Chapter 05: L,J – Meeting Joyce

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Chapter 5: L&J — Meeting Joyce

I saw Liz regularly for massages after I learned that she had returned to the area. After one very active afternoon of massage and sex play, she told me that her girl friend was also doing massages. As Liz toyed with my cock, she told me that she thought I would enjoy her and I shouldn’t worry if I wanted to schedule an appointment with her. On the ride home I thought about Liz’s talented fingers and I then started thinking about the idea of getting a massage from Joyce. My stiffening dick told me it would be a good thing to Joyce a try.

I grabbed my cell phone and I made an appointment with Joyce for the following week. Even though I didn’t even know what Joyce looked like, I didn’t see that there was anything to worry about since Liz had recommended her.

The week went by in a hurry and today was the day to meet Joyce. I arrived at Liz’s house about five minutes before my appointment and knocked on the door. It opened almost immediately. A very smiley brunette in cute cat-eye glasses and blue scrubs stared at me and said, “Well, it’s about time you came to see me!” The corners of her eyes wrinkled as her smile got even bigger. Joyce came up to about my shoulders and she put her arm around my waist as she ushered me inside. Her brunette hair hung about four inches passed her shoulders and she smelled of sandalwood. The scrubs Joyce was wearing made it difficult to tell what her body looked like, but her smile was infectious and her face was cute as hell.

Joyce grabbed my hand and led me down the hall to the massage room and we went in. She turned around after she had turned on some very sexy blues and said, “I’m really glad that you finally decided to spend some time with me. Liz has told me a lot about you and I can’t wait to get my hands on you.” She had a wicked smile on her face and then asked me to get undressed saying that she would be back in a minute or so. I smiled back and told her not to be gone too long.

I quickly took my clothes off and slid onto the table and lay on my stomach. Just as I finished tucking my dick between down between my legs, the door opened and I heard Joyce whistle. “Mmmmm, Liz was right. You have a really a cute butt, and I love your tan line!”

I tried to be witty and responded, “Dear lady I am honored that you think my ass is cute.” She giggled erenköy escort bayan and then I felt her hand touch my leg and then slide gently over my ass cheeks. She let her hand linger on my butt before she continued dragging her fingernails up my back to my neck. Her touch sent shivers through me and made my cock tingle.

She moved away from the front of the table and I heard fabric rustling. I assumed she was taking her scrubs off so I turned my head so I could watch her disrobe. WOW! Once the scrubs were gone her nearly naked body was totally on display. All Joyce had on was a matching leopard bra and thong.

I now understood her comment about my tan line. Joyce obviously enjoyed sun worship and her gorgeous rubenesque body was deeply tanned and her beautiful tits, at least 38Ds, were putting tremendous pressure on the flimsy sheer bra she was wearing. She had curves in all the right places and everything was in perfect proportion. She was an absolute knock out.

We kept smiling at each other as she hung the scrubs on a hook on the wall. Then she slowly reached behind her back to unhook her bra. Her tits were thrust forward and she was really doing a great job of teasing me with her magnificent juggs. Once it was unhooked, she let the bra hang loosely from her tits. She looked at me, smiling lewdly and said, “You like?”

My cock had gotten rock hard and all I could do was nod yes. She slowly ran her tongue over her lips and pulled the bra away and it was my turn to whistle. Only a very small area of skin around her nipples was not tanned. I couldn’t wait to see what her pussy looked like

Joyce lifted her massive titties pushing them together and squeezed them at me. She slid her fingers down to her nipples and pinched twisted them. I was enthralled by how hot she was being. Joyce let go of her titties and lifted her arms to pull her hair into a pony tail. Her tits jutted out while she worked with her hair. I whistled softly watching her be the tease. Once her hair was back, it was a really sexy saucy look.

As Joyce picked up a bottle of oil she moved to the side of the table. Slowly she worked oil into my back shoulders and legs. As she worked on me she explained that her real job was a nurse and this job was just for fun. Her massage skills etiler escort bayan were very evident and she was making me feel wonderful. As she worked on my legs she spread my feet to the sides of the table and I knew she had a good view of my balls. It wasn’t that overt, but it made my cock come alive again.

She moved her hands up my thighs onto my butt and I really enjoyed the feeling. She applied more oil and kneaded it into each cheek. As she worked she pulled my ass cheeks apart and my asshole was on display. The next thing I felt was something warm and wet probing against my asshole. I let out a soft moan as her finger slid inside me. Joyce said, “I thought you’d like that. I love the way you squeeze my finger. Plus, your ass is just so damned cute.” She sensuously slid her finger out and added another finger and pushed back in. Joyce really knew what she was doing. My cock was now on full alert and pushing against the table.

After thoroughly finger fucking my ass, Joyce slowly removed her fingers from my rear end and she bent forward to slowly kiss between my ass cheeks. Then she started to run her tongue around the rim of my asshole and then down to my balls. Joyce licked her way from my balls back to my asshole. I couldn’t believe the sensations she was causing. God was she good. Involuntarily, I lifted my body off the table to push my ass into her face. Her kisses and licks had my cock rock hard and it bobbed between my legs as she worked on my. She was kneeling on the table so that she could spread my cheeks wide and lick from my balls all the way up my crack.

Joyce placed little butterfly kisses all over my ass and balls and then slowly moved to the side of the table. I lay back down on the table and turned to look at Joyce. She put her thumbs inside her thong panties and pushed them down her legs and she kicked them off. Joyce’s bush was quite full but she had clearly trimmed it, particularly the sides so that she could wear a tiny bathing suit. Her lower tan line was just as small as the ones on her tits.

She leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Just enjoy.” Then she crawled on top of me straddling my ass. She put more oil on my back and she leaned forward and pressed her tits into me. At first she slowly rubbed her tits up and down on me. göztepe escort bayan Then she started grinding her pussy into my ass. She lowered herself again and whispered, “Your body is so hot. I’m going to cum on your ass.”

Joyce started sliding up and down my back and grinding her pussy against my ass. She began kissing my neck and frenching my ears. My cock was rock hard and ready for whatever she wanted to do. We were both breathing hard and my cock was totally stiff. Joyce was moaning and began to rub her pussy in circles against the tip of my spine. Her breathing was rapid and I could feel that she was tightening up. Then I felt her shudder and she pressed her pussy hard against me as she held her breath. Then her body went limp and her head fell against my shoulder. I lay there and listened to her breathe.

When her breathing got back to normal, she slid off of me and told me to turn onto my back. My cock was still rock hard and swung wildly as I rolled over. Joyce went to the foot of the table and leaned forward to grab my cock with both hands. She smiled at me as she lowered her mouth over me. It felt so wonderful. So hot. So wet. All I could do was moan as she worked her magic.

Joyce took her time as she deep throated my cock. She played with my balls, alternating sucking each into her mouth before she went back to my cock. I felt something firm press against my asshole and Joyce wormed an oiled index finger into me. She finger fucked my ass while she sucked my cock. The feelings Joyce was creating pushed my sensors to overload. I felt my balls start to tighten and I told her that I was going to cum.

Joyce responded, “Mmmmm.” The vibrations sealed the deal. In seconds I filled her wonderful mouth with my hot gooey cum. Joyce swallowed every spurt and then continued to suck on my cock as it softened. She finally released my unit from her lips and slowly removed her finger from my ass. I already missed the full feeling. Then she crawled onto the table and lay next to me. She leaned over and gave me a lingering cum flavored tongue kiss. When she broke the kiss, she said, “God that was good.” I hugged her, smiled back at her and nodded my head.

Laying there in each others arms listening to each other breathe was very comforting. I was fondling her huge soft tits and she toyed with my cock. After a minute I said, “Do you ever let your clients give you a massage?” She looked at me for a second and said, “Not usually, but I’d let you.” Then she leaned in again and we kissed. At first it was tender, but it built into a passionate tongue duel. When we finally broke the kiss I looked at her, “Then next time I get to return the favor.”

She smiled and said, “God, I can’t wait till next time.”

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