Her (late) confession

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Her (late) confession
The wife spent some time recently with some friends on a river cruise through southern France. I couldn’t go because of work. I gave her permission to have fun if the opportunity presented itself. She told me about some hot bartender she had been flirting with but nothing else while she was gone. This is what she finally told me about a week after she returned. I’m trying to decide if she followed directions. Give me your thoughts.

You wanted me to tell you if anything happened on board the ship. I’ll tell you what happened, but you
can’t get mad.

Thursday night, Tina finally fell asleep and Kim and Kane were off ship having dinner somewhere.
There was a singer in the main lounge until midnight so no one was in the Leopard Bar and I knew Jose
had to work, just in case anyone showed up. Well, I showed up about 11:45.

I sat at the bar and we talked and laughed. He actually made me 3 or 4 really cool cocktails because I was pretty tired of champagne and wine at this point. Around 12:30, he said he had to close up the bar because technically it closed at midnight. I felt bad and apologized but he was cool with it. He told me he was actually now off until Saturday morning because Fridays were his day off. It was possible I wouldn’t see him again. He made himself a drink and said he was going to sit out back and asked if I’d like to join him. So, I did.

I’d had a good bit of high-end liquor at this point, so…. We sat at a little table off to the side, out of the line of sight of anyone coming into the bar. He had turned off the bar lights, so most likely anyone who came in would leave and not walk through and outback. At some point he scooted his chair around by mine so we were side by side, our legs touching. I was so damn nervous, even drunk, but he was really sweet canlı kaçak iddaa and kept telling me funny stories about his family and their vineyard in Spain. He asked me a lot about Texas and you guys. He said you were a stupid man for letting me out of the country on my own.

Somehow his hand was on my thigh, kinda rubbing a slow circle on the inside and kept circling higher
up. I didn’t stop him. He picked up my hand and kissed it and asked if I’d like to hang out while he put
some of the tables away. The ship was due to leave the dock at 1:00 a.m. and that late, they put the chairs
and small tables away. He got up and opened a door I’d never seen, hidden in the dark under the
staircase that led up to the upper deck. There was an “Upper Deck is Closed” sign already up because of
the bridges and locks. He asked if I wanted to see so I got up and walked in.

There were already a couple of tables inside and it was a really small room, and very dark. He grabbed my hand again and turned me to face him and walked me back to a table. He d**g one chair to one corner of the square table and another to the other. I assumed we were going to sit. He shook his head no and pushed me back against the table until it hit my ass. He told to me to hop up. And I did.

He spread my legs and was immediately right up against my body. The table was just the right height I
could feel his hard-on against my pussy. So hot! We kissed forever and he is a fucking good kisser, all
tongue… all over. He licked and kissed all up and down my throat. I actually had to say no hickeys! He
finally moved lower and slid one spaghetti strap (I wore a white camisole that I normally wear
something over because my nipples show through. Not tonight.). He thinks I have very pretty breasts
and nipples and the second he canlı kaçak bahis sucked it into this mouth, I honestly thought I was going to cum. He
pushed the other strap down and slid my top to my waist so he could have both. He pushed my tits
together and licked and sucked back and forth, still rubbing his cock against me. I was bent backward
pretty far over the table. I wondered what you would think if you walked in and caught me doing this.

He stopped and lifted first one foot and put it on the arm of one of the chairs and then the other. I saw
the light immediately. This spread my legs nice and wide and lifted my body up and closer to the edge
of the table. I had on that little black skirt I like to wear without panties when you and I go out. Yeah…
still no panties. He knelt down and could see I was completely bare. He really, really liked that. He
didn’t even look up, just put his hand on my stomach and pushed me back until I was completely flat.
He put his hands under my ass and pulled my body completely to the edge. I didn’t even have a second
to adjust and his tongue was on my clit. Baby, it was so, so good. I’ve never felt anything quite like that. I don’t know what he did, but he swirled his tongue around me, sucked, gave me long slow deep licks from pussy to clit.

I was shaking so hard. He started fucking me with his tongue and I could feel it deep. He wouldn’t stop, holding me in place with his hands. I don’t think I told you, but Jose is a pretty big guy. Over 6’ and very muscular. And then
there’s that accent…

He started licking up my clit and fluttering his tongue around it right until I was about to come, then he’d slide it back down and tongue fuck me more until I almost came. He probably did that for ten minutes
and finally stayed on my clit and just bahis siteleri canlı kept circling it faster and faster, driving me fucking crazy. I know I
was loud but he didn’t quiet me. The door was open, so if anyone was out there I know they heard me.
Right as I started coming, he reached up with both hands and pinched both my nipples hard. I thought
I’d died. I kept cumming and cumming and he just kept licking and sucking.

He stood up and unbuttoned his uniform pants and pulled his cock out. I’m pretty sure he put a condom on because I think I could hear him open the packet. The minute I could feel his head against me, I could tell he was big. He asked me if I’d like him to go slow so I could get used to him. I said just go only as slow as my body lets you. He liked that. And pushed straight in. He was big. I could feel his balls against me. He did actually stay still for a minute. I think he could tell I was kinda “oh shit”. Actually, I think I moved first and that’s probably what he was waiting for. He fucked slow, fast, moved his hips around. But the best was his cock into the hilt as he ground against me. His head kept rubbing against my spot. And I squirted. He was really into that too. Actually, he was kinda noisy too. He was either
telling me sweet things or calling me something nasty. Hard to say and I really didn’t care. He finally
started losing it and pounded me so hard the table was hitting the wall. We came together. I came so
hard it almost hurt with that huge cock buried deep in me.

He laid on my chest for a couple of minutes and we caught our breath. He pulled me up and helped me get my clothes straight before fixing himself. And yes, even limp, his cock was pretty damn big. And dark. Spaniards are pretty dark-skinned it turns out. He kissed my hand again and actually thanked me for a lovely time. He walked me to my room even. Very chivalrous for what we did.

So…. I never saw him after that and kinda regret not having a picture, but Tina can tell you all about
him. Now you have it. And you can’t get mad.

So can I be mad?

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