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Ok so there are these chat lines on the PC. What is supposed to happen is that you chat to people on them.

Now chat actually means typing messages and watching the other person type a message to you. There is no way that you can see the person at the other end, this means they could be anyone!

The dream for a guy is meeting a sexy young woman on the chat line, meeting and having the most wonderful sex imaginable.

The reality is that you are likely to meet a guy who wants some sort of gay sex. Maybe by the time you get to meet you are so hot that, well…

So I am 48, male bored and wanting some excitement. The net just happened at the right time. Bang there is was. Wow anything is possible.

I have talked to some of the sexiest women on this earth. I have seen their pictures they have sent to me to me and I have sent them pictures of me. This was really good. Never met any of them of course. They were always in some far off land. Actually this is not bad because I am married.

Yeah well I don’t think my wife would be that happy about me meeting new women in bars and restaurants!

So technology is heating up. Now I can use a web cam. This device is fantastic I can actually see the person at the other end and they can see me.

Yeah yeah I know. All those of you who have tried this know that an ‘older’ man on his own does not get a response from many of the pretty girls. At least the contacts are from people who are real!

So back to the text systems. Lots of chats then some of which led to cyber sex on line. But this is just talking about it.

Then there was Kelly. Kelly answered the cheery ‘Hi ya’ with a cheery ‘Hi ya’.

The conversations went on about kids and decorating and all the usual interests that we all have. Yes I know I have to get out more but at the time it was interesting stuff.

Kelly lied in another country. Not far away but a boat or plane journey. So this was another of the safe flirtations.

The chats went on for some time, no weeks that turned into months. Kelly was very chatty, I learned all about the dogs and the world in which she lived.

No she didn’t live in the dogs, it’s not that sort of story.

She seemed to be very straight and actually not the sort of exciting contact I thought I was looking for. Then came my birthday. Kelly had got me to admit my age and she said she was some 20 years younger. On the actual date she sent me an email. A series of pictures.

Ohh wow did I say pictures? I meant she sent me a stick or two of dynamite.

There was this lady doing a slow strip and looking at the camera with a wonderful erotic gleam. This was horny stuff and sooo out of character. Next time we met on the chat line I was full of questions, like what the hell was that?

Is that you?

And comments like

Ohhhhhhhh wowowowowowowowowowowowow

Yes dear reader I was gob smacked.

The answer was ‘Of course its me’.

Well I said that I felt some excitement at seeing them. She asked what I might think of doing if we met.

I just sort of passed out. Remember that we are separated by an ocean, so its very safe all this stuff. There is no way on earth that we could actually meet.

I started to describe what t might be like to meet. In a hotel room we would kiss passionately and I would undress her. We would kiss and cuddle and we would have sex. Yeah its soooo easy in text.

Our fantasy started kağıthane escort to get detailed. In our fantasy we could indulge in anything we liked. We tried all sorts of interesting things and always we fell sweaty and satisfied into each others arms.

Then the second bomb. Well this was a couple of tons of semtex.

Kelly announced nonchalantly that she was visiting my country. Not only my country but very close to where I lived, close enough for her to take a hotel room and for us to meet.

Dear reader she called my bluff.

She asked me to find a hotel close enough for us to meet. I found an anonymous modern hotel that had cheap deals in the middle of the week. I needed her full name and address. She gave it to me in an email.

I went into the hotel and booked the room. They took my credit card details, just to secure the room. My heart was thumping. How could I explain a bill from a hotel on the joint account?

On the Monday I talked to Kelly on the phone. This was the first time we had talked and her voice was nice. We chatted comfortably and it dawned on me that this could be for real.

Tuesday went and Wednesday arrived. I had arranged a days holiday from work and told the family that I would be working late that night. All I hoped was that no one would need to get hold of me in an emergency. Kelly rang my mobile and said she was on her way to the hotel.

I drove to the hotel. I set off feeling shaky and feeling sick. I was sweating and trembling. As I drove to the hotel I felt the need to, um well, find a hedge.

The lay-by hove into view and I leapt out of the car. The hedge was all I wished it to be. I sat back in the car and wondered if I should turn back from this. But the excitement was too much. ‘At least have lunch’ I thought, ‘that cant be so bad’.

So I drove on. In the car park I rang her and she said she was nearly there. The last 10 minutes have to be the longest in my life. She said she was driving a red car. Small one. Every car that came into the car park looked red. You have no idea how many red cars there are. Each red car raised my blood pressure. I was scared, petrified. But something else was there as well. There was excitement. This was not boring, this was something I had not experienced before. This was the sort of fear that is FUN!

A red car appeared and stopped next to mine. A young blond woman climbed out and I managed to get out of the car and walked over to her.

My voice was trembling and I said ‘Kelly?’.

She said ‘ Ken?’

We had met. There was a an embarrassing silence as we both looked at the other. My inner voce was saying ‘mmmmmmmmm you are nice’

I tried to be casual and suave. I stuttered ‘umm would you um like um some um lunch’.

She smiled and said ‘yeas that would be nice’. Her voice did not waver it was confident and silky. Yes silky is the word. When she spoke the words just slipped over my ears and caressed them.

In the sunshine in the car park I was lost. I moved to go over to the pub next door to the hotel. We walked close but not touching. I started to talk about the journey ‘was the traffic busy?’

‘No it was not to bad’ she replied. ‘The main road was a bit busy though’

‘Yes it often is’ I said ‘ the traffic at this time of year is busy’

Oh dear god I went on to describe the traffic jams that can occur on the road. I listened kartal escort bayan to myself talking like an anorak. One of those sad people who are experts on trivia.

We went into the restaurant and I found a table and menu. I had taken the trouble to build up enough cash so that I did not need to use a credit card for the meal. The cloak of secrecy was adding to this feeling of danger. We looked at the menu and I asked what she liked to eat. Kelly replied ‘Well I am not a big eater. How about a snack meal? They seem to do some quite light salads.’.

Yeah salad, I am a red meat eater, salad is not my bag. But I heard me saying ‘Oh yes I love salad, especially for lunch’ I thought ‘hypocrite’

‘What would you like to drink?’

‘Oh a soft drink please I don’t like to drink alcohol it makes me go to sleep’

The conversation over lunch was good. We chatted and talked about all sorts of things. I have to tell you that at no time did I feel really ‘hot’. There was no sexual chat here at all. We skirted around this bit, neither of us wanting to make the first move.

At last the meal was over. We had drunk the drinks, refused coffee and were sitting in silence. Crunch time. I took a deep breath and looked at Kelly closely. She was looking at me. I touched her hand on the table. This was the first real contact of the day. My hand stayed touching hers and she did not move away.

I felt my face getting hot. I said ‘Shall we go?’

My voice was husky and dry. It did not work properly. She said ‘yes’, that’s all just ‘yes’.

I paid for the meal and she was standing beside me. I gave her a quick squeeze with my arm round her shoulders. She felt soft and warm to the touch.

We walked over to her car and she picked up her overnight bag.

The reception loomed and we booked in. I felt soo embarrassed. I was booking into a hotel with another woman. Trying to make it look to the receptionist that there was nothing wrong with this.

The corridor to the room was like any anonymous hotel corridor, long and bleak. At the end of the corridor the door to the room shimmered in the heat from my brow.

We opened the door and went in. There was a bed in the room and all the normal things you would expect.

I was still not at all sure what to do next. Kelly put her bag down and just stood looking at me.

I realised I had to make the first move. I stepped up to her and put my hands on her cheeks and just caressed her face gently.

I moved closer and kissed her forehead. She looked up at me and kissed my lips. She tasted nice, no not nice wonderful. She tasted cool and sweet and very very sexy. Her lips were so soft. We kissed for what seemed like hours. I found her tongue and explored her mouth.

We were standing n the middle of the room. Very close holding each other tight.

I released my hold and let her move back. My hands moved over her shoulders and down her bare arms. I held her hands. She held my hands.

My voice was still dry and unresponsive, I said ‘are you ok?’

She looked me in the eye and said ‘Yes very’.

My hands touched her breasts. The back of my hand just touching and sliding over the nipples that were standing out through the blouse.

I watched my hands and fingers as I undid the top button. Kelly stiffened slightly. I looked at her face and she smiled in encouragement.

The kurtköy escort bayan next button exposed some cleavage. I could see the soft mounds of her breasts disappearing into her bra.

I moved on and undid all the buttons. The blouse was tucked into her skirt. I pulled it out. Her breasts, still protected by the bra, were pert and inviting. I touched them one at a time. Back of the hand then my fingers. Stroking and tracing the line of the bra cup. The flesh was soft and yielding. White against the sun tan of my hands.

My hands went to her waist. I put them round her waist and felt her body held in them.

My fingers found the zip in her skirt. I unzipped. As I did so I looked into her eyes. She looked deep into me and I felt her probing the deepest recesses of my mind.

I kissed her again.

A passionate kiss. Hard and demanding. She responded and eager pushed at my lips with all of her body. I broke away and my head moved down to her breasts. My lips held her nipples through her bra. The lace of the bra contrasting with the soft flesh beneath.

My hands strayed round her back. Found the catch and with difficulty undid it. The straps fell open. I pushed up the cups and exposed her breasts. My hands held them and squeezed. Touched and explored. My lips found them and sucked and played.

Kelly undid my belt and unzipped my trousers. They fell to the floor and she touched me. Oh yes she touched me. She found me and held me with both hands. She found my balls and cupped them and played with them.

I slipped off her skirt and she was there in front of me, stockings, suspender, bra lifted up. Vulnerable and she was letting me do that. She was letting me invade her and take my pleasure.

Her panties were hiding her sex. I placed my hand between her legs and touched. The flat of my hand between her legs. I wanted to feel all of her at once.

It was hot there, damp and she stiffened her whole body.

She pushed down onto my hand and moved her hips in a rotating motion.

Kelly undid all the buttons on my shirt and slipped it off me.

I was naked and proud and erect.

I pushed her over to the bed and laid her down.

I laid beside her and explored her body. I removed her panties and put my head between her legs. I looked at her open and exposed for me and kissed her. My tongue found the wet, soft, slippery special place. It found the little bump and sipped around it. I flicked it and sucked it. It slipped out of my lips as I squeezed it with them.

Kelly had moved me round and found me. Her lips closed over my sex and her tongue rolled around its head.

Her mouth was soft and sensual. I felt my self fill and harden like it had never done before.

She was struggling now, her body was arching and stiffening. My mouth on her pussy was being pushed and pummelled by her movements.

I was searching for any part of her that would drive her into orgasm. She was helping that search, pushing her body to me keeping my tongue and lips in the most sensitive places.

I felt myself ready to explode. I tried to pull away, she put her hands round my buttocks and held me tight. I stiffened my body and held on as along as I could.

She was coming as well. Her body was out of control she was writhing I was holding her and licking and sucking and biting and any thing I could to drink her sex. My body was alive all over. Every part of me tingled and ached. I needed to have all of her touching me. I could not get enough.

We lay on the bed relaxed and together. She was laying on me and her hair was all over my chest.

I kissed her. This time not urgently but softly. She held her head up and kissed me back, she tasted salty and different but still sexy and wonderful.

This was good.

Oh yes this was good.

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