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The front door bell rang. I rolled over and went back to sleep. The person was insistent knocking loudly on the front door.

“Fuck” I mumbled as I got out of bed and walked to the front door. Naked. Erect. I grabbed my wife’s raincoat and put it on. Why ? I’m not sure the young woman had already seen me naked as I walked down the hallway. I opened the door to see a young Maori lady in a pyjama onesie with a hooded towelling bathrobe over the top.

“Hi. Could you give me a lift to my car? ” she uttered. I was half asleep. “I need petrol. My car ran out down the road. ” Her chest rose and fell under the fabric as she spoke.

“Uh. Okay give me a minute.” I responded. I saw her eyes looking down. I looked down to see my cock fully erect, standing like a flagpole. I looked up. She walked in and closed the door.

“Do you mind? I don’t have any money” her hand was cold as she stroked my shaft. “I …” I put my hand on top of her head. She squatted down, opened her mouth and licked from my balls up the shaft to the tip then swallowed the circumcised head of my cock. Her dark eyes look up as her hand strokes my shaft. bahis siteleri

“Mmmm” Her tongue caresses the head of my penis. I feel my balls swell and my penis pulse as I prematurely cum in her mouth. She responds by swallowing my cum and licking her lips. Disappointed I turn and walk in to my bedroom. Put on the clothes lying on the floor. Grab my keys and phone.

“Come with me” We walk to the garden shed and get the jerrycan full of petrol for the mower.

“Carry this” handing her the jerrycan. We walk to the car I look at the woman in her pyjamas and bathrobe hood pulled over her head.

“Get in” I operate the key fob. She opens the door and flashes me some inner thigh. The onesie is falling apart.

“Where is your car?” I start the engine of the SUV.

“Near the highway” I turn to look at her and the top buttons are undone revealing her brown skin and plump young cleavage. My cock throbs in my tight jeans, growing across my pelvis. “Thanks for helping a lady in distress.”

I drive down the road through the village and turn to head towards the highway. When we arrive I park the vehicle in a manner use the mobilbahis heavily tinted windows as privacy.

“We are here” I place my hand on the back of her neck. “Final instalment please” I unzip my pants and pull her head to my crotch.

“Okay no need to get rough” she flicks her long hair away from her face as her mouth engulfs my swollen cock. I have other plans for my new neighbour. My big calloused hand roughly gropes her ripe plump young tits. I want more. My other hand reaches under the bathrobe and in the backflap on the bottom of her onesie my big fat fingers rub her pussylips as my fat thumb presses against her asshole. Her head continues bobbing up and down.

“Stop. Mount me.” She hesitates. Looking at me. Her eyes pleading. “Sit on my cock now”

“My k**s are in the car”

“Well hurry up then”

“Fuck! Ok” she seems resigned to her fate.

She moves across straddling my lap. Holds my erection rubbing against her wet slit, as she lowers herself.

“No. Ass.”

“I have never ..” I put my hands on her hips and thrust my cock in her cunt hard. “Oommph. What..”

“Shut up. Put my cock in perabet your ass” my big hand around her throat. Her body moves up and she places the head of my cock at her butthole easing herself, impaling herself with my shaft. Tight virgin asshole. She moves her butt down taking more of my cock in her butt. I look and see her k**s waiting patiently as mum trades her dignity for help. Something they have probably seen before. I grab her hips impatient to be balls deep in the young woman I grab her hips and thrust up as I pull her down. My cock nudges something in her poop shoot.

After her riding my cock for 60 seconds I fill her bowels with my warm seed.

“Thanks. I will be in touch.” I open my door and wait for her to climb out. She climbs down on to the ground I hand her the petrol can and get out. Leaving her with her bare assed cum running down her thigh. I walk over to the car her teenage daughters sit in the back as I open the door and push the button to open the petrol lid. I walk around with the petrol can and pour the contents in the tank. While this is happening the girl nearest me looks at the bulge in my pants.

She opens the door and moves to get out. I see her short skirt ride up her brown legs and the tight jersey clings to her braless firm perky breasts. She turns her head to face me.

“Hi thanks for helping us”

“My pleasure”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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