First Time Drinking My Wife’s Piss

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First Time Drinking My Wife’s Piss
About a month ago, my wife and I were talking about sex and how we could heat things up. I suggested that we each come up with something that we tell the other one and with no judgement, the other one promises to do it. It could be something that we had always wanted to try but were to shy to bring up or just something new that we read about. She liked the idea. So I gave her a few days to think and asked her if she would be ready to talk about it that night. She said she was ready. We climbed in the bed and again agreed that we would do the thing that the other person wanted to do with no judgement. We agreed to say what the things were before we did them just in case we could do them at the same time. We decided to play rock paper scissors to see who went first. I won. My stomach dropped. I got nervous. I had planned to ask her if we could piss on each other, but I didn’t know if I could just ask that outright. I tried to turn myself on by imagining standing over her and spraying her tits with piss.


“Watch me pee?” She asked. “Is that it? I’m pretty comfortable with that… is there anything else? Do you want to wipe me or anything?”


“Ok, is it my turn?” she said.

“Uh yeah, go ahead” I said, feeling like a fucking idiot for not just being blunt.

“Ok… I want to… send a picture of your cock to one of my friends” she said shyly.

“Which friend?” I asked

“Sara” she said with a grin.

Sara was my wife’s best friend. She was also hot. I wanted to fuck Sara so bad. Sara was 5’3 with brown wavy hair that went halfway down her back. She was very shapely with nice tits. Her ass was magnificent. I stared at her ass every time she came over. And I’m not sure she owned a pair of pants that wasn’t yoga pants. She was athletic with muscular legs. Her ass and legs showed that little bitch squatted. A lot. Sara was also newly single.

“Wouldn’t that be weird to send your best friend a picture of my cock?” I asked

“We’re women. We share everything” She replied.

“Ok, I guess” I said

“You had no choice” she replied.

“Do you want me to pull it out? Will you suck it to get it hard?” I said.

“Huh? No, I already sent it to her” she said

“You already did? When?” I asked.

“A lot of times.” She answered and looked up at me with coy eyes.

“A lot of times? How many times is a lot of times?” I asked.

“Like, almost all of the dick pics you’ve sent me.” She said with a grin.

“So Sara has been looking at pictures of my dick for…” I trailed off

“The last 2 years at least.” She said. “And any videos we take”

“So she’s seen you naked too?” I said, shocked

“We’re women and she’s my best friend, of course she’s seen me naked. I also send her all of the pictures I send you beforehand so she can tell me if they’re good or not. I do the same thing for her before she sends anyone nudes. And she sends a fuckload of nudes. Trust me.” She said.

“Do I get to see any pictures of her? She’s seen me all this time!” I said, almost begging.

“Fuck no! Sara is hot as shit and her pussy puts mine to shame! It’s gorgeous! That thing is BALD. She waxes it every couple weeks. Her lips are minimal. Her asshole is the perfect color. When she spreads her pussy open, it’s this fucking light pink color that doesn’t even seem real. No you cannot see her pussy. I will show you one of the conversations we’ve had about you. She gives me good pointers. You know how I’ve been putting my finger in your ass lately? That was her idea. Look” And she handed me her phone.

The conversation was this:

Beth: What is something new I could do?

Sara: Stick your finger in his ass.

Beth: Haha, for real tho

Sara. I’m serious! You can stick your finger in a guy’s ass and he will cum! A guy’s prostate is his g-spot, did u not know this????

Beth: Is a prostate up his ass???

Sara: LMAOOO!!!! bahis siteleri YESSSS!!!

Beth: You just stick your finger in it and he cums??

Sara: Gurl, what??? You put your finger up his ass while jacking him off or blowing him. Like your whole finger. You don’t need to slide it in and out. Just press on the prostate and stimulate it.

Beth: How do you put your finger up his ass???

Sara: What the fuck?? Put your finger up your ass and tell me how u did it! LMAO!!!

Beth: LOL! I’m serious tho! He’s not just going to let me put my finger in his ass!

Sara: Test the waters. Warm him up. Next time you’re sucking his dick, play with his balls a lot. Make sure you grab them from underneath and let your hand graze his crotch and asshole. Squeeze his ass while you make out. Rub his balls with your palm and “accidentally” let your fingers graze his asshole. Then squeeze his balls but let the tip of your middle finger press on his asshole. Do that and see how he acts. Do you ever lick his asshole?

Beth: Sometimes

Sara: That’s a good sign! So lick his asshole next time you are blowing him. Use a lot of spit and do the thing I said above where you play with his balls and “accidentally” press. If you can get the tip of your finger in, try to go to the first knuckle. After that, you’re probably good.

Beth: I never thought I’d be fingering my husband’s he-pussy!


Beth: What do I say if he asks what the fuck I’m doing???

Sara: You swallow. Because he will cum in your mouth before he even realizes it.

Beth: Lol!! Ur so crazy!!

Sara: LOL!! I’m serious! You won’t believe the shit! I just cut your blowjob time in 1/3!! Here, show him this picture, it’ll cut your blowjob time in half too!

It was a picture of Sara’s pussy. It was just as perfect as my wife described. COMPLETELY hairless. She had her legs open with her pussy lips spread, exposing the pink hole. Beneath that was a perfect asshole. Even the folds of her asshole were perfect.

Beth: No fucking way, hoe! How about you cum instead!

The next post from my wife was a picture of my cock.

Sara: Don’t worry! I will!! Tell him I was screaming his name!!

Beth: Yeah ok bitch! I’ll cut u!! LOL!!!

Sara: J/P Gurl! Go stick your finger up his ass and rock his world! Let me know if he says “Hey, Sara does that!” LMAOOO

Beth: LMAO!!!

I put the phone down and my wife looked over. She saw the bottom of the picture of my cock and scrolled back up.
“FUCK! I forgot she sent the picture of her pussy!” She said “Goddammit! Now you’re NEVER going to look at my pussy the same!” she lamented.

“Oh yeah?” I said and pulled her close and pressed my lips to hers and slid my tongue into her mouth. After exploring her tongue for a short while, I pulled away and said “Let me tell you how fucking sexy your pussy is.” And I lowered myself in between her legs. I opened them spread-eagle so I could see her pussy. “Raise your legs up. I want to see your asshole too” she obliged with a sly grin.

“Are you sure you like it?” she asked.

“Are you out of your fucking mind? This is my pussy. I’m about to lick this pussy until you squirm with pleasure. I’m about to finger this pussy until your my fingers are coated in your juices. I’m going to fuck the shit out of this pussy until you scream. Then I’m going to shoot a huge load in this pussy and watch it drip down your ass crack and onto the bed as you lay there breathless. Now shut the fuck up and listen.” I moved my head closer and kissed the inside of her thigh. I inhaled and could smell her pussy already. It smelled of the day. A day of sitting in an office typing reports. A day of riding her bike to work and riding it back home. It wasn’t hot, but that little bit of exertion always led to a slight sweat. I always loved smelling it on her neck as I kissed her hello. This sweat had sat on her pussy and ass crack all day as she went about her business. There was also the light smell of piss. There was the smell of a pussy that was getting wetter by the second and the wonderful scent of dried pussy juices as well. I was so thankful that she hadn’t showered. I loved the smell of her pussy at the end of the day.

“This pussy” I said and gave her thigh another kiss closer to her pussy “This pussy is beautiful. I love the stubble. I don’t need it to be clean shaven. That lets me know that I am about to fuck a woman. I’m about to shove my cock inside of a woman’s pussy. This pussy has glorious lips” I said as I traced over her labia. perabet güvenilir mi She started breathing harder. “I love the color of these pussy lips. The light brown that is darker than the skin around. I love the folds come together and meet down here at the bottom and I love the little crease of skin that leads from the bottom of your pussy to your asshole.” I traced the folds down to the crease and ran my finger to her asshole, pressing slightly. Her breathing got heavier. I put my fingers on either side of her lips and spread them open. The wet sound and glistening hole made my cock rock hard. “I love that your pussy is a beautiful pink inside. Your clit is perfect. A little flesh colored mound of pleasure. Bend the fuck over” I said and she got up and immediately took a doggy style position on the bed. I grabbed both sides of her ass and spread her cheeks apart. I kissed the cheeks and inhaled the scent of her crack. I kissed closer and closer towards her asshole until my lips pressed against the folds. The smell was intensely erotic. “This asshole is so fucking sexy. The folds of skin and darker skin around it make my cock so fucking hard.” I took one more deep sniff and stuck my tongue on it. I felt it contract with the sensation of my tongue pressing against the folds. I pressed harder and felt her asshole relax as my tongue slid inside. It contracted again at the feeling of something entering it. I kissed some more and then slid my tongue back inside. She started to moan as I slid my tongue in and out of her asshole. Then she breathlessly announced “Wait! Wasn’t I supposed to pee for you?”

“Oh yeah” I said, almost forgetting. She turned around and kissed me deeply. I felt her tongue enter into my mouth in the way I had just pressed my tongue into her asshole. I felt her lips wrap around and suck her ass off of my tongue.

“Ok, let me go in the bathroom and prep” she said finally. She grabbed her phone and went into the bathroom.
I looked down at my rock hard cock. There was a string of precum going from the side of the bed where I just had it pressed to the tip of my cock. I reached down and wiped the tip of my cock with my finger and then sucked the precum off. It didn’t taste like anything, but it still turned me on. I started to stroke my dick thinking about watching my wife piss. I may have pussed out at telling her what I really wanted to do, but I saw Sara’s pussy, had my tongue up my wife’s ass, and was now going to watch her pee. Maybe I could warm her up to letting me lick her instead of wiping. What was she doing in there? This was taking a while.

“Ok, come in” she finally said. “I asked Sara what I should do to make your fantasy of watching me pee super hot.”

“You’ve been in here texting Sara?” I asked, exasperated. I had my throbbing dick in my hand and she was talking to her friend? I mean, it was kind of cool. Her friend was fucking hot.

“She said…” and she trailed off “That I should pee on your dick and then suck it off.” She said, trying to avoid eye contact.

“Fuck yeah” I said excitedly.
She looked up at me “Really?” she said. “I was worried that it would be too much. I was thinking that I wanted to do something like that or even…” she trailed off again.

“Or even what?” I asked.

“Nothing, that would be too much. Let’s just do this.” She replied.

“I will tell you more if you tell me more” I said.

“I have just thought for a while that I want you to… pee on my tits.” She said shyly.

“FUCK YES” I said with a huge grin. “I totally want to pee on your tits. I also want to lick you after you pee” She started grinning too. “And I want you to piss in my mouth.”

“Sara said you probably wanted me to!” she said with a big smile “I never really thought about it but that sounds fucking hot” Her phone buzzed. “Show this to your husband” she said out loud and handed me the phone.

It was Sara’s face. It was a video. I hit play. “Hey, I just thought I’d give you something to think about” and the camera panned down past her fucking gorgeous tits, past her flat stomach, and stopped on her pussy. I could see she was sitting on the toilet. After a couple seconds, a little pee started dribbling out and it slowly turned into very light yellow stream, with a tinkling sound as the piss hit the toilet water. It finally stopped and she reached down with her bare hand and wiped her piss. It dripped off her fingers and she raised them to her mouth. She sucked every drop of piss off her tipobet fingers. My cock almost exploded. Then she did the same thing a second time. If anything touched my dick right then, it would have been PLASTERED with jizz. The video ended. I tried not to have my tongue hanging out too much.

“Did you like that?” my wife asked

“It was cool, but I would rather you do it. Then I could kiss you afterwards” I said

She smiled and said “Fuck it, here we go”

She told me to get into the bathtub. I laid down and she strattled me. Her ass was about 2 feet above my chest. Her asshole relaxed as she started trying to push out the piss. It came out in a dribble on my chest at first. I saw her looking down at me through her legs. I moved my face toward the dribbles and opened my mouth. I felt the warm piss as it dripped from her onto my chin and then in my mouth. The stream got stronger and my mouth started to fill up. I closed my mouth and swallowed a mouthful of the hot salty liquid that just came from my wife’s pussy. I was in heaven. While I was swallowing, she pissed on my face. The hot piss was streaming down my cheeks, neck, chest stomach, and finally my throbbing cock and ending on my balls and asshole. It was such an amazing sensation. Not too different in feeling from a shower or something but VERY different in the fact that it was piss coming from my wife’s pussy. The piss slowed back down to a dribble and I put my mouth directly on her pussy and slurped up the rest and swallowed every drop. I continued to lick her pussy and ass as she finished by squirting out the last little bits.

Then she said “My turn”

I stood up and she laid down in her own piss in the bathtub. I had a little trouble aming my dick because I was so hard, but I eventually got it straight at her face. I started to push. A little dribble very quickly turned into a blast directly on her lips. She opened her mouth and I watched it fill up. Then to my amazement, she closed her mouth and swallowed a mouthful of my piss. I’m surprised I didn’t nut right then. Whenever I did cum tonight, it was going to be about a gallon shot onto the ceiling.

As she swallowed, I pissed on her face and she smiled. I pointed my dick at her tits and she started rubbing the piss on her nipples. She squeezed her tit up and started licking it off her nipple. I pissed on her face and mouth while she did that. Then I aimed directly down to her pussy. That made her eyes roll back. I couldn’t tell if she was cumming. But as I slowed down pissing, she sat up and sucked on my cock. When I was done, the feeling of her lips and tongue put me over the top. I told her I was about to cum. She pulled my cock out and stroked it as I shot the first shot across her lips and cheek. She then put her tongue directly on the tip and let me put a huge glob directly on it. Then she kept jerking as I shot some up across her forehead and into her hair. The rest slowly shot and oozed out onto her lips and chin and slowly onto her tits. She was a fucking mess and it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

She smiled and looked at me. I bent down and kissed her. Then she put her hand on the back of my head and stuck her tongue deeply into my mouth and spit a large amount of my cum into my mouth. She pulled away and said “Spit it back into my mouth”. I did. I spit it all back into her mouth and she swallowed. I spit into her mouth again just for the fuck of it after that and she swallowed it again. I stood back up and squeezed the rest of the jizz in my dick onto her lips. Then I lightly slapped her cheek with my dick.

She said “I want you to lick my pussy now”

I was a little surprised. But turned on by the request. She was COVERED in my piss and jizz. It was the least I could do.
So she stood up and bent over. “Lick my ass too”

I got down on my knees and buried my face in her pussy and ass that were soaking wet from all of the piss. My tongue was a tornado into and outside of her holes. The piss was streaming down her legs as she moaned louder and louder. She must have been turned on as much as me because she came almost as fast as I did. She started to cum when I had my tongue up her ass and I felt her asshole contract around my tongue. She rubbed her clit as I kept tongue fucking her ass. She screamed louder and louder and finally I felt her body relax even though she was shaking. She turned around and pulled me up. She started licking and sucking on my lips. She licked all of her pussy juices, her ass, and my piss off of my face. I licked the cum off of her tits and swallowed it.

“Sara’s going to love this” she said breathlessly. She got out of the bathtub and walked over to the phone that she had placed on the counter when I wasn’t looking.

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