How girls make new friendship

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How girls make new friendship
I wouldnt call myself a shy or quiet person but I also dont put myself out there to meet new people. Thats why I was shocked but a little pleased when a new girl in my economics class sat right next to me and chatted me up almost immediately. Her name was Ashley, a really basic name for a really…authentic girl. Id say her last name to give her more identity but I honestly dont even know it.
“Hey, Im Ashley, Im new here” Ashley announced to me, giggling in high-pitched but still laid back voice.

”Yeah i know that, Mr. Roth literally just introduced you to the class” I responded, laughing. I was charmed by her friendliness and confidence but a little caught off guard.

“Oh god, are you gonna be my friend in here because i HATE econ, im literally such a dumbass I didnt even know what the fuck was going on at my last school and it was full of dumbasses” Ashley laughed. I laughed back, a bigger grin spreading on my face.

”Haha, yeah sure. But hey im definitely not the smartest bitch in the class, im literally just now grasping opportunity costs” I responded.

”Girl, I dont even know what a free market is. You’re so pretty by the way, whats your name?” Ashley asked

“Oh, thank you” I responded bashfully, blushing and smiling,, tucking the hair behind my ear and focusing on the ground. “Im Grace”

Ashley giggled and grinned. Her wide smile stretched across her face, with the top fold of her thick upper lip inching closer to her nose ring. I wont lie, a compliment from a pretty girl like Ashley always made me red with some kind of pleasure and embarassment. Im not going to say I didnt already check out how physically attractive she was, but I didnt think too much about it at the same time. Her shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes gave her a humble look, in fact the only thing that wild about her appearance was her nose ring. But her eyes were extremely inviting and her clear skin and nice body came together to present a really pretty girl.

“We should start off strong and study together today after school. Do they have a library or something we can use” Ashley asked.

No wonder she didnt know shit, she had barely been in the class for two minutes but was already making plans instead of paying attention to the lecture. But I didnt care, it was cute and she was fun. Amongst my tight circle of girl friends there was hardly any excitement, certainly no wild c***ds, we all cared about our grades and would occasionally plan a sleepover or hang out at a cafe. It was rare for me to make imprompth plans so i was eager to agree.

”Yeah, but they only keep it open for like 20 minutes after the final bell. Theres really no where you can stay on school campus after the days over” I responded, laughing.

“Alright fuck that then haha, id say we can chill at my house but id rather you see it when there arent boxes everywhere”

”Its cool” I responded quickly, “lets hangout at my place . Ill make sure you know what a free market is” I laughed.

Before I knew it this extroverted pretty girl was coming over to watch tv and talk about school. I was pleased with
the fact that I had made friends with a cool girl so quickly, or that such a cool girl had chosen me to befriend first.

We made it to my house at around 4 after grabbing coffee. It was actually perfect for us to come to my house because my mom doesnt even get home until late everyday, giving us more time to chill and say whatever we want in freedom. Ashley and I hit it off, she was a really funny bubbly girl and although Im more closed off and awkward I was able to bounce off her energy. Before we knew it we had been talking and laughing for two hours.

”You know something…Mr. Roth is kinda hot” Ashley said, as she threw a handful of popcorn into her mouth.

”Haha, I guess, I dont really kaçak iddaa think about older men that often but he is pretty goodlooking for his age i guess” I responded, getting visibly awkward.

”Oh come on, you wouldnt suck his dick?” Ashley laughed. I laughed back, half out of shock.

“Oh my god, no” I said in between chuckles.

”Oh COME ooooon. Everybody loves sucking dick, and I bet his is HUGE. He looks like he has a nice juicy cock” Ashley retorted, licking her lips and giggling, staring me down as she said it. I laughed harder, I cant say i was completely surprised that she had It in her to say that.

”I really havent…like I really dont think about that stuff” I responded laughing.

”What are you a virgin? Just not into dudes?” Ashley inquired.

”Well I havent done much with guys outside some simple making out and touching” I responded, a little awkward but still open to the conversation. Out of habit I turned my attention to the episode of family fued playing in the background. The conversation didn’t make me too uncomfortable, Im comfortable with mty sexuality in fact I have been playing with myself since I was pretty young. Like my social life I wasnt too eager to make moves with boys I liked, and in reality I had a large affinity for lesbian porn although my romantic attraction seemed to stay with boys. However ashleys energy felt as if she was putting me on the spot.

”So youve never sucked a dick, gotten fingered, got your pussy ate?” Ashley quickly responded. I blushed.

”Haha no, its cool tho” I said still looking at the television.Suddenly I could feel how close we were together on the couch.

”I love sucking dick. Eating pussy too. You should try it but definitely let someone do it to you” Ashley said smiling.

”Oh my gosh” I said covering my face laughing.

”No really, put yourself out there girl, I know you see yourself. Walking around in those leggings, men loooove a fat pussy you know” Ashley continues.

I started laughing hysterically out of shock, this girl was really something.

“No really” Ashley said, placing her hand on my thigh. All of sudden, it hit me how wild this girl may be.

”Youre so cute, let me suck on your pussy, I want to eat you out so bad,” Ashley said more seriously, beginning to stroke my thigh, her hand getting closer to my pussy with each stroke. I was caught off guard but didnt tell her to stop.

I didnt respond and instead kept staring at the television, not able to fully process everything and not ready to say yes or no.

Suddenly Ashleys hands changed course to my tee, as she boldly felt one of breasts. At this point, I couldnt deny that I wanted it, I just didnt know how much. Surprising myself, I lifted my shirt right above my breasts and pulled my bra down beneath them, my c cups squeezing out, my nipples getting hard at the sudden exposure to the air. Ashley moaned before even touching them.

“Youre so fucking hot” She said, bending over and flicking my right nipple with her wet tongue. My clit was hard with the excitement of it all and i could feel my pussy g as i impulsively opened my legs wider. I couldnt believe I was doing this

She wrapped her thick lips around my nipple and started sucking and licking, leaving saliva dripping from my nipple as she pulled away and looked me in my eyes. Her eyes had this vacant empty look behind them, glazed over with the intense stare of desire.

”You like that” She said.


Bouncing off her energy, I pulled my leggings down, but not my panties. I couldnt find myself making the bolder moves.

Ashley moved from beside me to the floor, looking up at me as i sat legs slightly gaping, my pussy showing in my checkered panties. She quickly placed her hands on both my thighs as they hugged my chest, and started flicking her tongue against my pussy, keeping kaçak bahis my panties on. I moaned immediately.

She stared at me as she quickly flicked and licked my pussy with her tongue. My panties started getting extremely wet and i started to squirm with the pressure of her tongue against my clit. I slided further down the seat of the couch as i held my legs close to my chest , my pussy facing the ceiling. Ashley licked my panties aggresively a few more times as she adjusted her postion closer to mine, before moving my panties to the side, exposing my fat pussy lips and erect clit. The cold air on my pussy was quickly countered by the warm wet feel of her flat tongue against it, as she licked it slowly from the bottom to the clit. I started squirming more and twirling my hips in a circular motion.

“Oh fuck yes, lick my fat pussy” I said as she held eye contact.

She grabbed my legs and spread them even wider as she started licking my asshole, leading all the way to my clit. Her tongue felt so good, it was like i could feel every tastebud on the surface of her tongue, the soft roughness of it, as she licked my pussy like syrup on a plate. God knows how many times ive fantasized about a girl doing this to me, and it was really happening. Every juice my pussy secreted was getting licked and sucked by Ashley, she was such a fucking freak.

She twirled her tongue around my asshole, dipping it in occasionally, driving me nuts.

“You like that” she said in her sexy high pitched voice

”Yeah, lick my asshole and pussy you little slut” I said, as Ashley giggled in response and continued

She focused back on my pussy, sucking on each individual lip as they swelled up with the action of it all. She then moved to my clit, sucking it and licking on it like a jolly rancer, going between staring down at it and looking back at me. Her tongue swirling around my clit as her mouth closed down on it was about to send me into orgasm. I started panting, not knowing what else to say but “yes”

Suddenly she stopped. She stood up and removed her pants and top, exposing her perky d cups and light brown nipples, and her mound, which had a little bit of hair above the clit, leaving behind everything but her socks. Looking at her body had me begging for more before she even started again. She was perfect, she wasnt too skinny or too big, too muscular or too flabby, not that i really would have stopped her if she was. To my pleasure, she actually had a belly button piercing.

At this point, my back was completely flat on the seat of the sofa while i held my legs against my chest, as if i was presenting my pussy to her. She hovered over my face before sitting down, I instinctively twirled my pussy with excitement as her pussy inched closer to my mouth. I opened my mouth welcomingly, with my tongue laying out.

As her clit graced my tongue she immediately let out a moan.

“Oh yeahh”

she started riding my face, grinding her hips back and forth to make sure my tongue touched every surface of her pussy. I put my hands on her ass to focus my mouth on her. Looking up all i could see was her pussy rubbing against my tongue as her titties bounced and swayed with her motions, her face twisted up with pleasure as she moaned.

“Fuuck yeahhh fuuuuck mee” she moaned with her eyes closed.

I gripped her thighs and ass tighter to hold her pussy against my mouth as i started sucking, my eyes now fixated on her. Pussy tasted so great, i loved the feel of her flesh and cum being sucked up by my mouth.

“Oh gooood” she screamed. She was unsurprisingly loud as she moaned and panted.

Suddenly i could feel her cum in my mouth. I reacted almost as if it was my nature to lick and suck it all up. She smiled down at me before getting up and placing her pussy down against mine. For a second güvenilir bahis we just sat there, looking at eachother with smiles against our faces. I became aware of my surroundings again, the new episode of family fued playing softly in the background, the quietness of the house and the hum of the air conditioning. Her white socks planted next to each of my legs as she sat right on top of my pussy with my legs folded up.

She continued to smile and stare at me as she slowly started grinding her hips lighlty back and forth, her pussy rubbing against mine.

“You like that? You like when my pussy rubs against yours like this” she said

”Fuuuck yeah, rub your pussy on mine” I said, biting my lip.

She started aggressively tribbing my pussy with slow but forceful strokes. She held my calves to support herself as she rode me, both of us moaning wildly. Like glue our wet sticky pussies stuck together as her clit and mine slid beside eachother repeatedly, her cunt lips engulfing mine. I was so turned on, i never knew how much i wanted a slutty sexy girl like ashley to fuck me. I stared at her piercing and big tits whenever i could take make eyes off her fucking my pussy.

As she sped up her pace she threw her head back, laughing and moaning

”hahaha fuuuck, you fuck so good babe. Youre so sexy” she talked me up

She hovered down lower, decreasing the distance between us and increasing the pressure as she started grinding at a wild pace. As her face got closer to mind we both opened our mouths, sucking and licking eachothers tongues and swapping saliva. Our pussies were so wet at this point my entire body started to feel moist. I was certain we started to leave a wet stain on the couch but i didnt care in the slightest.

There was no distance between us this point. I held her as she fucked me and loved the feeling of her body against mine, her thighs almost forcing mine against my chest as she gyrated and slid her pussy on mine, her titties pressing against my chest, her nipples connecting with mine constantly. I licked and sucked on her tongue as we both looked eachother in the eye.

Suddenly she sat back up and assumed her initial position, grinding at a almost non human pace, vibrating against me as she drove us both to cum. We sat there breathing extremely heavily for a few minutes, pussies still connected as we came all over eachother.

“Lay down” I said after taking a few minutes to recover.

She smiled, exhausted, and laid face up on the other end of the couch. I went upstairs and got us a blanket before returning. I lifted one of her legs up and slid my pussy on top of hers before laying down over her and covering us with a blanket. We watched family fued and made out for a few hours as i slowly continued caressing and tribbing our pussies together , keeping us on edge the entire time, our body heat feeling amazing under the covers. A little before my mother returned I sat up so i could hump her pussy more aggresively, not slowing down until the moment she screamed in pleasure, cumming again.

“Ive never seen a virgin be such a freak before” she laughed as she started getting dressed. I chuckled,, knowing i didnt really expect this of myself either.

The next day in class I was anxious to see her. The more I thought about what happened the more shocked I was it even occurred even though it was so good. She walked in, looking cute in a plaid skirt and tight tee, and smiled at me but didnt speak the entire class. When class was dismissed she stopped me before I left saying “Hey, we should study again today after school if you want”

”i dont know if I can today, my mom might be home a little early” I responded, happy that we were still cool.

”Well, why dont we try the public library then,” she responded, looking directly into my eyes.

The next thing I knew, I was on the fifth floor of the public library forcefully humping my juicy cunt against hers behind a back shelf as her panties sat between an open Highschool economics textbook like a bookmark.

I think i just met my best friend.

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