Bygone Days Of Wishes Fulfilled

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My brother-in-law, Matt, came over to help me install the electronics in our new home media center, a roomful of equipment that would only have existed in a recording studio thirty years ago and driven by computer technology undreamed of then.

I could do some things myself, but he was much better at figuring things out and keeping track of complex configurations that left me dizzy.

My wife, Susan, was working, even though it was a Saturday, and her sister, Mary, Matt’s beloved, was shepherding their kids around, living the life of Mom the chauffeur. Our kids were all twenty-something and out of the house—until they need money, laundry, or advice, that is. Don’t ask me where the time goes.

The years have flown by, as the saying goes. Memories, however, burn with vivid light in our imaginations. Twenty-five years ago, when Matt was just Mary’s boyfriend, he was my sweet Sue’s paramour. They didn’t have a tawdry little affair behind my back. Sue and I arranged it together so that Matt and I sexed her up in tandem.

We had our weekly threesomes for about three months when we were all still young, energetic, and oversexed. The kids were shuffled off to Grandma the babysitter and Mary was in the dark. Sue enjoyed being the queen bee, the center of her faithful drones’ attention, and she loved the double-penetration. She commanded her two dicks to enter her in a variety of configurations, with which we dutiful ly complied.

The downside was the danger of discovery and the equally horrible possibility that my wife would fall in love with her backdoor man. Those fears went away when he—rather than we—broke it off because he loved sister Mary and wanted to settle down.

Alas, he didn’t know that over the next couple of years and into the first few years of his marriage, I was screwing my petite flower of a sister-in-law about once a month. I had seduced her one Christmas Eve when she was in a drunken stupor and she enjoyed it so much she forced me to keep giving her pleasures under pain of telling Susan all about it.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all coercion, I loved Mary—and her long dark braids and bright green eyes, perky breasts, undulating vagina, and mouth always hungry for my cock. I thus have missed her since we stopped fucking once she and Matt started to have kids. So, essentially, the four of us have been clean for a good twenty years.

Mostly done with our work and with time to kill, Matt and I relaxed and enjoyed a couple of beers. He was the connoisseur of imported ales, while I would drink any horse piss on sale. Matt had grown bald and a bit chubbier over the years, a short and stocky guy by nature. I had put on a few pounds since I quit the cigarettes, but I had all my hair, though the gray had long since taken over the brown.

Really, I don’t know what precipitated the direction of the conversation or where it subsequently led us.

“Do you remember when you used to come over and play with me and Sue?”

His eyes widened and then he chuckled. “I don’t have dementia. How could I forget something like that?”

I was unnaturally curious. “Do you remember what Sue felt like, smelled like, tasted like?” When he nodded to indicate yes, I followed up. “Do you ever think about it…like nowadays, I mean? When the family gets together…”

“Sure,” he replied, wiping foam from his upper lip with the back of his hand. “You and me both did her. We worked together. Threesomes, remember?”

“But we didn’t have true ménage-a-trois,” I said provocatively. “That’s when all three partners interact with each other. Me and you barely touched.” I paused and wondered if he though I meant to say “intercourse” instead of “interact.”

“You know, over the years, things change.” Matt paused to take a big gulp of his stout ale. “When we were young, I would’ve gone crazy if any other man made love to my wife. Now, I fantasize about young studs with foot-long dicks fucking her and I get hot imagining her sucking them off.”

“Well, since we’re revealing our innermost secrets,” I said as I moved from my chair to the couch where he sat. “I’m thinking that after my whole life of abstaining from certain things, I’d like to have sex with a guy.”

Then, as our legs touched while seated side by side on the cushions, I raised my glass for emphasis.

“No, let me rephrase that. What I really mean to say is I want to suck a man’s cock, have a man suck mine, fuck him in the ass, and get fucked in turn. I want to see what it’s like.”

“Why haven’t you?” he asked me in a soft tone of voice.

“I really don’t know why.” I looked at his face, more heavily lined, but still strong and steely. “I could never decide whether a completely anonymous stranger would be better, or a close friend.”

“Ricky,” said Matt somewhat ominously, “When we used to do those threesomes I loved to watch Sue suck your cock, or see your cock slide in and out of her cunt while she was sucking me. It would turn me on.” Matt took a deep breath before beylikdüzü escort adding, “You’re the only man who ever aroused me sexually.”

I put my beer down on the table next to the couch and asked him, “What would you say if I asked you to have sex with me?”

Matt answered swiftly, “I’d say, ‘How do you want it?'”

An instant later I pressed my mouth to his and kissed a man passionately for the first time in my life. We closed our eyes and made out like teenagers without touching for a long time. I tasted his beer, smelled his cologne, and savored the texture of his skin. Taking a slight breather, Matt smiled awkwardly as he shifted his weight on the couch to accept my arms in an embrace.

Then we kissed some more, hotly and wetly. His smell of clean flesh and fresh sweat began to waft in my nostrils and I let him plant affectionate little licks and kisses on my cheek, chin, and neck. Finally, I went after what I wanted and grabbed the bulge in his pants. He gasped with excitement when I touched him and then reclined as I felt up his cock, balls, and ass, still clothed and still kissing his lips.

Moments passed and I felt Matt exploring my manhood as well, except he went right in over the waistband of my sweatpants and touched the raw skin of my penis. He squeezed the shaft and slowly stroked me with an up and down motion. I purred audibly and he plunged his tongue between my lips, simulating fornication in a way I’d done a thousand times with my beautiful wife.

Matt wore denim jeans and a buttoned blue shirt. First, I opened his shirt and kissed his nipples. Next, I unhitched his belt and unzipped his jeans before pulling them down to leave only his striped boxers. The head of his dick peeked out and I patted it playfully before slipping his underwear down to his knees.

At last, with a swelling of excitement in my chest I could never have predicted, I lowered my head into his lap and took his big thick cock in my mouth. “Aah!” he moaned. “Mmm!” I groaned. Not wanting to go too far, too fast, I stopped sucking Matt’s short fat dick, only to have him yank down my sweatpants and boxers in one motion, popping out my longer, thinner member, which he swiftly took in his mouth.

Matt sucked me hard and it felt exquisite. After squirming on the couch, we sort of rolled onto the floor, where we positioned ourselves to suck one another’s dicks at the same time. Matt came up for air in a minute and told me I tasted delicious.

In all likelihood we could have stayed on the media room floor indefinitely, or stopped right there and not let anything go further. Instead, I let go of his sex toy, sat up, and coaxed him to do the same. I asked Matt if he wanted to keep going and he replied that he wanted to kiss and lick my ass…humorously, but not kiddingly.

“Okay, but not here,” I insisted. “Let’s go up to our bedroom.” He agreed. I didn’t say anything to my brother-in-law turned sex partner, but I was eyeing the clock, knowing we had three hours before Sue returned home. We scampered upstairs naked, our unsightly asses were not the tight buns of our younger days. We were a couple of old men. Yet we were embarking on a fun-filled adventure.

Upstairs, Matt sprawled out on the bedspread and I sat on the edge of the bed. I took his cock in my hand, massaged it and squeezed it before leaning over and kissing it. He jiggled his legs to let me know he liked that.

Then I hovered over him like a great winged bird and suckled on him, trying to replicate the combination of mouthing, tongue action, and head bobbing that Sue and Mary did so well on me. I guess I learned to give blow jobs from a couple of experts. In due course, my husky brother-in-law began to writhe to and fro under the spell of my pleasuring mouth and I swallowed three mouthfuls of burning hot ejaculate.

My sister-in-law’s hubby tasted like a spicy summer drink. I had just given my first head and we weren’t done by a long shot.

Matt sat up to wrap his arms around me. The aroma of his sweaty body was overwhelming and I loved breathing in his essence. He began to lick my face; at first, rolling his tongue over my cheeks, then drawing longer strokes, and moving on to fluttering of his wet tipped tongue over my eyelids, nose, forehead, mouth, and chin.

I laid flat on my back and for the next fifteen minutes my man licked me from head to toe. In fact, he flicked his tongue over every one of my toes. With my cock standing upright, Matt took hold of it and opened his mouth, combining a pumping action on the shaft while sucking and licking my head. His mouth was warm and welcoming and so I came hard and fast. He seemed to hold the spew in his mouth a moment before swallowing.

Afterward, he rolled me on my side and went to work with his mouth on my ass, kissing the buttocks all around, licking up and down my crack, and poking my anus. Then he fingered my butthole before eating it out. I shot a second wad of semen beyoğlu escort across the room in response.

We cuddled together on the bed, kissing on the lips, something I never pictured myself doing with a man, much less someone I’ve known for almost thirty years.

Moreover, Matt was a relative and we had shared our two lady loves sexually. Maybe that made our sexual attraction so strong. I wondered about that as I twirled my fingertip around his anus, feeling it moist and sticky. My finger tasted gamey when I slipped it into my mouth. I savored his taste on my tongue.

“I want to fuck you, Ricky,” he said, affectionately rubbing my inner thigh.

“I want to fuck you, too,” I answered and we kissed like overheated lovers.

The sky came crashing down when Susan’s voice echoed through the room. “What the fuck?”

She stared in disbelief as me and Matty bolted up in bed, naked, their limp dicks flapping about, as I saw it in the mirror. I hadn’t locked the house or the bedroom door and I never thought to listen for her car in the driveway.

“I’m off working and you’re here … What are you doing anyways?” she screeched angrily. She wore her black pants suit and pretty pink blouse; her hair was up in a bun. I was terrified.

I started to explain in some convoluted way how two guys she knew and loved came to be in her bedroom such as we were.

She cut me off with a wave of her hand, and stepped back toward the door, away from the bed. “Hey, don’t let me stop you. What were you two doing? Kissing? Go right ahead.”

I can’t explain why we took her words as a command. Yet we did and in a moment Matt and I were locked in a deep kiss. Susan crossed her arms and stared coldly while Matt moved his hand to my semi-hard dick and began stroking it. When he craned his neck to kiss, lick, and nibble my swelling penis, Sue let out an audible sigh. As I shifted my weight to get Matt’s wood between my lips, Susan pressed her butt against the wall, rubbing in a circular motion, and pinched her full tits with both hands, almost tearing at the fabric of her blouse.

“Why should you boys have all the sun,” she declared. “I’m coming in.”

Susan’s blouse practically flew off her shoulders, revealing her shimmering round breasts, barely held by her tulip shaped bra, twice the cup size of bygone days. A snap and a tug freed the twin muscles that embodied her feminine power tipped by swollen red bulletlike nipples.

Sue moved her gaze from Matt’s fellatio to mine and saw me distracted by gazing at her.

“What are you waiting for?” she snapped. “Start sucking his cock, Ricky. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

I opened my mouth wide enough for her to see the tip of his head slide over my tongue, mixing his sticky lube with my spit. He hummed on me, and when I sucked his crank all the way to its sprouting from his fur lined balls, my wife moaned her approval.

As she unzipped and slithered out of her skirt, Sue cried out, “Watching you is making me so fucking hot!”

She climbed onto the edge of the bed after letting her soggy undies drop to the floor and the familiar scent of her cunt wafted to my nostrils as I savored Matt’s masculine of odor at the same time. The mixed signals prompted me to crest and fire another round of spunk into my bro-in-law’s mouth.

Then Sue gave me a not so gentle shove. “Okay, you’re done, bitch boy.” She kissed my cheek and reached into Matt’s crotch, fondling his penis and testicles and cooing like a child with a toy. “I remember you,” she said provocatively.

Sue made sure I was watching when she took Matt’s cock in her mouth. She squeezed the tip between her glossy lips and slid a two-finger grip up and down the shaft, daintily dangling her pinky, while strongly pumping the lower end of his stem with a hard pounding rhythm. Matt’s back arched, thighs wriggled, and feet twitched in the flood of an orgasm that seemed never-ending.

My wife sucked in every inch of him, so that she could even tickle his balls while he came, and swallowed every spurt. She held his dinky in her mouth till it shriveled to the size of a baby’s thumb and then emerged to smother his face with passionate kisses. She looked at me when she said to him, “I’ve missed you for so long.”

Sue nestled between us to spread her legs and lift them skyward. She turned first to me and patted her mound of Venus as if to say, “Here, doggie, your mistress is ready to be serviced.” She juggled her sweaty boobs in both hands and called Matt over to her. “Come here and suck these puppies.”

While I worshipped my wife’s swollen, sopping, and undulating mons, labia, and clitoris, my brother-in-law sucked on Sue’s oversized nipples like a hungry infant. She made sure I heard her say, “I love you, baby,” to her sister’s husband.

Then she commanded us to stop and rearranged our bodies with Matt hovering over her, ready to fuck her in the missionary position, which she never, ever bostancı escort allowed him to do back in the day. I sat alongside her, stroking her breasts, as Matt slid his cock along her belly, rubbed it over her slippery slit, and started to push it into her vee.

I know how strong Sue’s vaginal muscles are, so I wasn’t surprised when she started humping even before he was fully erected and inside of her. I also knew how resilient Matt was back in the old days, able to get hard and come over and over again. Sue reached for me and took my dick in her mouth while she swallowed Matt’s in her cunt.

His short rod opened up her rose petal and grew harder. They bumped and grinded, sweating, grunting, and groaning. She spit my penis out of her mouth after I came and moved toward Matt for a kiss. She spewed my wad into his open mouth and she wiggled her way through a multiple orgasm.

“Ricky, I want you to kiss Matt’s ass while he’s fucking me.” Then Sue pulled me by the arm so that I stooped over them with my feet near their heads. I lowered my head to his chunky, dimpled ass and covered both cheeks with kisses before flapping my tongue up and down his hairy crack.

I french-kissed his anus as my wife howled in response to a flood of semen being pumped into Sue’s pussy by Matt’s mighty toy canon. We lay quietly, exhausted, our limbs wrapped around each other for several minutes.

Then Sue looked me in the eye while licking her brother-in-law’s penis and said he gave her, “The best fuck I ever had.”

I tried not to react. I know she said it to hurt me, to get back at me for sneaking around with him behind her back. She admitted as much, saying, “I wish you guys had told me you wanted to have sex with each other.”

After a bathroom break, she said, “I wish you guys had done each other back when we did the threesomes .” Then she looked at me and asked, “Have you forgot something?” I didn’t know what she meant. “You guys never fucked each other.” She reached to either side and took hold of both our phalluses and pulled us toward her.

A moment later the three of us were locked in an embrace with Sue kissing Matt’s cock, Matt kissing my cock, and me smooching Sue’s pussy. I turned around and approached Matt from behind as Sue twisted beneath him.

I spread his butt cheeks and inserted my rod as he did likewise to my wife’s asshole. “Hoo-ha!” she said. “Oh, yeah!” he said. “Uh-huh!” I said.

To finish things off, Susan coaxed me to tuck my knees up under my stomach and ride my ass high in the air. She went behind Matt to tickle his testicles and lick his butt while he buggered my corn hole. I don’t know where he got the stamina, but he humped me with hard thrusting and skin-slapping intensity until my ass felt too sore to sit down.

Sue said, “You screamed like a girl,” and I said I did not. Matt nodded and said yes I did.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could do a foursome?” Matt ventured as we staggered about, getting dressed.

Sue looked shocked. “In case you forgot,” she said tersely. “Mary and I are sisters…Incest? I don’t think so.” Of course, there was more to her concern. She walked over to Matt and clamped a vice grip on his junk, now tucked in his jeans.

“If you ever tell her about what we’ve done together, I’ll cut this off and stick it in your mouth before I cut your head off.” She wasn’t a violent person, but nonetheless made her point.

No one hinted at what may or may not happen in the future. Another ménage-a-trois next week, next month, or next year wasn’t planned, but could happen. All was left unspoken. The odd woman out was Mary, not only kept in the dark about our threesomes, but carrying her bygone secret of having been my fuck buddy in the past, a fact which Matt and Sue had not a clue.

A week later, Sue was working, Matt took a turn shuttling the kids to birthday parties and sporting events, and I was doing my usual Saturday puttering around the house and yard. Unexpectedly, Mary’s car pulled in the driveway and she came up the sidewalk carrying a stack of boxes.

“I told Sue I’d bring her some stuff I cleaned out from Mom’s house for her to go through,” she explained. I took the boxes from her and we kissed and hugged as we always do.

Mary seemed to have evolved from little girl to little out lady, skipping right over middle age. Her long black braids turned grey and perky breasts that once sat high on her chest now drooped like pancakes just above her tummy. Her style had gone from young jock in sweatsuit to earth mother in woolen sweater.

Up close, her face was deeply lined and vertical creases marked her neck, but her eyes and voice still sparkled with youthful vigor.

“Would you like something to drink?” I asked, thinking iced tea or lemonade.

“Sure,” she chirped. “Got a beer?”

She waited in the media room while retrieved a couple of brews. We tapped bottles and drank straight up, sitting side by side on the couch. She smiled at me as though she had a little secret to share.

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.” I didn’t react, just listened. “Remembering how much fun we used to have …” My wife’s sister was looking at the bulge in my pants. “I miss you.” Then she wrapped her lips around the neck of her beer bottle, simulating a hum job and we laughed.

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