white like snow

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white like snow
I still dont know who he was and why i just didnt started to run when he walk in the bus stop his sweatpants showing of a big bulge i just coudnt not see
waiting for the last bus east of downtown

”when is the next bus boy”

”in like 20”

”that’s enough time. here suck the cock cute white boy”

it happen so fast i didnt have time to talk, i was help mouth open on his cock looking up at him

getting it out

”damn, im not gay , im sorry but”

”but what , we are alone, im not gay we are just having fun, common boy look at how big iam, you felt so warm around my cock, here try again nobody will know”

he was very convincing the alcohol i had drink help in the process i tried to tell myself …a guilt relief maybe

and he help it back in then out, making me look at his long black cock, sliding back between my lipse

”yes like that boy, i like it, you are good, let me have fun in your mouth”

sliding out taking a deep breath

before it was back fucking my mouth slowly and wet

sit on the bus stop bench , mouth open for him. having my first taste of a cock by a older black dude

i was not thinking bet siteleri of the bus until he push me telling me the bus was here
i followed him in the back. only 5 ppl in the bus


i was help to sit near the window , he sat down and help me on the floor disappearing between his legs , he put his winter coat on his lap covering my head and i was in the dark, feeling at my place sucking him in the back of the bus

it was so big i was in love with the feeling off it in my mouth, i kept sucking and sucking trying stuff i saw in porn videos with my mouth
i forgot about my bus stop and everything, sucking forever on his delicious cock

until he got me back on my seat , my face a mess and not even knowing it

getting out with him, the lady near the exist looking at me very weird

i look back once out the bus at the window and she kept staring at me

not realising my lil white face was glowing wet from sucking him

walking toward his place

”lets get in the shower and get warm ”

i love it too much
the warm water on me , doggy between his legs, his shower was big with a bench

he was pouring water with the pinbahis giriş help of the telephone shower

then got some shower gel , soaping me up , keeping me doggy head between his legs worshipping his big cock, has he made me feel so good washing me , soaping me up with his strong hands

”you are so small, i love your cute white body”

”i want to be your daddy, I could train that cute ass to open up and make you feel good ”

”’iam not sure but i like to suck your cock…..”

”or you come here and we watch netflix and relax , you can suck me if you want i like it”

smilling mouth open up for an answer, taking his fat black head like a lolipop , moaning of fun sucking the big black cock

he warn me i was too good and was about to cum

i never new it could feel so rewarding to make a big cock cum with your mouth

i kept looking up at him , he was grunting emptying in my mouth all of it looking down at me , both knowing this would happen again and again

he cuddle with me telling me i was a good boy and i slept in his bed

i was not awake yet when he got up and went to the restroom

out online bahis cock up in a condom looking at his lil prey in the bed

a pillow help under the belly and my small boxer slide down

he look at it before helping my arm in my back cuffing em to make sure i wont escape when i wake up

he lube up my hole and his cock
poking my small pink hole open

i was on my stomach waking up feeling my neck kissed

a heavy feeling on me pinning me legs spread a pillow under me ass up getting it poke open

”oh my god , slow slow your so big”

squirming under him sliding the tip in and out poping up my lil white ass

”you are so tight relax , stay weak give it up to daddy”

not really a choice , ass fuck by him , arm lock in my back , at his mercy

deeper and deeper taking my young white ass

making love to the white cute boy , making sure to make me feel good

until i was lube again and could feel his balls slapping on mine, slow pounding in then out

”omg omg daddy ohhhhhhhh ahhh ahhhh ohhhhh fuck is so big in my little ass dadddyyyyy”

”you are so tight i love it”

”i love white boy pussy so much, relax im gonna fuck you all night baby boy”

i was a raggdoll , he help me take it all around his place , wanting to show me how to be fuck

i loved it, i fell in love with the feeling of loosing controll and just be a moaning doll boy with wet fuck holes

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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