Casual Encounter Ch. 02

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We’re both in the pool house, it’s kind of dim, the only light is from the couple of small holes in the roof, and the light cascading in from the door. I followed you in there to grab a pool skimmer to help you clean the pool a little before your boyfriend got there. You walk over to where the shelf is way above your head, and reach up for the skimmer. As you do so, your short skirt rides up a bit, allowing me to see where your panties wrap around your cute ass. You get the skimmer, and turn around to catch me ogling you. A mischievous smile comes over your face as you walk over to where I’m standing in the center of the pool house.

Embarrassed, I manage to stammer out something about staring off into space, but my words are cut off as you grab the bulge I was hoping you hadn’t seen in my pants. I gasp and look into your eyes with surprise. You move your hand over my shaft through the thin fabric of my zip offs, and underneath, my boxers.

I kiss you deeply, and reach up to roll your tube top down over the top of your breasts, your nipples pop out as the fabric comes to rest above your belly button. I suck down your neck and immediately wrap my mouth, then tongue over a nipple, while caressing the other one with my hand…

You start to unbutton my pants, and I mutter something about your boyfriend coming, and you tell me that he is always late, but that just means we should get down to business now.

I nod in agreement, and hike your skirt up just enough so that I can hook my fingers into your panties, and strip them off of you. You unzip my pants, and slide my hard shaft out through my boxers. I reach underneath your skirt, and rub your clit, spreading wetness over your lips, and slipping my fingers inside of you several times as you spread your stance a little wider to allow for better access.

I push you backwards until your ass hits the counter behind you; I reach underneath you, and pick you up and set you on the countertop. maltepe şişman escort I pull your skirt up around your hips so you can spread your legs all the way out, and as you are doing just that, I lean over and lick your clit with my tongue as you run your fingers through my hair and pull it occasionally as I hit spots that feel especially good…

After a minute or two of fucking you with my tongue, you pull my head up, and grab my hips with your legs, and pull me close to you. You raise your hips up slightly, and I slide my hard cock deep inside of you, quickly and forcefully, you moan and arch your back on the countertop, as you clench your legs around my hips. I slide in and out, increasing my speed with your increasing moans. I reach down with my thumb and rub your clit, as we both watch with fascination as my slick hard shaft slams into you, then draws out almost the full length, then slams deep into you again. Just watching us fuck gets us closer to orgasm, and you reach down and press my thumb down onto your clit harder, as I apply more pressure and increase the speed of my cock thrusting into you.

You lean forward and gasp into my ear, ‘I want to ride you’ I nod my head, and respond by nibbling your neck, and reaching underneath your ass, and picking you up, my cock still buried deep inside of you, and I walk us back to a chase-lounge, where I lie back with you on top of me, you shift your hips to get me back all the way inside of you, and you slide your hips in a circular motion, grinding against the shaft of my cock. You then lean forward towards me a little, and slowly start to slide up and down, impaled on my stiff cock. You start out slow, and I can see my shaft slowly sliding between your lips until they come to rest on my balls, then slowly watch the shaft reappear as your raise your hips off of me. You increase your speed ever so slowly, and soon you are moving fast enough that we pendik escort can both hear the slap of our flesh as you bottom out each time, my hard shaft so deep inside of you…

I reach down and caress your clit, as you moan with pleasure. I grunt as I feel your tightening your muscles around my cock as you ride it harder and harder. I reach up with my now slick fingers, and coat your nipples with your own wetness, and then easily slide them between my fingers, feeling them harden instantaneously to my touch. You decide to lean back a little bit, and you reach your arms around behind you, and rock back on your knees a little. This opens up a wonderful view of my shaft sliding inside your tight wet hole. With just a flick of your hips now, you raise almost off my cock and slam back down again, I grab the fabric of your skirt, bunched around your hips, and pull you down further on each down stroke….

Onto the carpeted floor, without missing a beat, I slide back all the way inside of you, and you raise your legs around my chest and hook your ankles behind me. I use my body weight directly above you to slam my cock down inside of you. You spread your legs wider and wider, and reach down to pull the skirt back up around your hips, as I slam deeper and deeper inside of you. I alternate sliding in and out with sliding all the way in and slightly rotating my hips to provide stimulation with the head of my cock deep inside of you. You feel it sliding up against the walls and it causes you to arch your back and push my even deeper inside of you, as you moan, practically scream, my name. I lean down and suck your neck as we hear the slap of my hips against yours and hear the sounds of penetration, this fuels us on even more.

I reach down and slide my hands underneath your ass, and lift it towards each thrust, as I get even deeper than before. You sit up just a little to see my hard cock sliding in and out of you, you see your pendik eskort bayanlar lips slide around the smooth shaft, and catch a slight glimpse of the head as it slides almost out occasionally. This view and the noises make for an even more heightened state of excitement as we get a little bit closer to orgasm

You lean close to my ear and moan ‘oh god…finish it on the counter, this time fuck me doggy style’. Happy to oblige, I slide out of your hot wet hole, and we hurriedly get up, rushing to minimize the time I’m not inside of you, we run over to the counter, and you turn around, ass facing me, and lean onto the counter. You arch your back, sticking your ass up in the air. The skirt has ridden down again a little, but I just dip my cock underneath it, and it doesn’t take me long at all to find your slippery wet opening. I slide my cock deep inside of you again, and start to fuck you hard. We are both really close to orgasm as I hike your skirt back up around your hips and grab the flesh of your hips just underneath it. I slam your hips towards me, and you scratch at the countertop with your fingernails and moan in ecstasy.

Our sweat causes our flesh to slap crisply with every thrust, and you’re so wet by now we can hear each thrust deep inside of you. The sweet smell of sex permeates our senses, and we get closer and closer to orgasm. You spread your legs just a little wider, and push against my thrusts hard each time, and I can tell you are about to come. your moans get louder and louder, and you scream for me to fuck you and cum inside of you, and those persuasions are enough to send me flying over the edge, as I thrust all the way inside of you and you can feel my balls resting on your sopping wet clit, and you feel them contract and you feel my cock pulsate as I shoot stream after stream of hot cum into your deepest point, This sensation pushes you over the edge as well, and you start your orgasm as you feel me pumping cum deep inside of you. I feel you constrict around my cock as you convulse your hips against me, sliding the head of my cock around deep inside of you.. you moan my name a few more times, and then we collapse on top of each other, me still inside of you, and you can feel my warmth spreading in your lower stomach…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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