.

It was unfair. My body was in agony, searing pain mixed with confusing, overwhelming pleasure
surged through me. I was dizzy and delirious as he forced my body to submit to him under this
pain. It twisted me into an anim(a)l to meet his own. I pushed my ass against him, meeting his
cock as he used me relentlessly before all I could do was beg and plead to cum.

He wouldn’t allow it, teasing and torturing me until he was ready to finish. I knew he was ready
when he gripped my head again and forced my face against the mattress. He reminded me how
much of a slut I had been, degrading me as if I didn’t know I had just begged for my f(a)ther to
fuck my ass. I couldn’t deny it. I couldn’t deny him.

Gripping tightly to my throat, he filled my ass with his load until I felt his cock stop twitching
inside me. He stayed inside me until my body forced him out, my tiny used asshole squeezing
him viciously as it greedily held onto every drop of him.

My body trembled, tears still rolling down my face as my daddy pulled me to him. I felt so small
in his arms. So used, feeling his cum oozing from my ass. I looked up to him and his lips met
mine, his kiss soothing my tired, aching body.

Clinging to him tightly, I brought my lips to his ear, “Can we play again tomorrow?”

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