A Night with Melissa Ch. 01

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Melissa is a mental health case manager. And she’s done working and is on her way to meet friends for drinks.

Melissa is a vision of beauty, she’s 5’10, 200 lbs, with a large backside, long Raven colored hair, green eyes, black framed glasses and a multi colored peace sign tattoo on her chest.

She walks into the bar, only to find out her friends aren’t there yet. So she sits at the bar an orders a glass of wine.

She sits there a few minutes, when she hears a familiar voice.

“Melissa? Melissa what are you doing here?” Instantly Melissa remembers the voice as a patient of hers named Steve.

“Hello, Steve. This is highly inappropriate. Go back to your friends and don’t notice me, ok?” She says, trying not to be too mean.

“Melissa, just let me buy your drinks, you can even join me, I’m alone as well, so, why don’t you join me, please?”

Melissa thought this over a minute.

“What the hell. Just keep your hands to yourself, I read your journal, I know how you feel about me.” Melissa says, taking her glass of wine and going over to Steve’s table.

To Melissa’s surprise, Steve is actually quite intelligent and they have lots of good conversation.

Before she knows it, 3 hours had passed, and now she wants to head home to her husband.

“Melissa? Would it be inappropriate if I wanted to drive you home?” Before Melissa could answer, Steve leans in and kisses her mouth softly, and her places his right hand between her thighs.

“Steve? That’s enough, you’re making me uncomfortable. Please move your hand.” He moves his hand, this time under her shirt, on top of her bra.

“Oh! Let me call my husband, I’ll tell him I’m staying with Karen tonight. This stays between us, am I clear, Steve?” She says, looking serious.

“You’re clear, Miss Melissa!”

“Good, now take me to a hotel.” She says, as they kiss again.

He takes her by the hand, and walk out of the bar, they hail a taxi and go to the nearest hotel. He pays for the room and off they go. Once in the elevator, he pins her against the wall, and begins roughly kissing her, mauling her huge breasts.

“Easy, tiger, you’ll have time enough for that inside our room, promise me you’ll be a gentleman until we get to the room.”

“I promise!” He says with a sly smile.

The elevator stops on the 5th floor, and they race down the hallway.

They get to their room, Steve unlocks the door, and once inside, Steve pins Melissa against the door and again begins kissing her. She lifts her top over her head, showing off a pink satin front hooking bra.

He pulls the straps of her bra down and starts sucking on her big pink puffy nipples, biting them gently.

“That feels really good.” She moans out.

He works his way down her body, tugging on her pants, lowering them, showing off her pink satin panties, which have a noticeable wet spot.

“Want me to lower my panties, Steve?” She says.

“Yes, lower your panties.”

She lowers her panties, showing off a thick black mound of hair between her legs.

He göztepe escort buries his face in her hair, finding her clit and starts nibbling on it.

Not too hard…OH!” She moans out as he’s now nibbling her pussy lips.

He continues licking and sucking her beautiful pussy.

“You keep this up, I’ll cum, do you want me to cum from oral?”

“Can you cum multiple times?”

“Yes, I’ll cum however many times you want me to. You’re in charge, Steve.” She moans out.

Steve says nothing and just buries his face in her crotch, he also puts a finger in her asshole.

“Not my ass! I’ll fart…oops!” She says, passing gas.

“Let me lay on the bed and raise my legs, just no more ass play, ok?” She says, walking toward the bed.

“Melissa, I actually found that to be a turn on.”

“Oh my God! You were turned on hearing me fart? Fucking pervert!” Melissa says, laying on the bed, raising her legs.

“I want to tongue your ass, ‘Lissa.”

“Wow! Tongue my ass at your own risk, I’ll warn you that I’m going to fart in your face the second your tongue touches my shithole”

Steve just leans in and pushes his tongue in her brown, puckered asshole. When he does, Melissa farts.

“Oops! I’m so sorry!” She giggles out.

“Steve? Stop! This is embarrassing! I know this is turning you on, but I’m mortified by how much I’m farting! OOPS!” She moans, Steve continues to tongue her ass.

“Melissa, I think it’s cute how sensitive your asshole is, and I bet your pussy is wet from all this, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s making me wet.” She says, lowering her head.

Steve let’s his tongue wander from her asshole all the way down to her hairy pussy.

He runs his tongue over her mound, making her moan.

“Try not to moan, Melissa. I want you quiet.” Steve says, again pushing his tongue inside of her.

“Y-yes, Sir. I’ll remain quiet…OH!”

Steve continues to gently eat Melissa out, pushing two fingers inside of her as he flicks her swollen clit. Slowly he moves his fingers in and out.

As promised, Melissa is not moaning, she’s remaining quiet and still, but all the licking is leaving her so wet.

Steve moves up and kisses Melissa, deeply, passionately, letting her taste herself.

“I love how I taste.” She says.

He decides to be bold and push a finger again in her asshole, she does let out another fart.

“HEY! No more playing with my ass. Steve, you promised!” She says, anger in her voice.

Steve removes the finger from her ass, and goes back to eating her pussy.

“Steve? May I cum? Please let me cum!” Melissa moans out.

“You may cum!” He says, twisting her clit.

“OH SHIT!” She yells, having an explosive orgasm.

He again moves up and kisses her, her hand goes between his legs, feeling the bulge in his pants.

Steve stands up and first takes his shirt off, then he lowers his pants and shows off his rocker hard, 10″ inch cock.

“Oh, wow, you’re huge. Let me suck you off before we fuck. halkalı escort How does that sound?” She says, lust in her eyes.

He says nothing and just pushes her back, and gets on her chest.

“Open your mouth!” He commands.

She complies and he slides right into her warm, wet mouth. She struggles with the size at first but quickly adjusts.

Slowly he begins fucking her mouth, feeling the head of his cock touch the back of her throat.

He sees tears in Melissa’s eyes and her mascara begins to run.

“Stop crying, Melissa.” He yells out, slapping her slightly.

She lays there and flips him the finger. When she does that, he starts fucking her mouth harder, bouncing his balls off of her chin.

He reaches down and roughly twists her nipples, making her squeal in pain. He pulls his cock from her mouth.

“Am I being too rough?”

“No, Sir. Be as rough as you want, you can even degrade me if you want. Nothing is off limits, Sir.” She says, as he slides his cock back in her mouth, and again begins fucking her mouth.

Soon he can feel he’s about to cum.

“Do you want it in your mouth or on your face.”

She points to her mouth, just as his cock throbs and he erupts in her mouth.

“Swallow! Swallow you fucking cow!” He says, pinching her nose shut, making sure she swallows his load.

With hate in her eyes, she swallows his load, but as she does that, she puts a finger up his ass, and begins massaging his prostate, until he’s rock hard again.

“What are you doing?” He moans out.

She says nothing as he again fucks her pretty mouth, a little rougher than last time.

“Do you like me fucking your mouth, cow?” He says, lightly slapping her face.

She nods her head, and he picks up the pace, again bouncing his balls off of her chin. He pulls his cock out once he feels the rush of precum ooze from his cock.

“I’m gonna cum on your face, bitch!” He says, stroking his cock.

“Moo! Moo!” She says, just as the first pulse of cum hits her in the eye. He coats her entire face in cum, then he wipes his cock off in her hair, and he lays down next to her.

“Do you need to pee, Steve?”

“Yeah, I do, why?”

“Use my mouth as your toilet, I’m a dirty, filthy whore anyway, use me like one. Make me drink your warm, salty piss, please.” She says, pleading with him.

He places the head of his cock just inside her mouth, and he begins using her as a toilet

She begins swallowing and slurping the warm, salty fluid, after about a minute, he finishes, and she lays there.

“Thank you, Steve. Do you want to cum again? Maybe get me pregnant?” She says, playing with her pussy.

He begins sucking on her nipples, biting them gently.

“How about I put my cock between those breasts? Would you like that?”

“Yeah, titty fuck me, Sir.” She says.

He places his cock between her tits, and watches as she presses them together, and slowly he begins pumping. On each thrust, she runs her tongue around the head haramidere escort of his cock.

He can feel the precum ooze from his cock.

“I love you, Melissa.”

“I love you, too!” She says just as his cock erupts between her breasts, leaving a pool of cum on her chest.

“Steve? Can I be honest? I knew you’d be at that bar tonight. You go there every night, so, I followed you. Is that wrong?”

“You followed me? Wow!” He says, kissing her deeply.

“You want to taste your cum, lover?” She says, pointing to the puddle between her large breasts.

Steve starts to lick the cum from between her breasts.

“Do you like that?” She asks.

“Yeah! It tastes…different.”

“Wait until you’re eating it from my pussy. Come on, stick that hard cock in my wet cunt.” She says, spreading her legs.

He begins to rub the head of his cock over her pussy lips, spanking her clit with it.

Without warning he rams himself into her.

“OH!” She gasps once he’s all the way in.

They begin kissing as he slowly starts to fuck her, making her breasts bounce with each thrust.

“That’s it, fuck me, make me your whore!”

He begins fucking her faster, stopping just long enough to kiss her again, and again.

“I love you…I love…HUNH!” He moans as he cums in her pussy, he collapses on top of her, and again they begin kissing.

“I love you too, daddy.”

They lay there together for a few minutes.

“Steve? I have a surprise, it’s in my bag. May I get it?” Melissa says, breaking the silence.

Melissa gets up and gets to her bag and produces a strap on harness and a purple dildo.

“Do you like it? I want to fuck you with my cock. Do you want me to fuck you?”

Steve nods his head and bends over the bed.

Melissa comes up behind him and places the head of her dildo right on his anus. She quickly rams herself in his ass.

“HUNH!” He moans out.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since we first met. I know you’ve wanted to fuck me, but you didn’t know I wanted to fuck you, did you?”

“No…no, Mistress!”

“I like how that sounds, Mistress Melissa, call me that from now on.”

She continues to pound his ass, taking longer and longer thrusts, trying to make the pain last.

“Mistress Melissa, please, please stop, it hurts so bad, please stop.”

She quickly pulls out of his ass, and the both lay down on the bed.

“I love you, Melissa.”

“I love you, too. Are you ready to go again?”

He sits up and begins kissing her, first her mouth, then her neck.

“That’s it, lover, turn me on.” She moans out.

He lays her down and puts his hand between her legs.

“Open your legs!”

She complies, and he gets between her legs and positions his cock at her opening, she’s so wet he slides right in.

He immediately begins fucking her hard, and it doesn’t take long for him to explode inside her, he quickly collapses on top of her.

“Steve? Lick the cum out of my pussy, please.”

He pulls out and moves down her body and buries his face in her cum coated pussy.

“Oh…OH! Steve! I’m gonna cum!” She cums hard, squirting on his face. They both collapse on the bed.

“Melissa, I can’t go anymore. How about tomorrow?”

“Yeah, tomorrow is good. I love you!” She says, quickly going to sleep.

To be continued…

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