Down Low, Hope They Don’t Know

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Down Low, Hope They Don’t Know
The man picked out a couple of green apples for his lunch. As he waited in the line to check out, he overheard to co-workers talking.

“Girl, I can’t stand her,” admitted the short, brown-skinned dude with bleach blonde tipped twists.
“Me, either,” jeered the rotund, caramel woman.
“That’s why I be suckin’ her nigga’s dick,” he lisped.
“Yeah! We been creepin’ since the Christmas party.”
“Girl, don’t act surprised. You know I be pullin’ niggas.”

The man pretended to ignore. He completed his purchase and went to his car. He placed a phone call after buckling in.

“Hey, baby,” smiled the 76 year-old woman sitting in the airport.
“Hey, May-may! You all ready to fly out,” inquired the woman’s adult grandson.
“Oh, yes! We board in about an hour.”
“I wish I was going with you.”
“We’ll take a trip together soon.”
“Do you know anyone on this trip?”
“Remember I told you about the Wilkersons? Both retired doctors.”
“Yes, ma’am. I think so. Y’all were on the Egypt trip together last year, right?”
“That’s right! They’re here. And, I just met a lady named Wilma. She’s my roommate this time.”

“Good! Is she nice,” he checked.
“Oh, yes! She’s a very interesting woman. She used to teach romance languages at a college.”
“That’s awesome, May-may. I’ll let you get ready to go.”
“Hang on, Georgie!”
“Yes ma’am.”
“The Wilkersons were tellin’ me about the their daughter. She’s a cute girl. She’s just moved to the same city as you.”
“Oh really?”
“Yes! I told them about you. Maybe you could offer to have dinner with her one night.”
The man rolled his eyes. “Is she cool with that.”

“Nobody is trying to marry y’all off,” she cautioned. “Just a new person in town making new friends in the area is all.”
“I understand. I can totally do a favor for you and your friends.”
“That’s why you’re my favorite grandc***d!”
“I’m your ONLY grandc***d,” he chuckled.
“I know. But, you’re still my favorite.”
“Alright, May-may! Have a good trip.”
“Thank you! I’ll text you her details. Please do this for me.”
“I will.”
“Love you, Georgie! Bye bye!”
“Love you too, May-may!”

George Stewart ended the call with his grandmother. He admired the woman who participated in a couple of senior group travel tours a year. According to his recollections she had been to Egypt, West Africa, Scandinavia, Turkey, and Costa Rica in recent history. He envied her ability and hoped he would be in good enough shape to follow in her footsteps when he was older. She had spent 30 years working for state government. And while she had not graduated from college, she and her husband made sure their two k**s attended. Though George’s maternal grandfather had passed away a while back, his ‘May-may’ was fiercely independent and loved to travel.

George made it to work. He brought the granite crystal metallic 2015 Dodge Charger SRT 392 to a rest. His phone rang. The screen indicated it was his baby momma. “Yeah,” he answered dryly.

“Don’t be like that,” snickered Anisha Bland.
“What’s up, girl,” he laughed.
“I just wanted güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to let you know your daughter has a parents’ day at school next week.”
“Alright. Text me the info. I’m getting ready to head into work.”
“Okay! I will. Be safe!”
“Thanks, girl!”

As much as George and Anisha loved one another, their relationship was too volatile. George’s parents as well as hers advocated for them to be amicable apart versus miserable together. Things had been improving especially since Anisha was now engaged to some nerdy ass accountant. But, George was happy for her. Or, at least he thought.

Corporal George Stewart entered the downtown police headquarters. The son of educators had been on the force for nine years. He noticed the text from May-may and made a mental note to contact the woman later on. The five-foot-ten, athletic man greeted folks as he strode along to his desk. Upon logging in and reviewing emails quickly, he headed to the briefing room for the beginning of shift updates.

Today, there was a new face in the room.

Sgt. Will Jackson began, “Good morning! Let me introduce Lennox Owens. He’s our new intelligence analyst. He’ll be working with our major crimes division mainly. But, I wanted to make sure you all knew his face.”

George’s heart sank. He did his best not to shift in his seat. He recognized Lennox. This was a cute, light-skinned sissy he had been fucking once or twice a month for over a year. He attempted to keep his pulse from racing. He loved dicking down fembois and trannies, but he abhorred the thought of being outed. He thought back to the loose-lipped sissy at the store earlier and cringed. He would’ve fucked the employee for sure; he just did not wish to be told on. So, he didn’t mess around often or with lots of different people.

George recognized Lennox as a hookup he had met through an app. They never really exchanged much information about one another. There were a couple of times that Lennox, as George now realized his name was, had asked if he was in law enforcement. George evaded the question both times stating that he was former military.

After the briefing was complete, George stood. He watched Lennox head to the restroom. He went to the water fountain and waited.

Lennox exited.

George said, “Hey!”
“Hi,” Lennox stepped back instinctively.
“Welcome aboard.”
“Thank you!”
“I’m not trying to get outed. What are you doing here?”
“Working. Some federal grant to improve police intelligence. I didn’t know you were a cop.”
“We straight?”
“Of course! I’m not going to tell.”
“You know computers and shit. You might have followed me.”
“Hardly,” Lennox blew him off. “I have a background in data science. I applied for the job because it was a change from market analysis. Chill out. You ain’t that good in bed.”

“Oh! I’m not,” George sneered.
“No,” Lennox stood his ground.
“Fuck you!”
“I’m hoping you’ll do just that tonight.”
“If you gonna keep yo’ mouth shut, then yeah!”
“You know I don’t tell secrets. I haven’t been any drama since we makrobet güvenilir mi met.”
“Yeah! I’ll hit you up later. I got work to do.”

George walked away. He thought about the last time he had seen Lennox. As usual, they met at a dingy motel on the outskirts of the city. After getting his dick sucked, the boi had bent over.

George groaned as he stuck in his nine-and-a-quarter-inch, Black dick inside the sissy, “Oh! Fuck!”
“Owwwwww, daddy,” whined Lennox.
“Fuck my faggot ass!”
“Yeah! Take this big Black dick!”

George had nutted majestically. He wanted more, but he was skeptical.

Back in the present, George went to his patrol car to drive around the city. He could not help but think of fucking boipussy.

The night ended. It was not that eventful. George messaged Lennox. They went back and forth for a few minutes. Lennox agreed to grab a room at their usual spot. George offered to reimburse the punk with cash.

George arrived. Lennox opened the door.

“You’re wearing your uniform,” Lennox remarked.
“Yeah! You know who I am now,” George barked.
“I told you I’m not gonna tell.”
“We’ll see.”
“I’m serious. Don’t trip.”
“I ain’t tripping. Tell me about you.”
“What do you wanna know?”
“Who you are? Why you came to work at the Department.”

Lennox started, “I’m Lennox. I’ve always been interested in trends and behavior.”
“Weird,” George stated matter-of-factly.
“Yep! I was a nerd. But, anyway. I ended up studying math in college and got a job with a company analyzing consumer metrics.”
“Learned a lot about human behavior through internet searches and social media. That’s how I ended up here.”
“Cool! I’m not trying to get caught up.”
“Nor am I. I still have bills to pay.”
“You promise.”
“I promise.”
“Get this dick hard then!”

Lennox pulled out the warm, sweaty cock. He put it in his mouth and began sucking.

“I wanna fuck you,” George informed Lennox.

Lennox got on the rickety bed.

George stuck in his tool.

“Oh, daddy,” screamed the intelligence analyst.
“Take this dick, faggit!”
“Fuck my ass!”
“Hell yeah!”
“Damn, daddy! I love it!”
“Arrrrghhhh,” howled George as he pounded away.

Both had orgasmed after alomost an hour of playtime. George left.

George woke up at home slightly concerned that he may be betrayed by Lennox. He tried to push it out of his mind. He went into the kitchen and fixed some coffee. He saw a group message from his ‘May-may’ to him, his mom, and uncle letting them know she had landed. He replied with a smiley face. Then, he thought it would be a good idea to contact the lady his grandma had mentioned before.

George sent a text introducing himself and why he was texting.

Sixteen minutes later, Shay Wilkerson wrote back.

George and Shay eventually made plans to meet that evening for dinner since he was off.

George did everything he could not to worry that Lennox would put his business in the streets that day.

By the time dinner arrived, there had been nothing to indicated that George had been outed. He put on dark-wash jeans, a white tipobet Izod long-sleeve dress shirt, hunter green sports jacket, and brown cap toe oxford shoes. He made his way to the restaurant to meet with Shay.

Shay arrived. She was tall for a woman – around five-eight. Her skin was smooth and the color of rich honey. She had long hair. George was unsure if it was natural or weave. He really didn’t care. She was dressed simply in a lavender wrap dress and black heels.

“Hi,” Shay said.
“Hi! I’m George.”
“I was hoping,” she smiled.
“You look great,” he shared.
“Thanks! I hope you didn’t feel obligated to come meet me.”
“No. Why would you say that?”
“My parents told me they met your grandmother.”
“No, you’re good.”
“Well, I’m sure you’re a little younger than me.”
“What do you mean?”
“How old are you?”
“I’m 31.”
“As I thought. I’m 37.”
“Age ain’t nothing but a number,” George chuckled.
“I hear you!”

They dined and got to know one another.

“What brought you here,” George inquired.
“Work. And you?”
“I grew up close by. What kinda work do you do?”
“I teach. What do you do?”
“I’m in law enforcement. What’s your field?”

“You seem really nice,” Shay said. “But, my parents are weird.”
“What do you mean,” George asked.
“It’s not really worth getting into,” she warned him.
“Don’t be like that,” he winked. “I’m interested.”
“They were rural family practice physicians. They also wanted me and my brother to do whatever we wanted.”
“How is that weird?”
“I guess it’s not. But they’re very accepting of who I am.”
“Why wouldn’t they be,” George asked.
“Well, they were always fine with the fact that I identified as transgender.”
“That’s what’s up!”

“Really,” checked Shay.
“Yeah! I don’t judge,” George offered.
“My parents hinted at that.”
“How so?”
“They said your grandma thought you were a nice young man looking for something different.”
“Oh, damn! I had no…”
“Older people are smart. I’m not trying to date you. I’m just here to get to know a local. No strings in my opinion.”
“I’m in shock,” George said.
“Don’t be. I’m sorry. I’ll go.”
“Please don’t go. We can chill at my place. Let me get the check.”

George and Shay got to his condo.

“I can’t believe my grandma outed me,” George shook his head.
“She didn’t,” Shay reassured him.
“But my parents are perceptive and so are older folks.”
“I guess.”
“So do you not like how I look?”
“I love it!”
“Then it’s cool.”
“I hope.”
“You wanna fuck me, George?”
“Simple question, handsome.”
“Yeah! I do!”

Shay stood up. She undressed. Her full hormone induced breasts flopped out. She shimmied and her round hips and ass shook.

George stripped quickly. His dick was hard.

Shay sucked it in a wet, sloppy manner.

“I wanna fuck you’re pretty ass in the buck,” George shared,

George mounted Shay. He put her legs over his shoulder.

“Fuck me, George,” yelled Shay.
“Oh, shit,” the cop howled. “Take this big Black dick!”
“Yes, sir! Fuck me hard!”
“Damn, girl! Give me this tranny pussy!”
“It’s your tranny pussy!”
“Oh, you like that dick?”
“I love it! Give it to me!”

George sucked Shay’s B-cup titties. He pulled out his dick and nutted on her tatas.

Shay got dressed and departed.

George awoke the next day wondering could he fuck both Lennox and Shay with no repercussions.

“Good afternoon, sir

1964 Vauxhall Viva

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