Chemistry Pt. 02

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Anna Louise

My life was unrecognizable. Two weeks had passed since Eva and I had hooked up in the privacy of her dorm room. Two weeks since her first orgasm. Two weeks since my first blowjob.

Two weeks since our first date.

We hadn’t yet gone 24 hours without seeing each other. During the day we strolled hand-in-hand through the campus glen, went to parties, did homework together, and snuck lingering kisses in between classes.

And come nighttime, I ate her out and she guzzled my cum. Every. Single. Night.

I had reason to believe that tonight would be different, however. While I edited a paper, Eva had a heated, Spanish-language Skype session with her mom. I couldn’t tell what they were saying, of course, but the impatience of Eva’s tone sounded like she was trying to persuade her mother of something. She slammed her laptop shut and tore off her headphones. Apparently, she’d failed.

“You good?” I asked. Eva collapsed on the bed beside me, face in my chest.

“Sure. My mom’s a misogynist, but sure.”

“What do you mean? She’s a woman, too.” Eva gave me a withering look, the same look she gave me whenever I questioned the obvious.

“She internalized a lot of dumb attitudes.”

“What kind of attitudes?”

“You know, just the idea that a man’s dick is important enough to alter the core of a woman’s being.” Horror.

“You haven’t—have you told her—?” She gave me the look again.

“No, of course not. I’m just trying to open her mind to new ideas about sex. She and my dad raised me with the idea that God wants me to be a virgin until I marry. I don’t agree.”

“Does that mean you want to have sex?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“I mean I don’t agree that it matters to God. It still matters to me.” My rising erection flopped back down again.

“Right.” Eva grinned at the disappointed look on my face.

“How many blowjobs have you had in the past week? Isn’t that enough for you?”

I would never dare complain. I adored the feeling of her swallowing my cock. I adored sliding various fingers inside her. I adored kissing her. I adored her pendulous tits in my mouth. But a part of me was still deeply unsatisfied, and it had to be primal. Something left over from my prehistoric brain. Something that said: this female has made herself sexually available, but is still unwilling to mate with you. And this feeling wouldn’t go away, no matter how many times I splattered the back of her throat with my cum.

“Hungry, lover?” Eva rubbed her hand over my firming cock and climbed on top of me. We took off our shirts and I unhooked her bra in one practiced swipe. I took each breast in hand and kissed them reverently, one at a time. She jiggled them in my face with a girlish giggle. I groaned.

Eva reached down and unzippered my jeans, then began stroking my cock to full hardness. I feared it would grow numb from constant handling, but it seemed kartal escort to be experiencing the opposite effect. It was constantly sensitive to pleasure, anticipated and actual. She gave another tantalizing wiggle.

“You like them, don’t you?” I responded by suckling her nipples until the room was filled with the sound of Eva’s small moans.

She hopped off the bed and removed the rest of her clothes. I reached out and smacked her plump ass. She jumped a little.

“You just don’t have any self-control, do you?”

“Not anymore.” I yanked my pants and boxers off horizontally and she returned to her seat on my lap. We made out for a while. She jerked me off with gentle hands and I toyed with her clitoris. She grew excited more quickly than was usual. After only five minutes, my fingers were slick.

“Wow,” I mumbled.

“It’s these new birth control pills. They mess with my hormones.”

“Birth…?” Eva sighed.

“It’s for my period, Clay.”

My answering “okay” was swallowed by her mouth. I massaged her breasts with one hand while fingering her with the other, our tongues tangling. Eva bounced up and down with unusual vigor and grinded against my palm.

“Fuck, I wish your fingers were thicker,” she breathed. I darted them in and out, stimulating her breathing to the point of panting. A hand came down hard on my shoulder. I thought it was passion, but then I heard her frustrated sigh.

“This isn’t working,” she grumbled.

“Do you want to lay down?”

“No, I—” Her expression was inexplicably tortured. She grabbed my face and kissed me. “This is driving me crazy. Do you think I want to get tongued and fingered for the next decade? It’s maddening!”

My head spun. She always seemed to enjoy herself so much. Was she faking? Eva’s face softened when I voiced my fears.

“You’re amazing, Clay. You’ve been amazing. I just want more.” She kissed up my neck to my ear, gently glazing my lobe with the edges of her teeth. My heart was truly pounding now.

“I’m surprised to hear you say that. I didn’t think women enjoyed sex very much.” The look she gave me then went beyond withering—it demanded to know if I was actually completely fucking stupid. I hurried to explain,

“I mean, what we do is part of foreplay. One thing I do remember from health class is that there aren’t many nerves deep in the vagina. I always assumed the pleasure came from playing with a woman’s clit while she was being fucked.” A dazed look crossed Eva’s face.

“I can’t imagine how good that would feel,” she mumbled. She grabbed me for a passionate kiss then released me immediately. She swallowed, and her eyes re-focused.

“Hitting my g-spot is like a pleasure button. It feels good, but the pleasure doesn’t go anywhere. It’s crazy-making after a while. I just keep thinking about how it would feel with something longer and thicker. kurtköy escort Like a dildo, or…”

Eva’s gaze settled on my straining cock. Her eyes were glassy again. She looked almost like she was about to have a seizure.

“Babe, are you okay?”

Wordlessly, Eva moved down the bed and leaned down so her large breasts were swaying over my cock. Without ceremony, she squished her succulent tits together and sandwiched my cock in the remaining millimeters of space, then began to move up and down. Immediately, I began to trill her clit in return.

Enveloped in her cushiony softness, I couldn’t help but moan. I was close already. I was going to rain cum over her neck and bouncing tits, and this would be yet another act I could add to my sexual resume.

“Fuck, that’s nice,” I moaned.

“You like fucking my fat tits, don’t you?” My eyes widened at her words. I’d never heard her say something so filthy before. So brazenly.

“Yeah, I do.”

“I bet you want to soak me with your hot cum, right?” Her movements became faster, almost desperate.

“Yes! Yes, I do!”

“Then do it! Cum all over me!”

I wanted to—I desperately wanted to—but I couldn’t. There was something so strange about her, about this situation. Eva pushed me back against the headboard. She slammed her tits up and down my cock and rubbed herself furiously against my dancing fingers. I caught her eyes, and they were impatient. Angry. She wasn’t saying these things for me. She was saying these things to excite herself. And it wasn’t working. Eva dropped her tits.

“Lay on your back,” she ordered.


“Do it.”

I shimmied down so I was flat on my back, feet dangling off the bed. Eva flattened my cock against my stomach and climbed on top of me. She pressed her vulva to my shaft and let her full weight rest on me. I could feel the wet heat already. I let out an involuntary gasp.

Then she began to move back and forth.

Her wet lips pulled up and down my aching cock, leaving a trail of moisture behind. This was new. I put my hands on either side of her hips. She moaned as the motion stimulated her, too. God, what heaven it would be to cum like this.

“I want you so bad,” I said.

“I know you do.”

“I want to fuck you.” I couldn’t stop myself from saying it, even though I knew what the answer would be.

“I know!” We were both panting now. This was without a doubt one of the hottest of our sessions. The resulting explosion would be huge, and likely mutual. But I couldn’t stop myself from asking from more.

“Please, Eva. Don’t tease me.”

“I know you want me. I want you, too.” Her riding grew more intense. Her tits were bouncing every which way. It was this arousing sight, more than anything else, that made me give the ultimatum.

“More or nothing, Eva. Pick one.”

I could see the maltepe escort agonized conflict in her eyes, the pride she had in maintaining her virginity in the face of temptation. I didn’t want to take that pride away from her, but I wasn’t sure she could hold on to it anyway.

In answer, she just moaned. I took the sound as incoherent indecision and continued,

“I want to slam my cock into your wet folds and fuck you until you weep. Let me pleasure you. Use my cock. Cum on it.”

“Clay,” she whined, her face crumpling. She was positively humping me now. Ironically, my efforts to persuade her might in themselves result in an earth-shattering orgasm for both of us.

Still, I couldn’t stop.

“You know you want it. Don’t deny it. Your pussy is clenching and aching to ride a fat, hard dick. You want to cum while I fuck you. You want to feel me move while your cunt throbs!”

“Ohhhh!” Eva’s strangled whine of surrender signaled my victory. She stopped moving just long enough to slip my bare cock into her sopping pussy.


A slick, silken sheath quivered around me. I couldn’t believe it. I looked at where our bodies connected and then back up at Eva with a face full of shock. Her expression was equally stunned.

Then she began to bounce.

Being inside her was a great contradiction. It was jelly. It was bumpy. It was vice-tight. It was supple. My mind reeled with sensation. I had run out of words.

Eva continued to move, smacking my flesh and letting out a guttural grunt each time she came crashing back down again.

“Your cock feels so good, baby!” Her voice didn’t sound like her own. It was the voice of a need-fueled animal. A mating female. I grabbed her hips and began to pound upward in time with her thrusts. Eva let out a shriek. Her eyes disappeared into her skull as I fucked her, practically lifting her off the bed with the force of my hips.

Her pussy grew snug around my cock, as if she was holding a contraction. Then she let out a series of cuss words I’d never heard her say before and all of a sudden, she threw her head back and screamed.

Hot, heavy muscle rippled down my cock. Eva’s voluptuous body wiggled, breasts clapping together as she rode out her pleasure, and I realized I had mere seconds before the inevitable—

“Stop, Eva! I’m gonna cum!” Her orgasm was still massaging my cock. She wasn’t done yet.


I grabbed her hips and slammed them down. Melting pleasure rocked through my body as her pulsing meat stimulated me to the absolute pinnacle of ecstasy. There was no world, only white light and this tight, slurping pussy. I slammed repeatedly into her pulpy center, exquisite waves of sweetness rolling up and down my cock, spraying a torrent of thick cum into her warm depths. I could barely hear her shrieking over the sounds of my desperate howls. Eva’s rocking soon slowed and I followed suit. After-shocks of joy pitch through me, nearly small orgasms in their own right. Eva rolled off me and on to the bed.

We simultaneously turned to stare at one another. Her expression had returned to normal. I smiled at her.

“Way to lose your V-card, eh?”

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