Web Cam Show Only a BJ?

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Web Cam Show Only a BJ?
I never really did much in terms of jobs that pay a decent wage throughout my college years. Usually jumping from minimum wage job to minimum wage job did not help pay for my tuition, plus applying for scholarships would take a lot of time, and you aren’t always going to get the scholarship so it could be a waste of time. So I was going to start looking for another means of getting paid for easy work that is legal.

Searching on job sites was really boring. I would find something I like but it would either be out of my area or I could not qualify for it.

I decided to just relax and watch some live cams of women to make me happy. I shut off the job searching sites and turned to my favorite cam site.

A few minutes in, I saw how much guys would donate to these girls just for playing with themselves. I wanted that kind of money but I wasn’t a woman so it would be kind of hard to do so.

That is when a thought crossed my mind. One I would never have thought of before this day. “Why don’t you do gay cams, if guys pay this much for girls, imagine how much an old man would pay to watch two dudes go at it.”

Part of me wished my mind would shut up, but unfortunately, it was right. I heard many stories about sugar daddies, older men on cam sites with thousands to blow through and more.

“This could be the job you are looking for” I thought to myself.

Only one problem, I’m not gay in the slightest. I only dated girls throughout my life, I never thought about being with a boy. Hell I went through my first two years of college without thinking of experimenting, and that is very common in college. Like a rite of passage.

I decided that I might as well try it. I just wanted to make a quick buck and not wait two weeks to get paid so I put an ad on Craigslist. It stated, “20 Y/O M looking for M cam partner, must be at least 20 or over.”

I put that on around 12 at night so I could go to sleep and wake up, maybe with a few request. But a few was an understatement. I ended up getting 14 emails. With 10 of them living within 2 miles of my school. It felt embarrassing that I’m actually choosing a man to do stuff with that I have never done before.

I eventually picked a 40 Y/O business man named Bob, who had a 8″ dick, who lived in a neighborhood a mile away from my campus. He said he could host since his wife is visiting family for the week and his son is out of state at another university. So we started to email each other to set up a time for the show. He also said he would advertise it so all I had to do was show up and do my part.

We agreed that our first show should be a simple blowjob with a facial. Since it won’t require much and it’s the best way to introduce me to the world of gay sex.

I checked his account and he did announce that in two days he was going to be doing a show. I knew about the show date but it just made me feel weird knowing I’m going to be giving a man a blowjob for hopefully a lot of money.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the show. I was nervous, for illegal bahis good reason but I was very excited because I was hoping it would open me up to a new world and I could have more fun thanks to this show.

I decided to email him just to ensure we were still on for the show. I didn’t want to show up and be greeted by someone who wasn’t him.

“So is it time for the show? Just let me know when I should head on over. I don’t have any classes today so I’m available all day.” I sent to Bob.

He followed up a few minutes later. “Come by before 8, that’s when most of my viewers will be on.” He sent to me.

When it was 7:45, I got in my car, followed the address he sent me in his recent email and headed on over. My heart was beating the entire ride and so many thoughts raced through my head. Mainly things like, will I do a good job, how much will he cum, how much will we be making and more. The more I thought about it, the harder I got.

I finally made it to his house and I parked to the side so people would think he just has a guest over, not a horny young adult ready to take his load.

I walked up to the door and seconds after I rang the doorbell, it opened up and there was Bob.

“You must be Logan, it’s a pleasure meeting you, I’m glad you got here early, we can go over a few things before we start.” He told me as he led me to his office.

“You want a drink? You can’t give good head with a dry throat.”

“Sure, I’ll just take a water, thank you.” I told him.

“Ok, just head into the office and I’ll be there in a minute with your water, then we can get everything ready.”

My heart was beating fast as I sat there waiting. He had a fancy office, covered up most stuff with curtains so no one can tell where he is.I heard his footsteps as he walked in.

He then gave me the water and handed me a paper with some basic instructions and ways to do this show.

As I started to drink, he started to explain how everything will go.

“It’s great to have you hear Logan, can’t wait to see what a gay virgin can do. But here’s what we are going to do. Before the show starts, I’m going to take my dick out, so you can explore it and get a feel to it, I’ll let you know what I like.Then we will start the show.”

I sat patiently as he continued. “Then we will introduce ourselves. You will call me daddy though to make our viewers much happier. After the intro, I want you to start playing with me, mainly rubbing my dick through my pants. After a while I’ll take it out and you can start playing with it more and give me a handjob.”

I have to be honest, this man seems like he is directing a movie that is going to win an Oscar with the amount of detail.

By this time, his dick is out so I started playing with it as he continued his story.

“After a while, I’ll tell you to start sucking. I may use swears but trust me, it gets them off. I will instruct you along the way, just put in some effort and the money will roll in. Finally, I will say that I’m cumming, you have to act like a slut and request that I finish on your illegal bahis siteleri face.”

As I played with his dick, it became too thick for my hand, which worried me because I need to fit it in my mouth. But I realized I must be bi because looking at it made my mouth water. He noticed this because he put his dick in his pants.

“Alright, time to get started. You ready?” He asked, as he logged onto the website. I nodded as he started the show.

“Hello everyone, I’m here with my son L. He says he is straight but I think after this fun little session, he will be begging for my cum. Isn’t that right son?”

He turned the camera to me so I can answer. “Yes Daddy, I want to try sucking your dick.” I said, feeling a little slutty.

He moved the camera so it focused on his crouch. “Ok son, you know what to do.”

I got on my knees and moved in between his legs, I then found his dick and started to rub it. I seemed to be doing a good job because he started moaning and I heard the sound of people donating.

“Ok son, let’s give these people a real show.” He said as he unzipped his pants and drop them to the floor with his boxer.

I proceeded to jack him off, starting slow at first, feeling every vein on his dick and admiring the size. His dick was not too smelly but I wanted to taste it.

I then proceeded to cup his balls and slightly tug on them, he moaned when I did, so I continued until he gave me a new order.

“Be a good boy and suck daddy’s cock.” He said, prompting me to finally get my first taste of dick.

I stuck my tongue out and started licking the shaft. It had a salty taste but I felt like I could get used to it. I licked it up and down like I was licking a long lollipop, though I think I prefer a nice dick to a lollipop now.

I decided to do better so I put my mouth around his head and swirl my tongue around. I liked it when girls did that so I hoped it had the same effect on him. After that, I started to give him a good blowjob by going down and up on his shaft while using my tongue to lick the front and sides.

I also remembered to take care of his balls too. I would take one in my mouth and lick it a bit hoping to build his load up. The sounds of me slurping on his dick and people donating rang through the house and turned me on a lot more.

“Hey loyal viewers, you want more?” He said. I looked at the screen and everyone was saying yes, making me wonder what the surprise was.

“Turn around boy, and take off your clothes.”He ordered, and I needed the money so I did what he told me to do. “Now get on your hands and knees”

“Oh god, is he going to fuck me, what can I do” I thought, my heart racing like a car in the Daytona 500.

I looked behind me and noticed he set the camera up to focus on my lower body and I saw him putting lube on his dick.

“Bob this isn’t funny, you know I’m straight and I have never done this. Please, I’ll let you cum in my mouth.” I pleaded, but to no avail.

“Logan, listen to the computer, we are making bank. If you get fucked right now, I will give canlı bahis siteleri you 50% of what I make, I promise you.” He told me. Although 50% would be a great start, I didn’t know if it was worth the pain.

“Just get it over with.” I told him, as I sunk my head in my arms. I needed the money and I was hoping he would blow quickly and let me leave.

“Alright viewers, get ready to see a straight virgin boy get bred. Be sure to donate and he will come back again for more.” I felt like he planned this from the beginning, but it was too late to back out, otherwise I won’t make much.

“Now you better take all of this and my cum otherwise I’m taking most of the money.” He whispered in my ear.

After he backed away, I felt him pushing into me, trying to fit his dick inside my tight ass. It really hurts but I had to get through it so what happened before won’t be a waste.

“OHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWWDDDDD!” I yelled, as he plunged another few inches into me. “Why the hell did I even do this” I thought as he slowed down.

“Remember everyone,” Bob said to the camera, “to fuck your virgin, you have to take it slow before you pound his ass. This slut is halfway there so I will continue to take my time”

What felt like an eternity later, he started to move the rest of his dick into my ass. It was much easier since he got past the head but I still clenched my teeth as he went in.

“MMMM, now you can see I’m balls deep in him. Give him a minute to adjust to your size, then you can start pounding.” I felt embarrassed when I moaned after I felt his balls touch my ass.

“You ready for the fun part?” He asked.

“Just hurry up.” I replied

“Not likely.”

That is when I felt him pull his dick out of my ass, giving me a empty feeling and honestly, wanting more.

I looked in between my legs and I saw him move back in to really start and pound me. I also saw some precum leak from my dick which did not surprise me. I was turning into a gay butt slut and I was loving it.

He started to pick up his pace, pounding me like there was no tomorrow. Hearing his balls slap my skin turned me on like nothing else. “Maybe becoming a gay slut isn’t a bad thing after all” I thought to myself.

After a few moments of him pounding me, I couldn’t keep my pleasure a secret. I started moaning every time he thrust into me. This just inspired him to pound me even harder.

Then something happened that I did not expect to happen. I came from him fucking me. I felt jizz just burst out of my dick and onto the floor.

“Look at that everyone, our favorite slut just came from my dick. But soon I will be cumming too and I will fill his ass with my cum.” He said to the people watching our show.

“Fuck me daddy, please fill my ass!” I said, losing all control of my senses.

“I’m cumming you slut!” He said, as he filled my ass with his cum.

“Oh god daddy, that was the best. You can have my ass whenever you want.” I told him, panting as he finished filling up my ass.

“You’ll receive your payment soon, thanks for the awesome time you slut.” He told me, if you want to make double I got a friend that’s willing to join? as he left me to clean myself up.

“I will be back I need the cash, go ahead and invite your friend” Sweet I’ll give him a quick call. Hey Tyrone I got another white boy for you see tomorrow 9pm.

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