Chase Cooder – Bush Pilot! Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Welcome to the second installment of Chase Cooder – Bush Pilot! This one will move a bit slower, at least until the juicy climax! In this chapter we learn more about the hyper-capable Chase, his past, and more! So climb aboard, settle in, and enjoy the ride!

* * * * *

Chase felt the floats break free from the grip of Snapper Lake and the ride smoothed out as the Beaver climbed through the crisp Canadian air. He reached over to get his iPod from the right seat and carelessly allowed the right wing to dip. When straightening up he overcorrected while plugging in the iPod, and the left wing dipped before he leveled the plane out.

Damn it! I hope Box didn’t see that. He’ll ride my ass for a week for sloppy flying.

Music piped through the high quality, custom headset. The iPod was set on shuffle play and the songs and artists brought back memories, many of them about the women in his life: Roxy Music’s “Avalon” with Barb, a Washington, DC computer consultant; Pink Martini’s “Sympathique” with Trina, the Jamaican flight attendant; Frankie Goes to Hollywood with Trish, the surgical scrub nurse; and Morcheeba’s “Big Calm” with Wendy, the loopy and fun recording studio executive.

There was also the Cowboy Junkies’ “Black Eyed Man” with Connie, the recent divorcee eager to experiment and validate herself – she’d done well; David Gray’s “White Ladder” with Sandy, the sultry Chicago bartender; Beck’s “Sea Change” with Minda, the exotic Australian art gallery dealer; The Doors’ “LA Woman” with the pot-addled Tracy in Amsterdam; Johnny Guitar Watson’s “A Real Mother For Ya” with Liz in the indoor pool at the house she was “sitting” in the Washington, DC suburbs; and Sufjan Stevens’ “Greetings From Michigan” with Jennie, the British hipster.

Chase happily flew through the clear Canadian sky, enjoying the memories of lusty times until Seals and Crofts came on. At the first strains of “We Will Never Pass This Way Again” he tensed. It had been his high school homecoming theme and song. Upon hearing it, he felt a sadness, an emptiness, but soft, not the molten spike that had pierced his heart for so many years.

Searing pain and white hot anger had propelled him onward for too long a time. One day he realized it was simply gone. Chase quit his job as a prosecuting attorney and traveled. At age thirty-three he had just returned from a year long trip around the globe. He reentered the United States in Seattle, Washington, where he had a chance encounter with a pretty redhead.

Chase and Ruane entered college the same year and were acquaintances, but hadn’t really spent any time together. Like two people with nothing better to do for the time being, they had a long dinner in an intimate bistro. Playing softly in the background as they ate and talked, audible over the clinking dishes, the hum of nearby conversation and occasional shouts from the kitchen, was Aimee Mann’s “Magnolia” soundtrack, followed by Alejandro Escovedas’ “Thirteen Years”, followed by other music that faded into so much background noise.

“I remember you from engineering and physics classes. You always looked so intense, like you’d explode if someone poked you with a stick,” Ruane recalled.

“Yeah. I had a pretty rough time for awhile.”

“What kind of rough time?” Ruane was open, curious and, for some, a bit blunt. Chase wasn’t sure if he liked it or not, but was responding to her.

“Well, I don’t want to bore you with my tale of woe.”

“No, really. I’m interested.” Her brow crinkled and she leaned forward in her chair, her arms on the table.

Chase took a deep breath. “Well, after my high school girlfriend was killed in a car wreck…”

“Oh! I’m so sorry.”

“…Yeah, thanks. It hurt pretty badly for a long time. I put all my energy into school and sports and work. I felt lost, but driven, if that makes any sense. So after high school I went to college.”

“Which is where I met you. What’d you major in?”

“I had a double beylikdüzü escort major in engineering and biology, and a double minor in philosophy and psychology.”

She was surprised. “That’s impressive. Did you transfer? How come I didn’t see you senior year?”

“Well, I ended up graduating in three years.”

“Damn. No wonder I never saw you at parties. A fricking braniac!” Ruane laughed and held her drink up in a toast.

Chase chuckled. “Yeah, I worked pretty hard.”

“Okay, Einstein, what did you do next?”

“I have an idea, let’s talk about you for awhile.”

“Feeble effort. Uh-uh. What next.”

Chase sighed. Part of him couldn’t believe he was telling this near stranger his life history, or most of it at least. He wondered if it was because he might never see her again and had a need to tell, or if there was something else going on here.

“I joined the Army.”

“No shit? I mean, really? I joined the Air Force after college. They wanted me to fly the glamour jets, said I done good on tests and stuff. But as much as I love flying planes, I really love working on them and they went ahead and let me be a mechanic. What did you do in the Army?”

She was smart, and he smiled at her purposeful goof with language.

“I was advanced infantry for awhile, then with the Rangers. After awhile I was invited to volunteer for Delta Force. They said I done good on tests and stuff,” he kidded. Ruane smiled. “So, I trained and went on some counter-terrorism missions.”

“Wow. How come you’re out?”

“You first. How come you didn’t re-up?”

“I liked the Air Force, but I was restless. I don’t know, I just wanted more.”

“So, what did you do?” Chase asked, sort of hoping to change the subject.

“I’m working for a corporation now. Servicing their jets and prop planes.”

“But aren’t you doing the same thing?”

“Yeah, but the pay’s better. Besides, I got plans.”

“Do tell?”

“Another feeble attempt. Pathetic. So how come you’re out?”

Chase laughed. He was beginning to really like this woman.

“I liked Delta, but I was restless. I don’t know, I just wanted more.” Ruane smiled. God, that smile.

“Come on, so what did you do?” Ruane persisted, leaning back and pretending to be pulling a rope.

“Well, one day I just didn’t need it any more. I quit and traveled around the world for a year and here I am, enjoying your company.” Chase didn’t feel like telling his whole story. Oddly, he cared about what she thought of him. He didn’t want to sound boastful, so he was vague about when he left Delta Force, not mentioning the intervening years.

“I’m sorry for your early loss. I can tell it hasn’t been easy for you. I mean emotionally.” Ruane spoke with tenderness and… something else Chase couldn’t quite discern. She reached across the table and squeezed his hand.

Chase felt a lump in his throat and took a sip of beer to give him time to recover. “Thanks,” he softly replied and squeezed her back.

He recalled the day about a year ago, a Thursday afternoon. Getting in his car after picking up some groceries, Pam’s memory seeped into his consciousness and he cried. The pain that he carried for so long that drove him through the years, the pain that he ran from through the years, had not disappeared but faded enough. Sadness, not rage, engulfed him, and he wept that day. When he was through he was drained. He felt lighter. Chase’s heart was free at last.

“So you’re still working on planes like you did in the Air force. Really, how come you didn’t re-up?” he asked.

Ruane sat up straighter, leaned forward, tucked her hair behind an ear and said animatedly, “Oh, I’m going to open a bush pilot tour business. I’m saving my money for startup.”

“No kidding? What’s your plan?”

“Well, I’ll buy a plane. I’ll start with one, but want to own several. I’ll rent space from a small, beyoğlu escort but widely accessible airport. Eventually I want to buy my own land and have a landing strip, hanger and workshop. Build a house there. I can hardly stand it! I want to start now!” Her smile sparkled.

Chase was charmed by Ruane’s passion for her dream, and by her beauty. Ruane was a bit taller than average. She had an athletic build and womanly curves. She moved gracefully and was charmingly unaware of how stunning she truly was. Her sharp wit and ready laugh drew him in. Chase imagined she’d be as comfortable in a sophisticated formal dress at the opera as she would be trading coarse insults with the guys.

As he flew over the beautiful Canadian wilderness Chase recalled how he had given Ruane’s vision serious thought, and after several weeks approached her about becoming partners. Based in a small town near the Canadian border, Busy Beaver Bush Tours was born. By the time they opened their door for business, Chase and Ruane had long been frequent and enthusiastic lovers, though not exclusive. Chase recalled with fondness the first time they’d made love, and as he replayed the memory, the music was interrupted by the crackle and hiss of static, punctuated by the intermittent voice of Ruane.

“…ver Base…Bea…One…Copy?”

“Beaver One to Beaver Base. Transmission is garbled. I’ll talk to you when I arrive. ETA thirty minutes. Over.”

“Bea…to…One…I’m so…lieved…Rog…ver.”

The airport came into view and Chase prepared for landing. He brought the plane around, touched down with a skid and taxied, stopping in front of the hanger that also housed Busy Beaver’s office.

Chase shut down the aircraft, grabbed his flight bag and deplaned. He kicked a chock against the front and back of a wheel for safety and as he turned Ruane was leaping toward him.

He dropped the flight bag just in time to catch Ruane as she threw her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Sobbing, she buried her face in his neck, knocking her Busy Beaver baseball cap askew.

“I’m so sorry. I was so worried. I was so scared when I couldn’t contact you.”

Chase held her tightly. “Hey, hey, I’m fine. What is it, baby? What’s got you so upset, Ru?” he softly questioned.

Ruane released her legs and slid down his body, still holding him tight with her arms. She stepped away and quickly wiped her tears. Chase thought she looked adorable in her blue mechanic’s overalls, the crooked hat, and with her glorious red hair pulled back in a ponytail.

“I let Dick do the maintenance,” she sniffled. “When I checked the log after you left I noticed he hadn’t changed the fuel filter, the little shit. Shit! He is so fucking fired. You do not cut corners! You do not miss checklist items! You pay attention to detail!” she finished her heated remarks.

Ruane sniffled again. “I was so afraid it might clog and shut down the engine. I tried radioing, but couldn’t get through. The weather channel said unusual atmospheric conditions were wreaking havoc with radio and cell signals.”

“No, we’re good. We’ll just change the filter and look your Beaver over real good.”

Ruane smiled brilliantly, said, “Yes, we will,” and grabbed Chase’s hand, pulling him forward. He scooped up his flight bag as she dragged him into their office.

Once inside, Ruane locked the door and pointed to the wide leather couch. “Sit.”

Ruane kicked off her shoes, stood in front of her pilot. Bob James’s “Restless” CD was playing and Ruane swayed from side to side in graceful rhythm to the music. Her body moved sensuously in rhythm to the music. She raised her arms, her breasts pressed against her overalls. Chase adored that beautiful pear shape.

She swayed sensuously to the music and took off her cap. After releasing her ponytail she ran her hands through her hair, letting it fall to her shoulders.

As bostancı escort bayan Ruane danced seductively a hand reached for the zipper of her overalls just below her neck. She swayed while slowly pulling the zipper down its long track, well below her shapely waist. She allowed the overalls to part naturally, pushed then pulled by the movement of her breasts.

She swayed to the music, her hair flowing gracefully. As her tantalizing hips glided from side to side, Ruane raised her hands, crossed her arms to opposite shoulders and slowly pushed the overalls down. After the overalls crumpled around her feet, she stepped out of them in rhythm to the music.

Chase watched, mesmerized, as Ruane, naked, danced to the music and caressed herself.

She approached, leaning over him. Her hair and breasts flowed sensuously, enticing him with her movements.

She kneeled in front of him. He was uncomfortably hard and she adjusted him in his pants. Her fingers stroked him through his pants and he moaned.

Looking Chase in the eye, Ruane lowered her head to him, mouthing his cock. She nibbled and nipped at him through his pants.

Ruane unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled down his zipper. Looking Chase in the eye, she removed his pants and freed him. “I want your cum in my mouth,” she said with a seductive smile

She took him deep into her mouth. He groaned and caressed her hair. Chase took off his shirt and enjoyed Ruane’s expression of her love for him.

Ruane rocked down and up, her fingers, mouth and tongue working in concert. She moved her hand to his crown and palmed that sensitive area. Chase moaned. As she rubbed the tip, she mouthed and sucked his balls.

Ruane licked back up the length of his cock and took him in her mouth again. Her head moved up and down rapidly, hair snapping with each movement, breasts swaying.

Chase groaned and erupted in her mouth. Ruane left her soft mouth on him until he finished, then rose up and kissed him. She massaged his cock while kissing him and he moaned.

After pushing him onto his back on the couch and straddling his head, Ruane lowered her body. Chase reached up, put his hands on her tight ass and licked her wet lips. She was hairless there. Ruane kept herself completely waxed because she liked the look and feel. So did he.

Chase licked and chewed, using his fingers and thumbs on and in Ruane’s sweet pussy. He pulled her forward and probed her back hole with his tongue, knowing she’d be clean. He worked his tongue into her ass while massaging her clit. Chase licked back along her lips and worked a finger into her ass. He looked up, saw Ruane looking down at him with glazed eyes while she squeezed her breasts and twisted both nipples.

Ruane grabbed his hair and pulled him hard against her. She ground her pussy on his face. He kissed, tongued, chewed, and rubbed her lips and worked her clit until he heard a familiar cry.

Ruane slid down Chase’s body, straddling his hips and sliding his hard cock along her opening. She dropped and took him in all the way. He looked up lovingly and pulled her to him. They kissed as they slowly ground against one another.

“Make love to me, Chase. Fuck me.”

“Mmm. I will, baby.”

Chase held her, kissed her, rocked into her as she rubbed against him. They breathed harder, moved faster. Ruane sat up and put her hands on his chest as her hips pumped with piston-like motions. They both shouted and she collapsed on top of him.

When she caught her breath, Ruane announced, “Welcome home, flyboy.”

Chase enjoyed the afterglow, snuggling and caressing Ruane.

“Mmm, I need to leave and come home more often.”

“I’m not through with you yet, captain. You’ve still got work to do”

Chase grew hard again. He was about to make a witty comment when the phone rang.

“Let the machine get it, baby. I want you in my ass.”

They were kissing when the answering machine came on. They heard Box’s voice.

“Anna’s missing! Call me as soon as you get this!”

* * * * *

Thank you for reading. Please take a moment to vote and comment, then stay tuned for the next exciting installment of Chase Cooder – Bush Pilot!, where Chase and Box visit an excavation site, meet the dig team, learn crimes have been committed, and more!

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