How I become a model and more. part 2

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How I become a model and more. part 2
As I drove to work at the dress shop it all of a sudden hit me that I hadn’t thought about the fact I had just cheated on my husband. I wondered why I felt no remorse for what I had done and just the thought of doing it again with Roger had my panties getting damp. Maybe sex with Jerry wasn’t everything I needed. Maybe I needed to have a thicker cock to make me orgasm better, but then maybe, it was due to being what you may as well call nude in front of Roger with his hand touching places only Jerry had touched before, that got me so fucking hot. I don’t know but I wanted it again, that was for sure, and maybe all night long too.

That day at work my boss said I had a glow about me, and that something had changed in my life. I told her nothing had changed and that I was just feeling really good today, which I was but I was getting hornier by the hour as well.

I called Roger on my coffee break and when he answered, I felt a shock go straight to my pussy. I asked if tomorrow was still on, and if so what time I should get there at? Roger said that if I wanted to come about 10 am that it would give us time to look over what we had done last night, and so we could finish the pictures for Jerry. I said that I couldn’t wait to see how the shoot turned out and how I loved what happened after. He said he was really looking forward to having me model for him again. When I hit the end button, I wondered why just his voice give me such a thrill, I mean I talk to Jerry all the time on the phone and I don’t get a warm feeling like I did talking to Roger. I’m I playing with fire or was just doing something fucking naughty. What did call it, something about wild oats I think.

After I got home from work I filled the tube with my favourite bubble bath and was just about to climb in when Jerry called asking if I was going to have the pictures taken tomorrow, and if I would be wearing his favourite thing which is the red merry widow outfit. I told him I would think about it but that I may get horny wearing something like that in front of Roger and with you gone what would I do to satisfy my needs? Jerry laughed say that he was sure Roger wouldn’t mind taking care of my needs. I told him to be careful or that could happen if I got too hot. Jerry sounded a little upset when he said that I better be keeping my legs closed to anyone but him. I told him I was only teasing him. I told him I loved him and hung up.

As I lowered myself into my hot bubble bath I wondered why it felt false when I said that I loved him, was I falling for Roger, no that’s nuts, we just gone carried way and it was just a physical need I needed to have fulfilled, I just had to keep control of myself next time. As I relaxed in the warm bubbles my mind went back to how Roger made me cum, and how fucking fantastic his cock felt inside of me. Before I realized what I was doing I had three fingers inside myself and my other hand playing with my love button making myself cum. I had never masturbated in my life and here I am finger fucking myself to orgasm with thoughts of Roger’s cock ramming deep inside of me stretching me to my limit. In seconds I was coming again. Fuck what’s wrong with me, I’ve never felt like this before, even before Jerry and me make love, or after for what’s that’s worth.

That night when I climbed into bed I just couldn’t keep my fingers from playing with my love button, and after having four more orgasms I fell asleep. When I woke up I found I still had my hand on my pussy. I got up having a small bite to eat, then a long hot shower cleaning every spot on my body twice before dressing in a mini skirt with sheer blouse with no underwear. As I walked out of the door I thought, you are becoming a total slut aren’t you.

I drove to Roger’s studio and when I opened the door I felt my heart drop. There’s was two other women there with their little babies having their pictures taken. Roger smiled at me telling me he was almost done and would be with me in a few minutes. I watched as he took his last shots of the k**s who were littles angles I thought. I started güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri thinking about maybe having a couple k**s myself someday, when I realized the women had packed up their bundles of joy and were headed for the door.

Roger came over to me and said for me to follow him. He took me into his office, which had a twin size bed in one corner and when he saw me looking at it he said, that there was times he was just to tried to go home so he would sack out here. He turned the lights down and turned on what had to be a 40 inch monitor, I saw my picture of me in that tiny and I mean tiny bikini. Roger turned to me as he clicked on one picture at a time and said “I think you are the best and the sexiest model I have every shot. Your body is a dream to shot and your smile, is such a thing of beauty. Then there’s your lips that look so kissable, and the rest of you is just so, so hell I don’t even have words that do it justice.” Standing right next to him he didn’t have to go far for a very hot very passionate kiss. I felt myself wanting him more by the second.

He then showed me the picture of me in my merry widow, and 95% of them Jerry was never going to see that’s for sure. I mean you could see just how wet I was, and my nipples were standing at full attention. The funny thing is I could feel wetness on my inner thighs as I stood there and my nipples were right back at the same state as in the pictures. That’s when I got a huge shock. Roger clicked a different spot and a video started playing of Roger fully dressed and me walking up to him wearing only a pair of crotchless panties, getting on my knees, and undoing Roger’s pants.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen as I pulled Roger’s cock out, and just how large the grit it was. Well I hope you read the first part of this I don’t have to bore you with what happened next. Roger said “If it wasn’t for me being in this, I could sell this for a good dollar. Maybe we should use a male model actor to take my place, what do you think sweet heart, feel like having some fun?” That’s when I realized that Roger was talking about me doing porn.

I turned to him and was about to start beating the shit out of him when he said “If you don’t want to do a video I could always give a copy of this to Jerry, I bet he would love hearing his wife screaming for me to fuck her, and I bet he would love hearing that don’t you?” He turned up the volume and I heard myself telling him that he was the best lover I had ever had, and for him to never stop fucking me. When I heard myself tell him I could do anything he wanted, and that his cock was so much better then any cock I have ever had, I knew I was in big trouble. He had me and I knew it.

The video ended with him taking a close up of our cum running out my well fucked pussy, and then he pushed his still dripping cock in my mouth which is something I never let Jerry do and I was so out of it I barely remember him doing so, or me sucking the mixed cum off the head. Roger looked at the clock and said “It’s about time to get you ready for your next video sweet heart.” As he grabbed my ass through my skirt pushing me towards the door. I guess I was in shock, maybe that’s why I didn’t say a word but at the dressing room door I saw my merry widow and nylons waiting for me. There was no panties this time. Roger said “Come on my dear time is a wasting, its time to get ready.” He stood there as I started taking my clothes off, once nude he said “What a good slut you are, I knew you would be, even back in high school.”

By the time I had my outfit on, I heard a strange voice, much deeper than Roger’s and when I looked around the corner and there stood a black guy. He had to be 6 ft 6in maybe, and he was a huge. I mean his arms were bigger around then my thighs are, and there were muscles bulging everywhere. Roger then said “Sweetheart its time to get started so, get your fucking sweet ass out here and meet your next fuck.”

I knew I was screwed so I slowly walked out and the black guy said “Roger you out did yourself this time, she fucking hot, I’m going perabet güvenilir mi to love fucking this one. No condoms right, just like last week, with that red head right. How about ATM are we doing that today Roger cause I would love fucking that sweet ass?”

Roger said “Not this time sorry Chad, maybe next time we could do that. Ok, let get next to the bed, come on sweetheart time is money get your ass over here.” I walked over and Roger put me in front of this stranger telling me that when he said go for me to undress my co-actor. Soon I heard “GO” I looked into the strangers eyes hoping he would see that I wasn’t into what was going on here, but all I seen was lust in his eyes. I was fucked in more ways then one. I pulled his t-shirt over his head, which he had to bend forward so I could reach. Then in unbuttoned his jeans before pulling his zipper down, I was hoping he had a pair of rolled up socks in those jeans, cause if that was all cock I was going to be ripped apart.

Roger waved his hands for me to get on my knees which I did and when I pulled Chad’s jeans down this monster of a cock hit me on the top of my head. I yelled “Oh my god.” as I realized just how huge he was, and it wasn’t even hard yet. I remember thinking that I would die, if he put that thing inside of me. I seen Roger making for me to take it in my hands and jack it off, I was hoping I could just jack it all the way off, and maybe let him cum on my face at worst. Ya I was dreaming and I knew it. Roger made for me to suck on it, and I thought I just might, throw up.

I took what I could in my mouth, sucking on what would fit, finding his skin was very different, where Jerry’s and Roger’s was a bit rough, this guy’s was smooth. I soon found I didn’t mind having him in my mouth, that is until he forced about half of himself down my throat. No cock had ever been in my throat before, and I started to choke and panic that I was going to die right there. but he pulled back enough for me to breathe, then right back down my throat again. I was shocked that I didn’t throw up all over him, but I guess I was to busy gagging to do that. When he pulled out of my mouth and I seen how far my spit was down his cock, I felt a bit of pride that I took that much, I mean he had to have had a good 9 inches in my mouth and throat, but what scared me was there had to be a good 4 inches that wasn’t wet with my spit.

Chad then pulled me up like I was a feather and threw me on the bed. He climbed on with his feet next to my head, lifted me up placing my pussy on his lips and pushing my face right back down on his monster. After he pushed his cock against my lips a couple times, I knew that if I didn’t open my mouth my lips would be bruised badly, so I opened up let his cock back in my mouth again. I was shocked at how well he was doing on my pussy, as I felt myself starting to respond to his efforts. Maybe Rogers is right, maybe I I’m nothing more then a fucking slut. I don’t think it was more then maybe 5 minutes when the first signs of my on coming orgasm started building inside of me. That’s when I thought, fuck it I may as well enjoy what’s happening, and began to let myself get into what was happening.

Chad had his cock part way in my throat when my first of what turned out to be many orgasms hit. I had to pull off his cock so I could yell “Yes eat me you mother fucker, eat my pussy you black bastard.” Once my orgasm slowed down Chad lifted me again moving me down to where that monster was between my legs. I started to get really scared at that point but, Chad only let me down slowly, so I could stretch open for his monster to invade my insides. I could believe that I was able to let even half of that monster inside of me. Chad helped me at first with sliding my pussy up and down on him, and once I got to know how much I could take, Chad let me fuck myself on his cock. Chad started saying things like, cum for me sweetheart, cum for Chad, and show Chad how much you love my black cock in your married white pussy, and show me what kind of white slut you are bitch. I never thought I would tipobet like being called a bitch or slut, but that’s how I felt as my next orgasm was building inside me.

I started having a orgasm even more intense then any I had with Roger. I saw stars as I felt as if I was going to totally black right out from my orgasm when it started to subside, that’s when I realize that I was sitting on Chad, and that I had all of that monster inside of me. Chad said “That’s it you sexy bitch, take all of me. I bet you never felt anything like it, have you cunt?” Well he was right I have you say, I loved it. That’s when Chad rolled forward forcing me on my face and him on top of me.

Chad started driving himself as deep as he could go, and I swear he had to be inside my cervix but I know that’s not possible. Chad slid one of his hands under my hips and when his finger found my love button, my next very intense orgasm hit. After my orgasm subsided again Chad move me on top again, but facing him this time. He told me to kiss him, which I wanted to do anyway. Even his tongue was huge, and filled my mouth and that’s when I felt him push a finger against my virgin asshole. I pulled up saying “Please be gentle, am a virgin back there.” I was going to let Jerry do me back there as a anniversary present one of these years, but fuck it. The more his finger went in, the more I was coming. I felt him pullout and push what had to be two fingers, or so thought.

It was like a pop, and I felt something sliding in my ass. Now I know what a stuffed turkey must feel like, if they were a live that is. I know my mouth was wide open as I felt something sliding in and out going deeper each time, and I’m not sure if I’m about to cum or die. Yes it hurt, but not in a bad way, it’s just that I was so full, and that’s when a other pair of hands land on my shoulders. I turn my head to see a new black man behind me and its his cock going up my virgin ass. He pulls down hard on my shoulders, and I feel his body go hard against mine, he’s fully embedded deep in my bowels I’m sure. Both the stranger and Chad stay still for a couple minutes before the stranger starts giving me tiny pumps.

Once all the pain went away the pleasure built to a point that when my orgasm hit I did pass out. When I come to my next orgasm was building and if I had died right there I would’ve died a very happy and satisfied woman. I have no idea how many more times I orgasmed with both those cock buried deep inside of me, but when my stranger said he was about to cum, I thought he would shoot it in my ass, I was wrong. He pulled out, and Chad lifted me off him leaving me with a huge empty feeling, then placed me on my back with both cocks in my face. They both were jacking off like mad men pointing their cocks at my face, when the stranger said “Open your mouth bitch.” It wasn’t a request or a suggestion, but a order.

When I didn’t do as he said, he pinched my nose so I had to open my mouth, and as I did he started coming shooting his cum on my face and in my mouth. No one had ever shot their cum in my mouth, and before I could turn my face away Chad pushed his cock in my mouth, shooting his cum in my mouth. I had two choices, swallow or die, so I swallowed. When Chad was done he pulled out, and the stranger took his place. I tried hard to spit him out, but he forced his cock deep in my mouth as he said “Clean it you fucking white bitch.” I guess he was happy cause after a couple minutes he pullout as well. I was worn out, and totally fucked out.

Roger said “Smile for the camera sweetheart.” I give him the finger instead. He asked me if I wanted to do Jerry pictures now, and he got a two single fingers from me. I got up put my blouse and skirt on over my not so merry widow and headed for the door. Roger stopped me before I opened the door handing me a check for 1200 bucks. When I looked at him He said “That’s for the modeling and the first video, this one will pay you 3 times as much, maybe even 4 times. Honey it does get easier as time goes on, but I can’t believe you did a ATM in only your second video. I will call when I can set up the your next job, by the way when is your period due cause we can’t shot on those days?” I give him a new finger and walked out with the check of course. I still don’t know what the fuck a ATM is for sure but if its two at one time well I wont fight Roger on doing it again.

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