Erica’s Downfall Ch. 05

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From the Saturday morning Steve saw little of Erica. She was clearly planning – but he had little idea what. When he asked her at a meal time what was happening the following afternoon, she had simply evaded the question and changed the subject. For Steve it was just one more odd piece in what was becoming an increasingly complex jigsaw puzzle. Lots of pieces – but somehow he couldn’t put them together.

Over the last few weeks he had seen Erica change. Somehow this uptight wife that he had lived with for many years had become relaxed, almost content. He had no idea why. And as she had become content she had become less demanding. He had been lucky to have a well-paid job with a city bank, but Erica had wanted that level of backing for the lifestyle she had chosen. But suddenly she hadn’t wanted, hadn’t been demanding. He had felt she was beginning to think about him. Had even talked about them spending more time together, and even suggested that maybe his job was getting in the way of their relationship. And then there had been this morning. Often they made love on a Saturday, but it had been different this morning – she had forced him to reveal things from his past that he through would never come to light. She had made him reveal how much he wanted to submit. He had even agreed to serve her. Deep down he knew forced wasn’t quite the right word – he had wanted to tell her…

Add to this, the “few friends” coming around on the Sunday afternoon, and he had been “commanded” to be there.

If all that hadn’t been strange enough, there was the odd conversation with his Father a few evenings before. He couldn’t quite remember how the conversation had got there, but his father had said something like “…well, if I had a wife as gorgeous as Erica, I would want to screw her every day…” – at the time it had been almost natural, but with hindsight, he knew his father had manipulated the conversation to the point where he could say it. And there was more. His Father had said how beautiful Erica and Jean would look together. Jean was Steve’s step-mother – his father had remarried following the death of Steve’s mother in a car accident when he was early married. She was an attractive – some would perhaps say “handsome” lady in her mid forties – perhaps ten years younger than Steve’s father, who was a handsome man for his age. He had said how good they would look together – but then had added a bit more which had left Steve feeling very embarrassed – he had asked Steve “wouldn’t it be good to watch them together…” It was only after his father had left that “the penny dropped” and he realised what his father was hinting at. But there was something even stranger. His father had said to Steve just as he was leaving: “You’re very lucky, you are a very pretty boy…” Then winked.

Steve wasn’t sure how he felt. There was a level of anxiety about what was to happen next, and he knew that something was going to come to a head on the Sunday afternoon. But at the same time, there was a level of excitement. He had enjoyed telling Erica everything. He did like the idea of Jean and Erica – the fantasy had swirled around his head endlessly since the conversation with his father. He had even enjoyed the compliment of being called a “very pretty boy”. And perhaps he was attracted to giving up the city job – he had earned a lot, he had a lot of money, although most of it tied up in property, and yes, he could probably live quite comfortably if he retired, and maybe did some consultancy type work when needed. Deep down, under the nerves, Steve was excited…

On the Sunday morning Erica was preparing lunch – it was clear there were to be more than just Erica and Steve for lunch. She had also given Steve his orders – he was to accept whatever happened. Do whatever he was told. Erica reminded him of his promise the previous day, and Steve agreed – he would play along – he still thought if it as “playing along.”

Steve was surprised when the door bell went late morning to see his father George and Stepmother Jean. He was even more surprised by the greeting. His father – George, simply took Erica in his arms and kissed her hard on the lips, tongue probing her mouth. And Erica was responding. He even had his hand on her ass pulling her too him. Steve was stunned, paralysed by what he was seeing. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Jean smiling at him. He heard he speak: “My turn now.”

His father reluctantly released Erica. Jean moved to her, put her arms around her and pulled her close and kissed her as well. It was clear Erica was less certain, more tentative – for Erica it was the first time she had ever been kissed by another woman – but she began to enjoy it, began to respond, her tongue plunging into Jean’s mouth. Steve noticed that as Jean rested a hand on Erica’s breast, Erica held on all the more, kissed more passionately.

It wasn’t right. Steve knew it wasn’t right. But he had been told. Ordered. He had to accept it. It was strange. He wanted to accept yenibosna escort it. And when his father turned to him and said “Don’t they look wonderful together?” all Steve could do was smile inanely and nod in agreement.

Suddenly everything changed again. Suddenly the charged moment was over, and they had all gone through to the sitting room, were drinking coffee and chatting as if nothing had happened. Somehow only Steve felt how bizarre every was, barely speaking as the normal conversation about the week, lunch, clothes, football all went on around him. There was a sense they were waiting for someone else… as he realised, the door bell rang…

Steve answered the door to see Tony and Eric, people he had come across when he had been supporting Erica in her charity work, people he liked, admired even, but had never really spent a lot of time chatting to. Erica shouted for Steve to invite them in. He led them through to the sitting room.

Again coffees were served, general chatter continued – it was obvious to Steve that they all knew each other quite well and were at ease with each other. But then it all changed again. Suddenly. This time, Erica turned the conversation around.

“Steve,” she spoke in her firm voice. “Lunch will be ready in 20 minutes. You are to serve it to us. You will find your serving clothes in a carrier bag on our bed.” For several seconds she stared hard at Steve until he responded. He slowly got to his feet, went to the bedroom, picked up the carrier bag and emptied the contents. Stunned. He looked at what was there. He couldn’t…

Steve shouted to Erica “Darling, come here…”

Erica came through to the bedroom.

“Are you sure these are the right things? Have you go the right clothes for me?”

Erica spoke quietly. “Yes. Put them on…”

“I can’t wear these things, it would be terrible, I can’t…”

Erica remained firm. “Put them on.”

Steve still felt he couldn’t. He spoke hesitantly. “I can’t…”

Suddenly Steve was reeling, almost sprawling on the ground, although the slap across his face hadn’t been that hard. It was the shock, the surprise. Caught off balance. Never happened before. By the time he had steadied himself Erica had gone. His face wasn’t even stinging, but it had been enough. Ten minutes later Steve stood wearing black lacy panties, suspenders, bra, with black stockings. Over the underwear he had a black lacy edged apron. On his feet high heel shoes, but shoes he could walk in. When Erica shouted for him to come and serve lunch he went through, his head bowed in embarrassment.

The others almost ignored him for the next hour, treating him as little more than a waitress. He served the food, cleared the table, served the drinks, made more coffee. Occasionally he was paid a compliment, or thanked, but he served, and surprisingly as he got used to the clothes, found himself enjoying it. Enjoying wearing the clothes, enjoying serving these people – the two friends, his wife, his parents. He even felt proud when one of the men – he was pretty sure it was Eric – said to Erica – “He is a pretty little thing, you are very lucky.”

While the guests were drinking coffee with his wife, Steve loaded the dish-washer and grabbed some left over food for himself. He had just finished eating when he heard his name called, summoned through to the living room. It was Tony who said “Music.” He turned to Steve. “I think we should call you Stephanie for now. Perhaps it should be your female name. Stephanie, put on some music for us.”

Steve suddenly felt buoyed by it – he like the name Stephanie. He liked having a “lady name.” He put on music – soft ballady type of music.

It was His father – George – who pulled Erica to her feet and started dancing with her. Steve watched as they danced close to each other, their bodies rubbing. Eric pulled Jean to her feet, they too were dancing. Suddenly Steve found himself pulled into the dancing by Tony. It felt odd, but good, to be treated as one of the women of the party. At first they danced quite formally, but it was clear the other two couples were enjoying dancing very closely, with hands roaming over each others bodies. Suddenly Steve found Tony pulling him tightly to him, felt Tony’s lips against his, felt Tony trying to push his tongue into Steve’s mouth.

At first Steve resisted, but it was nice – he was enjoying being treated like a lady – suddenly they were kissing…

And then it was swap around time. Somehow, naturally, the couples moved around. Steve was dancing with Eric. Jean with George, Tony with Erica. It was clear the dancing was becoming ever more erotic, with Steve feeling Eric move his thigh against Steve’s cock, Steve’s cock now rigid. Till now he had been watching the others, but he began to hear Eric whispering in his ear. Just quietly, so no-one else could hear.

“You are gorgeous, Stephanie.” Steve listened to Eric talking yeşilköy escort to him. “Stephanie – you cock feels really nice, really cute.” Another pause. “You are one sexy cow, Stephanie…”

Then Steve was jolted. “I’m really looking forward to fucking your mouth, and your ass, honey.” Steve’s cock twitched – so embarrassed, yet so wanting it… Suddenly time to change partners again. This time Steve’s embarrassment was acute. His Father…

The two of them danced apart, his father speaking to him. “Stephanie. Nice name. You’ve always been a pretty boy.” Steve went bright red. “And Jean and I have always dreamt and talked about having Erica, and how sexy she is. Jean has often talked about you and how cute you are. Made me think you are cute as well. So this afternoon, we are all going to do what we want, and Stephanie will be our servant.”

Steve didn’t know what was happening. Here was his father talking about …Suddenly he felt his father release him with one hand, and with that hand lift up the front of the Apron that Steve was wearing, and plunged his hand into Steve’s panties. His Father was gently holding and squeezing his cock… And Steve was enjoying it.

Suddenly the CD had come to an end. Suddenly everyone parted. Surprisingly – at least to Steve – it was was Tony who took charge. “Okay. Let’s have some more music.” Steve was in awe of these guests, but liked them, but even Tony’s request seemed more than he had expected. “Stephanie – you undress Erica and Jean, and then they can dance – and more…” he had a twinkle in his eye as he spoke, “… for our entertainment…”

Steve hesitated – he should strip his wife for someone else to make love to her – even if it was a woman – surely too much to expect. However, Erica began to raise her hand, and remembering the slap from earlier, Steve moved towards her. He slowly removed her t-shirt and then her Jeans, Erica stepping out of them after he had pushed them to the floor. He undid her bra, removed her panties – she looked stunning – he had always thought she looked stunning…

Erica snapped him out of his reverie by pointing to Jean. Steve had always thought she was attractive, in a formal way. Until today he had never dreamt of her in a sexual way. He undid her blouse, pulled it off her, revealing her bra. He went behind her, undid the bra and let it fall to the ground, her breasts now loose – Steve thought they were stunning. Steve undid her skirt and let it fall to the ground, then pushed Jeans panties to the floor for Jean to step out of them. Steve was mesmerised by her body – he had never realised, or even wondered, at how good she would look naked.

Within seconds Erica and Jean were dancing, although the dance looked far more like Jean seducing his wife. They were kissing, their hands were roaming over each other’s bodies. Squeezing each other’s breasts, pinching each other’s nipples. Steve watched as Jean’s hands roamed to his wife’s ass, then saw his wife tense for a moment before relaxing as Jean’s fingers probed between the cheeks. It was clear Erica was enjoying it, as she gasped in pleasure at whatever Jean was doing to her.

Steve watched, fascinated as Jean pulled Erica to the carpet, turned on as he hadn’t been turned on before, watched as they were straight into a sixty nine, with Jean on top. It seemed as if Jean was forcing her crotch onto Erica’s mouth, but Erica seemed to want it, to be enjoying it. Steve watched as his wife’s tongue tasted Jean’s pussy, plunged inside, tickled Jean’s clit. It was obvious Jean was doing the same to Erica. Both were clearly aroused, moaning softly as their tongues played with each other.

From where he sat he could see Erica reaching around Jean’s ass, squeezing, tickling the hole, pushing her finger through the ring. He also guessed although he could only see Jean’s arm reaching under Erica that she was imitating what Jean was doing to her. He watched as their bodies squirmed, watched as within seconds their bodies began to shudder with pleasure, watch as suddenly both, together, cried out, their bodies shaking in orgasm, as the orgasm swept over them uncontrollably.

Their bodies seemed to shudder, shake, squirm for ages until at last their orgasm was over, Jean still lying on Erica, her legs astride Erica’s face, Erica’s face glistening with the moisture from Jean.

Steve watched as Erica gently kissed Jean on the pussy before they rolled apart, panting gently from their exertions.

Steve, who had been standing through all of this looked around the room – it was clear the other men were aroused by what they had seen, and even applauded the two ladies when they came around, looking around the room in a mixture of satisfaction and embarrassment.

For several moments nothing happened, then Jean stood up and came over to Steve. She spoke quietly and forcefully to him. “Stephanie, this is Erica’s afternoon. You kneel down. Now.” Steve paused zeytinburnu escort for a moment but saw the strength in Jean’s eyes. After a few moments his resistance seemed to crumble and he dropped to his knees. While him and Jean were having their short “encounter” Steve noticed Eric removing his clothes, moving towards Erica.

Steve looked up from his kneeling position just in time to see Eric plunge his cock deep into his wife, hearing her saying, yearningly, “please fuck me, fuck me hard.”

Somehow for Steve there had simply been too many shocks today, this was just one more that added to his own arousal and humiliation. He couldn’t express it to himself, but somehow deep down he knew this was everything he wanted.

Steve watched as Eric slowly began to fuck his own wife, Erica’s body responding to the thrusts. He watched as they fucked faster and faster, hear Erica moaning, suddenly hearing them both cry out as Eric pumped his cum deep into Erica, Erica’s orgasm sweeping over her at the same moment. He heard Eric say to Erica, “You are one hot sexy cow, one hot sexy slut, one hot sexy whore” and somewhere felt proud of his wife.

It was the next moment that surprised him – Eric pulled out of his wife, stood up, came over to Steve, put his cock to Steve’s mouth and said: “Okay Stephanie, suck me clean.”

Again Steve paused, long enough for his mind to change from horror at sucking clean the cock of the man who had just fucked his wife to an unstoppable desire to taste the cock, the mixture of the man’s cum and his own wife’s juices. Steve opened his mouth, felt the cock, now limp but still a good size, pushed into his mouth.

It was bliss sucking this man’s cock. He tasted. He licked. The greatest moment of his life…?

As his mind wandered he felt the cock withdrawn from his mouth, to be replaced by another. He had been vaguely aware that Tony had also been fucking Erica, and this time it was Tony’s cock he was sucking clean. Again for several minutes the cock was everything…

Steve was almost distraught when that cock was pulled from his mouth. His mind barely realised that the new cock was the cock of his father that he was presented with, that he was sucking. It felt wrong? It felt so good, so humiliating…

At last his father withdrew his cock from Steve’s mouth. Steve though it was all over, but was surprised to feel a hand in his hair, yank his hair, his head downwards. It was the voice of his wife he heard, surprisingly harsh, surprisingly crude. “Come on, slut, lick my cunt clean.” He had no choice – he felt his head pulled between her legs, he began to taste her, taste the cum from the three men who had just fucked her. His cock throbbed with hardness.

Steve cleaned her as well as he could, then minutes later found himself, absurdly, making coffee for everyone in the kitchen while the others sat around and chatted. He found himself feeling bizarre – he was so turned on, everyone else had cum, no-one had allowed him to cum. Perhaps it was how it should be, for someone like him, for a “sub slut” like him – at last he had given himself the name. Stephanie the sub slut. He liked it.

After he had served coffee Steve stood to the side waiting to see where the afternoon – now early evening would go. It was his “duty” to stand by the kitchen door and wait on the others. He half listened to the conversation going on, but it came as a surprise when Tony stood directly in front of him, and spoke to him.

“So Stephanie,” he said with a smile on his face. “Erica tells me you want to be fucked?”

The direct question left Steve speechless, and bright red – he was amazed he could still be embarrassed after what he had experienced that afternoon. Tony slapped him on the shoulder in a friendly way, turned to the others and smiled. “Let’s finish with a game.” he suggested…

For a couple of minutes there was some good natured banter, people making silly suggestions, till Tony held up his hand to speak again.

“Let’s have the three ladies…” there was a pause as people worked it out. Tony put it into words. “Three ladies, Erica, Jean and Stephanie, lets have them kneel side by side, asses in the air, rest their head on the sofa. We’ll have a competition – we’ll each have a minute in each of them, then swap – easy done, I can make my mobile phone bleep every minute – and the winner will be the one which can make most of us three men cum inside them.”

Again there was a lot of giggling, banter, demands to know the prize. It was George who suggested the prize – the title “queen slut.”

Only Steve was suddenly feeling unsure. The others were laughing, joking – it was Steve alone who realised what this would mean for him. He had never done anal before as much as he had wanted it. Now three men, each well endowed… Panic began to well up inside him. Remarkably it was Erica who went to him, smiled at him, reminded him he had always wanted this, led him to the sofa, made him kneel down. Steve found himself kneeling between Jean and Erica, leant forward his ass high in the air. He wasn’t sure who did it, but felt a finger putting oil on his asshole, gently easing a finger into his ring to lubricate him for what was to come. The finger felt wonderful, Steve’s cock was throbbing with desire, his fear vanished as lust overtook him.

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