‘Becca’s Red Ribbon

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I started to write the following yesterday morning. Then I realised the Winter Holidays contest was on so I thought I’d squeeze this in.

Jeremy Baxter has these illicit feelings for his daughter. They’re too strong for him to resist. He lies about a business meeting and spies on ‘Becca and her boyfriend.

I hope you enjoy the submission. Please forgive any errors which remain in the text. Feedback is appreciated.

Characters are over 18. Names are something I plucked out of the air and bear no intentional relationship to anyone either living or dead.

Thanks for reading.

GA — Belize, Central America — 11th of November 2016.

He looked at her skirt and felt the ripple of illicit desire.

“I don’t want you wearing that,” he said, gruff because of the guilt. “Not if you’re going to be alone in the house with him.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes and gave him the attitude as she said, “What difference does it make? I can take off a pair of jeans easy enough. If I have a mind to. You’re not going to be here. You wouldn’t know.”

“Don’t talk like that to me. I don’t want to think about what you get up to.” He let out a sigh and grimaced, his eyes going to her legs a second before Rebecca replied.

“Then don’t go on about what I can wear. I don’t have to listen to you. I’m past that now.” She looked at her father, one eyebrow raised as though challenging him. “And please, don’t give me the old ‘while you’re under my roof, young lady’ speech. I’m so bored of that one.”

He blinked and supressed the sudden laugh that threatened to blurt forth after she screwed up her face and mimicked him in a surprisingly accurate imitation of his manner and tone.

“I just don’t trust him,” he said on a sigh. Jeremy Baxter gazed at his daughter, concern swelling his chest as he added, “He’s a user, ‘Becca. And you’re a very pretty girl.”

“Daddy, please,” she sighed, shaking her head. Rebecca looked at her father with something close to pity in her eyes as she added, “He’s funny and fun. I’m not going to marry the bloke. It’s just a laugh, that’s all.”

He was appalled. How could she be so casual about giving it up to a chancer like Nathan? Where was the self-respect? Couldn’t she see what a prize she was?

“If he gets you pregnant?” Jeremy said.

“I’m not stupid,” Rebecca put in. “I know how to stay safe.”

He sighed again and closed his eyes. Put up both hands, palm out as though fending off an attack of some kind.

“Okay. All right. I definitely don’t want to hear any more,” Jeremy said as he checked his mobile phone. “I’ve got to go or I’ll be late,” he added, then held out his arms. Rebecca moved into the embrace, the feel of her body and the scent of her hair causing another slide of dark desire inside her father. “I love you,” he croaked, holding her close.

“I love you, too,” she said, standing on tip-toe to kiss his cheek. “Now, go,” she insisted. “I’ll be all right. Don’t worry.”

Jeremy went to the living room door, turned and smiled over his shoulder. She waved a hand as a gesture of farewell and gave her father no option but to leave the house. He went out into the dark, the winter bringing in night before 4 p.m. Jeremy checked the sky and saw stars up there, a natural phenomenon that pleased him no end. He had wished for fair weather, which might mean bitter cold but at least he’d stay dry.

“Good,” he muttered before he moved away from the front door.

Jeremy went down the flagstone steps and walked across the gravel drive towards the old stables that were now the garage. The door rolled up at the press of a button on the key fob. He entered and unlocked the car, the sumptuous interior of the Jaguar pleasing him in exactly the same way as it had the first time he’d settled into the seat. He loved the car. Loved the power under the bonnet. Loved the status.

The big engine kicked into life and burbled at idle, white vapour billowing from the twin exhausts because of the cold. Jeremy snicked the selector into reverse and eased the car out into the night. Pressure with his right foot had the car moving down towards the big gates, headlights from an oncoming vehicle hitting his eyes.

“Good timing, Mister Baxter,” Nathan Arnold said after the gates swung open and the cars drew level. He grinned at Jeremy through the open windows, the smirk setting a fire in the pit of Jeremy’s stomach.

Smug little cunt, Jeremy thought. My daughter, my gorgeous daughter…

Out loud, he said, “Hello, Nathan.”

“Where you going, Mister Baxter?” Nathan asked.

“A meeting,” Jeremy said, resisting the urge to punch the boy’s face. “Going to Heathrow now. My flight’s at midnight tonight. I’ll wake up in Berlin tomorrow morning. Got to get it done before Christmas.”

Nathan pulled a face, showed some level of appreciation or approval as he nodded in response.

“Berlin,” he said. “Nice. Got a lady there?”

“The only lady I’m interested in is the one in izmir escort bayan the house,” Jeremy said with ice in his tone.

Nathan blinked and then grinned his irksome grin.

“Yeah, well, me too,” he said with a wink. “And I’d better not keep her waiting.”

“Cunt,” Jeremy muttered as the window slid up between them.

Then Nathan gave a cocky little waggle with his fingers and sent his low-slung BMW shooting through the gates and up the long drive towards the house.

Jeremy sighed and watched the car in his rear-view mirror, selected Drive and spurred the Jaguar forward.

He drove for just over a mile and parked in the far corner of the car park which belonged to the Elm Tree pub. The lot was almost full, with only one other space available when Jeremy locked up and walked to the rear of the building. He entered through the back door and forced himself to take his time over a whisky. Both bars were busy. It would be Christmas day in three weeks’ time. A busy time for publicans, the pubs booked up for Christmas parties. The tinsel was up and the tree festooned with lights and glittering baubles, every table occupied, every seat taken.

Jeremy was wedged into a corner at the shorter end of the long bar. On a stool, alone amidst the sea of revellers, with people in various stages of inebriation, some getting carried away and very likely starting along a path of indiscretion they might regret in the morning, Jeremy checked the time on his mobile and saw the self-enforced thirty minutes was up. He went to the phone near the front door, the instrument a direct dial to a local taxi firm. He cursed at a fifteen minute, berating himself for not anticipating how busy taxis would be in the run-up to Christmas. Eventually, back in the cold, he was outside the gates to his house, a mix of illicit desires and anxiety churning his guts.

Jeremy opened the gates with the fob. Walked up the drive. Slowed as he got nearer the house. He was confident as he approached, knowing he’d turned off the security lights. He didn’t want the place flooding with daylight as he snuck around the outside, so he’d made doubly sure by removing the fuse from the box in the cellar.

He made a stealthy approach to the living room windows. The night air was cold and slipped icy fingers under his shirt collar. Jeremy hugged the thick coat tight around himself, breath puffing from his lips as he crept closer and closer. It wasn’t a habit of his or Rebecca’s to close any curtains downstairs. The house was completely private, surrounded by a high brick fence to negate any chance of anyone seeing inside.

Jeremy felt his heart bouncing inside the rack of his ribs. What would he see? Would it all be a waste of time, a colossal idiocy in response to his carnal urges, or would they be up to no good?

The jealousy hit him like a physical blow when he peered in through the window and saw his daughter straddled over Nathan’s thighs. They were on the sofa, kissing, with Rebecca leading it seemed, the boy’s hands under the hem of her skirt, his fingers kneading her buttocks while the Christmas tree lights winked through their sequence.

“Oh, fuck,” Jeremy said, the words coming up choked. “Oh, Jesus. My baby,” he whispered, transfixed.

He was already hard, his cock pressing against the inside of his trousers, the sight of his daughter squirming around while the couple kissed sending a leaden sinker of despair into his guts. He hated to see it but still loved to watch them.

It was more horrible than anything he’d envisioned, yet he still felt the lust raging inside. Jeremy stood and continued to watch, mindless to the night air as his daughter moved off Nathan’s lap and hauled down her knickers.

He thought she was so lovely when she hiked up her skirt, giving a shimmy to get it up past her hips, her taut rump confronting her father. Jeremy moaned and pawed his cock when he saw Rebecca’s pussy aimed right at the window, an oyster in the concavity at the top of her thighs when she leaned in to kiss Nathan, the boy’s fingers splitting her labia as he reached around and spread her buttocks with the tips of his fingers.

A moment or two later, after some vehement kissing and while Nathan’s fingers fumbled at Rebecca’s pussy, the couple were scrambling around removing their clothes. Which is when Jeremy let out a sob, eyes going wide, Nathan’s long cock swinging around like some kind of club.

“Oh, baby,” Jeremy mumbled when he set eyes on the terrible sight. By then he had his cock out of his flies and in his fist, his hand working his length while his daughter sat on the edge of the sofa, her bare backside against the leather, Nathan’s girth stretching her lips. “Suck him,” Jeremy breathed. “Yes, go on, suck him, my darling.”

Jeremy wanked his cock and gazed at the sight of Rebecca glomming and slurping, her hands occasionally wanking the boy, his skinny frame exaggerating the size of his dick.

“How fucking big is that thing?” Jeremy izmir escort groaned. “Rebecca,” he muttered. “Oh, baby, please, get it inside you. Let me see you fuck that thing.”

But it wasn’t to be. Rebecca slurped and slobbered and fisted Nathan’s big dick. Then, after a few minutes of gamely using her mouth and her hands, Rebecca stood up and moved in to kiss Nathan’s lips. Her arms went around his neck, her tiny tits pressed against him as the kiss rolled on and on and on, the boy kneading her buttocks, his fingers slipping into her pussy.

When they finally parted, Rebecca laughed and grabbed at her boyfriend’s cock. Then she led him from the room, her mouth working as she spoke, the words silent because of the thick triple glazing between her and her voyeuristic father.

“No,” Jeremy gasped. “Shit,” he spat, frustrated.

He didn’t want to do it, but desperation had made him reckless. Jeremy tucked his hard-on away and went around to the back of the house. He unlocked the back door and crept into the kitchen, pausing to check for any signs of where the couple might be. It was quite dark in there and added to the sense of the clandestine inside him while Jeremy stayed that way for two minutes at least, ears set for sounds, muscles tense in case he had to get out of there quickly.

He calmed as the seconds passed by. Then, eventually, when he was sure he wasn’t about to be caught, Jeremy moved out of the kitchen, leaving his shoes by the back door as he went in his socks. He was cautious. He moved through the whole of the ground floor. The kitchen was already clear, but there were still the other rooms to check: the living room and his home office; a big room he grandly referred to as ‘The Library’ where he had a huge flatscreen TV and a couple of sofas. Jeremy suspected they were upstairs, probably in Rebecca’s room so they could make use of her very big bed. But he couldn’t be certain their passions hadn’t overtaken them, or that Nathan might get a kick out of fucking Jeremy’s daughter over her old man’s desk. So, despite the urges raging within, Jeremy went as quickly as he dared while still exercising the appropriate amount of caution.

Satisfied they weren’t on the ground floor, Jeremy negotiated the stairs, the long, wide hallway confronting him when he reached the landing. It was even darker up there, deep shadows at the end of the corridor. It wasn’t so bad he couldn’t see, Jeremy could still make out the walls and the doors to navigate his way safely along. Besides, he was familiar with the layout of the house. He’d lived there for over fifteen years. There’d be no surprises by knocking over a vase or anything foolish like that.

Soft light spilled out onto the carpet about halfway along the hallway, his daughter’s groan and gasp and muttered obscenity confirming the couple were in fact in her bedroom, just as he’d thought. With the location fixed, Jeremy quickly moved along the hall, his prayers answered when he found her door ajar.

He gulped and dared a look around the door and saw Rebecca had turned on the small lamp next to her bed. He could see her quite clearly as she fucked her boyfriend, his daughter standing with her hands braced against a wall, the pair in profile, her arms straight, pelvis angled so her rump was thrust back at her lover, the boy’s long cock fucking into her body.

It was a relief to Jeremy to see the condom sheathed over Nathan’s big cock. At least she’d meant what she said and was using protection.

“Oh, I love fucking,” Jeremy heard her moan. “Big fucking cock,” she gasped. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Big fucking cock.”

Rebecca seemed to being a world of her own, groaning and sighing and squirming back onto Nathan’s dick while he held her hips and fed the thing in.

“You love it, don’t you, you bitch,” Nathan grunted in response. He thwacked a palm down against Rebecca’s backside, the girl yelping before she swivelled around to look at his face.

“Spank it,” she mumbled, head lolling loose. “Fuck me and spank it,” she said as she rested her forehead on her arm. She worked her rump back to fuck onto his dick, their flesh slapping together before Nathan slapped her again.

“You want me to phone Aaron,” Jeremy heard the boy say. “We could both give you the good news, ‘Becca. Your dad’s away. We could get another threeway going again. He could come over and we’d both fuck you all night.”

“Oh, God,” Rebecca gasped in reply. She twisted around again, little waist creased as she gazed at Nathan and she reached back to pull him in for a kiss. “That was fucking amazing,” she moaned.

Jeremy gulped when he listened to the shocking revelation his daughter had taken two men at once. He felt the rush of ire when he thought about Nathan and the other kid using his daughter’s body, the images he saw in his mind taking his hand to his flies so he could haul out his cock.

“Want me to call him?” Nathan was asking. He kept on fucking Rebecca, what little spare flesh she had at her escort izmir hips jiggling as he thrust at her body. “We’d fuck the shit out of you,” he added, smacking Rebecca’s backside again. “Really tear your tight little cunt apart, babe.”

“You need condoms if he comes over,” Rebecca said. “Not like before. I don’t want you both coming inside me. I was shitting myself until my period came.”

The nastiness almost brought a moan out of Jeremy Baxter. He heard what she said, his eyes set on the curve of her bottom and the long, greasy shaft slipping in-and-out of her body, the unbidden moan rising up in his throat. It was almost out and past his teeth before he realised what was about to happen. Jeremy gulped down on the urge, his fist cranking away while he imagined his daughter brimming with cum. He saw her on her back, legs, wide, her pussy a scarlet gape, a pearl of semen at the opening to her body.

As he pictured the depravity of his daughter’s pussy seeping spunk, Jeremy felt the surge in his core, his goo spitting out to spray the door, the stuff a viscous dribble as it slid down the paintwork. Jeremy couldn’t stem the rush, the ejaculate just kept on pumping, his daughter gasping and moaning while Nathan kept at her.

“I fucking hate condoms,” spat Nathan. “It’s better being naked inside you. I love your cunt, ‘Becca. It’s so fucking sweet.”

Then, a moment later the boy let out a grunt. He snorted and groaned and thrust into Rebecca several times, a moan accompanying each desperate shove of his hips.

“You’re coming?” she squeaked. “Fuck, I don’t believe it. You’re coming already!”

Nathan gasped and grunted and finally slid free of her body, the teat in the condom heavy with cum as it waggled around.

“Fuck, ‘Becca,” he groaned as he went to her bed. “You’re always a really hot fuck.”

“But I’m still horny, you wanker,” she spat in reply. “You’ve come and I’m still high and dry. What about me, you selfish cunt?”

Nathan laughed and said, “Have a wank then. That’ll get me ready for you again. Get it all creamy for me. Go on, it’s fucking ace to watch you come.”

“Bastard,” Rebecca said as she went to the bed. “You absolute fucking arsehole. I fucking hate it when you’re such a selfish fucker.”

When the argument erupted between them he was standing stood outside in the hall, his cock back inside his trousers, his focus split between the spat between the lovers and the slide of cum on the door. Jeremy wondered at what the hell he could do. He fretted and worried that one of them would come out and see the spunk.

Then it got so he forgot about the door and semen and his current dilemma. Jeremy heard his daughter let out a shriek.

Rebecca shouted, “Don’t you fucking dare hit me!”

Which is when Jeremy burst onto the scene.


Jeremy is six feet and four inches tall. Wide across the shoulders, big in the arms. A big, strong guy at fifty-two. More than a match for the weedy kid. He rushed it as soon as he heard Rebecca’s yell, going for Nathan before the boy even knew he was there.

“Dad!” he heard his daughter call out.

There was surprise in her tone, with Nathan’s eyes just beginning to register the shock as Jeremy grabbed his throat. The boy moved backwards, arms flailing, a gurgled croak coming out of his mouth as Jeremy barrelled into him and forced Nathan down onto Rebecca’s bed. The condom was a snakeskin laid on the carpet. Shrivelled and pathetic, the bulb full of cum.

“You fucking touch her and I’ll rip your guts out,” Jeremy snarled. He was on top of Nathan, the naked kid on his back with his eyes bulging as he tried to get air in through his tortured throat.

“Dad … What?” Rebecca cried out. “Dad, let go of him. Daddy, you’ll choke him,” she finished.

“Yeah, I will,” her father replied.

Then he suddenly let Nathan go. Jeremy released his grip, the boy sucking air as soon as he could.

“Get up,” Jeremy added, hauling Nathan upright by the back of the neck. “Get out,” he said, dragging the boy to the door. “Get your fucking clothes and get the fuck out.”

They were at the top of the stairs, with Jeremy actively thinking about giving Nathan a shove. He settled for following Nathan along as he made the descent, the boy slipping on the way down so he landed on his rump with a frightened yelp.

“Don’t hurt me,” Nathan said, snivelling the plea. “Mister Baxter, I’m sorry. I wasn’t going to hit her, I swear.”

“No you weren’t,” Jeremy said. He pulled Nathan up short and grabbed his throat again, keeping the grip loose. Just enough pressure to let the boy know Jeremy could always give him a squeeze. “Get your clothes and get the fuck out. And if you bother my daughter again, I’ll really choke the fucking shite out of you, Nathan. You got me?” he finished.

Nathan nodded and massaged his throat, his dick no longer so impressive after it shrank in response to his fear.

“Yeah. Sure. I get it,” he said. “I’m going Mister Baxter. I’m sorry. Really I am.”

“Fuck off,” Jeremy snarled as he cuffed the side of Nathan’s head. “Get out. Don’t let me see you here again.”

Nathan gathered his clothes up from the living room floor.

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