Church of Swallowing: Sarah

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I hadn’t stepped in my apartment for more then a minute when the buzzer rang.

“Yeah, who is it?” I said tapping the speaker.

“It’s Sarah,” came a voice.

“I’ll buzz you in…” I said. I just shook my head in disbelief. Since breaking up with Tina, I might have been lucky and gotten a liaison or two once every other week, but not on the same day. I pushed that thought out of my head. This wouldn’t be the first time Sarah came over for a friendly visit and more then likely that’s what it was.

A knock was at my door shortly thereafter and Sarah stood in front of me, dressed for work. She had her curly brown hair up in a some sort of ponytail, and dressed almost too businesslike for our usual cast of employees. She stepped in wearing heels, a nice knee length pleated skirt, and a sensible loose fitting white blouse. The skirt and blouse hugged the right places without actually being provocative.

“Wow, you look nice, what’s the occasion?” I said, “Shouldn’t you be going to work soon?”

“I’m suppose to leave here at least an hour from now,” she said reaching up and putting the back of her hand on my forehead, “But Cadence called me on her lunch break and told me that you took the rest of the day off sick. So I thought I might be able to keep you company until I head in.”

“That’s nice of you, but really, I just took sick time since I had a lot of it saved up since I’m suppose to be getting stuff from Tina tonight.”

“Oh, that bitch,’ Sarah said coolly. What can I say, to my friends at work I’m a nice guy. She cheated on me not the other way around. I got that reaction a lot when Tina as mentioned. I offered Sarah a seat and sat down myself

“Still doesn’t explain your dressing up… did you just feel like you had to dress pretty today?”

She feigned disappointment, “Oh my, does that mean I don’t dress pretty everyday? I’m saddened Mr. Man.”

“No, normally you dress god damn sexy,” I smirked, “But really, you’re more business casual then casual. What gives?”

“I have an interview a supervisory position in administration,” she said, “So I wanted to put a little bit more business into what I normally wear, instead of jeans and a sweater, I decided to try something else.”

“Well, if you don’t mind me saying, you do look like something else,” I complimented.

“How sweet, but I’m still nervous. So now that I know that you’re not sick, maybe you can help me illegal bahis relax a bit beforehand?”

“Would you like a drink or something to calm your nerves a bit?” I asked.

She leaned back on the couch, “How about a foot massage. I don’t want to go off and drink before the interview.” She put her heeled feet up onto my lap. I smirked and took off her shoes, and stroked at her feet.

“I think you’d have to take off this hose though…” I responded.

“It’s not hose, it’s stockings,” she said.

“Well then it wills till be disheveled since you’ll have to take them off.”

She hummed a bit in thought, and reached down her skirt, pulling it up her legs. She revealed the stocking tops which were attached to straps of a garter belt, “Well I was hoping to feel sexy during the interview, so I thought why not,” she started to fiddle with a clasp, “But you’re right, it will be more time consuming, unless…” in response she started to run her hands over the panties that were covering her mound, “you might be able to massage something else for me.”

I knew what she was getting at and simply nodded. I wasn’t going to complain. I took my time running my hands up her sheer black stockings up over the lace to the alabaster of her skin, and over her black panties. I tugged them all the way down her legs and over her feet, before stroking her thighs.

Sarah just leaned her head back and exhaled. I traced my index finger up and down her slit slowly, feeling it starting to get warmer and warmer as my finger started to slip in-between them. She mewed a bit and her hips started to move, trying to take more of my fingers into her. When I felt she was warm enough I took my index and middle finger, and slipped them inside of her.

“Yessssssss…..” she hissed out as my fingers made there way in to the second knuckle. I could feel her muscles contract on my fingers as I pushed them in and out as she gently pushed her hips up to them, wanting more of the fingers inside of her. I started to twist and screw them inside of her as they went in and out of her pussy which was getting wetter and wetter as I went along. She just continued to squirm in pleasure, taking her hands and feeling her breasts through her blouse.

“More,” she whispered, “More, please….”

This time when I slid my fingers in, they went all the way in, and with that my thumb touched her clit for the first time. She let out a animalistic illegal bahis siteleri groan as I started to massage the inside of her cunt, wiggling my fingers back and forth causing her to buck back at my hand. When she bucked, I slipped my other hand under her ass, and leaned my head down taking in the aroma of her pussy, before removing my thumb from her clit and replacing it with my tongue. She let out a small scream as my fingers fucked her and my tongue licked and tapped and swirled around her clit. Her body started to tense in a silence scream as I removed my fingers and replaced my mouth with them.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh fucking Jesus I’m cumming!” she gasped out as I felt her juices flood out of her. She bucked against my mouth as I lapped and sucked at the juices that were coming out, making sure to keep things as tidy as possible, but every lick just sent another spasm to her causing her to convulse on the couch.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried out with each lick before driving her hands into my hair and pulling my head up from her pussy, “oh god, you can’t keep doing that to me or I’d never leave, I’d take sick off but fuck, I got that interview. Tina can be such a bitch,” she said trying to catch her breath. She sat up on the couch and put her hand between my legs. Through the whole thing my cock just filled up and was at full mast. She looked at me and unzipped.

“We are going to have to make this quick, you deserve a just reward, but give me plenty of warning before you cum, I want to make sure to get all of it so I don’t have a mess to clean up.” She laid herself down a bit to get better access to my cock. She pulled out my cock and licked the tip of it and grimaced slightly, “Cadence got to you first huh?” I didn’t even get to answer because she put a finger to my lips, “No time to talk, just fuck my face. Treat my mouth like that whore Tina’s mouth should have been treated, only difference will be I can take it and she can’t.”

She didn’t say anything else as she slid her mouth down on my cock, swallowing it without a problem, and started to hum on it. She worked her way up and down the shaft quickly and efficiently as I felt the head of my cock constantly banging past her tonsils. It would have been brutal treatment if it didn’t feel so god damn good.

“My fucking god you are wonderful,” I just said. She looked up at me in the corner of her eye knowingly as she sucked and bobbed. canlı bahis siteleri I reached my hand between her legs and stroked her slit causing her to whimper and moan as she continued what she was doing. She pushed my cock deep into her mouth and held it there, willing her tongue out from under my shaft and licking the base of my ball sack as she did.

“Oh fuck! Keep that up I’m going to shoot!” I cried. She didn’t stop and I responded by pinching her clit. She screamed with her mouth full of cock as she had a mini orgasm, causing my whole shaft to vibrate down to my balls.

“OH fuck! Here it comes!” I said, but she didn’t back off as the first shot went right down her throat. After the second shot she went and started bobbing up and down my cock, swallowing after every shot I could come out with, until I was leaning back wasted.

Then as if she didn’t just finish sucking my cock, she got up in businesslike efficiency and went to m bathroom. I heard water running briefly and she came back out, picking up her panties and sliding them up her legs and back on.

“Thank you Bob, that was just what I needed to relax and feel even more sexy when I went in,” she looked at him with mock concern, “You do look a bit feverish. You should take a shower and get some rest.” She smirked and wiped an imaginary fleck off the corner of her lips. She leaned down and gave me an almost chaste kiss on my lips, before walking to the door and opening it, “Get well soon,” she said with a wink, and exited.

It took me a couple of minutes to get my bearings together before I did exactly what she told me to do. I took a shower and changed, and went to take a nap on the couch. I started to dream a wonderful dream mostly reliving the events of the day in my head. First Cadence and the back seat blowjob at work, and now Sarah. It was good to be me, and it was good to have the support of the Church of Swallowing.

That thought lead my dream train of thought into an actual church, sitting in a pew, with Sarah licking one side of my cock, while Cadence licking the other side, swapping spit and tongues over my cock. This was something I didn’t want to wake up from, but of course it happened. I tried to block out the buzzer to my door. I really did. I flicked an eye open and looked at the time. I was only under for about two hours as I wiped the sleep from my eyes and went to the speaker.

“Who is it?” I said.

“It’s Tracy,” the voice said, “Took you for fucking ever to get to the buzzer.”

“Sorry, I was sleeping,” I responded, and I buzzed her up. Tracy’s arrival here I wasn’t sure to I was blessed or I was in trouble. I would find out soon enough though.

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