Adventures of Amanda Kane Ch. 02

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As Amanda pulled into her driveway she noticed that Adam was home already and for a moment was a little afraid of seeing him. She decided that now was as good a time as any though. As she walked into the house she saw that he was in his den working on something he had brought home from work. “Hi honey I’m home” she said as she walked by the door and on to the stairs. As she started up the stairs she heard him make some kind of noise of acknowledgment and nothing more. Same as always she thought to herself. It was good that he hadn’t come out and wanted to talk to her. She was in no state to carry on a conversation with him now. The passion she had experienced with Jack was still to fresh in her mind and she wasn’t sure if she could talk to him without sounding like a giddy school girl. She was relieved to see that he would be busy with work late tonight and wouldn’t attempt to talk to her tonight.

Adam had heard Amanda come in and suspected what she had been up to. If the truth was known he didn’t care what she did as long as she was discreet. He after all had his playthings. Thinking about what Amanda might have been up to brought back the memory of the last time with his present diversion. He had gotten involved unintentionally with one of the girls in the typing pool. Keshia was a well built 29 year old young woman with the smoothest, softest chocolate skin he had ever seen. He had admired her complexion for quite awhile and one day was in the mood to flirt. To his surprise she flirted back with no hesitancy. Soon they were meeting to get to know each other better and ended up in bed.

Adam sat down as he thought of her beautiful dark brown skin. The way it felt to the touch and later how it tasted. He had began by kissing her slowly and when things weren’t progressing as fast as she wanted she grabbed him by the crotch and asked if he wanted to fuck of just make out. If all he wanted was to make out she was going to find a real man. This angered him a little and he got rougher with her and threw her down on the bed to ravish her. “That’s what I mean baby.” Keshia moaned.

She lay there as he almost ripped her clothes off of her and dove between her legs. The honey dripping from her pot was delicious and he just laid there and enjoyed. Every time his tongue would lap up she would moan, and every time his tongue dove in she would hold her breath. Soon he could wait no longer and he mounted her. With one quick stroke he was in and it felt better than he ever thought it could feel. Never in his life had he had a woman so tight and yet so yielding. He was an animal unleashed. As he pumped she was doing something inside that was driving him wild. It felt like she was milking him. The muscles inside of her would start at the top and pull to the bottom. Suddenly she rolled them both over and she was in control now. With every down stroke she would grind a little deeper. Adam was beginning to think he would be coming out of her mouth before to long. Just as he was about to pop she jumped off and took him in her mouth to finish him. He came so hard that for a moment he thought he had passed out.

After a brief rest the two of them went at it again. Keshia was unstable, and each time was better than before. She loved it hard and “raw” as she put it. Like animals with very little emotion just sex. This was fine with him he wasn’t looking for some woman to beg him for more. She told him that kadıköy escort she was engaged to a very sweet young man that didn’t believe in sex before marriage. He knew that she wasn’t a virgin due to being raped as a teenager. If he had known that she was the one who practically raped her first boyfriend, just so that she could get on to the good sex, he would probably leave her. She figured what he didn’t know didn’t hurt him.

Adam quickly was up and ramming his dick up her cunt just the way she liked it. He loved the feel of power it gave him to dominate her like that. The feel of pulling her to his body and the response he received from her knowing that it was her that was truly in control. Just to prove that fact she jerked away from him suddenly and flipped over. When he went to plunge back in she said “no, higher”. Surprised he asked if she meant here as he touched her anus. ” Yes baby, Right there!” Adam had never in his life done that to anyone. He had always dreamed of it but had never been brave enough to try it.

His cock was well greased with her juices so with one quick stroke he grasped her hips and pulled her onto his shaft. As he pumped it was all he could do not to cum right away. He felt her hand grasping his balls and that about sent him over the top until she put her finger and thumb around his sack and held his balls so that he couldn’t cum until she was ready. He didn’t have long to wait. Keshia soon let go and with a couple more strokes he came.

Adam realized that he had been daydreaming when he felt something warm hitting his chest. While he had been remembering he must have reached into his pants and had jacked himself off. Getting up to go to his private bath he decided it was time to go on up to his bedroom and take a shower.

Amanda and he had found that it was easier for both of them to have separate rooms due to his strange hours. This arrangement had worked out quite well for the last few years. They were even on opposite ends of the floor so that he wouldn’t wake her when he came in late after a meeting. There were times when he toyed with the idea of bringing a woman home with him, but as of yet he hadn’t gone that far but it was still a fantasy of his.

Amanda mean while was soaking in a tub of hot water and bubbles. She too was remembering the sex she had recently had and just like Adam was playing with herself to orgasm. She was glad that his room was so far away so that he wouldn’t hear her vibrator humming away in the water. She kept a waterproof one among other toys near the bath for just such occasions. The memory of how Jack had felt as he slid in and out was enough to heat her up all over again. A shiver ran through her body as she remembered. As she replayed the encounter over in her mind, an orgasm to match the ones he so recently gave her overwhelmed her body once again.

Amanda slept late the next morning and had to rush to get to her Ladies Luncheon at the club. She wouldn’t have gone but wanted to talk to Sandy and tell her all about her “date”. Amanda was having a hard time believing that it had actually happened and needed to tell someone to make it real in her mind. As she walked into the Dinning room at the club she scanned all the bored faces and realized that until yesterday she was one of those faces. A smile came to her face and a bounce to her step as she spotted Sandy and made her way kartal escort over to her.

“Sandy you won’t believe how great it was.” Amanda whispered. “He was so passionate and cared so much for what I needed”

“I could have told you it would be like that. Is he as big as he looks to be?” Sandy whispered back.

“Oh, yes. But more important is the fact that he knows what to do with all of it. He didn’t just poke and expect it to do all the work. He caressed my body like a fine violin. I have never felt so alive in my life.”

“Do you think Adam will get suspicious?” Sandy asked.

“No, he is too busy with work to notice. He barley looked at me when I got home last night. I was sure he would say something about how late it was. But he didn’t.

“Are you going to see each other again soon?”

“Oh I hope so. Very soon. Lets get out of here where we can talk with less chance of someone hearing us.” Amanda suggested.

“Let’s go” Agreed Sandy.

The two women decided to go to a bar not to far from the club. As the sat and talked Amanda gave all the details of what it had been like to be with her new lover. Sandy was aroused and suggested that the next time Tom was in town they all get together. Sandy was hoping to get a piece of Jack for herself.

A week or so went by and Amanda saw Jack a few more times and each time was just as good as the first if not better. Sandy called Amanda one day to let her know that Tom would be in town this next weekend and would it be possible for the four of them to get together? This would work out great because Adam would be out of town then and there would be no danger of getting caught. Amanda suggested they all meet at her house and see what happens.

Friday evening as planed Sandy, Tom and Jack arrived at Amanda’s house for what was to be a small dinner party. As far as Her housekeeper knew at least. Amanda had given Molly her housekeeper the weekend off for preparing this dinner. As they ate they chatted about various thing and soon the topic turned to sex. Soon the meal finished they all moved on to the living room to sit and enjoy a drink.

Amanda was standing mixing drinks and Jack was playing waiter, as he came up to take the try of drinks he kissed the back of her neck and that was all it took to get her started. Jack turned with a smile and gave Sandy and Tom their drinks and saw that they too were getting in the mood. The two couples acted like teenagers and were groping each other and getting rid of clothes. At one point Jack came up for air and noticed how firm Sandy’s breast were. Tom was also noticing Amanda’s body. At that moment the two guys made eye contact and without saying anything began to work their was across the floor bringing them all together. The room was beginning to get very hot and the girls had lost track of where in the room they were. Soon Amanda felt two strange hands on her body and reach out to see who they belonged to. Imagine her surprise to find out that both Sandy and Tom were touching her and Jack had a couple of fingers rammed up Sandy’s pussy.

Amanda Laughed and said “Ok switch partners.” This received a laugh from all and a switch was made. Now Sandy was being treated to what Amanda had been getting lately. Jack went to mount Sandy and was having some trouble. Sandy was a bit scared at the size of it. Amanda moved over to comfort her friend kurtköy escort and in doing so started to lick Sandy’s tits and rub her stomach. Tom not wanting to be left out took this opportunity to stick his cock in Amanda doggy style. Sandy was so enjoying all the attention that she never thought it strange that for the first time in her life another woman was touching her sexually and she was enjoying it. All of this had loosened up Sandy and Jack was enjoying the feel of his cock buried deep in her body. The four of them continued on as they were and occasionally changing positions and partners. After awhile all were quite tired and fell asleep there on the floor entangled.

After about a hour or so the girls woke up and no matter how they tried could not wake the guys. Both were ready to go again and thought of going to get the toys but didn’t feel that energetic. Sandy commented” I feel so hot and sticky how about we go get a shower.” Amanda thought that was a good idea and the girls walked off arm in arm to the shower in the den. They didn’t realize that their movements had awaken the guys and they both were hoping to see a show. They waited for a minute to let the girls get in the shower and then followed them.

Jack and Tom were not to be disappointed. As they opened the door a crack they were able to see that the girls had left the shower door open and both were busy soaping each other down. It was so erotic to see them take their time with the soap and were surprised when Sandy reached out to kiss Amanda on the mouth. Tom knew what Sandy could do with her tongue and knew that Amanda was getting a world class kiss. Amanda was returning the favor with a passionate response as her hand moved down Sandy’s body to touch her sex. When Amanda’s hand first made contact Sandy jumped. This made Amanda wiggle her fingers a little and reached to touch her hot spot.

By this time both guys had taken matters in hand and knew that if the girls kept this up they would both be cumming all over the floor. Jack took this opportunity to open the door completely and let the girl see what watching them had done. Both girls looked towards the door as Jack opened it, and laughed. It was a good thing that the shower was a large on because soon all four of them were in the shower soaping up and getting clean.

While drying off Amanda suggested they all head down to the pool for a swim. All agreed and soon they were all splashing around naked in the pool. The sun and the water touching places not normally touched was heating Amanda up again and she suggested they have some more fun. Jack decided that Amanda need a special thank you for getting them all together so he whispered in Sandy’s ear to kiss Amanda. Sandy agreed and did. As she was kissing her she guided Amanda to a lounge chair and lowered her down to it. As Amanda relaxed Sandy broke the kiss and began to travel down her body till she was between Amanda’s legs and tasting her honey. Now it was time for the guys to get in on the fun. As Sandy continued to lick and suck at Amanda’s honey pot Jack took up position behind Sandy and proceeded to ram his cock into her body. Tom not to be left out went to the head or the lounger and dropped his cock into Amanda’s mouth. Jacks rocking of Sandy’s body aroused Amanda even more and soon she was exploding into Sandy’s mouth, this set off a chain reaction and Sandy started to cum on Jacks dick and thus sending him over the top to shoot his cum deep inside of her pussy. tom not to be left out shot his load deep into Amanda’s throat.

Exhausted they all jumped into the water to cool off. And once cooled went back into the house to get some rest and start all over again.

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