Druids#18 Walter’s Additional Duty

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Walters additional Duty

Walter reluctantly left Eileen’s house, for his return trip to the base, just after Ian was brought back by his father. Eileen was, at first, annoyed by Robert who let the young guy walk up to the front door alone, as he watched from his car. But the more that she thought about it, she was actually happy that the ‘Rat-Bastard’ was probably intimidated by Walters size, stature and uniform. Ian was, of course, happy to see Walter there with his mom. For the first time, Ian appeared disappointed that Walter couldn’t stay and play with him. “I’ll be back next weekend, private” Walter reminded him. Eileen encouraged Ian to salute to Walter as he drove away. He wasn’t completely out of sight when Eileen realized that she missed him already.

Walter had a lot of thinking to do and tried to keep his mind on the road. The long back roads didn’t offer much in the way of interest and Walter found that he was not able to keep the events of last night out of his mind. He reviewed: ‘Eileen’s sister Meagan invited him to have sex with her, Eileen not only approved but encouraged him to do it, Meagan was the wife of his friend and sometimes boss Jim who was deployed overseas and is not due back for almost a year, Meagan is an attractive woman with great tits and an ass almost as nice as Eileen, and he was sure that he would like to fuck her, but could he risk it? He was within months of making Staff-Sergeant and didn’t want anything to jeopardize his promotion. An affair with a married soldiers’ wife would severely impact his security clearance and, therefore, make him ineligible for access to the job that he really likes. Having an incident would probably cost him the next stripe and it would be years before he could be reinstated. The risks were significant, but so were those tits. What to do?’

Walter didn’t even try to get back in time for the Sunday Steak night in the mess hall. He went straight to the BEQ and up to his room. He had some snacks in the room and Eileen had sent him back with the last two slices of last night’s pizza in zipper-up plastic bags. There was a microwave in the common area and Walter planned to attack the pizza a little later. He concentrated on the routine tasks of preparing his uniform for the regular Monday morning inspection and the duty day. Eileen had insisted on his leaving the uniform from Friday with her. She wanted to learn how to wash his uniform for him; Meagan could provide advice, if she needed it. He still had about five clean uniforms in his closet, so even if it didn’t come out perfect, he could manage. Once his uniform and boots met his standard, he put his PT uniform out and made it ready for the ‘Oh-dark-hundred’ physical training assembly.

When his preparations were done, he went down the hall and nuked up his pizza, grabbing a cold bottle of water from the machine. He went back to his room and broke out his laptop, logging in through the Wi-Fi in the BEQ and surfing the news from the major sources. He was still worried about Jim and was actually a little anxious to get to work in the morning so that he could catch up with the ‘real skinny’. Being the senior ‘Buck’ Sergeant on his shift (trick) let him work steady day shift with weekends off; the only downside of his next promotion being that it would make him a section leader, the junior one which would probably put him back onto a rotating shift. That would complicate his relationship with Eileen but he was confident that they could work around it. Having days off during the week might, in fact, be a benefit. He would talk this over with Eileen soon.

He planned to call Eileen, as usual, at about eight-thirty when Ian was usually in bed. His phone, charging on his desk, rang at about eight-fifteen with the special ringtone that he had assigned to Eileen. He quickly pushed ‘accept’ and said: “Hello lady, I miss you already.”

Ian: “Hello, mommy said to say goodnight.”

Walter: “Hello Ian! It’s good to hear from you. Are you going to bed now?”

Ian: “Yes” then silence.

Eileen came on the phone and told Walter that it was Ian’s own idea to say goodnight to Walter. She was happy that the little guy thought like that and she was going to put him into bed. She asked Walter to call back at his regular time. Walter agreed and they rang-off. Walter continued to surf around looking at the news and even looked up the ‘reverse cowgirl’ that Eileen had done last night. After he read about it, he was glad that he decided to give her a little personal attention before they started since he still couldn’t understand how a woman could get herself off in that position without touching herself.

Walter called back at about Eight-forty; Eileen answered on the first ring.

Walter: “Did he get to bed OK?”

Eileen: “Yep, he’s down for the night. It touched my heart when he asked if he could call you to say goodnight. You’re a real hero to him and I’m so happy that you guys get along so well.”

Walter told her that he was very fond of the little man, his ‘private’. He would like to do more with Ian but needs some suggestions bostancı escort since he never had a younger brother or been around many kids. Eileen promised to ‘think up’ a few things for them to do and asked him how the drive back to the base went. Walter told her that there were no problems and that he had ‘nuked up’ the pizza for dinner. Eileen was silent for a few seconds and then asked: “Well, have you come to any decision about Meagan’s request?”

Walter: “Not yet, I have been thinking about it and I promise to give it serious thought, but I haven’t been able to reach a decision yet.”

Eileen: “You decided to do me pretty quickly, didn’t you?”

Walter: “True, and that was the best decision of my life, and I regret nothing about making it. But you have to understand that there are a lot of things running through my mind on this, not the least of which is my relationship with Jim.”

Eileen: “Walter, you need to be certain of a few things: One, I love you and I will understand whichever way you go on this and my love will not change; Two, I enthusiastically approve of your doing Meg this ‘favor’ and it will not have any effect on what we have together; Three, I feel like having you do it would be like me paying her back for her getting us together; Four, she’s getting a little, no a lot, horny and extremely disappointed that her and Jim can’t meet up. Simply put, she needs a good ‘rogering’ and there is no better candidate than you.”

Walter: “OK, I promise to have a decision. She told me that she would be calling me on Tuesday and I’ll tell her then, OK?”

Eileen: “OK, call me after you talk to her?”

Walter: “Promise.”

Eileen: “So is there anything new at the base?”

Walter told her that things seemed normal and that he had been surfing the news. He also told her that he had looked up the ‘reverse cowgirl’ and understands it a lot better after reading about it, although her demonstration last night was still fresh in his mind. He suggested that she explore for another new position but she turned it around on him telling him that they should alternate and that made it his turn. Walter accepted the challenge and they chatted on for a while. Promising to call again the next night, they said their goodbyes and rang-off.

Walters’s day started with PT, a mile run and a hearty breakfast. He put on his duty uniform, stood first formation and inspection and got himself to work at Oh-seven-hundred. There was plenty to do and after the shift ‘on-brief and SITREP’ he was at his workstation, logged in and scanning his email backlog which was about fifteen messages. All of them showed the appropriate classification and security warning except one, which was marked EFTO. Like five others, it was from Jim, but unlike the others it was showing marking as Encrypted For Transmission Only; in other words, unclassified but passed through secure channels. This marking alerted Walter that the message didn’t contain any mission information and was more likely to be administrative or even personal in nature. Seeing that none of the other messages were showing a high priority annotation, Walter double clicked the EFTO item and opened it onto his monitor.

Walter: Greetings from Field Station ‘Hot & Dusty’. ‘Thista’ (Army talk for this station) made aware of the request for additional duty that you received after our last face-to-face. Request entirely consistent with my understanding of your capabilities. Consider it approved on this end. Also, your need to know now includes my participation in your selection for the mission leading to the current request. I have high confidence in your ability to successfully complete the request with attention to detail and the requisite level of security. March on. Hoo-aah! JIM-SFC Sending.

Walter reread the email another two times. Jim was actually approving, no he was authorizing him to go fuck Meagan. Both men knew that a machine reads every email and looks for certain words or phrases to flag the message to the attention of those INSCOM snakes. Jim was a crafty old sergeant, and had used typical military type jargon making it less likely that any human would ever read it other than Walter. He had a personal file as part of his email, where he kept orders, notices and other unclassified items. So, he moved the file over and locked his screen while he went to the latrine to think this over. He found an open stall, dropped trousers and sat down for a little think.

If Meagan wanted it, and it was OK with Eileen and with Jim, what stood in the way to saying yes and finally getting a good look at those luscious tits that he has been lusting over since first seeing them in Japan? Security, that’s what. The Guest house was out. He would have to arrange for something off post, preferably far off post and out of view of the snakes. Her house was probably out since there were two sons in residence and the neighbors would see his car there. OK, he decided that the mission was ‘Go’ but needed to work out the details.

He went back to work and was surprised büyükçekmece escort how much better he felt having made a decision. He was able to concentrate and had a very productive day. He went back to the BEQ after the evening meal and waited impatiently for the time to pass before he could call Eileen. Eight forty, on the dot, he put the call through and Eileen answered on the first ring again. They exchanged greetings and checked on each other’s well-being. Eileen broke first: “Did you reach decision yet?”

Walter: “Well, yes I have. Now, you’re sure you’re OK with this, no matter what I decide, right?”

Eileen: “Walter, I’m certain, I will love you no matter what you decide, but, please decide to do it?”

Walter: “Yes, I decided to do it. But I’m going to need your help.”

Eileen was elated and told Walter that she agreed with his decision. “But How can I help, I don’t have the required equipment.”

Walter laughed a little, but explained his concern about location. The guest house would make him too nervous and Meagan’s house would be too risky, too. Did Eileen know any motels nearby that would not be too far for Meagan?

Eileen: “We all thought that you would be doing it here, at my house. Is that not a good place?”

Walter: “At your house, with your own sister?”

Eileen: “Why not? I’m in on this, remember? Why not here?”

Walter: “You are incredible. What do you mean by ‘we all thought’. . . who is the ‘we’?”

Eileen: “Well me and Meagan . . . and Jim.”

Walter: “Jim was in on this all along?”

Eileen explained that Jim had originally suggested Walter as a candidate to take care of Eileen’s ‘needs’, and that when Meagan had reported the success of the mission, he detected a little envy in her voice. Then, when they became aware that the mid-assignment rendezvous would be a NO-GO, Jim suggested a little adjustment to Meagan’s horny status by the most trusted and proven source of relief, namely Walter. So yes, Jim was a part of this arrangement, all along.

Walter was stunned by this revelation. Not pissed, just amazed that this family was so open and able to communicate their needs and trust each other to the extent that Jim was encouraging his wife to have sex with her sister’s boyfriend. Wow!

Eileen: So, it’s set for Friday night, OK?”

This was a lot faster than Walter had considered, but he agreed. He told her that he would tell Meagan ‘tomorrow night when she calls.’

Eileen: “Oh she won’t be calling, she’s sitting here right next to me, smiling ear to ear.”

Again, Walter was amazed and could only say: “Well, tell her ‘hi’ for me.”

Meagan: “Tell me yourself, Walter. I’m looking forward to Friday, bring your best game.”

Before Walter could respond, Eileen was back on the phone saying that Walter should not worry about anything. The sisters would make all the arrangements. Could he possibly be there by six-thirty on Friday?” Walter said that he would be there by that time. They chatted on about other things eventually winding down about ten minutes later.

Eileen: “Listen Walter, I could talk to you all night but, let me go. I need to finish up some final planning with Meg. Talk to you tomorrow night? Love you, bye.”

Walter sat there looking at the phone for a few minutes before he could completely digest the last conversation. He eventually put the phone down and resumed surfing the web. He tried a few searches on some sex advice pages looking for a new position idea.

The week dragged on. Nothing alarming on the news, nothing too out of the ordinary at work and no additional personal emails from Jim. Walter was soon on that long drive to Eileen’s house, expecting to get there fairly close to the six-thirty time, as requested.

‘Ding-Dong’ and Pappy opened the door. This was not what Walter was expecting. “Come in Lad, we’ve been expecting you.”

Walter walked in to see Ian as he came running to him. He stooped over and gathered the little guy up into his arms and said: “What’s happening private?”

Ian squealed and gave Walter a big hug. As usual, Walter had a PX bag with him. He handed it to Ian as he set him back down onto the floor. Ian opened it and pulled out a miniature ‘Hummer’ painted in desert camouflage. Ian was thrilled and ran to show it to his mother. Eileen made her approval known and walked up to Walter and kissed him full and deep. Walter couldn’t help but to look at Pappy who was smiling his obvious approval. As soon as they finished their greetings, Pappy said: “You ready lad?”

Ian was pushing the new toy across the floor, but got up when his grandfather called to him. He went to his mother; she stooped down and gave him a kiss: “Be a good boy for Mum and your grandfather.” Ian then went back to Walter and saluted. Walter returned the salute with a big smile: “At ease, private. Enjoy your pass.” Pappy took Ian by the hand and led him out the back door for the few steps to his house, just next door.

Walter: “Alone at last.” He put his arms çağlayan escort around Eileen drawing her to him. He kissed her again while allowing his hand to drift down to her tight little butt. She reached behind her, removing his hand:” Now, Walter, its Meagan’s turn tonight, right?”

Walter moved his hand back up to her back, still holding her close: “So, what’s the plan?”

Eileen explained that Ian will be spending the night with his grandparents along with his cousins. Meagan would be dropping the boys off around seven coming ‘right over here’ after that. Mum and Pappy were told that the three of them were planning to have a few drinks and play some three-handed pinochle and expect to get a little tipsy. So, the boys will all stay with the grandparents and Meagan would probably stay over to avoid driving. Walter wondered if that was the truth or if Mum and Pappy were conspirators like the rest of the family but, realized that he would probably never know.

Eileen: “So, here’s the plan. We’re going to reverse a few things from the motel. This time, you’re going to be in the bed, with the lights off and Meagan will join you. I will sleep in Ian’s bed and we can enjoy the night separately but together. OK?”

Walter: “Wow, you and your sisters should work in planning not medicine and Real Estate. But, one last time, are you completely sure that you’re OK with this?”

Eileen: “Completely, she’s my sister and you’re my man and I love you both. Now get your ass up there, take a shower and get into the sack; times going by and, knowing Meagan, she’ll be here early.”

Walter: “She’ll come often, too, if I have anything to do with it.”

Eileen: “Very funny stud, now scoot, and remember, no talking “

Walter took his AWOL bag and started up the stairs: “Want to help me shower?”

Eileen managed a stern look, pointed up the stairs and said: “Move it, soldier”

Walter went up and into the bedroom. He put his AWOL bag onto Eileen’s dresser and took out his after shave, deodorant and a disposable razor. He stripped off, putting his clothes on the floor by the dresser and went on into the bathroom. A quick shower and shave, toweling off and an application of deodorant and after shave, left him ready for the evening’s mission. He left the bathroom light on and closed the door to just a crack, just like they had done at the guest house. The bedroom was pretty dark, but he hoped, there would be enough light to clearly see those tits that Meagan would be bringing with her. He got into the bed, on his usual side closest to the door and waited.

‘Ding-Dong’ and he heard the front door open and then close. He listened but couldn’t hear any talking but he did hear the third stair creak, it always did. A few seconds later the bedroom door opened and a woman stepped in. She must be barefoot since she didn’t make any sound on the hardwood floor. Walter could just make out that she was wearing a business suit, she must have worn that to work today. As she passed by the foot of the bed Walter could see enough to confirm that it was Meagan. She was peeling herself out of her suit jacket, letting it drop to the floor. She unzipped the back of her skirt and let that fall too. The simple white silk blouse found itself on the pile of clothing as it accumulated on the floor. There she was, panties, bra and pantyhose. Leaving the bra for last, she peeled the pantyhose down until she could roll them down her legs. She turned and sat on the foot of the bed for a moment, to pull the hosiery off of her feet, then stood up again, keeping her back to Walter.

Walter was, by now, as hard as a rock and she had his undivided attention. She hooked the sides of her panties with her thumbs and slid them down to her thighs, gravity assisted her and she stepped out of her ‘knickers’ leaving them where they fell. She waited just long enough for Walter to appreciate the dimly lighted view of her ass and then reached up and unfastened her bra. Keeping the bra in-place with one hand, Meagan turned to face Walter. Again, waiting for the suspense to build, she moved her hand, letting the bra fall, revealing a truly spectacular pair of tits. The light wouldn’t allow Walter to see if her nipples were erect or if the darkness at her crotch was fur or just shadow; but this was truly a beautiful woman and she really knows how to get a man’s attention. And he was definitely standing at attention.

Meagan opened the bathroom door and went in, closing it behind her. While the door was open, the suddenly better light showed off the shape of her body. Walter immediately saw the family resemblance, she had the same figure as his Eileen; nice round hips, a narrow waist and a relatively long neck. She closed the door without looking back and Walter heard the water running in the sink followed by a flush followed by the water being shut off in the sink. He noticed that the bathroom light went off as the little light that had been coming under the door went out. He could hear the door open and felt the bed sag, just a little, as she sat herself down. He felt the sheet move as she put her legs onto the bed and then the pillow moved as she put her head down. The first thing that Walter sensed was her perfume. She really smelled good. He was on his side facing her and he felt the bed move as she rolled to her side facing him. She reached out and put her hand onto his arm and moved it up until she reached his shoulder.

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